Erica’s Adventures: Anal Cocktail

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Erica’s Adventures: Anal CocktailThe curtains were drawn in Ben’s living room, ensuring any passers by in the village wouldn’t be able to see the 9 naked men drinking, chatting and watching the old television set while they tugged on their pricks.It wasn’t very often that his parents went away and left him alone in the house, and Ben, who was 23 and not too happy about living at home anyway, had decided to make the most of it and invite some friends around. He’d asked Mike, who knew a man who sold porno VHS tapes in the nearby town, to bring along a couple of really dirty movies they could all enjoy together. He hadn’t disappointed, and the evenings entertainment had just gone from strength to strength.The lads had been at it for almost 3 hours now, jerking their cocks, brewing huge loads in their sweaty balls until they were all unable to hold it back any longer. If the groaning and vastly quantities of precum staining the sofas and armchairs in the living room were anything to go by, it wouldn’t be long until they would all be blasting their wads.”Think this might be the last tape, lads.” Said Ben, inserting the VHS into the player as his boner bounced in anticipation for the final film, a nasty little group sex movie from Denmark.”As I said before, you’re all more than welcome to crash here so we can get another session in tomorrow morning once we’ve all built up another load.”Ben returned his seat on one of the sofas next to Jamie and Ron, a pair of broad boys who played rugby for the county and had a pair of fat dicks appropriate for their size that they were both furiously tugging. No sooner had he sat down, the doorbell rang and all the lads momentarily stopped yanking their meat.”You expecting somebody else?” Asked Alf, a concerned look on his face.”No.” Said Ben, and quickly got up to fetch a dressing gown from his room. He tied the cord around his waist, strapping his throbbing boner down against his stomach to conceal it, and went to answer the door.”‘ello there Benny-boy.” Said Erica as he opened the door. She was stood, hands on her ample hips, grinning one of her trademark dirty grins. Erica was what you would term a curvaceous lady in her late fourties, well-endowed with a pair of huge boobs and a sizable arse to match. She had short, curly blonde hair and full lips that were accentuated by the rather crass shade of lipstick she was wearing. She was dressed, as she usually was, in a pair of black leggings and a plain t-shirt. Erica didn’t believe in advertising the goods, especially as she was usually intending to get them out at some point anyway.”No need for modesty around me, mate.” She said, tugging at the knotted cord around Ben’s waist and freeing his raging hard-on. “I know all about what you lads are up to this evening.”Ben’s mouth opened and closed as he failed to ask how Erica could have possibly known. She chuckled and walked into the hallway, kicking off her shoes as she did so.”I knew your mam and dad were going away this weekend.” She said, pulling off her t-shirt unceremoniously and letting her massive tits flop free as she walked towards the living room.”I’d shut the front door if I were you, Ben.” Erica said, turning to address him as she yanked down her leggings and knickers to her ankles in one deft move, exposing her neatly-trimmed bush.”Anyway, as I was saying, I knew your folks were out of town, so when my friend tells me he’s gone and sold a load of dirty films to one of your mates, well, didn’t take long to put two and two together. Through here, is it?” She said casually, stepping out of her discarded clothes and pushing open the door to the living room.The atmosphere grew momentarily tense as she entered the room, then immediately relaxed again as the group realised it was Erica. She was a well-known fixture in the village, and the boys knew they would be in safe hands this evening. Erica sat down on the edge of an armchair occupied by a lad named Tom, leaning down to greet him with a friendly peck on the cheek. As she did so, she dragged the tip of her index finger across his glistening bell-end, then brought her slick finger up to her mouth to sample the lad’s precum.”Oh, don’t worry lads, I’m not here for a big party or anything.” Erica finally said, breaking canlı bahis from the rapture of tasting Tom’s prick-juice. “I don’t want to interrupt your little group wank session after all, seems you’ve got a lovely little thing going on here.””Anyway, if I’ve calculated it all right, you should all be just about ready to empty those big beautiful balls of yours.” She said, reaching down to cup Tom’s swollen testicles. “I just thought I’d spare poor old Benny’s mam and dad the expense of having to re-buy a lot of tissues by offering you lot a tight, brown hole to squirt all that lovely seed into.”The boys all nodded and mumbled their approval of this idea, beginning to tug at their shlongs again as Erica went over to the doorway and grabbed Ben by the cock.”How about that, eh? You can be first big man.” Erica cooed, guiding him by his penis back to the couch.”I promise I won’t touch a thing, boys.” She said, getting down on all fours in front of Ben’s place on the couch and spreading her buttocks wide to reveal her puckered arsehole. “Just you keep tossing yourselves off until you’re ready to give Erica your lovely loads.”She settled down and rested her face in her hands, watching the porno play out in the screen in front of her. She could hear Ben jerking his foreskin back and forth over his drooling cock-head behind her and couldn’t wait to feel it spurt off into her bottom. On screen, the young blonde girl was being