Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 8

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Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 8Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 8Friday, October 15Tom and Terri exited the theatre, laughing and repeating some of their favourite lines from the movie.”You can do it yourselves. Yes, we can do it ourselves. Tell us what to do.” Tom said, from the scene where Brian, mistaken for a messiah, tells a crowd of people that they don’t need him to tell them how to live.”It’s a shoe. No, it’s a sandal,” Terri repeated from the scene where Brian, running away from the pursuing crowd, loses a sandal and the crowd running after him disputes whether it’s a shoe or a sandal, and the newly converted split into two factions.They were arm-in-arm now, walking to Tom’s car in the parking lot.”You want to go get some coffee?” Tom asked. Terri stopped walking and Tom turned to face her. “What?”Terri took a deep breath and looked at Tom closely. All during the movie they had been leaning together. Sometimes they had held hands, other times she rested her hand on his thigh, or he had, after a while, rested his hand on her thigh. Terri had been thinking about how much she liked Tom, how easy it was to be with him and talk to him. In such a short time she really felt like she could fall in love with him. She knew that was crazy, but that was how she felt. Now she was about to do something that she’d never done in her life.”Tom, I really like you.””I like you, too, Terri.””I mean, like a lot.””Ditto.””Okay.” Terri paused to take another deep breath. “Tom, I’m going to suggest something that I never thought I would do.” She swallowed. “I don’t want to get coffee, I want to go to a motel and make love with you.” Terri looked Tom directly in the eyes, wondering how he would react to that.”Wow!” Tom said, then grinned. “Are you sure? I mean, really sure? Because if you are, then, hell yes! I could hardly concentrate on the movie for thinking about you. How comfortable I feel with you. How easy it is to talk with you. How much I like you. And how much I would like us to become more, uh, intimate.”Terri laughed. “Yeah, more intimate. I want to get more intimate with you, Tom, because I feel the same way about you. And I’ll pay for the room, too.””No way,” Tom argued.”Yes, way, macho man. I have a credit card and I can afford it. Besides, you paid for the movie tickets and we’re going in your car. You can pay for the room the next time. Okay?””Woo hoo! Okay, Terri, deal.” Tom said, making Terri laugh. And then he took her in his arms and kissed her.Terri pressed herself against Tom and kissed him back with all her heart and soul. She also noticed the lump in his jeans as she shamelessly ground her hips against him.There were other people heading for their cars in the theatre’s parking lot. A couple of them whistled. Someone yelled out, jokingly, “Ain’t true love beautiful?” Someone else called out “Get a room!”Terri and Tom broke the kiss, laughing.There were a couple of “no-tell motels” in town, but neither Terri or Tom wanted to go to them. North of Old Town, down by the Big River and right off the freeway were three, inexpensive national chain motels. Nothing fancy, but clean and well run.Once in the room, Terri all of a sudden became shy. She wasn’t sure why she was doing this, especially since she was seeing Tom’s father. The first time, in his office, had been four weeks ago. They’d seen each other at least twice a week since then to have sex. Terri wondered if she continued seeing Tom, especially now that they were about to become lovers, if she should and would stop seeing Dan. She also knew that, more likely than not, Tom would somehow find out the truth.Tom was finding the music channel on the TV to dial in some soft music for background. He was feeling nervous himself. And he couldn’t stop thinking about Terri’s mother, Sara. Since that first time they’d made love, in mid-August they’d made love once or twice a week, with a couple of weeks having sex three times. Sex with Sara had been good every time and Tom really liked her, maybe even loved her to some extent. But Tom was conflicted about continuing the affair if he and Terri were going to start seeing each other. Besides, as much as he liked Sara, he felt something completely different with Terri, something that he wanted to make stronger and permanent. That’s stupid, he told himself, it’s way too soon to be thinking like that. Yet that was what he was feeling and thinking.