Episode 65: Spike and Allie

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Episode 65: Spike and AllieIntroductionHi, my name’s Samantha, but everyone calls me Spike, on account of my close-cropped bright yellow hair and possibly a slightly prickly temperament.You might have met my twin s1ster Goldilocks – yeah the one that fucks bears – in an earlier story. We’re not actually identical – she has much nicer tits, but Dad finds it hard to tell us apart from the waist down. We found this out when playing the brass-bed-knob-up-the-cunt racing game, when he stood behind Goldilocks, thinking he was stroking my arse.Mum left when we were tiny. Everyone used to think of Goldilocks as the nice, clean-minded innocent ch1ld; not realising that the cuntal racing game was her invention. Dad and I enjoyed it, but she was the real expert –squeezing out multiple orgasms as our young tight cunts pounded the slippery brass bed-knobs as Dad commanded us into the fast bends and jumps of the imaginary race course.Before Dad left to shack up with a hot slut with two younger girls deeper in the forest, I would always cycle into the village on a Saturday morning to pay the weeks newspaper delivery bills. It gave me a chance to dream up plots for the fantasy stories that rarely got written, but discussed at length with my s1ster to ward off the drudgery of cooking for Dad and looking after Pussy Cottage, when he wasn’t actually having sex with the two of us. Apart from Dad, I was pretty much a virgin – I didn’t really like boys – much preferring the direct, hard, fingers-deep lust of a lesbian girl, my age or older. I just knew I was attracted more to pretty girls than boys, finding my pussy juicing up when a girl bent over or accidentally flashed a bare thigh or buttock.This morning’s fantasy involved a beautiful black girl of my age – I could only guess how good she tasted to kiss and stroke and lick all over. My shorts were getting very damp, rubbing against the front of the hard pointed saddle, trying to imagine exactly where the transition took place between her purpley-black outer pussy lips and the deep pink love tunnel. So when I clapped eyes on Allie in those provocative shorts in the newsagent, I knew I had to have her.At the NewsagentsYou were bending over the ice cream freezer – all I could see was these beautiful black legs disappearing up inside snuggly grey shorts, rolled down way too far at the top.When you turned round and smiled, I nearly died – you had this huge soppy grin, black frizzy hair and a really revealing grey cotton top.All I could remember was that it had huge arm holes, and the side of one tit was fully visible down to the nipple – I couldn’t stop staring.You straightened up, offering me a lick of your ice lolly – both breasts hidden again inside soft grey cotton.I couldn’t help myself – suddenly I had one breast cupped in each hand, thumbing your hard nipples through the cotton.”Hi, I’m Allie. You are a Naughty Girl” you breathed into my neck “you’re making me all wet, down there”. We both looked down at her prominent pubic mound – sure enough a small damp patch was spreading between her thighs.”So, do you want a lick, Spike?” running the tip of your ice lolly across my lower lip. We kissed, open mouthed around the Orange Mivvi, sucking in slightly to avoid dribbling down her gorgeous neck.My hands were now completely uncontrollable- they slipped down into your shorts, rolling down the loose top even further, running around the back to feel your beautiful firm buttocks.”I want to lick your arse”, feeling the heat radiating “and then I’m going to make you cum on my tongue”.”Dirty Girl – not in here, I think the shop-keeper is going to throw us out soon”.Allie turned, pulling her shorts back up, paid the man for the ice lolly and skipped out of the shop with her magazines in a carrier bag.Spike slammed down the £5 note for the weeks newspapers and prepared to run after the gorgeous black beauty.”What’s this, Mr Ally?” I asked, turning over the small brightly-coloured book left behind on the counter. It was the type bundled free with a top-shelf magazine that must have dropped out as the gorgeous black girl left. The lurid pink cover showed two half-naked teenage girls kissing and cuddling, beneath the title which I read out loud “‘The Tiny Book of Illustrated Lesbian Lovemaking Techniques – Part 3 Teenagers’ – Holy Shit!” I exclaimed, flipping through the first few pages of erotic drawings.Tentatively Mr Ally turned to the sex toy adverts at the back with names like G-spot Thrusting Mermaid Vibrator and Perfect Strap-on.”Do you think I should stock some of these beauties in the shop, Spike? The sales rep left a few samples under the counter here, if you’d like to try one out on your girlfriends”. He handed me bright blue Feeldoe, holding on to the erect cock end.”That’s interesting, Mr Ally” replied Spike, her eyes opening wide “but how do I use it?””Sorry, luv, I’ve no idea -but you might find some instructions in the little book”.Spike took hold of the dildo, positioning it in front of her shorts just below the