fantasy and desires 5

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fantasy and desires 5fantasy and desires 5continuationAs you know I had a threesome that included my Npw, Shelley and my self.. ok so Monday morning which I was going to get ready to prepare but Shelley insisted in cooking so let her. It was delicious. We sat on table talked for a bit chit chatted reminiscing what just occurred joking laughing we all enjoyed our self so much so that when we got up for breakfast we didn’t even dress we all left butt naked to the kitchen.Auntie norma: this looks delicious.Shelley: I hope you two enjoy it.NPW: looks good.. im starving.. Shelley: by the way thank you for the invite and and including me in this experience.. it was amazing.. you both were stupendous… I can see why you to have a magnificent relationship. Being related is not a obstacle it should be tie like something that hold you much stronger together. For instance you both truly love each other no one can break that… you love is much deeper then anyone else your in her shes in you not just physically and emotionally but blood like you’re as one. The other part is that wow… when it comes to love making for one thing you both have a longevity that WOW!!!I mean jake when you were little you hung in there like a little soldier but now as a man my goodness.. no one could fuck me that long and two women at that.. like for real… damn baby… not even a man who has no disability can do what you do baby.. Auntie norma: right…. but he’s much more then a man who can culiar like a stallion.. rocky is the Italian stallion he’s the Mexican stallion.. Shelley: culiar? Whats culiar I know you told me or i’v heard it but I forget..Auntie Norma: culiar same thing as fuck.. coge rico…. meaning he fucks deliciously..Shelley: oooh… okay.. that he does.. and eats like a starving man… (Smile)Auntie norma: don’t he… as I hold him by the hand and smile at him…Nephew: oh stop you two.. im just horndog that will do just about anything to please his auntie slash wife.. Shelley: aww your so sweet.. Auntie Norma: isn’t he??Shelley: soo… once we are done are you going to culiar us again??Auntie norma: oh your learning fast.. (giggles) Nephew: well if that what norma wants.. Auntie norma: you know i’m always ready and willing with you babe.. so culiar we must.. I love that big vergota of his..he laughs..Shelley: what.. whats vergota mean.. Auntie Norma: oh that means big dick or big cock or huge.. Shelley: I see… indeed it is.. well you two go in the room and i’ll put away the dishes…Auntie norma: no dont be silly just leave that right there.. we’ll get to them later.. Shelley: ok…so we get up make our way to the bedroom we both push Jake.. we b oth help him transfer into bed.By removing parts of his chair his chair so he can jump in.Shelley: how you ya’ll want to do this? Who’s first or who or what… Nephew: you two decide 🙂 (smiling) Auntie Norma: well what you want to do Shelley? Just fuck role play or lesbian.. you name it babe…Shelley: oh goody….how about ya’ll to fuck… in spanish so I could learn and when your all done we can and later on teach me some spanish.. Auntie Norma: que rico!..Shelley: oh I know that one… that means delicious right? Auntie Norma: exactly… you’re learning already… now… normal fuck or you want us to role play or what??Shelley: hmmmmm… (thinking)how about role play… but you two it isn’t role play because you two are really related…. lets have some aunt nephew action… Auntie Norma: thats right up his alley he loves that… as do I…. ok..estas lista?Shelley:( confused look) Auntie norma: (gigles) are you ready..Shelley: ooh… yeah bring it on.. turning to look at jake…Auntie norma: estas tu listo…Nephew: claro. Yo siempre..Auntie Norma: miranomas.. que tremendo me salistes.. Nephew: es que estas bien buena.. estas como paco…COMO PACOMERTE…Auntie Norma: tu no canta mal las rancheras sobrino.. es mas te voy a cojer ahorita mismo.. como vez…Nephew: pues luego.. luego.. no pense que pasara pero te estas tardando.Auntie Norma: o si.. ya veras.. te voy a cojer y mamar como nunca….ya veraass…Shelley I don’t know what you just said but your faces said it all..Auntie norma: just wait and see…im going to fuck his brains out.. y tu.. ponte comodo…Nephew: ajajayyy….. so there we were the three of us in the same bed shelley at the edge of the bed just watching jake tokat escort was just laying ready to get fucked practically violated by me…Auntie norma: ven aqui sobrinito chulo hermoso guapote.. como te quiero… I said to him standing before him with my bare naked body I turned around giving him a full view of my rounded still firm toned ass then I start to climb over him one leg at a time positioning my self on top of him as ready to ride my adorable stallion nephew.. as all he did was stare at me I took his dick with my right hand to inserted into my vagina astride him up and down slowly as I start twerking on top of him. Something learn from Shelley (smile) Shelley: you go girl.. i’m really loving the way you thrust her.. my goodness… its getting hot in here… Auntie Norma: OMG!!! he’s thrusting me so FUCKEN GOOD!!! in my pussyyy.. DIOS MIOOO!!!!! no mameeesss…..uuuyyy siiii…estas tan adentrooo mi amoor… umph…si.. si asii.. umg..que riicooo… no mames no mames nooo maameeesss!!!!feeling his cock slipping every inch inside of my pussy felt amazing so much so I was feeling my self I was sustaining by breast in the palms of my hands I spent around towards him I needed my breast I leaned over him and offered my breast to his lips he then pressed gently over my tits.Norma: that’s it babe suck on these tities. His first licks were soft gently loving caring… but after feeling my hand on his nape encouraging him to increase his sucking so much so that he started playing with his tongue