Fantasy Cums True part 3

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Fantasy Cums True part 3This story is written by tittie-baby for Fantasy cums true #3Terri is my shemale wife. And yes we are legally married. We have been married about a month now and have started to get our sex routine down a little. I have found out that as much as we love fucking each other that our tight little asses can’t take getting fucked 5 or 6 times a day. So we have compromised a little, we fuck each others ass every morning and every night. The rest of the time we 69 until we cum in each others mouth. Then we do our cum swapping kisses. Anyway as I was heading out the door to work this morning Terri said her sister was coming to visit. “Sure, ok. Love ya, see you tonight!” and out the door I went. If you have read the first two parts you know Terri has the most perfect heart shaped ass I have ever been inside of. So when I walk in the door and see her in the kitchen in her bra and panties, I just can’t help myself. I guess she didn’t hear me walk in so I peeled off my clothes and eased up behind her. Taking her in my arms from behind I kiss her right ear and then down the nape of her neck. She gets goose bumps all over and her nipples are instantly hard. She feels my hard cock poking her in the back and she reaches around and slowly starts stroking me as she rubs the head up and down the crack of her ass. I am massaging her beautiful breasts and pinching her inch long nipples. Just as I turn her and we start to kiss passionately I see someone enter the room and canlı bahis hear, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!” I turn my head and look and it is my wife Terri standing there looking extremely pissed. I look back at the person in front of me and they are identical. “What the fuck? Who the fuck are you?””I am Kate, Terri’s sister, her twin sister!” I look at her and then at Terri and then Terri asks, “Why were you m*****ing my sister?” “Whoa, wait a minute! This is my house and my kitchen. When I walk into my house and see a beautiful woman that I believe to be my wife I am going to play with her ass and her gorgeous tits! Besides she is the one that was stroking my cock, get pissed at her!” Terri glares at her sister, “Well Kate?” Kate just smirks, “I just wanted to see if he gets turned on by pussy too or if he is just a cocksucker.” I am pissed, “You fucking cunt, I’ll show you who the cocksucker is!” with that I snatched her little 5’0″ tall frame up and over my shoulder and headed towards the bedroom. Kate was a kicking and screaming all the way, calling me a prick, a bastard, an asshole, etc. I just said, “keep it up bitch yours is coming!” As I tossed her also perfect little heart shaped ass onto the bed I pulled her panties and bra off and on her second bounce I had my cock balls deep in her pussy. I guess the aren’t identical after all! Yes Terri has a cock and Kate has a pussy, but Kate also has a 3″ clit sticking out of her hairy bush. I love big clits!!! I am stoking my cock in bahis siteleri and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit so fast my hand is a blur. Kate is till just a cussing away at me. Terri has been standing to my right side telling me to please not hurt her sister. “I am not going to hurt her, I am just going to give her the fucking she deserves. Get over here and stick your cock in her mouth. See if you can get her to shut the fuck up!” Now I got to tell you, that was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Virtually identical twins having sex with each other. Those two must of thought so too because Kate started squirting cum from her pussy like crazy. Terri says she is about to cum also. Before Terri can cum I pull her out of Kate’s mouth and stick her cock into her sisters wet pussy. A dozen strokes and Terri is cumming in Kate as I steadily rub her clit. As soon as Terri pulls out of Kate I slide back into her balls deep in one thrust. Terri sticks her cock back in Kate’s mouth and I am pounding Kate’s pussy for all I am worth. As Kate starts squirting again I cum inside her pussy what feels like buckets of cum. I keeping stoking for a couple of minutes to make sure every last drop is inside of her.As I pull out of her well used pussy, I get on the bed pulling Kate on top of me into the 69 position. I slide my tongue into her scooping out as much of our cum as I can and I drink it down. I am just going to town on her, I lick every drop of cum I can from her and I am sucking on güvenilir bahis her big clit like there is no tomorrow. I pull her butt cheeks apart and slide my fingers inside her butt. Kate tenses up a little but she goes back to sucking my cock harder as I finger her butt. Terri is watching us with a glazed look in her eyes. “Fuck her ass baby. I want you to butt fuck both of us now!” Terri slides her cock into Kate’s ass and 3 minutes of hard pounding as I suck her clit and Kate is squirting again. Terri pulls out and moves behind me, raising my legs over her shoulders she slams her cock into my ass in one swift thrust. This causes me to force my cock further down Kate’s throat. Terri is fucking my ass with all her might. Kate is sucking me like a vacuum and I am sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy and ass at the same time. Finally I can’t take it anymore and I practically scream, “I’m cumming!!” With that I shoot a load of cum into Kate’s mouth, Terri buries her cock balls deep and shoots her cum deep into my ass. Kate’s well fucked pussy and ass can’t take it anymore either and she squirts for the 5th time all over my face and in my mouth. After some cum filled kisses we lay back on the bed and I have the most beautiful women in my world on either side of me. I gently kiss my wife and then her sister. I look at Kate and ask her how long she plans on staying. She says as long as we will both have her. I whisper into Terri’s ear and she says “Yes” and shakes her head yes too. We sit up in bed and I look at Kate, “So Kate, would you like to stay with us for good and be our wife?” Kate looks at her sister and then at me, picks up Terri’s hand and says, “only if I getting matching rings!” “DONE”