Family Life My Way. Ch 7. Wedding plans

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Family Life My Way. Ch 7. Wedding plansSunday morning and David was sleeping off a heavy drinking session with his mates the night before, one of his pals was celebrating the fact that his girlfriend had finally allowed him inside her knickers and he had actually managed his first fuck with her. He of course was confident he had taken her virginity, whereas David was reluctant to tell him that he knew at least three other fellas who’d fucked her.He was dozing, half awake, thinking about his mother and sister, wondering if he would get a chance to fuck either of them that day. Needless to say, he was stroking his cock and had a solid erection. Suddenly his bedroom door opened and his mother burst in.“Quick,” she said, “let me suck your cock.”“Crikey Mum, you’re early,” he replied, pushing off his quilt to reveal his erection.“Quick,” she repeated, “your Dad and l are going to church, l told him l had forgotten something, he’s waiting in the garden, l want the taste of your cock in my mouth while l’m in church.”With that she bent over him, noticing the head of his cock glistening with pre cum, she slid her mouth over him, taking him deep into her.“Oh that is so nice,” she said, standing up again, licking her lips, “l’ll be thinking about that when l’m praying.” She blew him a kiss as she turned and went out of his room.David was left with a throbbing erection, and with his parents out of the house there was only one option.He walked straight into Laura’s room without knocking, to find her sat up in bed reading a magazine.“Show me your cunt,” he said, still stroking his cock.“What about, good morning sweet sister,” she replied, “how are you this morning, and how is my baby in your tummy.”“Yes, all that, “ he responded, “now show me your cunt.”“You really are a pig you know,” she said, calmly placing the magazine on the bedside table, “l suppose you want to see what l look like shaved.”“Yes, l’ve seen Mum’s last night, now l want to fuck yours.”“Don’t you ever think of asking nicely?” She said, pushing down her pyjama bottoms and kicking them off before moving the quilt away to leave herself exposed.“That’s better,” he said, admiring the view of her cunt, now completely uncovered, the neat cleft disappearing between her thighs, making her look much younger.Laura opened her legs to display herself fully. “I must admit l like it myself,” she said, letting her hands slide down over her tummy and between her legs, pulling her labia apart to give him a better view. “It feels much more sensitive, l’ve already frigged off once this morning.”“Good,” he said, climbing onto the bed and kneeling between her open thighs. In one movement he put his hands under her legs, lifting them and resting them on his shoulders as her took hold of her thighs and pulled her onto his cock, driving it deep into her in one thrust.“Jesus!” She cried, as he slammed into her. “You can’t be too rough you know, l’ve got a baby up there now.”“He’ll have to get used to it,” he said, pulling out and driving himself back in again. “Let me see your tits.” His hands went to her pyjama jacket, pulling it apart, tearing off three of the buttons in the process.“Christ David,” she panted as his hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly, “You love hurting me don’t you?”“Admit it, you love it,” he smiled down at her. “Tell me your cunt doesn’t cream when l do this,” he said, pinching her nipples hard and twisting them.“Oh god,” she hissed, arching her back to meet his next thrust.“I knew it,” he laughed, pulling hard on her nipples as he continued to drive his cock into her. “You’re a slut Laura, you come alive when you see a cock, l can feel your cunt gripping me, you try to be all sweet and innocent but you can’t deny the way your body reacts, tell me what you want,” he twisted her nipples again as their bodies slammed together.“Oh my god!” She cried out loud, “ just fuck me David, Oh god yes…just fuck me…l’m cumming.”“Come on then bitch,, work that cunt. This is how you want to be fucked isn’t it?”“Yes…oh yes…do it…fuck me…fill me… oh my god yes.”Again her back arched as David felt the heat of her cunt juices engulf his cock, watched her face contort in the ecstasy of orgasm, her legs gripping him as she ground herself against him.“Take it bitch,” he cried as his cock erupted inside her, his whole body spasmed as his balls pumped their content into her.“Oh yes…yes…fill me with spunk David, l’ve got your baby inside me, l want your babies, l want your spunk, making babies inside me.”David could see she was gone, orgasms ripped through her body, tears streaming down her face, her body had taken over completely. This was how they described it in those really kinky magazines that Dan had brought back from Holland, this was sex in it’s wildest form, not loving and caring but wild a****l lust. He thought he would never stop pumping spunk into her, even when his balls were empty his cock continued to pulsate, his hips driving it into her as she continued to meet him, thrust for thrust, her cunt milking him.Finally he collapsed on top of her, she clung to him, feeling his cock subsiding but still trying to hold him inside, her nails digging into his back as she desperately tried to keep him. She whimpered as he rolled off her, his cock sliding out of her. He lay on his back, his body heaving in exhaustion. She followed him, rolling onto her side, laying her head on his chest, sucking on his nipples, tasting his sweat, moving down over his tummy, kissing him as she sought her prize, taking his limp cock into her mouth, tasting the mix of cum and cunt juice as she gently nursed him.Eventually she released him, moving alongside him, snuggling into his body. “Tell me this won’t end,” she whispered. “Tell me you will always want me.”