on my nipples and suck them more intensely as he pressed them with his hands. It was glorious, I assure you! It made me shudder to feel that hungry mouth wanting to get all the boob in it. I took one of his hands and guiding him to my vulva. I felt the urgency of his fingers digging into my pussy, my juices slippery lips. opene my legs a little more and give more room to move. To all this….i massaged his cock to prevent him from cumming but … that fucker was going to go down with the heat he had To all this. At one point, he stopped up, looked me in the eye and asked: – Nephew: can i suck your pussy now…how was not going to let him.. with out a second thought and no protesti threw my self to the bed laying opening my legs and he immediately buried his face between them his nose at the door of my shell and he breathed gently put his lips to blow That maneuver made me shudder all over my body Then his tongue began to lick like an ice cream. I was going crazy with pleasure! I squirmed and clutched his head with my legsBut at some point he gave as an attack: he took my clitoris with his lips, He puts it all in his mouth and began to suck off hard while his tongue pressed against his teeth; his breathing much rougher. My moans were already close to screaming. He whipped out his head between my legs and saw his eyes with a charge of lewd that i’ve not seen in a man in a long time…Or a woman, I should add, for my tastes, that i can recall?). Then he through me off of him and i landed face down on the mattress.. He pressed my head against the mattress, put his legs between mine and forced me to open them. then he separated my buttocks and ran his fingers in between my ass to find my hole. I raised a little waist to allow greater depth. He liked. I opened my as as much as i could felt when it supported the cocoon in the door of my ass. I felt like if he almost broke my ass with such cock but after the first moment of pain I urged him to accelerate the pace of penetration as i caress his balls i even heard him snarling and he accompanied with shout a milk bath that filled my rectum. Feeling that warm milk in my ass made me have a long and very intense orgasm. He’s the only man who can make me have an orgasm while being fucked in the ass.. i got off sat next to him it excited me how he looked at me i climbed over again placing my self over him and grabbed his cock guiding it towards my pussy I placed his penis against my lips. The weight of his penis in my hand was amazing ,.his touch of hot iron glowing..I had to arch a little, like a cat to facilitate rapprochement and began to descend upon the mast, very slowly. Jake had His face contorted. alternatively he looked at my breasts and crotch to our progressive fusion. After a few long seconds he touched my bottom, I felt bent and swollen, but still leave about 4 cms. tokat escort bayan stalk out of me. It seemed as if i was fucking a horse. I started to move over him, his hands resting on his sides. It was delicious. He could barely rotate, just up and down on the stem that caught me. He was going slowly, but suddenly and by surprise jake bounced and bulged the eye sockets. He couldn’t stop touching my breast he pinched the nipples to the limit of pain, grabbed the buttocks and squeezed me. I was sliding down the slide. Losing the sense in every drop. Mmmmm, I started thinking it would be easy come, it was being stimulated in each square centimeter of my vagina. I wanted to go further, I wanted to reach areas that had had made me go wild before i sat on him supporting my hands on his chest It hurt, but unloaded all my weight on that huge cock that pierced me without stopping. Mmmmmm, I did not think I was going to get pleasure from that and yet i was in heaven. I noticed that I was near, I was at that stage of cloud storm it ends orgasm So much so i didn’t realize what Jake stammered. It took seconds until I discovered that I actually was talking about.Nephew: Aunt I’m cuming, i’m cuming… hold one second, just one second – my voice sounded pleadingly I was about, I moved faster now. I was more dilated, my pussy was lubricated, my mouth full of saliva …I just thought about myself… I wanted to cum … and then went on, I felt like his penis swelled, it was like having inside a blender and i understood …he was cuming, he was about to ejaculate, had to jump and flow, but I was force pushed to rush me to the precipice of orgasm … and i gave one more and at every step approached pleasure and one more and it happened. I was cuming, I stopped moving, squeezing me with all my body on his penisAuntie norma: haaaaa….umph…. umg..siii….. I was cuming, I stopped moving, I pressed my whole body on his penis. It was like descending on a roller coaster, my eyes closed my mouth open gasping for air, containing my self from crying while noticing impulses of his cock flowing in me waves of warmth … he was ejaculating inside me it was like riding a tsunami of burning sea. We ended up exhausted and laying next to each other I felt after I magnified my nephew fucked me.After a few minutes I noticed he still had a hard on.. his little friend was craving more I turned to Shelley who was just smiling staring at us I knew she was aching yearning lusting over him anxiously waiting to have him inside of her. So I decide to let her have a crack at him.. after all he’s all mine and she did come to be with him and I and she did accept to realize my fantasy. After they’re done i’ll have my way with her… (devious look)Auntie Norma: look shelley he still has a nice hard on.. how about you take care of it this time..Shelley: oh my gawd really!!.. and it looks so delicious of course I want it… it was hard delicate and tender maybe because of his disability but yet nice and hard.Shelley: but first I want him to play with my