‘Oh shit,’ Terri told herself. ‘I can’t do this with Tom without telling him. If I don’t and he finds out later then… well, I don’t know, but it will probably not be good. If I tell him now, well, then he can just storm out of the room. I can always get a taxi home… and cry my eyes out.’”Tom,” Terri said.Tom turned around and saw Terri staring at him with a strange look in her eyes, almost like she was hurt. “What, Terri? What’s wrong?”Terri swallowed dryly. “I have to tell you something, Tom. And you aren’t going to like it, but I have to tell you.” She paused and took in a deep breath, her body trembling. “Tom, I’ve met your father. And I’ve… I’ve, uh, well Tom, your father and I are lovers.”Tom’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. Then he almost smiled. He tilted his head to one side then the other, as though trying to see her better, and then he started laughing. “Oh my God! Really!” And then he was laughing some more.Terri frowned. Tom was behaving strangely. He had seemed shocked a little at first, but now he was laughing. She didn’t understand.Tom got his laughter under control. Then he gave Terri a very serious look, realizing he would be a complete asshole if he didn’t confess his secret to her. He took a deep breath and blew it out though pursed lips.”Sorry about that, Terri. Maybe this will explain it. Terri, I’ve met your mother, as I told you when we first met, and uh, well, we’re lovers, too.”Now it was Terri’s turn to go wide-eyed and slack-jawed. “No way!” Then she started laughing. “I can’t believe it. Talk about a small world.” She paused. “How—tell my again, how did you meet her?””I was speeding along the bike path that runs besides Little River and hit a spot where some sand and gravel had washed onto the pavement right at a tight curve. I went down hard. Sara, uh, your mom, just happened to be jogging, coming from the other direction and saw it happened. After we determined that nothing was broken, we introduced ourselves. She told me where she worked and if I had any problems to come to the office and she’d have one of the doctors examine me. Well, I got the feeling, at the time, that she might just be flirting with me a little so…””I can see why, Tom, you being the hunk you are. And my mom’s not exactly a mousey old lady.”Tom laughed. “Well, yeah. Anyway, a couple of days later I decided to go see her at work, not that I had any problems. And she, well, she took me into her office, locked the door and, uh.” He paused, deciding not to tell Terri that her mother gave him a blow job in her office. “And, uh, well, that kind of started it all,” he ended lamely.”What a minute, buster. If we are going to confess, then we need to tell all. So she locked the door and then what? Did you fuck her on her desk?” Terri asked remembering how Tom’s dad had fucked her on his desk.”You sure you want the, uh, details? Tom asked.”Yep.””She gave me a blow job in her office. Then she told me where she lived and we met there a few minutes later and, uh, well, then we fucked. That was how it started and that was back in August. We’ve been meeting a couple of times a week since then.””Wow, my mother… giving you a blow job in her office at work! That’s pretty amazing.” It almost made Terri jealous, but then she thought of her first encounter with Tom’s dad.”My turn,” Terri said. She grinned and shrugged. “Your dad fucked me in his office, on his desk, but not before going down on me.”Terri and Tom were silent for a few moments.”And that’s it?” Tom asked.”Well, no. That was about a month ago. We’ve been having sex pretty regularly, twice a week since then.”Tom gave Terri a look. “Do you like my dad?””Well, yeah. Do you like my mother?”Tom shrugged. “Obviously.””So what are we going to do now?” Terri asked.”Terri, as much as canlı bahis I like your mom, and I do, I have an even stronger feeling for you. I know that’s crazy, barely knowing you and all, but that’s how I feel. So,” Tom shrugged again, “I want to keep seeing you and I will stop seeing your mother. I think that would be best.””Terri smiled tenderly up at Tom. “You’re willing to do that? I mean, I know my mom is a hot MILF.”Tom laughed. “Yeah, she is.””And she’s more experienced, sexually, than me. And you don’t even know if you and I will become… I don’t know, permanent.”You’re right, I don’t, but I’d like to give it a try. Look, Terri, with your mother it is all about the sex with, as you said, a hot MILF. Well, that’s not exactly true. I felt—feel, a very strong attraction to her. But, you know, I’m not going to marry her. With you, however… I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel an even stronger connection. And I hope it becomes permanent. And as for the sexual experience, well, my dad has a lot more than me, but that only means we can learn and experience things together. That is, if you want