Evil Twin

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It was 5:15 in the evening and there was a knock at the door of Tammy’s apartment. She looked out the window and saw her boyfriend’s car so she opened the door. Before she could even greet him, he blurted out something and stuck a box in her face.

“Tammy, they came. They’re here finally!” He yelled excitedly.

“What’s here?” She asked, having no clue what he was actually talking about.

“The costumes,” he answered. “My doctor and your sexy nurse,” he added a low flirty tone when he said ‘sexy nurse’. She rolled her eyes.

“I told you I don’t want to go to that party,” she reiterated. She had told him several times that she didn’t like Halloween and didn’t want to go to the party his friend was throwing.

He insisted, “Come on. It’ll be fun.” He put on his pouty face and asked, “How many times have you said you didn’t want to do something and ended up having a blast? Huh?” Tom nudged her as he asked the question.

He was right. She agreed to go out with him because he was an outgoing guy and was always doing something. She was a manager at a local restaurant where he delivered the food a few times a week. He was always telling her about trips, adventures, and things he had done. It was so much that, at first, she thought he was making most of it up. They had talked and flirted over the course of about 2 years when he finally asked her out. He had taken her on a float trip, on a hot air balloon ride, hiking, and sky diving in only 2 months. She did have fun every time she went with him even though she steadily resisted up to the last minute. She was pretty much a homebody. She wanted to get out and do more but didn’t know where to start and was kind of scared of most things.

“You gotta try it on, at least.” He begged as he unboxed the costumes.

She took the costume which was folded inside a plastic bag. It literally looked like the bag her last pair of socks came in. It was so small. She didn’t know how this was going to fit her, not that she was big or anything, this costume just seemed like nothing. She went into her bedroom and opened the package. It consisted of a small white hat with red trim and a red medical symbol on it. The dress had the same all-white design with red trim, a pocket with the same symbol, and a plunging neckline. It zipped up the front. It was super short, hitting her at her upper thigh, very short sleeves, and white fishnet tights that she didn’t put on right now because she knew she would rip them. It came with a prop stethoscope. She had some white kitten heels she could wear with it. She had long straight black hair that she usually wore up in a bun and brown eyes. Her skin was a light brown color. She was mixed so she always looked tan. She was blessed in that regard. She already had on a push-up bra that made her C cup boobs look slightly bigger in that tight dress. She was going to have to remember not to bend over or she would show her round ass to everyone at the party. She looked pretty fucking hot in the costume, she had to admit. She was surprised that he wasn’t in there already. Whenever she had her clothes off, he usually took that as an invitation to have sex. She didn’t mind.

“Nurse, I need some medication. I’m in pain,” he yelled from the other room a moment later. She rolled her eyes and strolled in the living room where he was waiting. “Oh, fuck. You’re hot!” he exclaimed.

“Where’s the pain, sir?” she played along as she approached Tom. He grabbed his jeans in his crotch area.

He answered her in a low, sexy voice, “Right here, nurse. Can you help me? It’s swollen and throbbing.” She knew where this was going. She smiled.

“Oh, my. Well, come here and lie on this gurney. I’ll examine you, sir,” she used a high-pitched squeaky voice and fluttered her eyelashes at him. She took his hand and led him to the couch. He laid down on his back with his legs stretched out the full length of it. She turned her back to him and bent over all the way even though it wasn’t necessary. “Let’s get these shoes off, so we can get you looked at,” she gasped as she felt his hands grip her ass. “Mmmm…someone is a little handsy, today. You better behave yourself.” She said in the same exaggerated voice as she lightly smacked his hand away. She took her stethoscope and put it in her ears. “I need to check your heart. We’re gonna have to take that shirt off, sir.” Before she finished her sentence, he was already in the process of removing his shirt.

“Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled as his breathing became heavier. She leaned over and placed the end of the fake stethoscope on his chest and deliberately rubbed it over his nipples several times. “Mmmmm, shit,” he moaned. He grabbed her ass again and started massaging it.

She whispered, “Your heart rate seems to be a little fast, sir.” She moved the round piece of the stethoscope down further towards his bulging jeans.

“yeah, it is…mmmh,” he murmured.

A finger had made its way inside her and she was having a hard time izmir escort staying in character as he fondled her pussy. “Mmmmh…Now let’s see if we can fix that swelling and throbbing problem you have.” she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down slightly.