crotch, cock end facing forwards “Oh I get it – this denizli escort end goes up me and the other end goes up my girlfriend. Oh what fun – we can fuck. Thank you so much – I’m going to enjoy this”. “If you’re quick you might just catch Allie – her parents are renting Archer Cottage – across the road – you know – the black-and-white, next to the Church. You can give her the book back – I’m sure she’s missing it already”.In the ChurchyardShe searched along the ragged lines of gravestones, desperate to find Allie; only imagining what might be going on inside those luscious shorts now.And there she was, sitting on a bench under a shady tree; but facing the wrong way. Spike could only see her drop-dead gorgeous profile: high breasts, long spread legs kneeling over someone’s lap. She was facing him, bodies pressed very close- she seemed to be kissing his neck and panting.Suddenly she leant back, exposing this enormous black erection in her two tiny hands. She was holding his shaft and licking the shiny tip. There seemed to be a dribble of something white and sticky in the corner of her mouth.”Allie -you filthy bitch – there’s cum on your cheek”, then I looked up from the disgusting mess in her hands to his grinning face.He spoke, pushing her head back down to swallow his cock head “Hello, so you must be Spike – my daughter Allie seems very impressed. I would shake hands but…”I looked down at his right hand as he trailed off – it was stuffed down the front of Allie’s gorgeous shorts – you could actually see the two outer fingers protruding through the leg holes.”Why are you finger-fucking my girlfriend”? I blurted out. Allie reddened as another orgasm ripped through her young body, sucking down huge quantities of fresh sperm.She looked up “Don’t just stand there gawping – help me out!”I had to lift Allie up under the armpits to free her juiced-up cunt from her Dad’s hand. His fat fingers came away with a ‘plop’ sound; I licked the fingertips clean of Allie’s delicious pussy juice.”Thanks babe, I couldn’t take any more of that -my cunt is on fire -do you want to lick that too?””Not here” spluttered Dad “why don’t we all lie down on our comfy bed in the cottage”. He pushed Allie off his lap, trying to hide that cock between her buttocks. Dad walked between and slightly behind the two lesbian teens, admiring their taut buttocks “Come on – it’s this way”.Then he noticed the bright blue dildo protruding from Spike’s rucksack “Do you know how to use that thing, little girl”?”Of course – I fuck my s1ster every Sunday morning, right after the brass bed-knob racing game…. Ooops, perhaps I’ve said too much””Of course – I thought you looked familiar, even with clothes on – you’ve got a twin s1ster Goldilocks – your dad uploaded the video of your racing game. We don’t have any brass bed-knobs, but I’m sure we could organise something for you to ride”.As we walked along the winding churchyard path between dark yew trees, Spike looked around to make sure no-one was in sight, hooked her thumbs into the rolled down top of her shorts, lowering them to expose the whole of her butt. Of course I copied her, wiggling my arse for her Dad. Our shorts probably only stayed up because they were stuck to our damp pussies.We both stopped walking, turned to face each other and kissed for the first time. It was along, unhurried, loving kiss designed to stimulate. Allie took this as the only encouragement she needed to slide a hand down the front of my shorts, two fingers aiming straight for my sopping pussy. She pulled up short, breaking the kiss, first looking at me, then with dawning realisation at her Dad. She had felt his fingers already in my cunt, having accepted the invitation of a bare arse to finger-fuck me from behind. His fingers felt enormous in my tight pussy – I had no idea how many were stretching me wide; and now Allie was rubbing my clit. My knees went weak with the first orgasm – Allie and her Dad had to hold me up, except he didn’t let go. I was so embarrassed when the pressure of his thumb against my butt hole opened it up and he slipped inside. Oh shit – I was cumming so hard I squirted all over Allie’s hand. Luckily the shorts had already fallen right off – I was a complete mess – biting Allie’s shoulder, twisting my body to get away from her Dad’s thumb up my arse. Now he was massaging the back wall of my pussy between his fingertips and thumb, explaining my internal anatomy in ways I never understood until then. He withdrew his two fingers, only to be replaced by Allie’s four, bunched together into a fist. I took a firm grip on Allie’s tits, twisting them and hauling on the nipples as her fist revolved inside me – determined to make her cum. It was only when I dipped a hand inside the front of her shorts that it was clear her Dad had got there first – I could feel his fingers inside her cunt from behind. He grinned when I checked out his thumb up her arse – just like mine – he was masturbating us both in the most obscene fashion. I think she was already cumming before diyarbakır escort I rubbed her clit, but she definitely responded to the extra