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Submitted at the eleventh hour, but I’ve had an entry in the Nude Day contest every year since at least 2003, and I didn’t want to miss this year!

* * * * *


I looked across at my daughter. Sally was holding the local paper. Rarely carrying anything exciting, so why the look on Sally’s face?

“Yes, dear? What is it?”

“You know I have Jenny and Michelle coming round on Sunday for a pool party, and Kenny, Bill and Hector are coming, too?”

“Yes, dear. I know that. If nothing else, by the size of the snacks bill you saddled me with. So what has you so excited?”

“Do you know what day it is on Sunday?”

“You mean, apart from it being Sunday?” Sally nodded. “Well, it’s July 14, and if I remember my European history, that’s Bastille Day in France. Is that it?”

“No, Mom, something else.”

I shook my head. “Nothing else comes to mind, so what? Tell me.”

Sally held out the paper. ” Right-hand side, Mom, about halfway down the page.”

I took the paper, curious, and glanced at the page. A shock went through me as I read the headline.

‘July 14. National Nude Day. Free admission to the nude beach at Hay Cove. One day only.’

I looked across at my daughter, wondering, but I had a pretty good idea of what was coming. “So it’s National Nude Day. So what? Or do you plan to make your pool party skinny-dip?”

Sally nodded eagerly. “Please, Mom? Please?”

I gazed at Sally, wondering. Home from college, about to start her final year, slender, attractive, and definitely not a virgin, for Sally had confided in me when she’d lost her cherry, saying it was only right that her best friend knew. I smiled at that thought. It was true. We were good friends, as well as mother and daughter, and I’d been able to offer my daughter advice as well as counsel, albeit with a few blushes on both parts.

“Will the others go along with it?”

“I think so, Mom, but I’ll phone them later and check. I’m almost certain the girls will go for it, and if you give me the go-ahead, we’ll make the whole house a nude zone for the day, and then the guys will have to put up or shut up!”

“And what about me? Do I hide in my room all day?” Maybe my other best friend Tess would like a shopping trip, and a meal in town.

Sally shook her head, a vivid smile on her face. “No, Mom, you take your clothes off and join us!”

A shock went through me. “Whoa, girl. You want me to be naked as well? Why?”

“One, because you’re my best friend, and I don’t want you hiding yourself away all day, and two, because your figure is easily as good as either Jenny’s or Michelle’s. Or mine, come to that. Come on, Mom, admit it, you know you look good!” Sally grinned. “And, three, because I might need someone to hold my hand.”

I gazed at her. No, I tell a lie, I stared. “Okay, so I’ve kept my figure. What is it you’re not telling me?”

Sally took a deep breath, and gave me a wry smile. “Mom, I’ve seen your centerfold.” Oh, shit! “Not only that, but I often see you naked at home, when we use the pool and I have to say, Mom, you still look just as good now as you did then.” Sally sobered. “Please, Mom? Please?”

“I’ll think about it,” I said, and paused. “Where did you see my centerfold? You haven’t been prying among my private papers, I hope?”

“No, Mom, I wouldn’t do that, you know I wouldn’t.”

I nodded, knowing it was true. “So where, then?”

“Kenny’s dad has a load of old back issues and I think he sussed it out. He told Kenny, Kenny told me. Yes, and showed me, too.”

“And no doubt the rest of the guys at college I suppose.”

No, Mom, I asked him not to say anything and as far as I know he never has. Anyway, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, is it?”

I shook my head, a rueful smile on my face. “I’ve never been ashamed about it, sweetheart. Embarrassed a few times, yes, but never ashamed. Your grandma and grandpa knew I was going to do it, and never told me not to.” I laughed. “And the fee I earned came in very useful for college fees. It meant your grandma and grandpa could have the holiday they needed.”

I paused for a moment, thinking, but I knew I was going to agree. After all, the pool, the whole back yard, in fact, was surrounded by a privacy fence and part of my fitness regime was twice-daily swims, usually nude. I turned back to Sally, nodding.

“Okay, young lady, your aging parent will also do without her clothes, although I get the feeling I’m being railroaded.”

“That’s rubbish, Mom, you know we always skinny-dip when we’re private.”

“True, but then there isn’t a male around this house since your no-good father went off with his bimbo secretary.”

“Do you miss him?”

“Only at night. For all his faults, your father was — is — a good lover.” Damned good, but he strayed too easily, despite my best efforts, and it had to end.

“Well, that was candid!” Sally cocked her head. “Mom? When I said I’d seen your centerfold, you mentioned your private papers. Do you still have the picture?”

I konak escort laughed, nodding. “Yes, I do, along with several more that never made it into the magazine.”

