Exposing In Goa

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Exposing In GoaThis is a story that happened a few yrs back. We were not yet married and she was just 19 years old then. She had not yet gone into the world of sex and exhibitionism. We did have an active sex life but it was limited to just us. There was some amount of mild exhibitionism like we had fucked in a car and the other drivers parked facing us infront could clearly see her nude body although it was night the front glass of a car is pretty see through. Then after our sex sessions she would not wear underwear on her way home so the building watchman had a good view of her excited nipples poking through the cloth of her top. She was an exhibitionist at heart but still a very nervous one so most of our fun like topless in a car etc were all night stuff. No daring deeds in really broad daylight, which a lot of people could see from very close proximity. We had gone to goa for a trip and it was the month of jan so it was still a little cold there. All excited about the trip we booked a resort at Morjim. It was not directly on the beach but just across the road. There was just 1 shop outside the resort on the road which sold beach stuff like floats and swim wear, and the road was very private and lead to a dead end after the resort gate. We reached early morning by bus and go to the resort by 730 am. It was still early and checked into the room to sleep a little. By around 10 am we had breakfast and were deciding pool or beach. The sun was not too hot so beach was a better option. The resort had a shack of their own down at the beach so the owner told us we could go there. My cute wife had on her one piece swimsuit she had not yet bought her first bkini by then. It was a navy blue speedo type one. The top had a good amount of cleavage with a padded cup inside and the bottom part was the V panty type the back was low cut while infront it was fully covered. She wore on a pair of shorts with this took her sunglasses and hat and a towel and we headed to the beach. As we got there we saw there wasn’t much crowd around mostly foreigners, white skins a lot of Russians you can say. The boy in the shop told us we were free to use any of the lounge chairs on the beach since we were from the resort and if we gave our room no we could pay the bill at our room so no problem about carrying cash. We settled down to a few beers lounging about basking in the sun. Aarti ( now my wife)was feeling a bit hot in this dark colored suit and took off her shorts. She has a cute perky ass and it immediately got some attention from a few onlookers including the boys in the shack. As we chatted I joked with her about how these girls just walk about with a bikini. There was one particular girl in a black bikini that got everyone looking it was just 3 triangles. The top was a halter string and 2 triangles barely covering her nipples and the bottom was a tiny triangle covering only the front of her pussy the back was a string so left no part of her lovely white ass to the imagination.We looked at each other and I asked her if she would ever try something like this. She said “I don’t know I’ve never tried it and besides I don’t have an ass like hers to show off”. I told her “of course you have a beautiful ass, I am sure a lot of people you love to look at you just as much as they are looking at her. Why don’t we do this, you buy a bikini like that and see. If you don’t like the feeling then don’t ever wear it again.” She felt that this was a fair deal, there was no harm in trying something out and no one here knew us, its not like she was going to be fully nude. I made sure to point out that there were a few topless girls on the beach. She asked me “does looking at all these breasts out here turn you on?” I did not have to answer that as looking at my cock erect in my shorts gave her the reply she wanted.Why don’t we do this, you buy a bikini like that and see. If you don’t like the feeling then don’t ever wear it again.” She felt that this was a fair deal, there was no harm in trying something out and no one here knew us, its not like she was going to be fully nude. I made sure to point out that there were a few topless girls on the beach. She asked me “does looking at all these breasts out here turn you on?” I did not have to answer that as looking at my cock erect in my shorts gave her the reply she wanted.So we left the beach and went out to the shop across the road near the resort gate to see if we could get a bikini. I noticed she did not bother to put her shorts back on and just walked with her swimsuit out and across the road. I had all of our things packed in the bag with me. I had carried a little cash in case we decided on some impromptu shopping like this. As we walked along the short strip of road I could see guys passing looking at her awesome figure in the swimsuit. Most girls in bikini of swimsuits were white skins or some type of non Indian. The Indian girls may wear short and T shirts but very rarely a revealing swimsuit let alone bikini. So we