to give it a try. And, yeah, I know this sounds crazy. We’ve eaten lunch together a couple of times, went to one movie, had one big kiss. That’s not much to base my feelings on, but there it is.”Terri stepped up to Tom and put her arms around his waist. “I’ll have to tell your dad that I can’t see him anymore.”Tom smiled. “Really?””Yes, really. I feel strongly attracted to you… Well, I feel it with your father, too, but I know, as you know about my mom, I’m not going to marry him, not that he’d even want that.”So, what are we going to do?””This,” Tom said. He put his arms around Terri and pulled her close. She tilted her face up and Tom kissed her willing mouth. It was a sweet kiss with lots of delicious wet tongue that became an urgent and passionate kiss.When their lips parted they began undressing furiously. When Tom saw Terri naked, his heart skipped a beat and his hard cock got even harder. As good as her mother looked, Terri looked better. He pulled her close again for another kiss. She pulled his hard cock flat up against her belly and the feeling of her hand on it sent a shiver of pleasure through his body.Terri, too, compared Tom’s body against his father’s. Dan was in very good shape for a man of his age, but Tom’s youthful body was in better shape. A part of her was a little sad that she wasn’t going to continue the relationship with Dan, her first, maybe her last “older” man, and who was an experienced lover, but that would probably just be too weird for her to deal with.On the bed, Tom and Terri kissed and kissed and kissed again. Their hands stroked and caressed all over each other’s body. Tom kissed Terri on the mouth one last time then began kissing and nibbling his was down her body. He gently squeezed each of her breasts and was pleased to find they were not big, not small, but well-shaped and firm, with small pink areolas and tip-of-the-little-finger sized nipples. He kissed and sucked and bit on one nipple then the other.”Oh Tom,” Terri sighed, and then she gasped as his left hand found and began to rub and massage her pussy.Tom continued down over Terri’s firm, flat belly and finally found what he was looking for: her pussy, her naked, shaved, and lightly perfumed pussy. He maneuvered his body around to lie between her legs. She spread them wide for him and Tom began to kiss and nuzzle and then lick and suck on her pussy—a pussy that was wet and waiting for him.Tom took his time, not in any hurry. He wanted to make love to Terri’s pussy with his mouth until she had an orgasm, hopefully a strong and very pleasurable one. He loved her smell. He loved her taste. He soon had Terri squirming and gasping and sighing. Then her hands were on his head and she was pressing her pussy hard up against his sucking, licking, biting mouth.Terri couldn’t help but think of how Tom’s dad had gone down on her in his office the first time they had sex and now, here was Tom licking her pussy with their first time sex, too. But then the pleasure of his mouth drove out all other thoughts as the sexual tension, the building sexual pleasure mounted and mounted.”Oh yes! Oh Tom! Oh God!” Terri moaned and groaned. Her hands went to the back of his head as she began pressing and grinding her pussy against his mouth. “Oh Tom! Tom! Tom!” Terri cried out as the dam of sexual tension broke and the intense pleasure of her orgasm flooded her body. Her body was shuddering and her legs were shaking as she came. And then, as always, the oh-so-few seconds of orgasmic delight began to fade. Her body relaxed and she sighed. “Mmm, Tom.”Tom lifted his mouth from Terri’s sopping wet pussy. Wet from his saliva and her vaginal lubricant. He sat back on his heels and wiped his mouth and chin with his hand and wiped his hand on the bedspread.”Come here, baby,” Terri said softly, holding her arms and hands out to him.Tom grinned and slid up over Terri’s body then lay down over it, supporting most of his weight on his elbows and forearms.Terri held his head in her hands and pulled him down for a long, sweet kiss. They were still kissing when Terri raised her legs on either side of Tom’s hips and wriggled her hips against his hard cock. Tom got the message and with a bit of adjustment of his hips, his cock went to her vaginal opening and he shoved it fully and completely inside her.”Ahhh!” Terri gasped. “Oh yes, Tom, fuck me.”As Tom began fucking Terri, he moved his lips to her right ear, to nibble along the side and top, being careful of her hoop earrings. “You have a delicious pussy, Terri.””You like my pussy, Tom?””I love your pussy. I’ll go down on you any time you want me to.””Mmm. And I’m going to suck your cock, too, Tom. I’m going to suck it until you come in