Evening the Score – Chapter 14

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Evening the Score – Chapter 14I looked down at Sharon and Jess again, and Sharon was looking up at me with an evil grin. Jess leaned over to me, put her arms around my neck, gave me a deep, wet kiss, and said, “Enjoy this, Baby!” Did she know?I felt Bills hand pressing gently on the small of my back, and he said, “Relax, just as we talked about, ok?” I know Bill and I had discussed this before tonight’s activities, but I wasn’t really sure that I was ready. Bill had brought out a tub of lube, and, with his fingers, first one, then two, then eventually three, he massaged and lubed my anal passage.Bill then replaced his fingers with the head of his cock. I could feel the cold steel of his PA, it had so quickly cooled down from Jess’ hot cunt. I could feel a slight pressure on my hole, then Bill said, “Ok, relax, take a deep breath, and gently push out.” With that, Bill’s huge cock slowly began its journey into my ass.I can’t deny it, I felt pain, even after that toy had been in my ass the last few hours, but once the head of Bill’s cock and PA got past my outer ring, the pain seemed to go away, replaced with the beginnings of intense pleasure. Holy fuck! Is this what the ladies felt?In fact, Bill’s cock began to feel so good, that I forgot that I was still pumping into Sharon’s ass. Bill matched my motion, pushing a little deeper with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri every thrust. Once I realized I was still fucking this beautiful woman, I quickly felt my climax rising, and shot what had to have been a huge load into her bowels. As my balls emptied, I went back to concentrating on Bill’s cock in my hole. I reached back to feel what was happening, and was surprised to learn he had more than half in me. I was in a kind of trance like state, not really paying attention to my own cock, focusing entirely on my hole, but was once again yanked back into reality when I felt my cock being tugged hard. Looking down, I saw that Jess and Sharon had switched places, with Jess placing my cock into her ass, and Sharon now straddling her ass onto Jess’ face. Seeing this, my wife eating the cum from another woman’s ass, plus the work deep in my hole, I began to feel another load of cum work its way up to the tip of my cock. I tried to hold out for a little longer.Bill announced to everyone that he had achieved “balls deep” in my ass. I reached around to confirm, and there was no doubt, his balls were indeed pressing against my ass. With that, he began to slowly withdraw, and before thrusting back in, he put a lot more lube on his thick shaft. He did this for several thrusts.Once Bill got into a nice güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rhythm, I could feel my hole come alive with pleasure. My cock was still working Jess’ ass, but was not going to last much longer. Bill’s pace picked up faster, and before long, I could hear his balls slapping hard against my ass cheeks. I couldn’t hold back any longer, grunted hard, buried my cock as deep into Jess’ ass as I could, and let loose what had to have been the biggest load I’d ever shot in my life.The clamping of my ass tight as I climaxed into Jess sent Bill to his own. He pushed in balls deep, held my hips tight against his pelvis, grunted loudly, and shot what felt like a gallon of sperm into my guts. The first man’s cock and creampie into my hole, and both were huge.I opened my eyes soon after my and Bill’s orgasm had subsided, and Jess and Sharon had uncoupled, and were both kneeling in front of me. Bill slowly slid his soft cock out of my hole, again with a pop sound, and his cum easily began to dribble from my hole. Jess gave me a big hug and kiss, Sharon and Bill both wrapped their arms around us all. Jess looked into my eyes, and asked, “How was it, Baby?” I looked back into her eyes, kissed her deeply, and said, “It was better than I could’ve imagined. I know now what and why you enjoyed what you güvenilir bahis şirketleri did all that time ago, and I understand. Thank you.” Jess was so thrilled by my answer, she slid under my legs, grabbed my cum-filled ass, and pulled it down onto her waiting tongue. She greedily ate as much of Bill’s cum as she could. Sharon swallowed my cock to the root, and Bill, well he stood in front of me, and guided his cock into my mouth. The taste and smell were intoxicating, and although I could only manage about half his cock in my mouth (Something I’d have to work on, for sure!), it wasn’t long before Bill shot yet another load, this time down my throat. Like clockwork, this caused my own cock to shoot into Sharon’s throat, and the tensing of my body caused my hole to push out hard, giving Jess a huge mouthful of Bill’s cum. I guess I didn’t need to work on Jess and her ass eating skills any longer. We all collapsed in a heap of flesh.We took a break afterwards, had some more wine, snacks, catch our breaths. It wasn’t long before Bill and I started to get hard again. Seeing this, the ladies grabbed our penises, and led us back to the bedroom.We all went at it till the sun broke through the curtains in the morning. I don’t think there was any combination of sex that we didn’t try that night, with Bill and Sharon’s experience guiding and teaching Jess and I when something didn’t quite work out. Yes, I even fucked Bill, another first for me. Needless to say, we were all exhausted, sweaty, cummy, and dripping messes.We showered, enjoyed some breakfast, said our goodbyes, changed the sheets, then Jess and I crashed for some much needed sleep.