“Don’t worry Sis,” he replied, holding her breast and rolling his thumb over her nipple, feeling the shudder of pleasure ripple through her. “You will have a good life, l know he’s not the lover you need but use him Sis, enjoy the life the money will give you, l’ll make sure you get all the cock you need.”“Tell me,” she said, “Tell me the things you’ll do with me, will you use me like a whore, will you make me go with other men like you have with Dan.”“You bet your sweet tits on it,” he replied, squeezing her breast.They both gave a start as they heard the front door bang, both looking at the bedside clock.“Fuck,” he whispered, rolling off the bed, looking back at the sight of Laura lying there, her legs parted, a small trail of white cum leaking from her cunt. “I lost all track of time.”“Don’t think l don’t know what you two are doing.”They heard their mother calling from the foot of the stairs.“You father is outside, talking to Mr.Wilson from next door, he will be here in a minute so get yourselves sorted.”David emerged from Laura’s room, standing at the top of the stairs, looking down at his mother, his naked body glistening with sweat, his cock still semi erect.“You bastard,” Mary said lightheartedly, “l’m hoping your father will be going out this afternoon, l hope you haven’t used up all your cum on that slut of a daughter.”“Mum!” Laura shouted, emerging from her bedroom, clutching the torn remains of her pyjama jacket in a failed attempt to cover her naked body, “that’s not fair, you’re just as bad, even worse, doing it with your son.”“Just get yourselves showered and dressed,” Mary replied, “the joint has been in the oven all morning, dinner will be in one hour.” She turned and made her way to the kitchen.David had showered and dressed when he went downstairs. As he passed the door to the living room he saw his father sitting in his armchair reading the paper. He went into the kitchen where his mother had her back to him as she put the finishing touches to the meal. David walked up behind her, putting his arms round her under her apron and cupping her breasts.“I want to fuck you now,” he said, nuzzling the back of her neck as he pulled her tight against him.“I’m surprised you’ve got anything left,” she said, making a half hearted attempt to push his hands away from her tits and to wriggle out of his embrace. Despite her weak effort to free herself, she could feel her nipples engorging and her cunt twitching. As if on auto pilot, her hand went behind her, between their bodies, finding the hard lump of his cock pressed against her.“What was l supposed to do after you left me like that?” He said, gently pinching her nipples.“Oh god!” she gasped, her other hand pressing between her thighs.“You two are like rabbits,” they heard Laura say from the doorway.“You can talk,” David replied, “you couldn’t get my cock up your cunt quick enough earlier. Go and keep Dad occupied while l give Mum what she needs.”“Just how depraved a family can we get?” Laura said, pretending to show her disgust at the sight of his brother mauling her mother’s tits.“I keep thinking of new ways all the time,” David replied, “why don’t you go and suck Dad off,” he laughed.“Don’t be disgusting,” Laura scoffed, “you’ve got five minutes so make it quick,” she said, turning and heading for the living room.“You heard her,” David said to his mother, pushing her forward over the kitchen worktop, pulling up her skirt and throwing it over her back to expose her naked rear. Mary immediately parted her legs as he released his cock, placing it against the wet lips of her cunt before sliding deep inside.“Oh yes that’s good,” Mary sighed, as his hands returned to the front of her dress, undoing the buttons and roughly pulling up her bra to let her tits fall free. He immediately grabbed them, pulling her back as he drove his cock into her. “Don’t slow down,” she whispered, “l’m almost there already.”“Come on then you randy bitch,” he whispered into her ear, humping against her, his cock buried deep in her cunt, his fingers digging deep into the soft flesh of her tits. “Use that cunt to milk my cock, you want my spunk don’t you?”“Yes,” she hissed, pushing back to meet each thrust, her excitement enhanced knowing her husband was only in the next room, totally oblivious to what his son was doing to her. “Fill me with spunk, don’t wait, do it now, now….oh l’m cumming….oooooohhh.”David felt her orgasm as her cunt convulsed, he slammed against her once more, his cock unloading what spunk he had left deep inside her.“Oh yes,” she sighed, feeling him pulsating, feeling her own juices flowing, her thighs wet from the mixture leaking from her cunt.Mary collapsed onto the worktop as David pulled out of her cunt.“Now get my dinner ready,” he said, giving her bare bottom a sharp slap, “l need plenty of energy keeping you two bitches happy.”