“Yes, let’s. Oh, Shit,” he whispered as she freed his hard dick from the cotton prison it had been trapped in.

“I see your problem and I think I have just what you need,” she teased as she wrapped her fingers around his manhood and began stroking it. She lowered to her knees in front of the couch and brought her mouth to the head. She licked it and teased it. He groaned and noises escaped from his throat. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She did the same with her bra.

“I know you do. Oh fuck, babe,” he was definitely enjoying the treatment. Her hard nipples rubbed against his leg as she bobbed her head on his rigid cock. “Fuckkkk, it’s coming. Damnnnn…uuhhh,” he stuttered as she dug her hand inside his jeans and began fondling his nuts. She felt his pre-cum in her mouth and she knew it was close. She stopped and got up. He opened his eyes and lifted his head up slightly, “Huh, why—.”

“I want some too.” She straddled him and guided his dick inside her wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck, OK. Come on, ride it, babe,” he said enthusiastically as he grabbed her tits and rubbed her nipples as she rocked back and forth on his torso.

“Mmmh, yeah,” she moaned. She bit her lip and began bouncing up and down on his swollen member.

He let out a pleasurable sigh, “Fuck, yeah. That’s good.”

She leaned over, placed her hand on his chest, and adjusted her hips so that the right spot was being rubbed. “Yeah, it is,” she agreed. She leaned over to kiss him. He was a decent lover. He satisfied her most of the time but sometimes, like just now, she had to take control and get hers or he would have just finished and been done. She also didn’t like the fact that he didn’t use his tongue or hadn’t on her yet when she clearly has sucked his dick several times. She hadn’t said anything but would soon if he didn’t start giving her the good stuff.

He stroked her hair and mumbled, “Oh yeah, like that. God, you’re so beautiful.” She kissed him while increasing her speed.

“Mmmmh…oooh,” she started to feel the tingle and knew she was in the right spot.

“Fuck, bounce them titties.” Tom grabbed her nipples.

“Oh godddd, oh god,” she moaned in between her heavy breaths. Her body climaxed and covered his dick with her creamy nectar. She slowed down the pace and rocked gently back and forth. His erection was fading so he was no longer hitting her internal spot but maybe it would brush against her clit.

“That was awesome, babe,” he whispered as she lay on his chest. Tom was super hot. He was a white guy but was always outside doing stuff in the California sun so he stayed tanned. He kept his light brown hair about shoulder length so it was always falling into his face unless he had his work hat on then it stayed put. She loved running her hands through it. His gorgeous blue eyes are what did it for her. One could get mesmerized by those eyes. He was pretty tall. At the restaurant they had been trained to measure people against fixtures in case they got robbed and he was right at 6 foot 2. He was definitely muscular from hauling cases of food all day long. She didn’t mind that one bit. She loved a big strong man in uniform.

“You know Sarah’s gonna be at the party,” he commented while rubbing his hand on her back. Sarah was her best friend who happened to be dating the friend who is throwing the party.

“I haven’t talked to her in a few days. Fine, I’ll go to the stupid party,” she smiled and kissed him. She got up and retrieved her costume off the floor.

“Awesome, you won’t regret it,” he fixed his pants and got up.

“I’m gonna get dressed,” she said as she walked towards the bedroom. They decided to get food after they had composed themselves. It was about 6:30 when they left her apartment. They headed to the restaurant where she worked, American Bar and Grill. They were greeted by Trish, one of the servers, upon entering the place.

“Hey, guys. Don’t you ever get tired of this place, Tammy?” She joked. She really didn’t. They had the best food in town and she knew the kitchen was clean. She also got free meals so she ate there often. “Sit wherever you’d like.” Trish then looked at Tom and asked, “didn’t you just finish lunch with us?” He looked confused.

“No, I haven’t been here today,” he smiled. “I’ve been at home waiting for a package all day.” He winked at Tammy. She rolled her eyes and walked towards the table. They sat down.

“So weird. I didn’t serve him but he looked just like you from across the room. I was gonna say hi but we got really busy. You definitely have a doppelganger out there!” She joked.

“Weird,” he smiled at her and then looked out the window. Tammy noticed that his smile izmir escort bayan faded quickly and he stared off into space.

