Experience with a trucker

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Experience with a truckerI was horny as hell one day (well most days), but this day was especially bad. I was surfing the net and ran into a web post for a trucker that was coming into town. It had always been a fantasy of mine to fool around with some hunky trucker, in his truck, but it had never seemed to work out.I took a chance and started exchanging IM’s with this guy. He told me he’d be in town in about six hours. Great, that gave me all day to squirm around. We exchanged pics. We both liked what we saw, so I told him to shoot me an email when he made it in. I really didn’t expect to hear from him again. Five o’clock rolled around and suddenly there was an email alert. My trucker friend was in town and looking to play. We exchanged a couple more emails. He said we could play in his truck, which was private. That made my dick twitch. We sorted out the details. I showed up at the truck stop and called his cell. He guided me right to his big rig, which was sitting in this sea of semis.I climbed in the driver’s side of his big truck and he drew the curtains all around the front of the cab. It was a sleeper semi, complete with a nice flat screen over the bed.He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, me in sweat pants and a t-shirt. He was on the bearish side, a bigger guy, but not too obese. His face and smile were adorable (dark hair, a few days whisker growth and a cute goatee framing his mouth). He said, “I’m nervous as hell!” For some reason, that immediately put me at ease. He added, “I haven’t done this kinda thing in a long, long time.” That was my cue to take control. I said, “Don’t be nervous. I’ll take care of you.”I started kissing his chest and gently biting his nips a little bit. He kind of flinched, but didn’t discourage me. I was also rubbing his crotch through his jeans as he started breathing heavy. I unbuckled his belt and he helped by unbuttoning his jeans. “Take those things off,” istanbul escort I said. He did. I kissed my way down his furry tummy and mouthed his semi-hard cock through his underwear for a second or two, before he dropped them to the floor around his ankles. He was ready. I immediately went to work on his dick. The cab was dimly lit, but I could see he had a nice grower that quickly expanded in my hot, wet mouth. I said, “Lay back on the bed. Get comfy. Just relax and let me take care of you.” He obliged. It was a bit lighter in that position and I could see he had actually tattooed the shaft of his cock. It had three lines of ink running from the base to near the head and when his cock became erect, I could tell it was his name. I found that to be kinda hot.My tongue worked his shaft over and then I slipped his balls in my mouth. I moved down to his taint and flicked my tongue over his asshole. He took a deep breath. His underwear was still around his ankles and I quickly released his legs so he could give me full access to his hole. I began to lick. He kind of mumbled something, so I stopped and asked if it was okay. Because, surprisingly, I have run into a guy or two that don’t like to be rimmed. He responded in a breathy kind of voice, “Oh my God. It’s great. I’ve only had that done to me once or twice, but not like that. I’ve seen it in the movies, but, oh my God.” That was my cue to go back to work, rimming his hole. I explored his ass in all its glory, shoving my wet tongue deeper into his hole as his breathing got heavier and heavier. I stopped for a moment and asked him if it was better than the movies. He said, “Oh yes!” Then he grabbed his keyboard and opened a hot, porn flick on the flat screen. As I watched the boys play on the screen I got all the more worked up. I moved back and forth from his ass to his dick – devouring avcılar escort one or the other and enjoying every minute. As it was getting really intense, he sat up on the bed and started massaging my cock through my sweats. I dropped them to my knees and let him suck on my cock head for a bit. Then he stood up and I pressed our cocks together with my hand. At that moment, I instinctively leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. He sort of hesitated. I said, “Do you like to kiss?” He replied, “I don’t know. I never have kissed a guy.” I pressed my lips against his and slipped my tongue into his mouth and he kind of moaned a bit. I asked, “Is it okay?” He said, “It’s interesting and look what it did to my cock!” His meat was as hard as a rock. I think I’d found his secret “turn-on” that he didn’t even know he had. I pushed him back on the bed and laid on top of him and our tongues became intertwined in a hot, wet, mess, shoving deeper into each other’s mouths and exploring. I was so tempted to just slip my hot hole right down over his hard cock, but I resisted.I moved my mouth back down to his cock and started to play with his ass with my fingers. I worked in the tip of one of my fingers just inside his rim. He moaned and said, “I’ve had my ass played with before, but it never felt like this.” I had found his prostate and started massaging it as I sucked his dick. His ass seemed to enjoy my probing digit as it actually sucked it deeper inside. He handed me some lube. “Here, if you’re gonna do that, use this,” he ordered. I lubed up my fingers and before I knew it, I was finger fucking him with two fingers and he loved every minute of it. He gasped, “I really, haven’t ever been played with like this before. Oh my God.” He and I took turns jacking the shaft of his cock while I positioned my open mouth right at his cock head. With each jack, the head would plunge into my mouth şirinevler escort and he would groan loudly. I kept encouraging him to give me that load. I wanted to taste his cum so badly. “Come on baby! Give me that fucking jizz!” I said, loudly. He started groaning, moaning, and gasping and said, “Oh my fucking God, here it comes!” My open mouth was ready and when it spewed, and let me tell you – it SPEWED! Some of his load went directly into my mouth, the rest splattered my face and in my hair. He shot like a fucking volcano erupting and yelled “Ohhhhhhhhh FUCCCCCKKKKK!” as his hot jizz literally covered my face. He rose up and actually kissed me. He didn’t seem to mind the kissing now or the fact that I had a good amount of his cum still in my mouth. He was so into it, he didn’t care. We actually snowballed! He just kept saying, “Oh my God!” There was cum literally dripping from my chin and we both laughed as it formed a long, sticky string down to my hand.He could have stopped right there. But thankfully, he didn’t. He immediately started sucking my cock, deep in his throat. I could tell it wasn’t his first time for that. He was a master at teasing me to the edge then looking up and smiling. He had fun edging me for a while then when he knew I couldn’t take it anymore he deep throated my cock into his hot wet mouth. It was more than I could take. I warned him, “I’m gonna cum, dude!” He didn’t release his mouth grip, so I let the sperm fly. My dick jerked and convulsed but he never released it from his mouth. He drank ever single, fucking drop of my load. It made me a bit dizzy. I was so worked up from thinking about this guy all fucking day and what it would be like and the fact that he was a trucker. I was absolutely NOT disappointed. It was one of the hottest suck sessions I’ve ever experienced.After I regained my composure, I said, “Thanks!” He replied, “No. Fuckin’ thank YOU. Damn, that was hot.” I wiped off, got dressed and discreetly slipped out of his truck. Before I left, I told him to shoot me an email next time he was in town. He assured me he would. He definitely helped me live out one of all time fantasies. And maybe next time, we’ll see what else his ass might like to have deep inside it.