Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 02

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I might not be able to upload stories frequently, my school year has started again, so I am a bit preoccupied. But I shall try to write as much as I can, thx for reading. 🙂

“Jake, I give you a hint, the combination of your locks is written somewhere in front of you. And who knows, Andy’s hot, ripped body may hold a clue as well. Good luck boys!” The voice said, followed by the sound of a microphone turned off.

“What the hell was that about?” Andy asked even more confused than informed, “All of this doesn’t make sense at all!”

Jake let Andy continue his rabbling while he looked around the room for answers. ‘The combination of the locks is written somewhere in front of you’ the voice had said. Andy looked closer at the red box in front of him, but apart from the numbers above the holes, nothing was to be seen.

Jake looked to the wall in front of him on which Andy was tied on the steel bar. At first sight, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. But when he looked a little closer he saw something on the wall, on Andy’s right. There was some barely visible red paint smeared on the wall, they stood in some kind of weird pattern and did not seem to form any numbers.

Something was missing, Jake looked on the other side of the wall, onto the floor and the ceiling, but nothing hinted on a clue. Then he remembered what the voice said: ‘Andy’s hot body may contain a clue as well’. Jake looked at his bound and blindfolded buddy, still struggling to break free and trying to make sense of this situation.

When Jake looked closely, he saw the same, barely visible red paint on Andy’s chest. Now it started to make sense to Jake, this was a puzzle, this was why Andy was bound on a horizontal bar, so he could move in place.

“Andy, you need to move to your right.” Jake tried to say as clear as he could, despite being gagged.

Andy looked into the direction of the voice, “What?” he asked.

“MOVE…TO YOUR…RIGHT!” Jake hummed loudly against his ball gag, hoping that Andy would understand any of it. Now he understood the whole challenge of this room, communication, which would be hard in these conditions.

Andy came to his senses and tried to figure out what Jake meant. “I don’t understand you man, let’s try this differently.” he suggested, “I’ll ask questions and you reply with one hum for yes and two for no, alright?” he asked.

Jake hummed one time in response, this sounded like a reasonable plan.

“Do you want me to do something?” Andy asked.

Jake rolled his eyes, ‘of course I want you to do something, meathead!’ he thought, but he hummed once in reply.

Andy thought for a second what to ask next “Do I…Do I need to move around?” he asked.

“Hmmm!” Jake responded.

“Can I move at all?” Andy asked.

Jake sighed but appreciated that Andy tried his best to help out. “Hmmm!” he hummed.

“Do I need to go left?” Andy asked.

“Hmmm Hmmm!” Jake replied.



Andy moved slow and careful to his right, noticing that the bar he was tied to was horizontal. “You say how far I should go okay? Hum once I need to stop.” Andy said, still a bit uncertain of the whole situation.

Andy moved right, step by step, waiting for Jake to sign him to stop. Jake watched the movements of his friend carefully. The pieces needed to fall into place, the paint on Andy’s body needed to match with the paint on the wall.

Once Andy stood in the position in between the paint on the wall, there were three numbers to be seen. Jake hummed once, signing Andy to stop, which he immediately did. Jake looked closely, the paint on the wall and Andy’s body formed the combination: 362.

Jake looked at the red box, at the holes 3,6 and 2. He gulped, a bit nervous with this whole idea. He had to stick his manhood into…god knows what. For all he knew there could be razorblades in that hole. But he had to try something, if he did nothing they would loose automatically, and competitive as Jake was, he wanted to win.

Jake aimed his rock hard cock at the hole with the 3 above it, he breathed in through his nose and slid his dick in slowly. An amazing feeling surrounded his manhood, the hole felt tight, wet, and sleek around his cock.

Jake moaned loudly from pleasure against his ballgag, which made Andy look up. “You okay man?” he asked.

“Hmhmm.” Jake replied. The young man had his eyes closed and his head thrown back as he slid his cock deeper into the box. Despite that the surroundings were moist and sleek, his cock barley fitted, which made it so good. Jake would just love to lose a load right now, but he remembered the rules that had been explained. He pushed his cock a bit further, until his cockhead pushed a button inside the hole.

Jake opened his eyes and looked down, the 3 on the box had been lit up by a green light. Jake took this as the signal to move to the second one. He pulled his cock out, aimed it for hole 6, and pushed it in. “Hmmm, fuck” Jake moaned on his gag as a new sensation flowed through his casino siteleri nerves. This hole was pretty loose on the inside, but very, very slimy.