my mouth. And then you know what?”What?””I’m going to swallow every bit of your cum.””Oh Terri, you have to stop talking like that. You’ll make me come too soon.”Terri giggled and bit on Tom’s ear then, making him gasp and sending goose bumps down his whole right side.They kissed again, then were both quiet except for moans and groans of pleasure that they were each feeling.”Oh God, Terri!” Tom whispered hoarsely.”Do it Tom! Do it! Fuck me! Come! I want to feel you coming in my pussy!””Ahhh!” Tom cried out and his hips began pounding his cock in and out of Terri’s tight, wet pussy hard and fast and then his cock was shooting his hot, thick semen deep up inside of her with several strong spurts.Terri was excited about fucking Tom. A part of her mind wondered if it was because she had fucked his father and was now fucking him. It didn’t matter, feeling Tom body over her, feeling him fucking her so wonderfully, so f0rcefully and knowing that he was coming in her pussy brought Terri to her second orgasm, just as Tom’s was finishing.”Ohhhhhhh, Tom!” she wailed as that beautiful feeling of sexual release swept through her body once again.Both of them were perspiring, and panting, and their hearts were still beating fast in their chests. Tom grinned down at Terri and she grinned up at him and they kissed. Then Tom carefully rolled off of Terri to lie on his back. He sighed. “Wow!” He propped himself up on one elbow to look at Terri. His left hand began to lightly trace a circle around her left nipple. “That was good for me. Was that good for you?” he asked with a mischievous smile on his lips.Terri laughed and then stretched up to give Tom a quick kiss on the lips. “You’re every bit as good a lover as your dad.” She paused, looking mortified. “Oh damn! That didn’t come out how I meant it.”Tom chuckled, then bent down to give her a quick kiss on the lips. “That’s okay, Terri. He’s had a whole lot more experience than me, so I take that as high praise.”Look, to be blunt, I fucked your mother and you fucked my father. We didn’t do it on purpose. It was just something that happened. We didn’t even know each other when we did it. So we shouldn’t be too sensitive about it. I mean, and I’ll tell you this straight out, I really enjoy making love to your mother and I assume that you enjoy making love with my father. There’s nothing wrong bahis siteleri with that.””Well, Tom,” Terri frowned a little, “do you still want to be my mother’s lover? I mean be my lover and hers, too?”Tom smiled. “Let me ask you this. In a perfect world, do you think you could enjoy being my lover and my dad’s lover? That we, my dad and I, were aware that you were having sex with both of us and we didn’t have a problem with it?””Okay, I get it. There is no perfect world.””Right, because I will be the first one to tell you that if there was, I’d really love to get you and your mother with me, in bed, at the same time. How’s that?””Oh that would be awkward. Believe me. Very awkward.””But it would be a perfect world, so you and your mother wouldn’t have problem with it.”Terri laughed. “Right, only it would be your perfect world, not mine.” But then Terri remembered that her mother was bisexual, or she was pretty damned sure she was. And she remembered kissing Cynthia and Darlene and liking it. So maybe, well, maybe kissing her mother would feel about the same, from a purely physical point of view. If she and her mother got into bed together with Tom, assuming that her mother would do such a thing, then how awkward would it be, really? And would her mother want to make love to her, Terri, too? And if so, since she herself was definitely bi-curious, would she want to, be able to make love to her mother? Terri’s mind was spinning now and she almost missed what Tom was saying.”Right. And in all honestly I would like to be your mother’s lover, too, but I’m not going to lie to her or sneak around hoping she doesn’t find out about you and me… because, Terri, and here I go being premature again…””Oh Tom, there was nothing premature about your, uh, lovemaking,” Terri gave him a devilish smile.Tom laughed, and continued, “What I mean to say, my dear, is that I do believe that I’m falling in love with you. No. Scratch that. I have fallen in love with you, head over heels. It was love at first sight… when I first saw you in the cafeteria Wednesday.”Terri pushed Tom over onto his back and got on top of him. “Do you really and truly mean that, Tom Reynolds?””Uh, yeah.””Good, because I feel the same way,” Terri said, and then planted a long, passionate kiss on Tom’s mouth. “When I looked up and saw you when you came to my table and asked to sit with me, my pussy started getting wet.” Terri