“What can I get for you guys today?” Trish asked as she took out the tablet they use for ordering. She took Tammy’s order but when it was time for Tom to announce what he wanted he seemed to be off in another world.

“Tom?” Trish turned to him. He was still staring out the window and didn’t respond to her.

Tammy snapped her fingers at him. “Tom, hello?” Tammy said. That seemed to do the trick as he left wherever he was and re-joined them.

“Sorry, I was just thinking. What’s up?” Tom asked. Tammy asked again for his order and he gave it. She disappeared to the back to put the order in.

“You OK?” Tammy asked him.

“Yeah, sorry. I’m good. Just thinking about what she said, that’s all,” he explained.

They continued to talk about random stuff. Their drinks were delivered quickly and about 15 minutes later the food was there. They thanked her and ate their dinner. Afterward, Tom took Tammy home and he went to his friends to help decorate for the party. Halloween was in 2 days and they had some pretty elaborate stuff planned, apparently.

She took the opportunity to get caught up on laundry that night. She and Tom texted a little throughout the evening. She realized tomorrow was a delivery day so her last text said that she would see him tomorrow morning when he was delivering at the restaurant. He sent a message that confirmed that and wished her goodnight. She went to bed and fell asleep playing a match game on her phone.

The next morning, she got up and went to work. It was a typical day at the restaurant. Tom came in with their delivery and they chatted for about 15 minutes before he had to be on to the next one. They made plans for him to stay the night at her place after he got done helping his friend decorate some more for the party. She was fine with that. They weren’t the kind of couple that had to be together every moment. She liked the alone time as much as she liked the time with him. When her shift was over, she stopped by the grocery store to pick up something for them to eat later that night because she didn’t keep her fridge very well stocked. He texted her around 10 pm and said he was on the way. She heard a knock at the door a few moments later as the friend’s house wasn’t far. She opened the door and smiled.

“Did someone here call a doctor?” Tom asked. He was dressed in his Halloween costume. He had on mint green scrubs, a surgeon’s hat, a long white lab jacket, a face mask, a fake stethoscope hanging from his neck and a fake ID badge clipped to the white jacket. She giggled. They had role played before her little stint as a nurse last night. He showed up with handcuffs and a badge one night pretending to be a detective arresting her. That was pretty hot.

“Yes, I did. The patient is in the bedroom,” she said as she quickly walked to the bedroom ahead of him. He shut the apartment door. “Please doctor, you have to help her?” She spoke loudly but changed to an almost old world dialogue. The kind you see in old westerns before modern medicine had truly evolved. She removed her clothes quickly and got into the bed.

“I will try my very best. Now, what seems to be ailing this … ahem…young lady. She’s what 15, 16?” With that statement, he set the character that Tammy was going to play.

First, she had to be the concerned woman who answered the door. “Yes, doctor. She just turned 16 and she’s having fits. Says there’s a tingle inside her that won’t go away. She keeps moaning and touching herself. It’s disgraceful. Can you make it stop?” Tammy described the symptoms.

“I do believe I have an ointment in my bag that will fix her right up. Now if you kindly step out of the room while I make my examination just to be certain,” Tom played the sinister doctor that was about to de-flower this 16-year-old virgin patient.

“Of course, doctor.” With that, all bets were off and the horny old doctor could have his way with the innocent child laying on the bed. Tammy could now switch to a scared adolescent who didn’t understand her new body. She was covered in a light sheet wide-eyed waiting for a cue.

“Now, my child. Let’s listen to your heart.” He pulled the sheet back and placed the stethoscope on her breast deliberately nowhere near her heart. “Oh, you are very well developed for your age,” he said as he cupped her breast and rubbed the round end of the stethoscope all around her nipple. Purposely making it clumsy as he closed his eyes, looked up, and let a slight growling sound escape his throat.

“How’s my heart, doctor?” She asked in a soft child-like voice.

That seemed to break the doctor out of his trance. “What? Oh, it’s fine, my dear,” he moved his hands to her stomach. “Let me feel your stomach now…and the rest of you.” He trailed off at the end of that sentence as if the doctor was a pedophile creep. escort izmir His gentle hands stopped at her stomach and he felt around like an actual doctor would do.