Jake pushed his cock further, feeling the weird, thick goo surround his cock, but he had to admit, it felt amazing. Jake pushed his cock as far in until he felt the tip press against a button again. The six lit up and Jake pulled his dick out, watching how his meat smoothly moved out of the hole, taking thick slimy goo threads with it.

Jake aimed his cock at the last one, hole 2. He inhaled one time through his nose and slid his manhood in. Jake giggled on his gag, this inside was very tingly, like he pushed his oversensitive cock in a pile of feathers. Jake wanted to enjoy this sensation a bit longer, but he knew that time was of the essence. He pushed his cock further in until also this button was pushed and the number 2 lit up.

When Jake’s cockhead had touched the button, he heard a click behind his head and his ballgag fell out of his mouth. Jake took in a deep breath and moved his numb jaw around a bit. The bar where he had been tied to seemed to be split in two, one part moved into the ground while the other part disappeared into the ceiling.

When the bar was gone, Jake was free. He made a relieved moan but noticed that his hands were still bound behind his back. This was a bit of a setback, but he was glad he could move around again.

“Jake, what’s happening? What is going on?” Andy asked.

“It’s okay, I am free!” Jake replied, happy that they could communicate again. “I am going to get you out!” he said while walking towards Andy.

“You need to walk back to the spot you stood before.” Jake instructed. While Andy moved back, Jake explained the rest. “There is a box in front of you, that is the way for you to get out.” he explained.

Jake told Andy to stop when he stood in front of the box. He tried to get his hands free, but they were tightly bound behind his back. Jake looked over his shoulder to his restrains, it wasn’t rope or handcuffs, it seemed more like some electronic locks that held his arms together. Whoever had them captive here, certainly knew a thing or two about technology.

“Dude, please remove this blindfold, I want to see what’s happening. All of this is making me anxious!” Andy spoke while swinging his face left and right.

Jake tried to get his hands free one last time, but gave up on that idea soon enough. “My hands are still bound behind my back man, I can’t get them free.” he said.

Jake’s eye fell on the ballgag on the floor, at the spot where he had been tied up. He stepped a bit closer to Andy and inspected his blindfold. It was a dark eye mask for sleeping attached to leather bands that ran over Andy’s head. On the back of his head, there seemed to some kind of electronic device, Jake remembered how his ballgag was removed, it fell out when he completed the puzzle, so Andy had to do the same.

“I can’t remove your blindfold, you need to complete the puzzle, then it will fall off.” Jake explained.

“Yeah, alright, something with a box right?” Andy asked hopefully.

“Err…yeah…listen, this is going to sound weird but…” Jake started, “There are 8 holes in the box, and you need to…stick your dick in the right ones.”

“WHAT!? NO WAY MAN!” Andy shouted, but Jake comforted him.

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen, I have done it too, it’s quite…good actually,” he said with a blush.

Andy seemed to be more relaxed, he nodded his head. “Alright, which ones do I need?” he asked.

“362, that’s the combination that was written on you and the wall.” Jake said and looked at Andy’s erected dick and the box, “You need to move your dick a little to the left.”

Andy did as he was told, “Right here?” he asked after swinging his cock to the left.

“No, more back.” Jake said, seeing that Andy was too far away.

Andy moved his dick right again, and left, back and forth on Jake’s instructions, but he just didn’t seem to get near the 3. Aiming your cock properly was not easy when you had no vision and no free hands. Also, Andy’s cock was rather long, thick, and heavy and it didn’t seem to stay in place.

When Andy missed hole 3 for the tenth time, Jake sighed, he saw no other option but to help him. He placed himself on his knees near Andy and pushed his nose against his cock.

“WHOA! What the fuck are you doing!?” Andy shouted, feeling his friends face near his manhood.

“Helping you.” Jake replied, pushing Andy’s cock near hole 3.

“Dude, that’s fucking gay!” Andy hissed.

“Yeah right, like that’s an issue right now,” Jake said, “Alright, you’re in front of 3, move forward.” he said when Andy’s cock was in place.

Andy took a deep breath and slowly pushed his cock in the hole. He frowned when nothing was happening, he pushed a bit further and felt his cockhead push against a button in the hole. At that moment, the hole’s entrance closed itself around Andy’s shaft, trapping his dick inside.

“AAAHH! canlı casino aaaahhh! fuck!” Andy screamed when a very unpleasant feeling surrounded his member. Andy hissed from pain and tried to get his cock out, but to no avail.