giggled. “Well, not really, but my heart skipped a beat.”Tom pulled Terri down for a kiss. When their lips finally, slowly, sweetly parted, Tom looked lovingly into Terri’s eyes. “I’ve heard about love at first sight, but I’ve never believed it. None of the other girls I’ve been with ever came close to making me feel how I feel about you.””How many girls?” Terri blurted out. “No. Forget that. Rude question. It’s none of my business.”Twenty-one, counting you, dear.””And how old are you?””Twenty-one.””What a coincidence. One girl for every year. You must have started out young.””Not necessarily, but, uh, I was sixteen when I had my first sex. It was with an older woman. She was thirty-six.””Soooo, do you want to know how many men, boys and men, and you are definitely in the men category, that I’ve been with.””That’s totally up to you, Terri. I would love you anyway, no matter how many.””Well, counting you and your dad, five. But the other three really don’t count. They were boys I dated in high school. I gave a hand job to two of them and the other one and I traded oral sex.Tom frowned. “Are you telling me that you were a virgin when you first had sex with my dad?” He felt a twinge of jealousy.”Well,” Terri screwed up her face, “yes and no. I masturbate with dildos. I used a dildo to de-virginize myself.”Tom laughed. “De-virginize?””Well, breaking the maidenhead or deflowering seem rather archaic terms so I made up a new word. So anyway, your father only took my virginity, so to speak, by being the first man, his cock that is, to fuck me. I’d had plenty of practice with a dildo before that. Besides, Tom, I’ll bet you masturbated a lot before your first sex with a woman.”Tom grinned. “Still do.””Right,” Terri said, smiling.”So what now, Terri?” Tom asked.”Now? Well we have the room for the night, we might as well stay here and sleeep together.” And then she grinned. “Ooo, Tom, I’ve never slept, as in actually slept with a b… uh, man. This will be a first.” While she and Dan had met at a motel a few times, it always seemed that he was pressed for time, so she’d never taken a nap with him after sex.Tom chuckled. “Okay, that’s good. No, actually, that’s great. But what I meant is how and when to we tell our parents? And as to spending the night here, I’ll have to call my dad. I mean just to let him know that I’m okay. And I’m sure you’ll have to call your mom. Right?””Yeah, of course, but I’ll tell her the same thing, that I’m okay and that I’m in a motel with a really nice guy from school, that I’ll be home in the morning.””And she’ll be okay with that?””She won’t necessarily like it, but she’ll accept it. Now, as to when and how to tell our parents about us, I don’t know. I want to say right away. But Tom, as much as I like you, this is our first time together. I’ve had a lot more experience with Dan, uh, your father. And, of course, you’ve had even more with my mother. Let’s wait and see how things go between us, okay?””Yeah, okay… but what about you and dad, me and your mother? We just tell them thanks but it’s over?””Do you want it to be over between you and my mother?”Tom gave Terri a sheepish grin and shrugged.”Oh come on, Tom, admit it. My mom is hot, and the idea of having sex with me and my mother excites you.””Okay, yeah, it does. I mean, I really think I could love you both. People can love more than one person at a time, you know. And does the thought of being my lover and my dad’s lover excite you, too.”Terri smiled. “Yeah, I have to admit it does. I really like your dad and I’d really hate to give up being his lover just now.” Terri frowned. “But could you accept that… me and you being lovers and me and your dad being lovers, too?”Now Tom smiled. His cock was getting hard, thinking about having sex with Terri and Sara, not at the same time, of course, but just having them, mother and daughter, as his lovers. “Yeah, I can handle that, as long as you can handle me continuing to make love to your mother.”Terri nodded, “Okay. I’m sure I can handle that. In fact, strangely, the thought of you fucking my mother kind of excites me. Do you go down on her, too?””Well, yeah. Hell, we’ve even had anal sex.”Terri’s mouth dropped open. “Anal sex? Oh wow! Did she like it?””She was the one who suggested it. And yeah, she liked it. She can come that way.””Oh wow! Really? I’ve never had anal sex and…”Tom grinned. “Well, if you’re interested, I could show you.”Terri gave Tom a serious look. “Um. Yeah, sure. I mean I could at least give it a try.”Tom pulled Terri close. He kissed her sweetly on the lips. “Okay, but not now. I mean, we need some proper lubricant and Sara, that is, your mother, she told me she gave herself a little enema before we had anal