Episode 4: ‘The Mark of the Dungeon Master!&#

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Episode 4: ‘The Mark of the Dungeon Master!&#”The Mark of the Dungeon Master”DM is having fresh strawberries for breakfast . He has asked the staff to order more for lunch, and breakfast tomorrow. You are the First Shield Maiden, his favourite new sub, but still badly in need of training and discipline after her recent indiscretions (See ‘Welcome To the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries’ and ‘A Walk in the Park’).”What’s with all the strawberries Master?” you ask.The Dungeon Master indicates that it is part of the longer term plan for your training and induction to life in the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries.”Well I look forward to finding out about the plan Master.” You say in a sultry tone, but DM is having none of it.”You will find out only when I decide it is time, sub. Now eat your breakfast.”You petulantly knock your glass of freshly squeezed orange juice so that it spills over your pancakes. You are still feeling rebellious and are planning to be very disobedient today.”Oh dear, oh dear… I thought we’d dealt with this during the night?” DM observes.The expected command to lick it up does not come, and you are left staring at your spoiled breakfast. Instead, he clicks his fingers and makes a dismissive gesture before continuing to eat his strawberries. The attending sub, matthew, bows and hurriedly leaves the room. A few minutes later you can here some metal work being cranked and chains rattling…Still sulking, you pretend not to notice and keep quiet, but you are secretly wondering what the rattling noise was. Just as your mind is starting to invent all kinds of wonderful punishments you might be about to receive, sub matthew comes back in to the main room.”Everything is prepared Master” he bows his head as he reports.DM pops the last strawberry into his mouth, uses the napkin, then slowly stands up.”Thank you matthew we will join you there directly”He turns to look at you, still in your Elven cotton onesie, now slightly soiled. “Take it off.” He commands, standing over you.There is a long pause before you take it off and drop it to the floor.”Good. Now follow me.”DM turns and leaves the room. He does not check to see if you are following him. You are wearing your collar, but not your leash.You don’t follow instantly – there is an internal debate about not before you wisely allow sub mode to kick in. Perhaps one day it might be fun to try and escape and see what DM would do to hunt you down, but you definitely sense now is not the time for that game.As you enter the room you can see sub matthew clad only in a loin cloth, standing against the wall with his eyes on the floor. He steals a glance at you as you enter, as he always does, but he immediately looks down again…You turn to see DM stood by one of the racks. He holds out his hand to help you upYou think about just getting up yourself but in the end you do take the offered handDM sees the thought cross your face. He doesn’t say anything, but he smiles. Your contrary nature is what makes your supplication such a potent gift. He appreciates that moment fully before continuing”Arms above your head” He fasten the wrist cuffs as you do so. “Now, legs together…” You notice that the ankle cuffs are set so close to each other your legs are tightly together as he fastens you in.”matthew, the chains please”You feel your arms and legs being canlı bahis stretched, your back arches, and DM smiles down at you. You feel the tension in your back being stretched out as various aches and pains crack in your back and shoulders. At this point the rack feels like a good Yoga stretch, but if it were to continue…”Keep going please Matthew””Wait…”The rack continues to tighten and your limbs are at the very limit of discomfort but not yet pain, unless you are given cause to thrash about for any reason that is.DM leaves your side for a moment returning with the Roc Feather +3, I lazily sweep it up and down your body.You jump a little when it touches and try to move away. Shivers run through you and something like a giggle escapes, before you catch your breath and cut it off, hoping DM didn’t notice, but knowing he did.As DM continues he starts to pay special attention to your nipples, after they have tightened up you suddenly feel a small static shock run through your breast. “Ah!” You let out a small cry of surprise.As a Sorcerer the Dungeon Master has been able to activate the feather’s magical electrical properties, something which he has promised you will be able to do too, once you are properly attuned to the device. You jump at the shock but still can’t help trying to lift your chest up for more attention.You get it.Little moans can be heard now. You are still shivering at the touch. As the feather plays over your chest the tiny shocks cascade through you. It feels like you might reach a climax just through this…You go with the wave of sensation, enjoying yourself immensely despite, no, because of the unexpected little shocks running through your breasts.DM doesn’t stop moving the feather over you, but it does start to circle lower. You can feel the shocks flutter through your tummy like a thousand butterflies, the tendrils of electricity just reaching into your pelvis.Your back arches as the feather moves lower, but then quickly over your mound, the DM letting it linger for just the barest of moments before moving on to your thighs, the electricity humming through you and little sparks jumping from the metal work to make you squirmYou are enjoyining the juxtaposition of so much pleasure with the pain caused by all your squirming against the bonds, the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back tensing delicously against the strain.”Back to position 3 Matthew. Then engage ‘the other’ mechanism.”You feel the tension in your limbs slacken ever so slightly, but not so much that it disturbs the overall effect. You can hear a loud ratcheting sound as matthew turns a handle quickly. You feel a jerk through the body of the rack, then you feel your legs start to spread involuntarily as the hinged boards on the lower half of the rack start to open.DM moves around to the foot of the rack as the mechanism slowly continues its work. He keeps using the feather, but has returned to focussing on your nipples. You are trying not to concentrate on anything other than your nipples, but the inevitable movement of the mechanism opening your legs cannot be ignored, and you have a growing sense of panic.”What position master?” calls out matthew. The DM doesn’t answer him continuing to let the feather tickle and shock your breasts, but his gaze is drawn lower. Your legs continue to spread…The pleasure