railed by a pair of handsome studs from both ends, the sounds of her moaning being muffled by the dong in her mouth. She guessed that Ben would probably wait until the money shot to squeeze out his own load.Sure enough, as the men pulled out of the girl and she got down to her knees, she felt Ben hunch down over her and the slick head of his willy slowly push past her sphincter. He held it there with just the tip inside as he rapidly fisted his knob, is knuckles bashing against Erica’s fleshy backside. She felt the telltale switching of his member just before Ben began to pump the contents of his bollocks into Erica’s waiting arsehole. Jets of sticky semen coated the walls of her colon as Erica moaned in pleasure for what felt to her like a full minute of spunk-shooting. Eventually, Ben sank back into his chair, his dick popping free from Erica’s bum-hole with a plop.”Thank you darlin’.” Said Erica, as she playfully waggled her bottom back and forth in front of Ben. She walked across the room on her hands and knees, looking up at the mighty flesh-rods surrounding her. “Who reckons they’ll be ready soon?”Barry, a skinny lad with a long, narrow dick, stood up and walked behind Erica. Not wishing to muck about, he immediately thrust his stiffy balls deep into Erica’s spunk-slick pooper in one rapid movement. He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her off his rod before pulling her shithole back down around it, increasing the pace as they both got used to the motion.”That’s right, fella. You use my arsehole to wank that stiff rod of yours.” Said Erica, turning her head to address Barry. She then turned her attention back to the couch in front of her where three more of the group were sat masturbating not only to the movie, but also the live sex show in front of them.”Mind pounding your way over to that couch darling? I want to be introduced to those lovely gentlemen over there.” Erica politely asked. Barry obliged by thrusting hard in the direction of the sofa, forcing Erica to walk forward on her hands and knees until her face was inches away from Reece’s crotch, who was sat in the center.”It isn’t cheating if I just have a quick sniff, is it boys?” Erica asked, though she didn’t expect to wait for an answer. She buried her face into Reece’s sweaty balls as he moaned and jerked his prick harder than ever. She then proceeded to inhale deeply and exhale with a satisfied groan of her own, over and over again.”There’s nothing I love more than the stink of a young mans bollocks after he’s been wanking away for hours on end.” Uttered Erica, squeezing her face even harder into Reece’s nuts and shaking her head to rub the salty sweat and precum all over her.She finally withdrew from her scrotal pillow and placed a hand on Kenny & Fred’s boners, who were within reach either side of Reece. With a lustful bahis siteleri look in her eye and a smile on her face, she pulled the two pricks towards her, forcing the boys to shuffle forward until they were almost sat on Reece’s knees. Once they were properly positioned, Erica grabbed each shaft by the base and pulled upwards, causing the foreskin on each dick to gather at the tip.She then leaned forward and snuck her nose into the sheathed head of Kenny’s cock, sniffing hard and bringing a decent wad of his precum into her nose. She wiggled her nose and dug in deep, exploring and inhaling every inch of is dong. She then turned her attention to Fred’s boner, dipping her nose into the obscenely large pool of man-lube that had gathered at the tip of his shaft.Once she felt she’d adequately sampled that scent, she leaned back, rolled down their foreskins and placed the tip of each of their exposed bellends over her nostrils and started his satisfied sniffing all over again. As her contented groans increased, they were echoed by Barry, who was moments away from finishing up. As Erica took one long, deep sniff of the delicious dongs in her grasp, her arsehole was flooded with another huge load that had been brewing over the course of the hours-long wank session.”I’m about ready, lass.” Said Jamie, as his friend wrung the last few drops of spunk out into Erica’s bum-hole. She released the two cocks she was holding and pulled away from the pork-sword embedded in her pooper, crawling towards the big man on the opposite sofa. She kept her sphincter tightened, stood and turned so her back was to Jamie, then lowered herself onto his waiting shlong.As soon as the rim of his engorged helmet passed Erica’s pucker, he whipped her legs out from underneath her and brought her knees up to her head, vigorously thrusting his massive phallus in and out of her anus.”Yes, that’s it lad! Pound that fucking arsehole hard.” Erica screamed, as Jamie continued his anal assault. He leaned forward off the couch and pulled Erica’s legs even closer to her body to make sure he could sodomize her as hard as he wanted. He eventually stood right up, baring all Erica’s weight on his mighty dick, and used his upper body strength to slide her up and down his greasy shaft.”You, stand up.” Erica ordered, pointing at Ron who was sat watching the television intently. “You’re going to be next. As soon as this lad pops, I want you right in there.”Ron stood up, eyes still fixed to the porno he had been enjoying, just as Jamie rammed his knob home to the hilt and blasted his cock-snot deep into Erica’s bowels. As soon as the last pulse left his cock-end, he yanked Erica off his prick. She squeezed her butthole closed as tightly as possible to stop the three-man cocktail she’d acquired from escaping. Ron broke away from watching the TV for just long enough to take Erica off Jamie and place her down upon his ridged boner. He pulled her tightly to