sex. You know, so there wouldn’t be a mess.””Oh yeah. Right.” But Terri was excited about the thought of trying anal sex. And who better to try it with than Tom. Of course, there was Dan. He probably had even more experience with having anal sex with a woman than Tom. Of course, if Tom was okay with her still being Dan’s lover, for now, well, if anal sex worked out okay with Tom, then she could do it with Dan, too.And then another thought sent a fission of excitement through her body. Making love to Tom and his father at the same time. Could they do that? Or would it be too weird? Was she being a sick bitch for even thinking about it? But she knew that some women, not just porn actresses, had threesomes and that they even had double penetration. She didn’t know if any fathers and sons did it. But if she could imagine it, well then it had probably happened. She’d bet anything that br0thers had done it. Just like she’d bet that s!sters, regular women, just really horny ones, have had sex with one guy. Even if they were celebrities, too. bahis şirketleri Hell, she was sure that mothers and daughters have had sex with the same man at the same time, so it was within the realm of possibility that she and her mother could have sex with Tom at the same time. Possible, but highly improbably she figured.Terri liked sex. Her mother had educated her and prepared her to like it for the pure carnal pleasure of it, not saying that you couldn’t have a deep, affectionate love for a person and still enjoy sex purely for the sex. All these thoughts had brought her libido up to a slow boil. She pulled Tom over on top of her, wrapped her legs around his hips, thrust her pussy up against him, kissed him wetly, deeply, passionately.”Fuck me, Tom,” she whispered. “I want to feel you fucking me again.”Tom was ready, his cock fully hard. He’d been having the same kinds of thoughts that Terri had been having. Wondering if he could fuck her and her mother together. If Terri would go for it. If Sara would go for it. Wondering if Sara and his father would understand and even find each other sexual attractive. Wondering if the four of them could ever have sex together. He knew it might be more than a little weird to be making love to Terri while his father was making love to Sara right next to them… and then switching. Or even, yes even double penetration, he and his dad fucking Terri at the same time, vaginally and anally… and then Sara. He figured if Sara liked his dad, then she’d probably be able to enjoy a DP.She liked anal sex as well as vaginal sex. It would just be the “weird” factor of Sara and Terri in bed together that might stop it… or of him and his dad. But in his imagination, it all worked out beautifully and he imagined, first Terri then Sara, getting fucked at the same time by his father and him.”Oh yes,” Tom whispered back. He maneuvererd his hips. Terri reached down between them and positioned his hard cock just right, then Tom thrust the full length of his cock deep into Terri’s very wet pussy, making her gasp. And then they were off to the races, each fantasizing about what each of them really didn’t think could happen, but imagining it nevertheless. Such being the power of a strong libido and an open mind when it came to sex.Terri “saw” her slipping Dan’s cock into her pussy, leaning over him, kissing him while Tom slipped his cock in her ass. She didn’t even know what that would feel like. But in her mind it felt wonderful, two hard cocks fucking her at the same time. And then her mental focus switched to “seeing” her mother. She was sucking Tom’s cock. Dan was on his back between her mother’s legs sucking on her pussy. Then her mother mounted Tom’s cock and Dan got behind her and began fucking her mother in the ass and her mother was moaning and groaning…”Ohhh Tom!” Terri cried out as she began coming again, a wonderfully intense, fantasy driven orgasm.Tom began grunting and panting and his cock unleashed another load of his cum into Terri’s pussy. His own imagination had been stoked by mental images of him and his father fucking both Terri and Sara at the same time. A part of his mind wondered if he was just a sick bastard to be thinking thoughts like that.”Tom?” Terri said after a few moments.Tom raised up, gave Terri a kiss on the lips, carefully pulled his cock from her pussy, then just as carefully rolled off of her and onto his back. His hand sought out hers and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah?”Terri’s heartbeat went up again. “If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to get mad?”Tom turned on to his side and propped himself up on his elbow and looked into Terri’s eyes. What, he wondered, was she was going