bahis siteleri is amazing. But you are feeling very vulnerable.”Master?” matthew asks again.”Just keep turning the handle matthew”The mechanism continues to ratchet back, you can feel a dull burning in your inner thigh muscles and groin as they are stretched until, finally, the mechanism reaches the end and your legs are pretty much 180° wide open. If you couldn’t do the splits before, you can now.”Very good… Thank you matthew. You have done well and deserve a reward. Go and stand at the head of the rack.”DM carefully positions the feather so that it rests over your mound so that the little electric shocks play their way over your pussy, enjoying the sight of you squirming and getting wetter.DM points to you and then to matthew. “Now sub, say thank you to matthew properly.”You do as DM instructs and take him in your mouth, trying very hard to concentrate on what you are doing and not on the feather. DM enjoys watching for a while, slowly running his nails up and down the inside of your thighs.matthew is sighing with pleasure, gently rocking his hips back and forth to accentuate the rhythm you have built up, but your concentration is wandering to the sensation growing in your pussy, the DM having knelt reverently between your legs and buried his tongue deep inside you. “Oh God! Thank you Master!”DM looks up at the sound of your voice. “Shouldn’t your mouth be full?” He waits while matthew feeds you his cock again, before moving the feather, still firing off intermittent shocks now seemingly timed to your bodies own convulsions, back up to rest over your chest. As you arch your back you feel his tongue inside you again, and his nails go back to raking your thighs, working their way slowly higher until his fingers are also deep inside you, his tongue working its way over your exposed clit. You can tell how eager he suddenly is for you to cum.Once he has heard, felt, and tasted that you have reached your orgasm, and before pressing on for the next one, he raises his head to speak.”Faster matthew. Harder.”That brings you back to what you were supposed to be doing and you run your tongue over his cock with renewed vigour. You can feel his urgency build as he pushes back against you, he’s doing half the work for you now. It’s definitely rougher than what you are used to in your previous illicit encounters with him, but you find the feeling of being used like this thrilling and your pussy juices star to flow more freely.You have the undivided attention of both the DM and matthew, trying to not go over the edge as you are enjoying yourself immensely, but the DM is really working hard for you, using two fingers to try and find your G-Spot and you don’t think you are going to be able to last much longer.Just as you are about to ask permission for your orgasm from the Dugeon Master, matthew groans suddenly. “Please master!?””Yes matthew, you may.”You feel him push forward, swelling and then bursting down your throat. Still groaning, you can feel his thighs still trembling. The sensation is all it takes to bring on your own climax, and your moans can be heard muffled by his still twitching cock. “Thank you Master, thank you Mistress!” He exclaims.You let him go. There is quite a mess over your mouth and chin. It’s the same at the other end as DM bahis şirketleri raises his head from your sticky hole and stands. You are confused as DM does not punish you for having an orgasm without asking permission as would normally be the case.”I hope you enjoyed that matthew. Now, please fetch your box and the irons from the stores please”DM continues to lavish attention on you with his fingers, looking for that last climax before you have to pay the price for all this fun…As your convulsions calm down, he runs his sticky fingers up and around your navel.”Have you enjoyed yourself sub?””Yes Master. Thank you Master!””And does anyone else make you feel like this?””No, only you.””Good. And you agree that you belong to me now?””Of course Master.””Then it is time for you to choose where you will bear my mark. And how you want to be marked. With ink? He gestures to matthew, who you can see is carrying a small tattooing kit. “Or with fire?” The DM holds up a long iron brand, which starts to glow red hot purely by the force of his own sorcerous power.”Master!?… Is neither an option?!”The look on DMs face is beyond crestfallen, he thought you were ready for this. Thought you would be willing, eager even.”Of course it is. You are free to leave her at any time as you know…”You cut him off, seeing the anguish on his face you suddenly want nothing more than to please him and make him proud. “I choose fire. You can choose where I bear it Master.”DM looks unconvinced of your sincerity, the heat seems to be draining from the branding iron as his passion diminishes.”Please, I want this.” You say quietly, a slighlty pleading note in your voice causing the DM to look up at you again.”Are you sure First Shield Maiden? I know this life is not for everyone.””Yes. I am sure.””Very well then. Turn around now, and bend over this bench.”matthew has unchained you and is helping you over to a padded bench. You bend over and wait, matthew slipping a piece of wood between your teeth for you to bite down on.The DM selects an area high on your left buttock, just to the side so you will easily be able to see it in the mirror.The pain is ridiculous. This is not the playful, sexy pain you have come to crave. It is the price to be paid. Despite the wood in your mouth, your scream echoes through the stone halls of the Dungeon. Outside a flock of birds is startled into the sky by the echoing a****l cry.DM removes the iron and immediately uses his elemental ice magic to cool the area, numbing it almost instantly. The pain changes yet still remains, throbbing now through your whole body as your nervous system responds to the shock. “What does it look like?” you ask before you have even caught your breath back.The DM walks you over to to the mirrored wall, holding your naked body tightly against his and then turns so you can both see together. The brand is one inch in diameter, about the size of a gold piece, bearing the letters ‘DM’ in Algerian Bold type face (because details are important).You run your fingers over it, look DMs reflection in the eyes and smile, your mind alive with the possibiliies that bearing his mark will bring you, imagining the next depravity he will dmand you submit to. It cannot come soon enough…*Close up on your fingers running tentatively over the brand. Scene fades to black*Now that the First Shield Maiden bears the DMs mark who knows what new adventures await her! Stay tuned for the next episode when the Mistress takes the Dungeon Master to “The Dinner Party” Do leave a comment if you like what you have read! 🙂