“Can I see them, Mom? Please?”

I sighed, but if she’d already seen the centerfold, she must have seen the other photos in the magazine. “Okay. After dinner, remind me, but for now, talking of dinner, I’d better start thinking about food, not eye-candy.”

Sally laughed. “And I’ll go phone the others, tell them about the skinny-dipping.” She paused. “Mom? Can I mention that you’ll be naked as well?”

I shrugged and gave my daughter a rueful smile. “Why not? Then I can’t back out!”

Dinner was our usual cheerful time. We were comfortable in each other’s presence and chatted on any topic that came to mind, but we were both conscious of what was to follow the meal, and I wasn’t surprised when Sally raised the subject of her mother’s centerfold appearance.

“Mom? Remember you said that grandma and gramps didn’t object to you modeling nude?”

“Yes, I remember. It’s true. The only condition they made was that I didn’t do anything pornographic.” I laughed. “Can I tell you something in confidence, and you’ll promise never to say anything to anybody?”

Sally nodded. “You have my word.”

“Well, it turns out that I wasn’t the first woman in the family to model nude. Your grandmother did, too, only in her case it was for a painting, when she was twenty.”

“Would I know it was her in the painting, if I saw it?” said Sally.

“You might, but the artist changed the color of her hair. And that’s all I’ll say on the subject.”

“Okay, Mom, and thank you. Now, we’ve finished eating, so I’ll make the coffee and clear away the dishes, while you get those pictures. Deal?”


The photographs were in a polythene-wrapped folder tucked away at the back of my closet. I unwrapped the folder and quickly riffled through the photos, but they were exactly as I remembered them, and I smiled in recollection. Yes, I’d enjoyed the session — it had made me feel good about myself. Still smiling, I took the folder and went back to the sitting room where Sally was waiting with two coffees. Sally held out her hand, but I kept the folder out of reach.

“Conditions, sweetheart. One, you tell no-one about these, and, two, you don’t even think about telling anyone!”

Sally laughed. “Okay, Mom, I so swear. They’re our secret.”

“Okay, then. Here.”

There was silence for a while as Sally studied the photographs. I sipped my coffee, watching my daughter, but Sally was absorbed. Eventually she looked up.

“I don’t think the centerfold picture was the best one, Mom. I think this is,” she said, and held out a picture. I took it, and smiled, nodding, remembering.

“So do I, but you know why the other one was chosen as the centerfold, don’t you?”

“Because it fitted the format?”

“Exactly. The centerfold had to be either a standing or lying shot. This one is too — square.” I laughed. “Well, in format it is, and probably a little too revealing. Just as well I didn’t shave back then, or the readers might have gotten an eyeful.” The photographer did, that’s for sure. I looked at the photograph again, and smiled. “Maybe not centerfold, but this one did get a whole page to itself.”

Sally nodded, looking thoughtful, then looked up. “Mom? Did being photographed nude excite you?”

Oh, yes! “You mean, was I wet? Yes, I was. Very. I had to excuse myself and go to the toilet to dry myself a couple of times. I think Brad, the photographer, realized, but he was too much of a gentleman to say anything.” And I was too chicken to let him know how I was feeling.

Sally held the folder out to me. “Thanks for letting me see them, Mom.” She grinned.

“What?” I said.

“You still look just as good, Mom.” She paused. “Mom?”


“If I get the chance to do a similar session, can I?”

Instinct said no, never, but I’m not that much of a hypocrite. “You’re an adult, Sally, love, so how can I stop you?”

“Yes, but if I wasn’t, would you say yes?”

“If it was a reputable photographer, then yes, I think I’d give my approval.”

“Good, because Kenny wants to take a portfolio of me and submit it for approval. There’s an open competition on at the moment and he thinks I — we — stand a chance.” Sally grinned. “I told him to bring his camera.”

I had to laugh. “I think you out-maneuvered me there, sweetheart. Just make sure he doesn’t point it at me!”

“Why not, Mom? Maybe they’d go for a mother and daughter portfolio.”

I grimaced. “I’ve done it once, sweetheart, I don’t need to do it again.”

“Guess you’re right, Mom, but I think we would look good together.”

“To be honest, Sally, love, so do I, but like I said, I doubt it will happen.” A chance somewhere between zero and infinitesimal, most likely.

“Okay,” said Sally, “now roll on Sunday!”