got a lot of looks and stares from mostly the Indian guys who had come to letch at the naked firangs. I noticed the front of her swimsuit had ridden into her pussy. The imprint of her pussy lips were clearly visible with the material of the suit making a cut in the centre. We looked at all the bikinis and swimwear hanging in the shop and the lady noticed our interest in the bikinis. Seeing that we were Indian she thought we would want conservative. She gave us a nice brite red one which had padded triangles for the top, the size would be more than enough to cover my girls small perky boobs and still show cleavage. The panty was rather small in front and barely covered her ass at the back, but it had a skirt like thing that wrapped around. The skirt was tiny and just about 10”in width and could not be worn separately without panty. Her pussy and the bottom part of her ass would definitely be seen if she sat on those lounge chairs. We looked at each other and found this was perfect for our little experiment. That way she could expose only what she was comfortable with and take off things as required. So we bought that little 3 piece thing and were very excited to try it. It was about 12 noon by now so we decided to try it out and go to the shack for lunch wearing the bikini. At first we thought we would go back to the room and change but I asked the shop lady if there was a changing area anywhere in her shop. She said the firangs go at the back and change it carpeted but open on 2 sides, the front covered by the shop and back by the building wall. Aarti went behind into the 2 foot opening she could see the road clearly on either side this meant the road could see her clearly. She noticed a couple of firang guys walking towards the shop and her pussy juices began to make her get naughty thoughts. Slowly she peeled off her swimsuit and stood there fully nude making a point to dust it hard to get the sand off so as to make enough noise to get some attention to her. The pressing her nude body against the shop cloth she peeped around the corner and called me rather loudly saying “hey! put this in the bag.” She handed me her old swimsuit I could see she got the boys attention and they could see her nude side profile but nothing more. Mission accomplished she thought becoz she just wanted them to know she was naked behind the shop and that was enough of a turn on for her. In a few mins she walked out from behind wearing the red bikini with the skirt on. She looked stunning and my cock had an instant hard on. Sometimes a girl with really sexy clothes is canlı bahis more turning on than a nude girl. We marched down to the shack and sat down at a table towards the beach railing side. So anyone walking on the beach who looked to the shack would see this hot chick in a red 3 piece. As the waiter came to take our order he did not even look in my direction he just started talking to her giving her the specials for drinks and food. I also noticed he was constantly staring down at her boobs which were clearly more visible in this than the first suit she had worn. The bold guy even mentioned that he liked her suit and it was daring of her to wear it as not many Indians would wear something like this. She gave him the cutest smile I have seen and thanked him for the compliment. As lunch went by she got more confident and the exhibitionist in her was pushing her to do more. On the next table behind me but facing her there was an elderly looking gentleman sitting and enjoying his lunch and beer. He seemed British from his accent. Since he was alone and my girl was horny she told me she had decided to show of a little to him. She kept her bag on the ground so everytime she bent over to get something from it she would give him and anyone who cared to look a good view of her boobs hanging against the bikini top. The next thing I knew she had removed the pads from inside the top and pulled the bottom parts of the triangles together so they formed 2 strips just barely covering her nipples to the string running below her boobs. Her complete breasts were now visible to everyone and the breeze from the sea along with the fact she was turned on made her nipples hard and erect under the flimsy cloth of the bikini top. I could see she was enjoying this little show just as much as the rest of them.Her complete breasts were now visible to everyone and the breeze from the sea along with the fact she was turned on made her nipples hard and erect under the flimsy cloth of the bikini top. I could see she was enjoying this little show just as much as the rest of them.People started to look. The waiters, the old brit guy and any red blooded male in that shack whose cock still worked was now staring at her boobs. She loved the attention. She was dying to just take off her top and go topless right there but I told her there were rules and I don’t think it was allowed inside the shack. We quickly finished lunch and to the waiter we would like a lounge chair. Not wanting to miss any part of the view she was offering he gave us 2 chairs right near