him, squeezing her sweaty tits into his chest, and turned to resume watching the movie.”That’s right, you just keep watching your dirty little film.” Erica whispered in his ear as she passively allowed him to slide her up and down his cock. “Use me like a filthy fucking cock-sleeve.”Ron took his time, jerking himself off with Erica’s bum hole for nearly 5 minutes whilst the remaining boys in the room wanked themselves into a frenzy. Eventually, he used a series of short, sharp thrusts to bring himself off, adding his own huge load of jizz to Erica’s increasingly full arsehole.”We wanna go next.” Said Mike, pointing at himself and Fred. They both stood up and walked towards Erica, who had been put down on the ground by Ron and was carefully trying not to leak cum.”Sit on this.” Ordered Fred, who was now sat on the floor and waving his hard-on at Erica. She scooted across and mounted him, letting his knob slip easily into her cum-filled posterior. Mike came up behind her and slide his own dick in above Fred’s, stretching out Erica’s butthole even further.Erica, feeling profoundly full, lay back and groaned, enjoying the sensation of the two pricks churning the spunk in her shit-pipe. Fred and Mike had been waiting a long time for their turn, and before long both their dicks were twitching against one bahis şirketleri another as they shot powerful jets of their ball-batter into the depths of Erica’s butt. They waited until their spent cocks went limp, then withdrew them from Erica’s overflowing arsehole.”Afraid you’ll have to be a bit careful where you put your spunk-bucket lads.” Said Erica, edging carefully towards the sofa with Kenny and Reece sat at it. “She’s getting pretty full and might accidentally spill!”She pushed her arse up into the air between the two boys, supporting her weight against the couch and giving them easy access to her sperm-soaked passage. Almost immediately, Kenny aimed his pulsing prick at Erica’s anus and spewed out rope after rope of his creamy, hot seed.”I said you had to be careful, not that you couldn’t pop your pecker in me!” Said Erica in mock frustration. In response to this, Reece used his boner to gather Kenny’s discharge at the entrance of Erica’s bunghole, then pushed it deep down into her arsehole in one, long thrust.”That’s more like it, m’boy!” Said Erica, as Reece gently sawed his cock in and out of her rear. In no time at all, he squirted the 8th load into Erica’s dirt-pipe, forcing jizz to seep up around the edges of her arsehole from the sheer volume of spunk that had been deposited in her.As he withdrew his soggy penis, Erica clamped a hand to her butthole and slid down until she was lying on her front.”Whoever is last up is going to have to do me like this, or I’m at risk of leaking cum all over Ben’s carpet.” She said. Tom, who had been taking it slow the entire evening, lay down on top of Erica and prodded her hand with his stiff prick. She reached out and grabbed his stiffy, guiding it to the entrance of her crapper.With a thrust that had all his weight behind it, Tom pushed his huge tool into Erica’s creamy bowels with an audible squelch. Hot jizz fought it’s way free past her stretched out sphincter and his throbbing manhood, soaking both her buttocks and his balls. It didn’t stop Tom from battering her butthole so hard that it seemed as though he was trying to force his bollocks into her turd-cutter on each thrust.”Ooh, that feels fantastic. A properly good arsefuck, that is.” roared Erica, her forehead thrust into the carpet and Tom’s fingers in her hair as he held her pinned down in order to bugger her all the more vigorously. “Don’t suppose you’ve got any gaffa tape lying around, do you Benny-boy?”Ben left the room and returned with a roll of tape just as Tom’s cock was jettisoning the contents of his swollen nuts into Erica’s dirty hole. He collapsed on top of her, their sweaty bodies sticking together as his twitching dick shot out countless blasts of hot, thick spunk.”Mmm, I enjoyed that, I did.” Groaned Erica, her face flush with exertion. “Ben, be a love and slap a bit of that tape over my arsehole once this fella’s pulled is cock out.”Tom withdrew his now semi-hard prick and dragged it up the line of Erica’s back, leaving a trail of the spunk cocktail he had helped create. Ben fastened a strip of tape across Erica’s drooling butthole as Tom held her by the chin and wiped his dick clean on her face, much to her filthy satisfaction. Once he had finished with her and stepped away, she could see the final porno movie was just finishing. The credits rolled, and the screen went dark.”Think that’s your cue to go to bad boys.” Said Erica, rolling onto her side and giving them all a wink.”What have you taped your arse up for, Erica?” Asked Jamie, idly tugging at his soft knob.”Well, a girl like me knows that a group of lads like you might fancy another little wank session in the morning.” Said Erica, patting herself on the arsecheek. “And it’d be such a waste if you didn’t have lovely bum of mine to drain your dick-sauce into again. So I’m just keeping your man-brew safe until then, lads.”She stood up and walked over to Ben, putting a sweaty arm around him.”Come on, lets go to Bed, Benny.” She said, guiding him out of the room. “You can stick your fella in my twat if you’ve got anything left in you and fancy a shag before bed.”They climbed the stairs as the other boys started to bed down for the night in the living room. Just before they turned off the light, they heard Erica say something, spoken intentially loud enough for the whole house to hear.”Let’s just hope I don’t fart in my sleep!”They all went to sleep laughing and looking forward to the fun that lay in store for them the following morning.