“What’s going on?” Jake asked in a panic.

“Ahhh god! It’s itching, it’s scouring!” Andy hissed, it was like sandpaper was rubbing around his manhood.

After about half a minute of torture, the feeling stopped and the entrance loosened up. Andy pulled his dick out right away and caught his breath. Jake looked at his buddy’s dick, it looked red and irritated but it didn’t seem to be wounded.

“Right, not that one!” Andy hissed. Jake looked confused, ‘We are missing something’ he thought. Jake his eyes gazed around the room while Andy recovered.

When he found no clues whatsoever in the room, Jake’s eyes fell back on Andy. ‘Of course!’ he thought, ‘Andy’s body may contain more than one clue!’. He stood up and looked in Andy’s neck, his shoulders, his back, his lower back, until he saw something written on Andy’s butt. He looked closer and saw the numbers ‘475’ written on Andy’s round ass.

“475, those are the numbers you need!” Jake said and placed himself back on his knees, near Andy’s cock. He pushed his friends throbbing manhood to hole 4 with his nose and signed that Andy should move in.

With a deep breath and a bit nervous, Andy slid his cock in hole 4, slowly and carefully. When Andy’s cock was halfway in his lips turned into a smile and a moan escaped from his mouth. “Ahhhh! Aaah! this is much better!” he chuckled when the walls of the hole surrounded his cock.

The insides of the hole were ribbed and flexible, which provided a tight surrounding on Andy’s manhood. Also, a large amount of lubricant made it a very pleasant experience for the young jock. The tip of Andy’s cock touched the button in the hole and the 4 was lit up by a green light.

“Good job man, now you need to go to 7.” Jake instructed.

Andy moaned a little disappointed that he had to pull out of these wonderful surroundings. But when Jake pushed him to hole 7, another great experience was waiting for him.

As soon as Andy’s cock entered hole 7, the walls of the hole started humming and vibrating. “Aahhaaahhah! Oh my god! This feels amazing!” Andy’s shaking voice spoke. “Oh man, I want to fuck this thing! It feels so good!” Andy hissed while he started humping the box.

“Don’t! I know you want it, but we have to go on with this…game” Jake said, though silently admitted that he also longed for some release.

When the 7 was lit up, Andy pulled his cock out. Jake instructed him to swing to the left, so he could move it to hole 5. Andy’s cock swung left and patted Jake on his cheek and lips. Jake froze for a second when he smelled Andy’s arousal and felt his hot, rock hard cock on his face. He closed his eyes and inhaled, softly, careful that Andy wouldn’t hear it. Jake was straight as can be, but he had to admit, being on his knees, next to his horny friend was very hot. He suddenly felt a very strong urge to suck Andy off.

Jake licked his lips and stuck his tongue half out. His lips and mouth were so dry, he just longed for Andy’s warm, moist, salty cockhead in his mouth. When Jake almost touched Andy’s top with his tongue, he broke from his trance. Jake shook his head and focussed back on the game. He pushed Andy’s cock in front of hole 5 and told him to push in.

“Aaaahhhah, Ohh fuck! this is cold!” Andy moaned when his cock was inside hole 5. Though it was not a bad cold, it was a bit chilly at best, but it gave Andy the most tingly and amazing feeling. “Aaahahhh man! Who makes these things?” his aroused voice said while pushing his cock deeper in.

When Andy touched the button and the 5 was lit, his blindfold opened and fell off. Andy narrowed his eyes due to the bright light that entered his vision, but opened them slowly when he was more used to it. Like the bar that Jake had been tied to, also Andy’s bar was split in two, one part going into the left wall and the other into the right.

Andy made a relieved moan when he could see and move again. However, his smile vanished when he noticed his hands were still bound behind his back. He took a moment to look around the room and gave Jake a happy smile when he saw his friend was alright.

At that moment, a loud dull noise sounded and the steel door slid open. Andy and Jake looked at each other uncertainly. “Guess we are just getting started.” Jake said, both a bit terrified and aroused when the two young men walked to the door, going into a hallway.

“Cody, you will be released from the chain to do your part. On the left side of the cage is a table with three cylinder-shaped lightweights. These weights need to be placed on a scale on the table on the right side of the cage.

When you have placed all three of them there, the device around Valentine’s meat will stop. I would say you have about… three minutes before Valentine will shoot his load. But kaçak casino be careful not to drop anything or slip, I think you have noticed the soft soap on the floor.