the entrance of the shack. I pulled him aside and told him she may want to go topless so we would prefer the 2nd row which was closer to the beach so as to not offend anyone. From the look on his face I could tell he needed to jerk himself off asap. Which is probably what he did because we did not see him for a short while after. We settled down and she immediately took off the bikini top and placed it carefully in her bag taking her time. I did not expect this to happened so fast and even I was very surprised. She kept the bikini bottom on to keep up the tease. As I rubbed lotion on her back and standing behind her massaged it into her boobs from behind she sat toward the side of the lounge chair making sure to give our waiter and the old brit guy a good view of what was happening. Then she settled face down on her towel as I continued to rub the lotion on her legs right up till her pussy. I dipped a finger into her smooth clean waxed pussy lips and found she was dripping wet and wanted very badly to get fucked. This was all too exciting and we wanted to have a little more fun out here before going back to our room and fucking our brains out. So as I sat propped up she lay on her stomach on the chair her back exposed and she wrapped her arms under her had to lay on so enough of side boobs was visible as well. I called the waiter to get me a beer which he very readily came running with. I saw him ogling at Aarti’s naked back glistening with lotion and sweat in the hot afternoon sun. The brit guy from the shack had by now finished his meal and came and parked himself on the chair next to her so now she was in between me and him. He took off his T and just lay down with his baggy shorts. He was fairly well built a little over 6 ft tall looked like he worked out in his younger days but the flab had taken over. He had this huge belly which had turned red in the sun hairy chest dripping with sweat and from the bulge in his pants a pretty big cock. Now just to remind you this trip was right at the beginning besides me fucking her and a few stunt of her flashing unsuspecting people her boobs or pussy at a mall she had not fucked and anyone yet. Yes once we were very horny and an old cabbie guy did finger her in the back of the cab. We had always contemplated me allowing her to fuck another guy but never really found anyone safe. So this trip is at a time before all these other events she was still innocent but horny. We definitely did not want to try it with known guys it was too risky. There were a lot of thoughts going thru my head. This was the first time she was topless in public in broad daylight. I was very sure the old guy was turned on and came to sit near her hoping to strike up a conversation and get to fuck her later. I was also sure since she had a thing for older guys she may just agree to fuck him. But for now I wanted her to just tease him. It had been a while that she lay there sunning her back. It was hot so I knew she would want to turn over soon. Would she turn and expose her breasts to this old guy lying right at the side of her? My cock was getting hard just thinking about it. I badly wanted her to turn and see what reaction she would get. Suddenly looking at me she said “babes could you untie the panty I would like to get a tan on my bum the panty covers too much.” She propped her front up onto her elbows, giving the old guy a clear side angle view of her boobs hanging freely right till her brown nipples and anyone infront of her a perfect view of her lovely breasts. I untied the panty on both side and pushed the cloth between her legs leaving her bum completely exposed. The old guys cock had grown in his pants forming a decently large bulge in his pants. He finally broke the ice and asked “Hi I’m Paul. Im calling for a beer would you guys also like one” I introduced us and replied “just one for me,” tapping her I asked “would you like something babes”. She immediately got up on her elbows facing him now showing him one clean boob completely uncovered and half of the other resting on the towel “I would like a breezer, lemon will do” then she smiled at him and slept back. The waiter came and got the drinks I asked him to bill ours separately but the old guy just paid for all and said “this round is on me”. Then he started some conversation with me, his wife had passed away a few yrs back he had 2 daughters both married and living with their families so he was free to travel as he had nothing much to do and saved up a good amount of money. He was surprised to know that we were from India only and he said my wife is very bold to be topless it was very unlike an Indian girl to do that. I said we were not married yet but intended to do so in a few months to a yr. Jokingly he commented “ah so she is still available then.” I did not say no but instead said “depends on what you want her to be available for” and we laughed. As we sipped out drinks she kept propping herself up to take a sip showing off a little more boob at a time. Finally she said could bahis siteleri you rub a little more