pussy.. with those strong wonderful hands of his…Auntie norma: ok well i’ll get out of the way so I can view the whole thing and you lay here in my place.. which write away she did.. she laid right next to him opening her legs exposing her cunt to Jake he immediately and began to open the vagina, he began to feel me, he played with his fingers in my thingy that was beginning to heat up, with both hands, it opened and closed like a toy plasticine. Then she decided to start to suck, she stuffed it all into her mouth and took out.. to say: (Shelley) I got to tell you… your dick takes soo fucken good… and then she got all that wood in her mouth suddenly he held her head and started bobbing her head if it was penetrating it looked incrediblei even felt like it was getting hot in there.. i saw him get her so fast and hard that cock in her mouth that it came into her mouth and it was so much that it went out and trickled down her breast. She kept licking his cock Then i saw her stare at that cock and she decided to give him a Russian, i know he must’ve enjoyed it very much because she has a nice big rack of breast on her.. i know he loved it by the expressions of his face. I only assisted helping him by rising his hips up and down faster everytime being he didn’t have alot of lower escort tokat body strength. He was so happy that all he could say was: yes… yes sheeelley, ahhhh and they continue until he came again, but this time in her face, it looked like it was great, of course, at the same time as she came. I was able to see her liquid running down her thighs. Then she took her fingers and put them in her vagina then she offered to Jake who happily licked them as if they were candy.Then she asked him to make 69 he immediately started doing so precisely licking every one of their liquids they were like that several minutes meanwhile she cleaned him off he got another erection and gave her another orgasm his tongue went directly to her clitoris, with which he played. She nibbled and licked such a fast pace made her more and more excited. She then got on top of Jake which he then started to introduce his cock which was very hard and she started to ride him gently little by little fastening the pace, getting more and more excited he then starts to suck on her nipples. He requested to have his cock sucked. So she did just that gave him a blow job giving him two or three licks she took it out and reinserted it in to her vagina but this time with a with accelerated speed that he came inside of the chas, chas, were his juices and mine, although mine were noisiersense he had already made her cum more then once her vagina was moist,that he could no longer but meanwhile my nephew’s cock was coming out of the flaccidity he sucked her nipples and played with them. After that, they took a kiss so hot that my nephew thanked me (Nephew) you are the best…. and then us three joined in a three-way kiss..then i threw myself on him to give him another passionate kiss meanwhile i fantasized about his cock again in my hands that was no longer erect. After that, we talked a little, we fell asleep. The next day when I woke up. I truly thought it was just a wonderful dream… I suddenly felt my nephew’s icy arm on me, that made me react and I and came to i realized It was really true my fantasy realized his cock was inside of both of us, it was great, Well, I’m not going to lie, it was exciting to see my both laying there one on each side of me nude with his still erected cock i wanted to give him another blowjob.And her bare breast i also wanted to just grab them and suck on them as well But they looked so adorable sound to sleep that i couldn’t i didn’t have the heart to wake neither of them up. I laid there until they woke up as all i could do is admire there bare naked bodies and think i am the luckiest woman on the face of this eartth with such an amazing man who loves me above and beyond and Shelley she has a great big heart of gold she loves him just as much as i do..after what occurred i truthfully i don’t know what was in my mind but i found myself sorta contemplating perhaps have her move in although that was not in the plan i thought about it because being im bi well she’s hot and she loves my baby and wants mes and so i know she’d take care of him and my needs as well and i trust him i know he wouldn’t leave me for anyone and rather then bringing a stranger why not someone who knows our history.. so i decided to have a life changing talk with both of them.. when they both woke up the glow in their faces said it all.. each one with a good morning and a kiss on the lips…Auntie Norma: good morning babe..(muuaahxxx) good morning Shelley (muuaahxxx) Auntie Norma: i need to have a serious chat with both of you.. i’m not sure how you both my take it.. maybe you might like the idea maybe not..ok…so,.. i was thinking what if shelley moves in with us.. what do you both think… but one rule no sexual activities with out me.Nephew: are you sure thats what you want? Shelley: yeah are you sure… you won’t have any problem with me moving in and being around him and trust issues???Auntie Norma: of course im positive.. after this weekend and how we enjoyed ourselves.. come on i know you two enjoyed your selves…Nephew: well yeah.. i did but it was mostly for you…Shelley: exactly….Auntie Norma: ok then. Then why not keep it going… and have this everyday..Nephew: well if this is what you want ok. Im fine with it… Shelley: well.. i would have to get my things.. if this is what you want why not..Auntie Norma: ok great that settles it then.. lets celebrate then 🙂 but thats another story dont want to make it too long and bore you all.. to be continued.. hope you enjoy and keep cumming please leave any comments suggestions you may have but please be nice… thank you all kisses..