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My stomach is literally in knots as they walk through the door.  My wife Jennifer and our two children, back from after-school activities, arms loaded with takeout food.  I give Jennifer a brief hug and she pecks me on the cheek, not the lips.  I can smell the body wash, still somewhat fresh, not normal for this time of day, of that I’m certain.  Small talk about how our days were.  Boring, she says.  Something about faux drama in her circle of housewife friends.  Mundane but shameful for being so brazenly made up.  The kids are excited to talk about their sports practices and teams.  We huddle around the island and fill our plates and eat at the kitchen table.  A normal Wednesday evening.Except there is absolutely nothing normal about it.  Because there was absolutely nothing normal about the afternoon that preceded it.  Or, for that matter, about who knows how many afternoons, or mornings, or days like it that preceded this one.  I’ve stumbled upon a secret vault that bahis şirketleri has torn my well-ordered world half apart.  I cannot focus.  Everything seems to be swimming before my eyes.  My heart races.  I muster every bit of strength I can to keep a calm outward demeanor.  I desperately need a drink, but we have both observed a custom of not imbibing on weeknights for years now.  I do believe it’s contributed to retaining our trim builds and long since ceased to be a sacrifice, but oh my, how I could use a glass of good bourbon right now.The rest of the evening passes normally, that is to say, dominated by domestic concerns, mainly the kids’ homework.  All too quickly, the household is settling down for the night.  My nerves have reached a raw but somewhat stable state, until I realize that soon Jennifer and I will be climbing into our bed.  The bed in which just a scant few hours ago, she fucked him.  Took his cock, his bare cock, deep inside her.  Allowing him bahis firmaları into the most private recesses of her body and perhaps her heart.  The knot begins to grow in the pit of my stomach again, and I begin to tremble slightly.  I take some deep breaths to center myself and begin my pre-bedtime ritual.I kiss each child goodnight and walk into the bedroom to find her preparing to put on her bedclothes.   She pulls off her top and her panties and is naked, the soft light from the bedside lamp illuminating her body.  Her soft curves, brown hair brushing her bare shoulders, her perfectly proportioned breasts, still firm, nipples slightly erect.  She instinctively turns away, unusual modesty even given the humdrum state to which our intimate life has come.  I note this and try to process it, wondering if she is motivated merely by guilt or by a desire to save herself for him.  A stab of sadness runs through me, yet at the same time, as I watch her bend over to step kaçak bahis siteleri into her sleep shorts, her soft round ass so beautifully displayed, I feel a stirring as I see her in an entirely different light.  How many times over the past few years have I regarded her just so, only to ignore the beauty in front of me?  My god, she is sexy.  No, it’s more than that.  She exudes sexuality.  She is an erotic vision.  Knowing that another man has taken her, claimed her perhaps, right here in our bedroom makes her mysterious, alluring, and yes, perhaps unattainable.  I am devastated and yet impossibly aroused.  I cannot even recall the last time I felt so turned on.Teeth brushed, faces washed.  She finishes before me and is already under the sheets as I slide in next to her.  She whispers good night, pledges her love, and rolls over to face away from me.  I cuddle up behind her and spoon.  At first she doesn’t respond, but I know she can feel my hardened cock against her ass, even through our nightclothes.  I put my arm around her, pull her close, and begin to kiss the back of her neck.  My hand finds its way under her shirt and up to her breast.  The nipple hardens to my touch and she begins to respond.