lotion on my bum. She spread her legs afoot apart so I just let the panty rest in a bunch on the lounger. Her entire back was naked and exposed and she has a lovely ass. I saw the old guy watch intently as I rubbed lotion on her bum. He could not handle it any longer and said “your girl does have a nice ass I say. You are a lucky guy to have it to yourself”. She just smiled at him and said “Thank you”. Now she wanted to turn over to tan her boobs so looking at me with a quick wink she asked” I would like to turn over so could you prop up the lounger so I can get more of the sun on my chest?” I was like “sure babes.” She stood up but got off on the other side of the lounger, the side Paul was on. Her gorgeous naked ass was facing me and for the first time he had an unrestricted view of her boobs and perky nipples right up close to his face. His cock was now visibly swollen in his pants. He was horny and at this time could not care less what conversation he made with us as long as the tits were in his face. He said “My girl you have gorgeous breasts I have actually never seen an Indian girls breasts till now and they are definitely the best.” It was as though in his mind he was thinking of grabbing her and biting and sucking her boobs. She carefully held the front of her panty in place of course with the side strings untied everything was exposed but her pussy lips. She lay on her back with the panty just covering her pussy her nude boobs on display for everyone to see. I saw there were a lot of young Indian boys making sure to come near where we were. Somehow a topless Indian girl was way more appealing than the loads of topless firang girls around. She was 19 but her tiny build made her look a lot younger and she was decently filled out in the tits and ass area. I knew now she was very confident and not shy any more she had finally crossed the threshold of exposing herself in public in broad daylight. Complete nudity was not allowed on the beach but I did not see anyone including the life guard telling anyone to cover up. This beach is a little more secluded and mostly Russian and European tourists so no one really objected to anything here.The rest of the evening went with us making casual conversation joking a laughing with a few sexual comments in between. I could see Pauls eyes were filled with lust for the hot Indian girl. As the sun began to set we decided to head back to the resort. She stood up facing him and accidently let the bikini bottom fall to the sand. She was now fully nude for the first time infront of this horny old man. He eyed her pussy almost drooling his hand moving to adjust his cock which needed a release. “You are really teasing me now” he jokingly said to her only I could see he really meant it. We all laughed as she took her time picking up the panty dusting the sand off it then she handed it to him saying, “then would you like to put it back on for me?” Taking the panty from her he told her he would rather she stayed naked. “Maybe another time” she said giggling. He put on the panty tying the ends first then running his hands all along the cloth as if to make sure it wash smoothened out. He put his finger on the inside of the front part and ran it down from her waist to her crotch. All this time she stood there, facing him with her hands up over her head submitting her body to him. She sighed as his finger brushed passed her pussy lips then he did the same for the other side. Then giving her ass a good grab he said “ best ass ever!” He let his hand stay that way with a handful of her ass clutched tight in his grip for a few seconds. Then she handed him her bikini top and asked him to put that on as well. He made sure to tie the neck strap first the reaching behind her back tied the bottom one making sure his forearms brushed her boobs. She stood there smiling at him, when he was done with that he boldly reached in front and grabbed her boobs pressing them one in each hand. He kneaded them around for a while and from the way she sighed and twisted her face I could tell she was enjoying the attention.As we walked back from the beach he asked us what we were doing later as he really enjoyed the company. We said we heard there was a club down the road and we would be going there for drinks after dinner. He asked if we would mind if he met us there. We said we would be happy to have the company. The sexual tension of the whole day was too much. As we got to the room I fucked her tight 19 yr old pussy right there on the sofa set and after pumping my cum deep into her we got into the shower where we fucked again. While I was satisfied for the moment I could tell she was still on fire. She desperately wanted more cock in her. After we freshened up we rested for a while and at about 8 pm we decided to go to the restaurant for dinner and out clubbing later. She wore a black dress we had bought just before leaving for goa. It had a micro mini skirt and a sheer halter front with the back fully open. The back of the skirt had a cut in the centre of the bum part right down the middle tied