And Sunday duly rolled around. I shaved carefully before I showered. manisa escort I wasn’t quite sure why, I guess I just wanted to look my best for Sally’s friends. Who am I kidding? I just wanted to look my best, period. Showered, I dressed, knowing I wouldn’t be wearing clothes for long. Shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear. Over breakfast, a quiet meal, Sally and I just concentrated on fuel for the day. Finished, Sally washed the dishes and passed me my first coffee of the day. That down, humanity returned. I’m not at my best until I’ve had my caffeine fix.

“So, what time does the horde descend?” I asked Sally.

She laughed. “Hardly a horde, Mom.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah. Okay, I asked Jenny and Michelle to be here for around one, and told Kenny to bring the others, Bill and Hector, for one-thirty. I though you might be more comfortable if it’s girls only at first.”

“Good thinking. Thank you. And what’s the target finish time?”

“Around five-thirty or six. The high school baseball team has a championship match starting at seven, and we said we might go. Even if we don’t, we’ll leave you alone around seven and you can put your clothes back on.”

“Well, thank you for that. It’s what, nine-forty now, so we have over three hours before anyone arrives, yes?”

“Yes, Mom, but aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Such as?”

“It’s National Nude Day! We should be naked all day!”

I stared at her, but that irritating, honest corner of my mind acknowledged the truth of her statement. I nodded. “You’re right, sweetheart, but what if anyone calls?”

“On a Sunday?” Sally shrugged. “Okay, hang a spare robe beside the front door, in case anyone does call.”

“Okay, I can do that.” I glanced at the clock. “At ten, we strip, and no-one dresses before ten this evening. How’s that?” I paused. “Oops! Perhaps you’d better dress if you’re going out, though.”

Sally laughed. “Great, Mom, you’re really getting into the spirit of this aren’t you?”

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.”

“That’s my Mom! Any thoughts on what we do until one?”

“I need to take the vacuum cleaner over the floor down here, and we’ll need to sort out the plates for that mountain of food you persuaded me to buy.”

“I’ll look after the food, Mom, if you use the vacuum cleaner. Maybe a swim after that, and then we’d better put some sunblock on, ‘cos it looks like being a hot day.”

“Okay, baby. Tallyho!”

It didn’t take long, and at twenty-five after ten, we were both naked, our tasks completed. In the kitchen a veritable mountain of snack food waited, covered over against any marauding insects, and I’d hung a robe near the front door.

“Swim, Mom?” said Sally.

“Swim, daughter.”

“Do you want a race, or are we just relaxing?”

“Today, we are just relaxing. Time enough for racing another day.”

It was fun in the pool, and we enjoyed ourselves, but forty minutes was enough for me and I climbed out of the pool, just as the phone rang. I waved to Sally that I’d answer it.


“Hi, Mrs Tallon, it’s Kenny.”

“Do you want Sally?”

“In a moment, but there’s something I want to ask you first, okay?”

“Okay, Kenny. So ask.”

“Did Sally tell you about the glamor photo contest, and me taking some shots of her?”

“She did, yes.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Kenny, as I said to Sally, she’s an adult, so it has to be her decision, but I’m okay with it if that’s what worries you.”

“It was a little, but that’s great, Mrs Tallon. Thank you. There’s something else, though.”

“There is?”

“Yes, afraid so. Um, my Uncle Brad is staying with us for a few days – he’s Mom’s brother — and he’s a professional photographer. He said he’d shoot Sally’s portfolio instead of me, if it’s okay with Sally, and with you of course.”

“I think we need to bring Sally in on this, Kenny. Am I correct in thinking that you plan for your uncle to come here today to shoot Sally?”

“Yes, it would have to be today, as he has to catch a ten o’clock flight tomorrow.”

“Okay, Kenny. Hold on and I’ll get Sally. I’ll put her on another handset and we’ll make this a three-way conversation at first.”

“Okay, Mrs Tallon. Holding.”

I took the handset and went out to the pool, signaling ‘phone’ to Sally. She swam straight across to me and hauled herself lithely out of the water.

“Who is it, Mom?”

“Kenny,” I said, handing her the handset. “He has something to ask you, but it involves me, a little, so I’ll be on the other handset. Don’t say anything you’ll regret my hearing until I signal ‘all clear’, okay?” I said, laughing.

She giggled. “Okay, Mom,” she said, then raised the handset. “Hi, hon. What’s up?” she said as I went for the other handset. That took only a moment and I went out, carefully holding the handset at arm’s length, and caught Sally’s eye. She laughed and signaled ‘okay,’ and I put the handset to my ear.

“Okay, Kenny,” I said, menderes escort “Mary Tallon back on line.” I’d walked across to Sally by then and we were standing next to each other.

“Hi, Mrs Tallon. Sally can put you in the picture.”