“No wonder Laura calls you a pig,” Mary said, standing and grabbing a wad of tissues to put between bornova escort her thighs. “But we love you,” she smiled, giving him a kiss, “give me five minutes, it’s nearly ready, although the veg might be over cooked now, l got distracted,” she laughed.As they all sat eating their roast dinner, Mary told David that they had spoken to Mr & Mrs Perkins at church.“They told us we should go over to their place this evening to discuss things,” she said, “ that stuck up madam, as if we should be running around after them. I told her we couldn’t get out there on a Sunday as there are no buses and we don’t have a car, you should have seen the look on her face when l told her they would have to come here.”“What time?” David asked, l’ll make sure l’m out.“I think it would be good if you stayed,” Mary said, “after all, as part of the family you are involved.”David had difficulty controlling his smile at that comment, he saw that Laura was having similar trouble and when he looked at his mother she had a cheeky grin, blowing him a kiss as she noticed that his father was looking elsewhere.“Well l’ll be out this afternoon,” David added, “l will try to get back about six.”“I’ll be out too,” Tom said, “but only for about two hours.”“Oh,” Mary said, looking at David, barely disguising her disappointment, “l was hoping you would be here,” she said, staring straight at him, “there was something l wanted you to do for me.”“What’s that?” Tom asked, “I can do it.”“No, it’s alright,” she replied, “there was just something l wanted putting up and David is much better at putting things up than you.”At that Laura almost choked, trying to stop laughing, David also had to look away for fear of bursting out laughing.Mary was silent for the rest of the meal, obviously in a bad mood. As she and Laura cleared away the dishes Tom announced that he was going, as he exited the front door, David looked in saying he was going and would be back by six. He was met with a frosty silence from his mother.“Look Mum,” he said, “l know what you wanted, but this is getting silly, l can’t be fucking both of you non stop.”“Don’t involve me,” Laura interrupted, “it’s her that’s making a fuss,” she looked at her mother, “you need to calm down Mum, all of a sudden sex is all you think of.”“Don’t you lecture me my lady,” Mary snapped, “if you’d kept your legs closed we wouldn’t be in this situation.”“That’s good coming from you,” Laura snapped back, “What about when you go to Auntie Ann’s, fucking anyone who turns up, l must have inherited it from you.”“Look,” David got between them, “calm down both of you. You’re both like bitches on heat, the sooner Dan helps me out keeping you both fucked the better, l’m going out, both of you come down the workshop tomorrow after work and we’ll fuck both of you.”“Clear off,” Mary shouted, trying to hold back the tears of frustration, “just go.”David turned with a dismissive wave and headed for the front door.David arrived back at the house just as the Perkins’ were arriving. Mr Perkins said “Hello” shaking David’s hand warmly, whereas Mrs Perkins completely blanked him and John kept his head bowed nervously.They all ended up sitting round the dining table, David decided to make sure he said nothing. “Before we go any further,” Mrs Perkins said, “are we sure this baby is John’s.”“What are you suggesting?” Laura yelled at her, “of course it’s John’s, what sort of girl do you think l am, l was a virgin…tell them John…you know l was a virgin…tell them.”All eyes turned to John as he looked as if all he wanted to do was to be transported out of this situation.“Of course she was a virgin,” Tom said indignantly, “don’t you dare go saying things like that about my daughter, god knows what she saw in this weak streak of p…”“That’s enough, “ Mary interrupted, then looking at Mrs Perkins she said, “l think you and l should have a quiet word Eve.”With that Mary rose, glaring at Mrs Perkins until she followed suit and both women left the room. Whilst they were away, there was a nervous silence in the room, David looked at Laura and saw a sneaky grin on her face, she was obviously enjoying everyone’s embarrassment. Laura turned in order to reach something from the sideboard, in the process she placed her had on David’s crotch, giving it a squeeze as she winked at him.When the two women returned, Mrs Perkins appeared much more subdued and the meeting went quite well until Laura announced that she wanted a full white wedding.“Girls in your condition don’t get to wear white,” Mrs Perkins snapped.“If my daughter wants a white wedding, that’s what she’ll have,” Tom said, making it plain that he would not entertain any argument.“Of course we’ll pay for it,” Mr Perkins interjected, trying to diffuse the atmosphere.“She’s my daughter, and l’ll pay for her wedding,” Tom replied, banging his fist on the table.There was a long silence, then Mary said that it would all have to be arranged quickly as she didn’t want Laura walking down the aisle with a big bulge in her dress. She said she would talk to the vicar and see what could be arranged.The meeting broke up quite quickly after that, Tom announcing that he needed a drink and was going to the pub.“What did you say to Mrs Perkins?” David asked his mother when all three of them were left at the table.Mary laughed in response, “l just reminded her l knew all about the affair she was having with the Head Master of the senior school,” she said, “l saw them kissing in one of the store rooms one evening when l was up at the school for a Women’s Institute meeting.”