with lace strings. So basically you could see her boobs with clear nipple thru the front and from the back the centre line of her ass flesh was visible.She decided to wear a denim jacket over the top for dinner so we won’t get arrested for indecent exposure. We went down to the dining area and it was not too brightly lit so good. With the denim jacket parted a clear view of her lovely boobs was visible. The waiter gave us a table to one corner. While I sat facing the wall she sat facing outward. She was horny and willing to be as naughty as possible. We discussed we should rope Paul into our future exploits incase a situation got out of hand it would be nice to have another man around. And since he was a white skin and older, people may not try things. As we settled down to dinner she folded the front of the jacket back so as to open it completely. He boobs and nipples were now clearly on display. The light was dim so from a distance though you could make out the fleshy mounds of her boobs I doubt you could clearly see nipple till you were very close to the table. The waiters definitely enjoyed serving us and she was very happy and horny with all the teasing she did all evening. We finished and left for the club. Not wanting to drive we took a hired bike from the resort and went. As she straddled the bike she made sure she sat with legs across giving people riding behind a good view of how short and revealing the dress really was. With the jacket on the top looked fairly innocent.We reached the club and found Paul already there sitting alone at a table. As he saw us he waved to us to come there. Aarti went on ahead bouncing upto him with a big Hiiiii! then giving him a good hug pressing her boobs into her face. Then she took a step back and as if modeling her outfit to him she ask him “You like?” He replied “hmm very nice” then opening her jacket as if to flash him she asked again “how about now” all he could manage to say was “WOW!” in a hoarse whisper. She pulled up a chair and sat right next to him and I sat across. We ordered a round of drinks and almost immediately the conversation went sexual. Paul started by saying something like “you know, you guys are a very strange Indian couple. I’ve seen a guy allow his girl to flirt openly with another guy all over Uk and Europe and most of the western countries, but never yet in India. I’m not sure people even do that here” bahis şirketleri To be honest I said I was’nt sure if that was common here either. It just turned us on that she was a little exhibitionist but it never went beyond that. He looked at her this time taking a good squeeze of her bare thigh and asked “ so you never had another guy dicking you while your boyfriend watched or both of them screwing you together?” We both replied “No!” We had actually discussed it but never actually made it happen. So he said “well I know I’m much older than you guys, but I have never been with an Indian girl so do you want to try later?” I was not surprised with his boldness after all we had been teasing him all evening and he was a gentle man all through. She said “lets see how the evening goes ok” and smiling cupped his cheek with her hand. As the evening progressed and the drinks went down she lost more of her inhibitions. The denim jacket was now taken off and on the back of the chair giving all around a good view of what the dress actually was. Guys ogled at her my cock twitched in my pants watching all this. I was really hoping she would agree to fuck the old man and let me watch. A song she liked started to play she stood up and started to dance very provocatively near the table. She reached out her hands and motioned us to come join her on the dance floor. I went to dance with her and she rubbed her sexy body against mine every which way possible. I boldly pulled her to me lifting her skirt up and grabbing naked ass in full view so the guys around would know for sure there were no panties in there. She was drunk and extremely horny as she came near Paul he pulled her to him massaging her bum over her skirt. She leaned down and whispered something in his ear. The next thing I see he catches the hem of her skirt and lifts it up till it crosses her waist showing her nude ass to everyone around. The place was dimly lit people were drunk or high and dancing but a nude bum definitely got peoples attention. Although the flash was just for a few seconds and then he put it back down that was enough. Guys came near her to dance she went off to the floor dancing with them. We sat there watching as they danced with her gropped her put her hands into her top and gropped her boobs, grabbed her naked ass from under the skirt. From her moans I could see one guy had pulled her pressed against his chest and his hand was up the front of her skirt vigorously finger fucking her. The expression on her face told me she was going to cum her body tensed she caught his face and kissed him hard on the lips as she came all over his hands he was still jamming his fingers into her soft pussy. When she was done she came back to the