stimulation – twitching violently and biting my neck. We both turned to her grinning Dad, releasing that magnificent cock straining to get some relief. We both grabbed hold, sticky with pussy excretions – it just grew before our eyes. Allie was already afraid she couldn’t control it at semi-rigidity. It just hardened in our young, innocent hands – I had never even seen a real black cock, so just followed Allie’s lead – gripping and releasing along the shaft, stroking his balls – which he seemed to like.”Come on girls, you can do better than that”, somehow he adjusted the pressure of his thumbs to bend us both forwards, bringing our eager mouths within licking distance of his throbbing cock head. I sucked first -it filled my mouth, touching the back of my throat made me gag. I had to release it for Allie – a long trail of spittle ran down his shaft, which helped me masturbate him while his daughter took over the sucking. He was already pretty close when we got our wanking hands co-ordinated on the slippery shaft; Allie just had time to move her face when the first great stream of red hot cum erupted from the tip, coating our hands and faces. We kept on pumping and he kept on cumming – I just managed to get a mouthful before Allie snatched it from my hands, coating her pretty nose and chin. We laughed and kissed, swapping cum from tongue to tongue, trying to wiggle our arses away from his thumbs.He pressed us together – mouth to mouth, tiny breast to breast, hip to hip, wet pussy mound to wet pussy mound. His large hands cupping our buttocks, two fingers in each cunt, bringing us off again.In the GardenDan led Allie and Spike through the gate in the high wall surrounding the cottage’s back garden, keeping up a continuous conversation of how much he wanted to watch us making love. He led us over to the giant elm tree with the strange swing hanging from a high branch. Instead of having a flat wooden seat, from a distance it appeared to be padded in leather with a bumpy ridge running down the centre.Allie was already out of her tee-shirt and shorts “Get naked, babe. That’s the only way to ride this beauty”.As Allie threw one leg over the seat to mount it sideways, it became very clear how her pretty arse fitted snugly into the dip and the padded ridge held her pussy lips apart. I joined her on the seat, facing the same direction – her breasts pressing into my bare back and her hands snaking around the front to grab my nipples. “It feels just like riding a pony bare-back”.”Bare-arsed too” replied Dad, running his hands down Allie’s back and squeezing her arse, resting his cock on her shoulder.Allie gave it a playful suck, squeezing his balls to make him yelp and back off.”It’s also a bit like a riding pillion on a motor-bike” I thought.Only now did I see the camcorder on a tripod trained on our pussies: “Now try swinging girls. Gently – I need to keep you in focus. Let me know when you’re about to cum; I want to capture the exact moment”.”Where did you get this?” Spike panted, her thighs starting to tremble “It’s amazing”.”My Dad made it” replied Allie trying to pull Spike’s nipples off.Dad, looking a bit sheepish, but with an erection sprouting upwards “But it’s the first time it’s had two girls riding it. You both look fabulous”.Allie was very close to cumming, rubbing her breasts in circles against Spike’s back, and licking her neck “So far he has been sitting behind me each time to check it out – his cock all squashed up between my cheeks. But this is perfect -can you feel what the leather bumps are doing to your cunt”?Spike suddenly had an idea, looking at Dad “Will you make me one – perhaps with motors into vibrate the cuntal piece”.“Perhaps – if you’re very good”.Spike clambered off the sex-swing, her insides gone all wobbly from the intense masturbation and fell into Dan’s arms.He supported her around the waist; one hand flat against her stomach, fingers pointing downwards ready to continue the cuntal abuse.”No – no more – she can’t take it”, then looked up to see this gorgeous black woman in a very short white cheesecloth dress grinning at her from a few feet away.”Hello Spike, I’m Diana, would you like a beer”?Spike closed her thighs, in an attempt to hide her swollen lips, aware that her nipples had already given away the lust she was feeling.Spike looked from Diana to Allie and back, taking in the athletic figure with high, heavy breasts, flat stomach and stunning bare legs “I didn’t know Allie had a big s1ster”.”Silly ch1ld – I’m her mother” unbuttoning the dress exposing her dark, mysterious pussy “look here’s the one stretch mark”.As the see-through dress came open, Spike could now clearly see the white lace thong-panties emerge, low on Diana’s hips. But instead of covering her pubes, the single string of pearls between her legs, accentuated and separated the dark purplish puffy lips.Spike gave up trying to hide escort bayan her own nipples behind an arm and extended a hand to touch the offered spot on an otherwise impeccable cuntal area.Diana held Spike at a slight distance by the shoulders and planted a light kiss on her