“Wow Mum,” Laura said, “l would never have guessed she was like that.”“Don’t be fooled by her high and mighty attitude,” Mary replied, “she waltzes around this town like she owns it, l remember her when she was younger, there were plenty of lads got inside her knickers. Talking of getting inside knickers,” she added, making a grab for the front of David’s trousers, “how about you getting inside mine, well if l had any on that is.”“You’re insatiable Mum,” Laura laughed, “What if Dad comes back.”“Oh he won’t be back for a couple of hours,” Mary replied, undoing the buttons down the front of her dress, “come on girl, get a move on, let’s give David a treat, two girls at once.” Finally removing her dress and bra and standing there naked.David was led into the bedroom, Mary sat on the bed, undoing his trousers, while Laura undressed. As his trousers and underpants were pulled down, Mary hungrily took his stiffening cock into her mouth, gave it a few quick sucks to get him fully hard then turned to Laura.“I’m claiming seniority,” she giggled, “he fucks me first, you can have seconds if he has any left.”David quickly removed the rest of his clothes, then Mary instructed him to lie on the bed, wasting no time in straddling him and sinking her wet cunt onto his cock.“What about me?” Laura complained, automatically rubbing her cunt at the sight of her mother acting like a whore.“Get over his face,” Mary replied, “he can eat your cunt while l fuck him.”David had wanked many times, dreaming of being in a situation like this, his cock buried in his mother’s burning cunt as she gyrated on top of him, while his sister slowly lowered her cunt onto his mouth so that he could nibble and suck on her clitoris.Mary and her daughter were facing each other. Mary reached for Laura’s breasts, gently pinching her nipples. “Push your cunt down on his mouth, make him fuck you with his tongue,” she said, working her own cunt on his cock, meeting his upward thrust with those of her own. “Is that good baby?”“Oh Mum,” Laura sighed, “this is so naughty…can l play with your tits?”“Of course you can baby,” Mary replied, “l like it a bit rough though so don’t be gentle……oooooo that’s good,” she moaned as Laura pinched her nipples hard, “let’s see who gives in first.”As David sucked and nibbled at Laura’s cunt and clit, above him both women were taking each other to the limits of their pain threshold. The harder Mary squeezed her daughter’s nipples, the more cunt juice flowed into David’s mouth and the harder Laura squeezed her mother’s nipples, the harder she worked her cunt on his cock.David felt his orgasm bursting inside her, jetting his cum into her. Mary let him cum, throwing her head back in ecstasy as her own orgasm flooded him with her juices. Almost simultaneously, Laura’s orgasm followed, pouring her cunt juice into his mouth. It was a scene of total debauchery.Mary rolled sideways, taking Laura with her, ending up with her daughter below her. Her mouth went to Laura’s breasts, kissing and sucking her nipples, driven on by Lara’s moans of pleasure, her mouth moved down over her tummy.“My son’s baby is in there,” she whispered, kissing Laura’s tummy, “my beautiful grandc***d, growing inside you, planted inside you by my beautiful son.” Her mouth travelled down over the mound of Laura’s pubis, spurred on by Laura’s reaction as her daughter parted her legs to give her mother access to her cunt.Mary shifted her position until they were both in the classic sixty nine position, each of them with their mouths clamped firmly onto the other’s cunt.David watched the scene in front of him, many times he had read of how men loved to watch two women together and here he was, watching his mother and sister making love to each other. He watched their bodies writhing together as their eager mouths sought each other’s secret places. He reached over, sliding his hands between them, squeezing and pulling at their nipples, seeing how that made them work on each other harder. The sound of them moaning as their orgasms approached rejuvenating his erection, he wanted to fuck them both but the vision of them both writhing in each other’s arms transfixed him.Laura was the first to cum, unable to control her cry of pleasure as her body heaved and her juices flowed into her mother’s mouth. David twisted his mother’s nipples and was rewarded with her squeal of pleasure as she came, Laura drinking eagerly from her mother’s cunt.Both women broke away, seeing David’s erection standing proud, they manoeuvred them selves to be either side of him, each taking it in turns to take him into their mouths. One sucking his cock while the other sucked his balls, swapping places as his hands went from tit to tit, mauling and twisting. He couldn’t hold back any longer and as they were both licking his shaft, his cock erupted, spraying his cum onto their faces. His body arched as he continued to pump out ribbons of cum, each of them trying to catch it in their mouths, each of them with their faces covered in his spunk.As he subsided, they turned to each other, each licking the spunk from the other’s face before finally joining together escort bornova to take the residue from his dwindling cock.All three lay still for a few moments, holding each other close, their hot bodies entwined.