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FantasyI’m so insanely horny and it’s all your doing, my head is large ?and purple, and my shaft is thick and hard, all 9 inches of me stands proud against my abs, and awaits the day when they can enter your lips (either pair), I want you so bad sometimes it’s too much to bear, you’re so hot, and I just can’t stand it. my mind wanders as my eyes fall on your pictures, they caress your body, and take in ever detail your smile your hair style, your pretty blue eyes, your cute nose and your perky nipples resting atop ?your wonderful breasts, I want you so bad my cock aches in anticipation, I can’t take it any more, I’m there, naked in your room, a wonderful treat awaits you as you are asleep in the morning I crawl into bed with you because it’s soooooo cold, I wrap my strong arms around you and conform to your position, we’d be spooning but you’re wearing your pajama bottoms, and a beater, as well as some wonderful klasbahis güvenilirmi little cotton thong panties, my hard on ?rests on your ass as I lay with you kissing your neck and shoulder, waiting for you to wake, you wrap your fingers in mine and move them up to your breast, so I take it in my hand and massage it as you turn to kiss me. I ?slide my other hand down to the thighs of your pajamas, rubbing them through the soft fabric, as you moan I kiss you sliding my hand down your stomach into your ?pajama bottoms and wrap one finger around your moist panties, I untie your pajamas and pull down both your pajamas and your wet panties, revealing your shaven lips, which I lightly caress as you lay there half naked, I slip your shirt over your head and twist your nipple as I spread your lips, and rub your clit, moving my fingers in an unpredictable pattern, you moan and klasbahis yeni giriş whimper until I hear you sigh, just take me I want you sooo bad, at which point I spread you and slide all of me into your velvety lips you’re kneeling doggy style as I slide all the way into you my thick shaft parting your lips and slipping between your folds preceded by my swollen head. ?I love the feeling of filling your tight little pussy with my thick cock, once I’m all the way in I pull out and slam back into you making your cute ass smack on my balls, I proceed to take you hard and fast my cock pumping in and out you as you ?moan, and hold onto your bed post for support in the mirror you can watch me as I spread your legs and take you over and over again my head plunging in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out, over and over again slamming into you my arms rippling klasbahis giriş with muscles as I hold onto your waist and slam into your tight pussy over and over again in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in ?and out . I pull out of you as you’re nearing the edge of your climax and you turn back to look at me, I kiss you and lay you down on the bed, biting down on your tits, and slipping a finger into your wet tight pussy, you turn us over and pull out my hand pulling my cock toward your lips and you guide me in as you sit down shoving my thick cock into you as you gasp you start to ?ride me as we kiss I massage your wonderful breast and suck on your bottom lip, as I can feel your pussy muscles grip my cock, and suck on it coaxing me to cum so I pull out and slam back in cumming hard into you and causing you to cum as well as orgasm after orgasm sweeps through your body I turn over on you pinning you beneath me and your hands above your head as I pump you through a couple of orgasms and until you cum hard with me still inside you your muscles clenching me hard. We then fall asleep together me still hard inside of you and you wrapped in my arms.