Speed is required from Cody, persistence from Valentine, best of luck gentlemen!” the voice said, ending the message.

“What the fuck! What kind of perverted freaks are these people!?” Valentine shouted, struggling on his bonds and looking at his trapped cock.

“I don’t know. And how do they know these things about us? It has to be someone who had watched the match!” Cody said, trying to figure this out.

“Cody, over 1000 people came to watch our match that day, it could literally be anyone!” Valentine replied.

Cody struggled on his bonds, he gave the locks that held his arms together behind his back a firm pull, trying to separate them from the chain on the heating pipe. A clicking sound was to be heard and Cody’s bonds were released from the chain, however, this was due to an electronic reaction, rather than Cody’s strength.

Cody stumbled forward and nearly slipped over the soft soap, he caught his balance just in time. A humming noise sounded from the cage were Valentine was trapped in, the device around his cock started moving, sliding up and down and massaging the boy’s cock. “Aaahh fuck! it’s starting!” Valentine moaned, “You have to get me out of here man!” he said, remembering the game’s rules.

Cody looked to the table left of the cage were the three weights were placed on. He walked closer, as fast as he could, but careful that he wouldn’t fall. The softsoap under his feet felt a bit chilly and very slippery, a combination between pleasant and uncomfortable. When Cody was near the table he looked at the weights, the looked really light, maybe not even half a pound. There was a small, transparent, cylinder-shaped object attached to the top of the weights, with a hole going horizontally through it.

‘This is going to be easy’ Cody thought and wanted to grab the first one. However, his hands were still bound behind his back. Cody looked over his shoulder and desperately tried to get his hands free from these, weird high-tech locks, but with no success.

Cody looked around, uncertain what to do, how on earth was he supposed to move these weights without his hands? “Cody, what are you doing? Move those things!” Valentine moaned.

Cody turned his face to Valentine and wanted to say something, but he was caught up by the sight. This large, strong man tied to the table, being completely powerless while his cock was getting fucked by some weird machine. He had to admit it was a sight to behold. “I…I can’t, my hands are tied!” Cody answered, looking amazed at the device pleasuring Valentine’s cock.

“Just…try to think of something else to keep yourself from cumming!” Cody said desperately, hoping to buy time. “Err…think of…think of that old Mrs. Daniels from Anatomy class.” he suggested.

Valentine closed his eyes and tried to picture the old hag in his mind, however, the machine around his manhood made it hard to think straight. “It doesn’t work, please do something!” Valentine moaned desperately.

“Think of…errr…”

“CODY SHUT UP! PLEASE, YOU’RE WAISTING TIME! This thing feels so good, I can’t hold it in for much longer!” Valentine pleaded, moaning as the machine continued to pleasure him without going any slower.

Cody walked back to the table and looked at the weights, how was he supposed to lift them? He couldn’t use his hands, using his feet would make no sense, and these things were too big for his mouth.

Then, Cody realized where the cylinder objects on the weights were for. Now that he looked a bit closer, they looked a lot like a quickshot fleshlight. Cody looked at his raging hard cock and figured out that he had to move the weights with his manhood. “Oh god.” he moaned while stepping closer and aiming his cock at the first one.

Cody stuck his cock through the hole, the lubed up, flexible, silicone material adjusted itself to Cody’s large cock and wrapped itself around his meat. When Cody’s cock came out on the other side, he lifted the weight from the table and walked carefully to the table on the other side. There was no way to go behind the cage, so Cody had to take the long way.

The weight was even lighter than Cody had imagined, but he had to be careful not to drop it, and walking over the slippery floor like this was no easy task.

“Come on, hurry up!” Valentine panted, seeing that Cody was halfway passed the cage, walking carefully and awkwardly.

“This is not as easy as it seems okay!” Cody shouted back

After a few steps, Cody stood near the table right of the cage. He stood on his toes and placed the weight on a scale on the table. The scale was magnetic and the weight attached itself to it, allowing Cody to slip out easily.

“Hang in there buddy, 2 more to go!” Cody shouted in the direction of the cage while he slid his feet over the floor.

Valentine hummed in agreement, he had his eyes shut, teeth clenched, and concentrated to keep himself from cumming. Cody watched at his bound friend, it was a mesmerizing sight non the less. Valentine’s body was shaking heavy and sweat was gushing off while the device milked his cock mercilessly.