“Look at the time,” Mary said finally, “we had better move before your father gets back.”“That was so good Mum,” Laura said, kissing her mother, a deep kiss on her mouth.“It was beautiful baby…really beautiful,” Mary replied, “come on, let’s get moving before we ruin it completely.”All three rose from the bed, Laura heading for the bathroom while David stepped over to his mother, putting his arms round her and stooping to kiss her. “You’re amazing Mum,” he said, his hands sliding down to her buttocks as he pulled her tight against his body, feeling his cock react to her closeness. “I think l could manage another fuck,” he laughed.“Stop it,” she said, laughing as she pushed him away, “we’re going to wear you out by the time you’re twenty at this rate, we need re-inforcements.”“I’ll speak to Dan tomorrow,” David replied, “he’s been wanting to fuck you for years, he’ll be over the moon when l tell him he can have you and Laura.”“God, that sounds awful,” she smiled up at him, gently massaging his cock and balls, “we sound like a family of perverts.”“That’s good,” he replied, holding her tits and rolling his thumbs over her nipples as he pressed his erection against her tummy. “I love the idea that both my mother and my sister are perverts, we’re going to have a lot of fun.”“Are you two at it again?” Laura spoke from the bedroom door. “Leave him alone Mum, Dad could be home any minute.”“You have no idea how long l’ve wanted this inside me,” Mary replied, giving his cock a squeeze, “l thought it would never happen, that l would grow old and ugly and never know what it felt like to have my son pumping his seed into me, you are so lucky to have his baby inside you, if only l could have one as well, but those days are past.”“I wouldn’t say l was lucky, having to marry that wet lettuce John Perkins and have him slobbering over me for the rest of my life.”“Don’t worry about him,” Mary replied, “we’ll soon get him under control, then you’ll be free to fuck anyone you chose, l’m sure David here can get us both plenty of cocks to play with.”Mary heard the clang of the garden gate shutting. “Shit!” She said, hurriedly tidying the bed, “get out of here you two,” then as she heard her husband opening the front door she grabbed her dressing gown and ran into the bathroom.David had just closed his bedroom door when he heard the telephone ring, he heard his father answer it then shout up to David to tell him Dan was on the phone.David slipped on a t-shirt and shorts and went downstairs. Dan told him that there would be not staff on duty at the house all week, that he had been given the key and that he would pick David up at his house at 7.00a.m. in the morning.The following morning, David went downstairs, finding his mother finishing making his packed lunch. He went behind her putting his arms round her and inside her dressing gown to cup her breasts. “Morning,” he said, nuzzling the back of her neck, pressing his growing erection against her bottom.“Stop it,” she said playfully, making no effort to get away, pushing her bum back against his cock, “you haven’t got time for that, Dan will be here any minute and your father will be down too.”“We could manage a quickie,” he said, pulling her dressing gown up to reveal her bare buttocks then undoing his trousers to release his cock.“Stop it David,” she whispered, feeling his cock pressing into the cleft of her buttocks, feeling the hardness of him and parting her legs slightly, betraying her need for him.“You want it don’t you?” He said, feeling the wetness of her cunt as his cock slipped between her legs, “you’re my slut mother and l want to fuck you.”His words were the final straw, Mary reacting by bending forward and opening herself fully for him. At that moment she heard her husband moving upstairs as he went into the bathroom. Despite her need, she forced herself to push David away. Turning she saw the triumphant grin on his face.“You bastard,” she said with a smile as she adjusted her dressing gown, then looking down at his rigid cock, “put that away, your father will be down any second.”“You’ve got time to suck me off,” he said, taking hold of his cock. “Come on, make it quick.”“Stop it David,” she whispered, hearing the bathroom door opening and footsteps on the landing. She moved away, trying to recover her composure.As Tom entered the kitchen he saw Mary working at the kitchen sink while David was busy packing his sandwiches into his hold-all. “I see Dan just pulling up outside in his van son,” he said, taking his bowl of cereal from Mary and sitting at the table.David thanked him and went to the front door. Mary followed, giving him a quick kiss and squeezing his cock once they were out of sight from the kitchen. “Don’t go wanking and wasting that cum,” she whispered, “ l want that inside me when he goes out this evening.”“Whore,” David said playfully, giving her tits a squeeze before opening the door.David sat in the van, saying “Good morning” to Dan.“Morning lad,” Dan replied, looking back at the figure of Mary in her dressing gown, standing in the doorway. “Now there’s a gorgeous sight,” he said, putting the van into gear, “makes me hard just looking at her. He glanced back again, just as he was pulling away, he saw Mary having a quick look in both directions before quickly opening and closing her dressing gown, giving him a fleeting view of her naked body.