pretty mouth, then pulled her closer into a tight embrace, running her hands down Spike’s back to rest at the top of her buttocks. Despite the height difference, Spike still managed to rub her aching pussy against Diana’s soft warm thigh top as the start of their trib session.Diana sank to the blanket on the grass, pulling Spike down on top, as Dan read out the Tribadism chapter – pointing out that satisfaction can be obtained by rubbing the vagina against many parts of the partner’s body – thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, feet.Diana raised one knee for Spike to use, who ground her cunt up the shin, settled on the kneecap and then plunged down the hot thigh to briefly engage between the legs. Diana giggled and held Spike close, rolling over onto her side, one leg pointing straight up to the sky as they mashed their hot cunts together.Dan and his nearly-naked daughter Allie loved the contrast between Diana’s black womanly thighs, intertwined with the almost-boyish pale pink thighs of Spike.Allie read the section on women wearing erotic underwear mostly to please other women – men just wanted to rip it all off, but lesbian lovers preferred the slow build up to feasting on their hidden fruits.Dan couldn’t resist joining in – kneeling beside his wife’s face, cock in one hand and video-camera in the other.”Naughty man” she murmured, grabbing a bottle of sun tan oil and liberally coating his cock and balls.”Daddy” spluttered Allie “I hope you’re not planning on fucking Mummy’s mouth while she tribs my new best friend -that’s very rude”.Spike didn’t care -she was already cumming from the hot pussy lips and string of pearls grinding against her clit .She just closed her eyes and was very surprised to smell Allie’s succulent cunt just under her nose. Opening her eyes Spike was delighted to see her new girl friend wearing the same white pearl-string thong as her Mother. Spike held onto Allie’s taut bare buttocks, holding her thighs apart to get at the juice dribbling into her mouth; Allie tasted delicious, as Spike wriggled her tongue around the cool pearls between the hot slick lips. Dan focussed on his daughter’s taut arse, as Spike ate her out.”I hope no one else sees that tape” threatened Diana “you’re not planning on starting a new Daughter Swapping Club -are you?” The last thing I remember before waking up in their king-size bed – all intertwined arms and legs, and a very sore pussy, was drinking a lot of beer next to the back door. Sitting naked on a long wooden bench, backs propped up against the black-and-white 13th century cottage in the sunshine, knocking back the cold beer, relaxing, laughing, joking, touching. Diana was the first to need the toilet, but rather than break the reverie, she just opened her legs wider and with a quick rub squirted a jet of pee in a graceful arc to splash into the surface drain at the edge of the brick patio. Allie was next, relieving herself while openly masturbating her prominent clitoris, which tipped me over the edge. I was sitting between Allie and her Mum – Dan must have gone off to get more beer, and let them hold my knees apart as my bladder let go of the first of several bottles of beer, that had been getting uncomfortable.Dan returned to see them wiping up the last dribbles, smearing it up through my short blonde pubic hair, and dipping back between my lips for more.Being a man, he insisted we do it all again, aiming at the waterproof camera on a tiny tripod, staring up at our crotches. After the third beer, some filthy lesbian jokes and some light mutual masturbation, we managed to achieve three perfectly synchronised streams, blasting the camera in a hot wet flood.Dan was delighted with the video, playing it on a continuous loop the next morning, when we awoke with banging heads and arses full of his sperm.I didn’t see Allie again for 10 years; I heard from the newsagent they had to leave in a hurry when video clips of naked orgies in their back garden started circulating. Dan had been very careful to avoid direct frontal shots to avoid recognition, but had failed to notice the distinctive church spire in the background.However, one day a large, heavy package was left outside the cottage door, with a handwritten note saying ‘for Spike: assembly instructions inside, enjoy your ride’. It was signed Dan, Diana and Allie.Goldilocks and Spike dragged the package into the kitchen, amazed to find an exercise bike, complete with vibrating saddle and a display on the handlebars for counting orgasms per mile. They carefully followed the assembly instructions -pondering at the profusion of rods and cables entering the underside of the bumpy soft-leather saddle.However, they must have got something wrong with the oscillating push rods from the wheel hub, because no matter how hard they rode with the ‘gear lever’ in the ‘C’ or ‘A’ positions it only ever had them spewing pussy juice in the combined C&A’ position. They really didn’t mind as it gave both their holes a thorough workout every morning before school, and sometimes also when they returned to Pussy Cottage in the woods.