Ex- Girlfriend new story

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Ex- Girlfriend new storyThis is another true story about the chick I worked with at the factory. It just came to mind and I thought I’d better post it before I forgot it again. I hope you enjoy and please leave comments. Thanks!I spent the night at her place and as usual when we went to bed, we fucked. I swear this bitch loved to fuck more than any other woman I’ve ever met! and it was very easy to make her cum, I’ve never seen a woman that was able to cum that easily and in so many different ways! Oh yeah and the best part…She was a squirter (my first and only one)I loved that about her! Ok here goes. Like I said we went to bed and had our usual sex but the story begins the next morning. Both of us are heavy drinkers so getting up earlier than we have to just doesn’t happen (usually). For some reason on this morning, we were both wide awake about an hour before we needed to be for work. I naturally had “morning canlı bahis wood” and she wasn’t about to see it go to waste. She threw the blankets off of the bed and slid down between my legs and started licking and sucking my piss hard on. Her main purpose for doing this was to get my cock wet so I could slide it in her. Usually she would’ve taken more time ( she loved to suck a dick) but we had to go to work so this morning she just gave me a little head and not the normal amount. Once she figured that I was lubed well enough, she climbed on top and stuck my cock right in her pussy all the wat to the balls. She began rocking back and forth slowly at first then gradually picking up speed and there it was, she started shaking all over and screaming “Yes oh god yes, I’m cumming on your cock!” and that’s just what she did, gushing a massive amount of her juice all over me and the bed. Then she said “ok it’s your turn” bahis siteleri and got on her back, spread her legs and told me to “get up here and fuck me before we run out of time” I knew this was going to be a quickee and she didn’t mind if I just did my thing and rolled off so that’s what I did! I got on top of her, stuck my dick in her slopy wet pussy and just pumped and pounded the shit out of her for just a very small amount of time and then there it was… I said “I’m gonna cum ! Where do you want it? She had not had breakfast yet and I guess she was a little hungry so she said ” shoot it in my mouth, I wanna eat your cum”. I slammed into her a few more times until I was right on the brink and then I pulled out and started jerking off while she positioned herself to catch the cum squirting from my cock. Unnnngh, unnngh, unnngh! and there it went, I started cumming. I guess I was still half way asleep güvenilir bahis and my aim was off but the first shot of cum hit her right in the eye! She didn’t miss a beat though, she compensated for my inaccuracy and got the rest in her mouth. When I gave her all I had she went to the bathroom to clean the cum out of her eye and said “sonofabitch! this shit is burning!” Her eye was all red and bloodshot but she would be ok. We got ready and went to work. Upon arrival at the plant, I sat at the break table, lit a cigarrette and watched her go into the supervisor’s office and procede to tell them the whole story! I saw her point at me through the window, then point to her eye and at that moment one supervisor put his head in his hands shaking it back and forth in disbelief. The other one looked at me through the window and smiled and shook his head. I couldn’t believe she went in there and told them that I had just came in her eye not 30 minutes before then but she did!That bitch was ALOT of fun to party with and to fuck as well. She loved everything about sex and dammit, I miss her! That’s it folks I hope you liked it, let me know. thanks