“Fucking hell!” he exclaimed as the van surged forward, mounting the kerb. Dan fought the wheel to regain control, glancing back at the house but only seeing the front door closed. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he said, then looking at David and seeing the smirk on his face, obviously he had also seen what his mother had done. “You dirty little fucker,” Dan said, “you’re fucking her aren’t you, you dirty bastard, you dirty, lucky bastard. When did that start?”David proceeded to give Dan a full account of everything that had happened over the weekend as they drove out to start work. Dan listened avidly, only muttering the words “lucky dirty bastard” over and over as David described everything that had happened.“Jesus,” Dan said as David finished his account just as they were pulling into the drive, “Mary and Laura doing it together like lesbians? Fucking hell, l would love to see that.”“You can,” David replied, “l told Mum how much you’d like to fuck her and she has agreed, l can get her and Laura to come down the workshop one day after work if you like and we can fuck them both.”“Are you serious?” Dan replied, “she’s happy to let me fuck her?”“I need some help Dan,” David laughed, “What with the two of them l’m fucking knackered, l don’t think l’ve got any spunk left.”“You jammy bastard,” Dan laughed, “se******n years old and all the sex you can handle without even having to step out of the house.”Although they both worked hard all day and managed to get a lot done, Dan was constantly questioning David about what had happened over the weekend, he wanted every detail, making no attempt to hide the fact that he had an erection.“I can’t believe l’m actually going to get the chance to fuck them both, you really are sure your mother is okay with it?”“I’m not k**ding you Dan, these last few days she has turned into a sex maniac, she wants me up her at every opportunity. When l told her you fancied her she was thrilled, she’s wound up like a clock spring Dan, she needs plenty of cock, l’ve got my work cut out with both of them, l’ll be glad of the help.”Three or four times during the day, Dan continued to ask him for details, each time he would then disappear for a few minutes.“Are you wanking off?” David asked him after about the fourth or fifth time “you want to save your spunk for when they come round.”“Can’t help it son,” Dan replied, “this whole thing is so fantastic, this is a fantasy come true.”“When do you want to fuck them?” David asked, taking great pleasure at the reaction he was getting, he loved talking about his mother and sister like this, as if they were nothing but fuck meat.“I wish it could be tonight but l have to go out to price up a job,” Dan replied, “how about tomorrow?”“Can’t do tomorrow,” David responded, “l have rugby training on Tuesdays, Wednesdays are a good day, Mum can leave Dad his tea and tell him she is going to a church meeting, Laura can come round straight from college and we can have a party.”“Fucking hell son,” Dan said, “l still can’t believe it’s happening, when your mother flashed me this morning l nearly came in my pants, l’d already wanked off thinking about her before l left for work. I bet those parties she goes to at her sister’s must be really wild.”“I know she has always been a different woman just before she goes up there but l never suspected anything like this. I never even thought about her as sexy until you started going on about her, but now l can’t keep my hands off her, every chance l get l’m either feeling her tits or got my hand up her skirt, What with Laura as well it’s totally mad, they’re both like bitches on heat.”“What can l do with your Mum?” Dan asked, “l don’t want to go over the top and frighten her away.”“Not much chance of that Dan,” David replied, “she likes it a bit rough, spanking and squeezing her tits and nipples, she loves all that, and don’t be gentle when you fuck her, you can ram it up her as hard as you like, she loves it. We’re going to have to be more careful with Laura though when we’re fucking her, don’t want to risk hurting the baby.”“You do realise l’m going to be wanking all night thinking about this don’t you?”“Well l’m hoping you can drop me home in time to give Mum a quick one before Dad gets home.”“That’s another thing l can’t get my head round,” Dan added, “there must be something wrong with your father, to have such a sexy wife and not be interested in fucking her.”“Mum says he only has a small cock,” David responded, “and of course it was just after she’d heard about the American soldier getting killed that her and Dad got together, so she was in a vulnerable state.”“And you say she fucked that American, l knew she was friendly with him but none of us lads could ever get inside her knickers, if l’d known she was opening her legs for that black cock l would have made her take mine as well.”“She says he had a huge cock, and she is convinced he got her pregnant,” David said, “ but of course, with all the upset she lost it.”“Just think how things could have worked out,” Dan laughed, “she could have had a black baby and started fucking him when he got to your bornova escort bayan age, l would love to see her taking a black cock.” Dan couldn’t resist rubbing the bulge in his trousers as her was talking.