Sally took the handset away from her ear and addressed me directly. “Kenny’s told me about his uncle, and as far as I’m concerned, Mom, I’d like him to do it. Kenny says there’s no fee as he’s doing it as a family favor, so if you’re agreeable, I’ll say okay.”

“It’s your choice, sweetheart. No hassle from me, and I must admit, a professional photographer knows a few things that can make a difference to the finished picture.”

Sally raised the phone to her ear again and I listened in.

“Kenny, hon, it’s a go. But when? I mean, what time?”

“Uncle Brad suggested around four,” said Kenny. “He says the light gets more interesting around then, whatever that means.”

“Kenny,” I said, interrupting, “does your uncle know we’re having a Nude Day here? It might embarrass him.”

Kenny laughed. “No sweat, Mrs Tallon. He often goes to the nude beach near where he lives. Not as often since his divorce, but usually a couple of times a month. I told him about our Nude Day and he wasn’t fazed. He says as long as you and the girls don’t mind, he’ll just strip and fit in.”

“Okay, then, Kenny, tell him he’s welcome. I’m hanging up now, so you and Sally can whisper sweet nothings. I’ll see you this afternoon, so bye for now.”

“See you later, Mrs Tallon.”

I switched off my handset and addressed Sally directly. “Okay, sweetheart. Your mom will now move out of earshot.”

She laughed. “Okay, Mom.” She raised the phone again. “Hi, hon. Mom’s just moved away, so tell me again, huh?”

I laughed to myself and left them to it, wondering at myself slightly at allowing a total stranger to join our little nude day gathering. Okay, none of the six youngsters except my own daughter had ever seen me nude, but I knew and liked all of them. Oops, wait a minute. Kenny had seen me. Or, rather, he’d seen the younger me, in my centerfold portfolio. Well, he’d see the current me soon enough.

Jenny and Michelle arrived just before one. I was in the kitchen making up some lemonade — I much prefer the home-made touch — and Sally answered the door. Our front door isn’t overlooked by neighbors and she opened the door nude. I heard laughter in the hallway and Sally led her friends into the kitchen.

“Hi, Jenny, Michelle,” I said. “Do you want some lemonade now or later?”

“Later, please,” said Michelle, and Jenny nodded agreement.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ve made plenty.”

“Mrs Tallon?” said Michelle. “You look fabulous!”

“Thank you, dear. Now why don’t you two go and undress, so I can see how fabulous you look? We have a rule here today. No clothing until ten tonight at the earliest, okay?”

The two girls laughed. “Where do we leave our clothes?” said Jenny.

“Come on,” said Sally, “I’ll show you. We’re using my room to leave girl stuff, and the guys get to use the guest room. See you in a minute or two, Mom.”

“Okay, sweetie.” I looked around, No, nothing else to do at the moment, so I went into the sitting room and flopped down on the couch. It wasn’t long before before I heard voices, and the slap of bare feet in the hallway, and the three girls came in. I knew what Sally looked like nude, of course, but the other two girls were a mystery.

Sally’s like me. Dark blond, medium height, slim, long-legged and with nice, but not over-large, tits. ‘A nice handful,’ as my ex was fond of saying. Jenny’s a redhead, with the milky skin of the natural redhead, and I knew she’d need to be careful in the sun. She’s a couple of inches shorter than Sally, with a touch more meat on her bones, and full breasts, and I knew the boys would enjoy watching her. Michelle was taller than Sally by an inch or two, but with a similar build, with raven hair and smooth olive skin betraying her Latino roots. Altogether, three damned good-looking girls. They lined up in front of me and struck a pose, obviously rehearsed, and Sally said, “Tada!”

I applauded, and the girls grinned. All three were shaved, like me, and all three had erect nipples. Hell, so did I!

“Michelle?” I said. “You said I looked fabulous. Well so do you, all three of you, but before the boys arrive, can I ask a question? Have they seen you naked before?”

Jenny flushed and shook her head.

Michelle nodded. “Only one on one,” she said quietly. The color didn’t show as much on her olive skin, but she was flushing, too. Sally was quiet, but she caught my eye and nodded.

“Like Michelle, Mom, only one on one.” Well, that was no surprise, for I knew already she was no virgin. In fact, she’d told me she enjoyed sex. So do I, but I hadn’t had any for about three years, since my divorce.

“Okay, and you haven’t been naked together before, I suspect?”

“No, Mom, we haven’t. We — I, at least — wanted to see if we felt comfortable being naked together, because the nude beach at Hay Cove has a special membership offer this week, and I thought about joining.

“Hey! So did I,”said Michelle, laughing.

Jenny grimaced. “I never even thought about it,” she said, “but if you guys join, I will, too, as long as we go together!”