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Subject: Erection on the train. Gay adult/youth This is a short one-off story I thought you would enjoy. I know that many of the people who visit this site share my proclivities and like to hear my adventures, which are of course, completely fictional… If you can, please donate to Nifty. It’s a truly unique and invaluable resource. fty/donate.html ERECTION ON THE TRAIN. I often have to travel south for work, so I’m used to long train journeys. One day a couple of years ago I got a call that something important had come up on one of my projects in Southampton, so I had to be there the next day for a meeting with contractors, engineers and architects. It was a pain but I got up very early the next morning and was on a train from Edinburgh at 5.45am. I hadn’t had enough sleep so I settled down in my seat thinking I could have a nap on the way. That plan was spoiled by a big group of noisy people boarding the train just after me. My first reaction was annoyance, but I soon realised that the voices were all male, and young, perhaps pubescent, my ideal age, and when I opened my eyes I saw a big troop of boys in scout uniforms. They filled up seats all over my carriage, and one spare boy came and sat diagonally opposite me, facing me across the aisle. I perked up immediately. He was about twelve or thirteen, with mousy brown hair and a well shaped face coated almost entirely with freckles. He caught my eye and we exchanged resigned smiles. As all boy lovers do in public, I inspected him thoroughly while pretending not to. His face was pretty, quite masculine in a boyish way but the freckles made him seem younger. He was in brown boy scout uniform complete with neckerchief. Between the bottom of his shorts and the top of his socks were white hairless knees, a little bony but irresistible for a man like me. My head was wandering all over the place, so as not to stare at him – I looked out the window and up and down the aisle, catching glimpses and sometimes longer looks. I inspected his shorts for a bulge but there was nothing but the folds of fabric, disguising the sweetness beneath. I couldn’t see any of the other boys but they were being boisterous and loud, as groups of pubescent boys can be. I tried to block out the noise while I continued with my surreptitious inspection of my lovely boy scout and let my imagination start creating scenarios that would end up with me sliding my big cock into that tight arsehole. I felt a stirring in my trousers just from the sight of the boy and the absolute filth that was happening in my imagination. He caught my eye fleetingly another few times, and he was doing the same as me, scanning the carriage, looking out windows on both sides, and I wondered if he was doing exactly what I was, pretending not to be interested in me. It was an impossible dream, I knew. I closed my eyes for a moment and let the scene in my head continue. I had him in a hotel room, bent over the bed. I tongued his hole and could taste the sweet saltiness of his boy crack. Then I was fucking him and the sensation was amazing. I pounded that sweet little arse harder and harder until I was about to come. I didn’t know I’d fallen asleep until I woke up. The sensations crept in: my slightly stiff neck from sitting awkwardly in izmit escort the train seat, the feeling of having a very hard cock. My hand strayed towards it and gripped it through my trousers before I remembered where I was. My eyes jolted open and saw the boy opposite. He didn’t see my eyes open because he was staring at my crotch where my hand was wrapped round my fully erect cock, the fabric of my trousers doing little to conceal what I knew was an impressive size. I saw that there was a substantial bulge in his shorts too that hadn’t been there before. He glanced up at my face, saw me looking at him and quickly turned his head away and dropped a hand to hide the swollen cock straining at his brown scout shorts. I removed my hand so he could see the shape of my cock more clearly and kept looking at him. His response was definitely promising though it was still unlikely that anything would come of it. He glanced back at me, caught me looking and his eyes darted away again, and again. Then he held my gaze at last. I put my hand back on my swollen groin and rubbed it a bit, showing off by running my hand the full length. I kept looking at his face and down to his shorts and deliberately and provocatively licked my lips while still stroking myself through the thin cotton of my trousers. His mouth fell open a little and he breathed heavily. Then he too licked his lips. He smiled at me and I smiled back and winked at him, and he moved his hand to let me see his obvious erection tenting his shorts. I rubbed mine a bit more and he did the same, staring at me constantly. “Tickets please!” We both jumped in fright and crossed our legs in perfect unison, looking away and immediately back and sharing a grin. I showed the collector my ticket and my young friend told him that the scoutmaster had all the boys’ tickets. It was the first time I’d heard his voice and it was perfect, just escaping the sqeakiness of childhood but not yet an adult voice. It was mellifluous and utterly charmed me. Once the ticket collector had gone we shared a conspiratorial look and what I thought was a coquettish smile. I uncrossed my legs and he did the same. Both of us had shrunk a bit but I was definitely not back to normal. His cock seemed to have disappeared. I kept eye contact and gave my cock another gentle stroke, just with fingernails, and my manhood responded. The boy put his hand back on his shorts and squeezed. I looked about us. We were in nobody’s line of sight. I subtly pointed towards the door of the carriage while squeezing my erection with my other hand. His mouth and eyes opened wide though I couldn’t tell if it was lust or excitement or terror. Perhaps it was all of them. I licked my lips more obviously and mimed fellatio, winked once more then stood up and walked past him, never breaking eye contact. I went through the door to the next carriage, which was quiet, and stopped and waited for a moment. I knew he was a horny and possibly gay boy but I still wasn’t certain I’d baited the trap quite right. But less than a minute later he came through the door, saw me and blushed adorably. I only nodded and walked further down the carriage to the toilet and pushed the button to open the electric door. I stepped in and looked round kadıköy escort to see my beautiful freckled boy scout striding up the aisle towards me. He