“Don’t go wanking again Dan,” David laughed, “it’s nearly time to pack in, if you drop me off at home l should just have time to fuck her before Dad gets home.”A little while later, the van pulled up outside David’s house.“Go on you jammy bastard,” Dan called after him as David got out, “don’t forget to set me up for Wednesday.”David waved Dan off and headed for the front door. Walking through the hall and into the kitchen he saw his mother busying herself cooking the meal.“Hi baby,” she said, blowing him a kiss, “have you had a good day.”“Get your tits out and bend over the table,” he ordered, undoing his trousers.“My my,” she laughed, “no need to wonder what you two have been talking about all day,” she said, unbuttoning her dress and pulling up her bra to let her tits tumble out. “I hope you haven’t been wanking, that’s such a waste of lovely cum.” “Not me but Dan has been wanking all day,” he replied, pushing her over the table and entering her easily as she parted her legs for him. “You’re soaking wet already, have you been frigging off?” he said, reaching under her and grabbing her tits, pulling her back as he thrusted his cock deep into her cunt.”“Of course l have,” she replied, “l bought a big cucumber at the greengrocer this morning, l’ve been fucking myself with it all day.”“You dirty bitch!” He said, squeezing her tits hard and ramming his cock into her.“Shut up a and fuck me,” she responded, “don’t wait for me, l’m nearly cumming already, your father will be home soon.”“You two are like rutting dogs,” they heard Laura say from the kitchen door, “you’re lucky it was me and not Dad.”“Go and keep a lookout for him while l finish with Mum,” David ordered, feeling his orgasm approaching, “l’ll fuck you later when Dad goes out.”“Pig!” She replied, turning to watch the road, looking for her father, smiling to herself, thinking how exciting and fun her life had become despite the thought of having to marry that Perkins twat. She could hear the sounds of her brother and mother humping each other, calling each other dirty names as they fucked. She felt her own cunt responding, she’d had to frig off twice during the day, nearly getting caught the second time. She pressed her hand between her legs as she watched for her father.“Dad’s coming!” She called after a few moments, seeing her father walking down the road.“So are we.” David replied, pumping his cum into his mother’s hot cunt as her juices flowed over his cock. “Now get my tea ready,” he said, pulling out and giving her bare buttocks a hard slap.“Yes sir, thank you sir,” she said, smiling as she tucked her tits back into her bra then doing up her dress before giving him a small curtsey .David headed upstairs to the bathroom to freshen up, just as his father came through the front door.Later, as they were all sitting at the table eating their meal, Mary told them that she had spoken to the Vicar and he had had a cancellation for a wedding three weeks from the following Saturday so she had made a provisional booking.“I’ve spoken to Eve Perkins,” she said, “she’s still a bit frosty but has to accept it, we have a lot to do if we are going to get it organised.”“I’m going down the pub this evening,” Tom said, “they have a big room for wedding receptions, l’ll see if it’s available, l might be able to get it a bit cheaper.”“That’ll be good,” Mary said, turning to Laura, “l want you to meet me in town tomorrow, can you finish college a bit early, we can sort out a wedding dress, if we go for a size bigger, you should be okay in three weeks.”Laura was obviously not happy but resigned herself. “I suppose so,” she said reluctantly, “l can miss the last lesson and meet you about three.”“Don’t you go sulking my lady,” Mary said to her, “if you’d been a bit more careful this would never have happened.”Laura gave her mother a look, warning her not to say too much.“Don’t go blaming her,” Tom spoke up, “you know what boys are like these days, l bet he pressurised you didn’t he?”“Yes,” Laura replied, managing to force out a tear to keep up the pretence. “He said if l didn’t let him do it he would tell all the others that l was easy.” She dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.“The little bastard…oh sorry dear,” Tom said, apologising for swearing. “Well at least you won’t be short of money.” With that her left the table and headed for the living room to read the paper before going out.As soon as her father had left, Laura burst out laughing.“Shush,” Mary admonished her, “he will hear you. That was some performance, l almost believed you myself,” she smiled.“I’m still not happy that l have to marry him but l suppose l have to put up with it, you had better make it worth my while,” she said, turning to David.“Don’t worry,” David replied, “as soon as you’re married you’ll be able to fuck around, l can get plenty of cocks for you.”“God we sound awful,” Laura said, “we sound like a family of perverts.”“Well we are aren’t we,” Mary responded, “it’s hardly normal behaviour for us all to be fucking each other…nice though.” She reached across, placing her hand on the front of David’s trousers and giving him a squeeze.“Keep your hands off,” Laura said sharply, “you’ve just had yours, it’s my turn next.”At that moment, Tom called through from the hall that he was going out, they heard the front door close as he left.“You can suck me off now,” David said to Laura.“No,” she replied, “l want a fuck, it’s not fair, Mum gets you more than l do.”