table and asked for another drink which came in seconds.We decided to call it a night and as we walked out Paul asked her “So would you like to come to my room?” She said “both of us will come if its ok with you” He shrugged his shoulders in agreement. She sat on the bike with Paul this time hiking up her skirt so I get a good view of her naked bum as I rode behind them. I was so turned on I would have fucked her as soon as we reached the room. He had a room in one of the more expensive resorts so it was actually an independent cottage like thing with a small balcony overlooking the beach and an attached bath. It had these huge French windows on the balcony side with long curtains to cover. He turned to her and kissed her gently on her lips then went and sat on the bed and said “ I would like to see you fully nude. This entire evening I have only seen you nude in parts except for a short glimpse at the beach, now I would like to see you completely nude”. She smiled she knew all the teasing the whole evening was driving him nuts. She untied the halter top and let it fall forward exposing her breasts to him. Then she slowly slid the rest of it down her legs and off and thru the outfit to him. Standing nude in front of him she began to model her body for him as if posing for a camera. This is what gave me the idea to buy a phone with a camera. Paul offered to take pics of her on his cam but she was not comfortable lest it got onto the net and people she knew saw it. Funny thing that’s what eventually happened a few yrs later. He started to take of his clothes and he was now down to his boxers he stood up infront of her she knelt down her face inches away from his cock. As she pulled his shorts down this massive cock sprang loose. At that time she was only used to mine which is average size. This was really fat and about 8” long. Her eyes widened as she saw it, looking at him she said “I don’t think this will fit in my small pussy”. He said “don’t worry dear I will be gentle it will fit just right”. I was shifting in my chair I was actually about to see my girlfriend fucked by a big fat gorilla like white man. I whipped out my cock and started to jerk myself off looking at this site before me.She took his head into her mouth slowly easing his cock in and began to suck him off. He moaned and kept playing with her short hair and she tried as much as possible to deep throat him. She went down on him licking his balls she was very good at this and his cock was straining to grown bigger and bigger. He told her that the last time he actually fucked a 19 yr old girl was when he was between 19- 20 yrs of age. He had worked hard most of his life and not had many sexual encounters besides his wife. This felt good after sooo many yrs. She went to the bed and lay back spreading her legs inviting him to come in between them. I watched as he towered over her and reached down to kiss her she kissed him back very passionately. He lay over her and began to massage her boobs then running his hand over her stomach reached down to her pussy. His fingers toyed with her at the entrance of her love hole slowly he pushed one fat finger in. “AHH” she gasped as he moved it in and out of her then the second finger went in as if preparing her pussy to take his fat cock. He fingered her for a few minutes then took out his fingers and got into position to enter her. She spread her legs wide to accommodate his wide frame. He placed his cock at the entrance of her hole and slowly let it slid in a little at a time. Her face twisted she moaned as the cock went fully into her. I was rock hard watching this huge man fuck my tiny girl. He climbed fully over her his body pressing her into the bed as he fucked her slowly all the while kissing her neck trying to reach down and take a few sucks of her nipples. She was on fire and started to cum I could see her body convulse. Her pussy was very tight so I knew he would not last long either. He did last a good amount more than me I have to say then I saw him tense up and with a loud moan her started to cum into her pussy this pushed her thru to another orgasm. After they both finished cumming he got up pulling his cock out of her with a pop. I could not take it any more in a flash I took his place between her legs fucking her wildly. I could hear the sloshing of their juices as my cock banged her freshly fucked pussy. I soon came into her and I think she came too. As I pulled my cock out I saw her pussy was white with cream from all of us and it had trickled down to her bum. That night we each fucked her one more time. I knew this is something we both wanted to do for a while. He asked her if he could fuck her ass. She had never done it so told him no. He was a gentle man and did not push for anything. That holiday we spent roaming with Paul. Both of us enjoyed fucking her over the next 2 days that he was there. When he left he gave us a gift. It was a camera phone and on the box his email with a note “Have fun and don’t forget to send me pics of this gorgeous girl” And we did and still do.THE END