was shorter than I’d thought, maybe five feet tall or just over. I could still make out the bulge in his shorts and I wondered how many of the people we’d passed had noticed. He followed me into the toilet and I pressed the button to close and lock the door. It was a moment in which everything changed. We had both shown our hands and there were no secrets any more. He still looked terribly nervous though. I leaned down and and put one hand on his head, stroking his hair. I didn’t ruffle it as if he was a small child, just stroked gently. He closed his eyes and let me continue. I wasn’t sure but I suspected he had never done anything like this before. He was so excited, so nervous, so unsure of himself. I leaned down and softly pressed my lips against his, still being very careful not to frighten him off. He responded, opening his lips a little and allowing my tongue to pop between them. I felt the smooth hardness of his teeth then his tongue responded to mine, tangling and wrestling wetly. It was glorious. My cock was bursting from my trousers. I pulled back a little to look at his freckled innocent face and put a hand on his buttocks, pulling him in to me. He objected to nothing, just let me do what I wanted with him. My hand moved on his small bottom them round to the front where it encountered a very stiff and surprisingly large erect cock pushing at the zip of his boy scout shorts. I rubbed it a bit and he groaned into my mouth. I stood up again, undid my trousers and let them fall, showing the goods. Other boys have been impressed by my big thick cock but I really think it was the first adult cock my boy scout had seen so he just accepted it. I took him by the wrist and moved his hand to my cock. His hand was cool and dry and felt wonderful. I moved it a bit, sliding my foreskin up and down over the rigid core. It was glorious but I was desperate to see what he was hiding. I let go of his wrist and he kept stroking me while I bent down and unzipped his shorts and pulled them down. He was wearing loose boxer shorts and his boy cock was straining at them like a caged tiger. In another swift movement I pulled the boxers down and his cock sprung up at me. It was more than I could have hoped for: big, maybe 5″, and thick like a man’s, with only a few strands of light hair. He was still wanking me inexpertly and I wrapped my fingers round the gorgeous penis in front of me. He was so excited I thought he could spurt at any moment, and I knew the moment would be over then. All his guilt, fear and self-doubt would flood back as soon as the lust dissipated. So I was gentle, desperate not to bring him to orgasm too soon. I cupped his little balls and ran gentle fingers along the sweet shaft, not even pulling the skin back because I know how that can stimulate boys. I got down on my knees and licked it, running my tongue from his balls all the way to the tip, but didn’t take it in my mouth. He was trying hard to stay silent but little moaning noises kept escaping his lips. My hands went behind him and rubbed the smooth warm globes of his kahramanmaraş escort ass cheeks. I stood again and placed my massively engorged cock in front of his face, and he surprised me by leaning down and putting his lips round it. His mouth was so warm and wet and the sight of the little brown haired boy sucking on me was so sweet that I felt I could come at any moment. I was horny as fuck. I moved a bit so I was sliding some of my length in and out of his willing mouth. It was really only the tip and another half inch but I couldn’t push it any more. He was slurping and staring wide-eyed as if he couldn’t believe what was happening. I let him continue for a minute until I couldn’t hold back any more then pulled off and fell to my knees, took his lovely big juicy boy cock in my mouth and started to suck him properly. I took the whole length in my mouth and it was long enough to slide into my throat a little, a treat I hadn’t expected. As I expected, it only took a few seconds until his body tensed and his dick stiffened even more and I felt delicious boy syrup spurting into my mouth. If you’ve only tasted adult spunk you’re missing an absolute delight. Boys from puberty until about 17 make the sweetest juice. It’s not salty or sour, just so sweet and fruity and somehow innocent. And the noises they make as they unload into your mouth, like a contented suckling baby but with all the lust of a man. His hands pushed on the back of my head as if trying to go deeper, trying to push his semen right into my guts, his cock head entering my throat slightly but not enough that I couldn’t taste his yummy sweet spunk. I kept sucking until he pushed me away, then stood up, my huge erection pointing at his face. I had fully expected that he would rush off now and I would have to deal with it myself but he wrapped his small warm hand around it again and started to wank it. Then he leaned in and took it into his mouth. Once again, not much of it but the sight of this gorgeous freckled boy scout sucking on my big cock was as sexy as the sensation itself. His touch and technique were really quite poor but a very short time later the orgasm started. There was a warm sensation in my guts, an endorphin rush in my brain, all my limbs went limp and finally I let gush after gush of my salty spunk flood his mouth. Now my hands were on his head, not allowing him to spill any. I felt and heard him swallow several times while my brain spun from the intensity of my orgasm. It was over in a moment. He stood up, smiled at me and pulled up his shorts. He stood on tiptoe to give me a quick kiss on the lips then went to the door. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t think for a moment, then came to myself and pulled up my trousers, covering the shrinking and thoroughly satisfied cock. Then he pushed the button to open the door and left me. There was a woman with a little girl about three waiting to come in and she gave us a confused look. I smiled and moved past her to get back to my seat. A minute later I was back in my seat looking at a very smug and happy boy on the seat diagonally opposite me. He smiled at me. We hadn’t spoken a word to each other yet managed to communicate our desires and consummate them in a very public place. I was frazzled, completely satisfied and very content. He kept smiling at me for a while before he started rubbing on the front of his shorts again. My cock started to stir once more as he teased me. Then he did the same fellatio mime I had done, pointed to the carriage door and winked at me. I smiled broadly and winked back.