“Well l’ve spoken to Dan and if both of you come down the workshop on Wednesday we can have some fun,” David told them, “l’m going out myself in a minute so if you want fucking go upstairs and get ready, l’ll be there in a minute.”Laura rose, giving her mother a look of triumph as she turned and headed for the stairs.“I didn’t know you were going out,” Mary said once Laura had left, “l knew your father was, l thought we could have some fun.”“I have to get out Mum, the two of you are draining me dry, l’ll be glad when Dan starts fucking you.”“Can l just suck you off then,” Mary begged, trying to undo his trousers.“Stop it Mum,” he said, pushing her hands away, “l’ve promised Laura, now let me go.”“Damn!” Mary said in frustration, “l’ll be glad when she’s married and moved out, then l’ll have you to myself.”“I will still have to whore you out to keep that cunt of yours satisfied,” he laughed, giving her a kiss and feeling her tits before going upstairs.When he reached Laura’s open bedroom door, he was greeted with the sight of her totally naked, on all fours, bum in the air and legs open displaying her cuntDavid quickly removed his trousers and underpants as Laura placed both hands on her buttocks, pulling herself open.“Do it hard like you did with Mum,” she said.“You really are turning into a proper whore aren’t you?” He replied, standing behind her and grasping her hips before plunging his hard cock deep into her dripping cunt.“Oh god yes!” She cried, “l am what you made me…just fuck me.”David gave her buttocks a few hard slaps before grabbing her dangling tits and using them to pull her back onto his thrusts. He knew that as he had pumped so much cum into his mother’s cunt earlier, it would take a while for him to cum so he continued to ram himself into his sister, forcing her face into the pillow, hearing the squelch of juices in her cunt as their bodies collided.He was rough with her tits too, digging his fingers into the soft flesh, then pinching and twisting her nipples.“Oh god yes,” she cried as ripple after ripple of orgasm tore through her body.“Shut up you noisy bitch,” Mary said, entering the room and sitting on the bed beside her daughter.“Give her your cunt to eat Mum,” David said, still banging away, driving his cock as hard and deep as he could.Mary shifted up to lean against the headboard, pulling up her skirt to expose her naked cunt, then grabbing her daughter by the hair, pulling her up and forcing her mouth against her cunt.“Get your tits out Mum,” David ordered. Mary obeyed immediately, opening her dress and pulling up her bra, feeling Laura’s mouth working on her clit as she watched David fucking her.“Two whores together,” David laughed, releasing one of Laura’s tits so that he could squeeze his mother’s, then giving his mother’s tit a hard slap.“Oh fuck yes!” Mary cried, her own orgasm charging through her body, juices pouring from her cunt into her daughter’s eager mouth.David felt Laura’s cunt contract as her orgasm took over, hot juices bathing his rampant cock. Still he kept banging away, both women crying and moaning in passion, Mary holding her daughter hard against her cunt, pleading with her son to hurt her tits again.David was in a red mist of lust, his head spinning, he thought it would burst. Without thinking he pulled out of Laura’s cunt and with one lunge forced himself deep into her anus.Laura screamed in pain as his cock burrowed deep into her secret cavity, her cry cut short as her mother held he firm against her cunt, her mouth filling with her mother’s cunt juice.“Oh yes,” Mary cried, “fill her with spunk,” as she watched her son’s face contort as his orgasm took over, grinding his pelvis and driving his cock deep into his sister’s arsehole.Laura tried to struggle free but between the two of them she was held fast, the pain slowly subsiding as she accustomed herself to the feel of him, then the heat as his cum erupted inside her.Eventually they separated, each lying still on the bed.“You bastard,” Laura said finally, “you utter bastard…l thought you were going to tear me apart.”“You’ll get used to it,” Mary said, “the first time your Uncle Jack did it to me was very much like that, it hurt like hell, but l’m used to it now, he loves doing it to me, he likes the tightness of it. You’ll get to like it, you may even cum, l do sometimes, not as good as in my cunt, very different.”“I can’t believe it,” Laura said, “ l’ve just been r***d by my brother and my mother held me down while he did it.”“Don’t be stupid Laura,” Mary replied, “it wasn’t ****, you were begging for it.”“Not in my bum l wasn’t.”“Pack it in Laura,” David stopped her. “You have to realise that the men l’m going to let fuck you are not looking for plain straight sex, they want a woman they can unleash all their fantasies on, they will want to do to you all the kinky things they’ve read about or seen on porno films. And don’t tell me you didn’t cum, l was inside you and l felt it.”“You’re still a bastard,” Laura replied, “you could at least have warned me, l wasn’t even lubricated.”“You didn’t need any,” he said, “there was enough lubrication from your cunt. Anyway, l’m not staying here talking about it all evening, l’m going for a shower them l’m going out.”Mary turned to her daughter, “Come on baby,” she said, you shower after him then we’ll sit down and plan this wedding.”