“That area seems to be in order, child. Let me keep going, now just you relax, deary,” Tom was nailing this creepy old man doctor voice. It actually gave Tammy goosebumps. His hands made his way down to her upper thighs. He sat on the side of the bed and propped her legs up. He grabbed her inner thighs and massaged them. His hand crept to her pussy lips and mound. He slid his fingers up and down along her slit several times. She moaned and then managed to get back into character.

“Doctor, I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m going to explode. Isn’t there some medicine I can take?” She cried in her young girl’s voice. She was hoping that he would take this opportunity to eat her out as she had just gotten out of the shower before he texted. He stood up and his dick was standing at attention as well. He pulled down his scrub pants.

“Have you ever had one of these?” He asked the patient.

“Oh my, no. Will that fix me?” She asked innocently.

“Yes, my child. Temporarily. You will need treatment often but it will relieve the symptoms of what ails you,” he explained. She cracked a smile accidentally.

“That thing is big. What you gonna do with it and is it gonna hurt?” Again she spoke in a childish voice.

“You may have some discomfort at first and some bleeding after but no it should feel rather good to you. Are you ready to begin?” He asked.

“I suppose, should my mother be here?” Tammy asked, still in character.

“No, for this treatment it’s best for it to just be the patient and doctor.” He climbed onto the end of the bed and slipped between her legs. He kissed her torso and made his way up to her breasts. She guessed there wasn’t going to be any tongue action again tonight.

“Oh, doctor. This feeling, make it go away!” She cried loudly again in the scared schoolgirl voice.

“Patience, my child. This treatment takes time. Trust me, I’ve treated several young ones just like you,” says the doctor as his hand is rubbing his cock against her wet pussy lips striking her clit every time.

“Fuckkk.” Tammy lets slip under her breath. That’s not something her character would say but she couldn’t help it.

“Here it comes, now don’t be scared,” the doctor whispered.

The patient cried, “Don’t hurt me, doctor!”

“It will be alright, child.” He pushed his cock inside her. Of course, it didn’t hurt but in the interest of the role-play she grunted and made painful sounds. “Ssssh, now. You’ll feel the tingling release soon,” he said as he thrust in and out gently. “This may help speed up the process.” He leaned in and began sucking on her nipple.

“Oh, my. It feels much better, doctor,” she squealed. She looked at him innocently and batted her eyes. “Is it better if you go harder or faster, doctor?”

“I thought you’d never ask, my child,” he answered her as he sped up his strokes and pounded her thighs harder.

Tammy moaned and grunted as their hips collided. “Yeah. Oh, god.”

“Fuck, shit,” he groaned. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and grabbed her hips. He continued his fast and hard thrusting. She tilted her hips upwards slightly so he would hit the sweet spot inside.

“Oh, fuck. Tom, there, there, don’t stop.” She commanded him as she was so close to extreme pleasure. “Yes, yes…mmmmh…uuuuhhh.” Her body filled her tunnel with the slippery, sticky white stuff.

“Me too, fuck, you’re too good.” He managed in between his own heavy breaths. His dick exploded a second later and mixed with her fluids already surrounding it. He pushed one last time as deep as he could and his muscles jerked as he let all of it out. A few moments later, he rolled off her and laid on the bed next to her.

“You’re right, doctor, the tingling is gone. How often do I need treatment?” She returned to her character voice. Tom laughed.

“That got kinda creepy didn’t it?” He was still chuckling.

She was also giggling. “I mean, it probably happened at some point in time.”

“Probably,” he agreed. “Man, I’m too tired to get up and eat. I think I’m just going to sleep.” He rolled over and wrapped his arm around her.

“Ok,” she yawned as she said it because she was actually very tired also. They drifted to sleep.

The next day was Saturday and the day of the party. Tom actually worked about 4 to 5 hours most Saturdays so he had gotten up early and headed out. They had agreed that he would come back later in the afternoon so they could get ready for the party. It was starting around 8 or whenever it got dark or whenever people showed up. She ran a few errands and got some basic house cleaning done. She visited the restaurant for lunch. She returned home, showered, and waited for Tom to arrive. When he did they ate some ham sandwiches she had bought earlier, got dressed in their costumes, and headed out. When they pulled up there were already so many cars there. She got her phone and texted her best friend, Sarah, to see if she had made it yet.

“Looks like it’s a success,” Tammy announced. Sarah responded that she was there in the kitchen which she commented looked like a witch’s cave.