to say? His father was a better lover? Oh well, better now than later. “Okay. I promise I won’t get mad. What’s the secret?” “It’s just that I really like you, Tom. Actually, I think I might be in love with you…””That’s your secret?” Tom interrupted. “Because, like I told you, I feel the same way, Terri.””Really, really Tom?””Yes really, really. I mean, I know it’s too soon, and you know it too, but, yeah, that’s how I feel.””That’s wonderful, Tom, but that’s not the secret.””Well—””Shhh. Listen to me. Because I feel the way I do about you, I feel that I have to be totally and completely honest with you. I seem to be a much more, um, sexual person that I thought I was… because while we were making love just now,” Terri paused, took in a deep breath and let it out, “because I was fantasizing, imagining all four of us, you, me, mom, your dad, all of us having sex together and—””Oh wow!” Tom exclaimed and then he was kissing Terri hard on the mouth, cutting off her words. When he broke the kiss he grinned at her. “Well, my sick, sexually fantasizing friend, it seems I’m sick also because I was imagining the same thing. I mean, if we are both okay with each of us continuing our affairs with each other’s parent, well then, what if my father and your mother met and liked each other? Like maybe we could manage that. And, hell, Terri, there are swingers, couples who have sex together. So it would be like one older couple and one younger couple but, like, the age thing doesn’t bother us. Does it? The only thing that could stop that from happening, I mean, if we really wanted to see if it could, would be the “weird” factor. You know, you being in the same bed with your mom, me in the same bed with my dad. And the “weird” factor would work both ways, us to them, them to us.””You were really thinking about all of us having sex together just now.””Yep. I was heavily into thinking about my dad and I giving you and Sara a DP.””Oh my God!” Terri exclaimed then laughed. “So was I. Only, just before I came, it was like I was watching you three having sex. You on the bottom, Mom over you, and Dan behind her. And, I don’t know, it was such a strongly sexual image to me, that’s what drove me to orgasm.Tom kissed Terri sweetly. “Well, they say great minds think alike. It seems that we are both on the same wavelength when it comes to sex.* * *The next morning, after making love again, Tom and Terri went to a nearby restaurant and had a hearty breakfast. Because Sara would most likely be home early Saturday morning and because Sara knew Tom’s car, Terri had him drop her off a block away from her house.Terri gave Tom a sweet kiss before getting out of the car. She leaned back. “Call me later, okay?””You bet,” Tom said.Terri closed the door and Tom drove away. She wondered what they were doing. Could they really keep up their love affairs with each other’s parent? Was it even right to do so? Then she remembered a time, not that long ago, that her mother was dating two men at the same time. Knowing her mother, Terri was sure she was fucking them both, too. So, was this any different? Only in the fact that Tom knew that she was seeing another man and that she knew he was seeing another woman and that the other man and woman were their parents.* * *Tom and Terri continued eating lunch together in the University cafeteria most days and they continued meeting, when they could, to make love. If Terri was sure her mother wouldn’t be home for a sufficient length of time, Tom would meet her at her house. Other times, they would meet at Tom’s house. Sometimes, but not often, they would go to a motel. Tom also had friends, a couple that he’d known since his first year at River City U. who had an apartment and, after explaining to them that sometimes Terri and he needed a place to rendezvous, his friends gave him a key to their apartment. They both worked nights at the same restaurant. The only caveats were that Tom and Terri couldn’t make love in their bed and that they would leave the apartment as clean and neat as they found it. Tom and Terri managed to meet and make love at least three times a week. And they were falling in love with each other as each day went by.It wasn’t all sex, of course. They went to dinner, on picnics, hiking, biking, or just sat and talked or listened. It was the same with their continuing affairs with each other’s parent. The sex was important, and good, but that wasn’t all there was to it. Terri and Dan truly enjoyed being in each other’s company, as did Tom and Sara, even if sex wasn’t in the forecast for that day. Knowing what they were doing, with whom and when, made it a bit less complicated for Tom and Terri to balance their dual love lives.