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Subject: Fat Thor Chapter 8 I wrote this for a friend as his birthday present. It is very naughty… And yes, do send me fan mail if you like it. This is the final chapter… there could be a prologue, bringing in some of the newer content, but only if I get adoring fans messaging me how this story had them feeling desires they’d never had before… And more importantly, please remember to donations to Nifty (using link fty/). Only they can give you that special feeling inside. Chapter 9. A Happy Ending War Machine stood with his arms folded over his chest, unable to take his eyes of the screen. “That is something else.” “Man!” Falcon sighed. “That is the real deal. Look at him take that dick. He’s got a rocking arse, a pair of heavenly titties, and a need to get fucked a couple of times a day. And look at the size of his little white boy dick. No wonder he wants it bad. A brother could get used to that!” “I have waited for years for a queen worthy of me,” Black Panther stroked his chin with his fingers and spoke as if the others were not there. “Imagine the sort of heirs he will give me.” “You can’t get him pregnant!” War Machine retorted. And then the thought crossed his mind. “Can he?” “The doc said some crazy stuff had happened to him,” Falcon mused. “I mean look at those tits. He’s definitely ready to suckle. And you know he’s got a sweet cunt up there. I’m gunna be riding that sweet, sweet arse all day. Mmm-hmm,” and he slapped his thighs. “But no, I don’t think you’ll knock him up. Which is a shame. Cause with that little white dick, he sure ain’t giving anyone else children.” “If he cannot give me children then he could be a present to M’Baku,” Black Panther said of the king of the Jabari tribe who lived in the mountains. “They share their wives amongst all the men. I can see Thor would be well satisfied there.” “Oh no you don’t,” Falcon stopped him. “There ain’t no polygamy-shit gunna be happening, sticking ole Thor up some mountain to be bred. That’s just weird man. I am gunna take that sweet arse blonde princess back home to meet the family. He’s a friggin’ great warrior and I’ll fuck him in the farmyard, holding onto that blonde hair.” “You are out of your mind,” War Machine told them both. “Thor can choose for himself who he wants. And you both know that I am packing a good twelve inches. Why did you think Tony had to keep creating new suits for me?” “You must all step aside,” a voice interrupted their discussion. They all turned to see Heimdall, the all-seeing Norse God enter. “I have seen all and I have a good two inches on all of you.” “God damn these Gods,” Falcon muttered. “We Asgardians have long had a tradition mersin escort of taking a lover when we go to war, to fight alongside. Imagine what Thor and I can accompany together when I can give him what he truly needs. Only I know how to treat him like the Warrior Princess he is.” Black Panther looked like he was about to dispute the fact before he shrugged. “It’s not like there aren’t lots of other white boy Avengers to plough.” “That’s true brother,” Falcon agreed. “If you’re heading my way we can all take turns on the Cap’n America ride. He’s been texting me pics of his booty all morning.” “Only if we can get all three of us in him at once,” War Machine declared. “Two in his arse and one down his throat. Dammit he sounds so fuckin’ sexy when he moans. Course he’s got that whole white boy fantasy of black cocks going on. Bit of a stereotype but we all prove it right. Why shouldn’t the little blondey worship real men?” “You boys ever put a collar on him?” Falcon asked. “Man I did that one time and he sat at my feet, bare-arsed naked and sucked me and my boy’s cocks for the entire Superbowl.” “Too much talking. Time for action,” declared Black Panther, and they all headed off to relieve their cum on the original of Avengers. Heimall waited for them all to leave. He kept his eye on the screen, watching as Thor now knelt on the floor, his beautiful round arse bouncing up and down as he licked up the remaining gamma cum from the bowl. Heimall could feel himself harden as he watched. Thor had been an arrogant princeling all his years. A constant annoyance to Heimall and his job to manage the Bifrost back on Asgard. There was not a chance that Thor had ever respected him, or his job. Thor had only respected his own desires. When Banner had summoned him with Thor’s news, he had originally thought of revenge. A chance to humiliate Thor, fucking him like a bitch in front of every Asgardian he could summon. Making everyone see that the arrogant princeling was just a boy. A little boy with a willy that can’t even get hard. But on seeing him here, he realised that something very different was going on. And it made him harder than ever. “So you think you can satisfy him?” Doctor Banner said, walking into the room, having shed the Smart Hulk. “Of course Doctor,” Heimall nodded. “I will not only give him what he needs, but I will give him purpose. And together we will be unstoppable. You’ve seen Thor in action before. Can you not imagine how powerful he will be when he knows he has this to come home to?” And Heimall softly stroked his 14 inch cock. “Now, would you mind giving him this to wear?” And he handed over what he had escort mersin been carrying. Banner smiled and took the package. “Of course.” The gamma-induced cum had quite the flavour to it, that Thor was almost quite sorry when he had finished it. But Banner had warned him that he would feel sleepy afterwards, so he got into the bath that was waiting for him for a quick bath. As the water lapped over his nipples he shivered. The gamma was supposed to give him his old body back and Thor was delighted in that. But something made him regret losing his curvy arse and titties. They had been fun. Oh well, Thor decided, as he got back into bed and slipped towards sleep. Life was full of changes. Thor woke several hours later, feeling greatly refreshed. His first action was to slide his hand down and touch his hole. It was a little wider than he remembered it — that could hardly be a surprise — but just the touch made him wonder when another cock would be in his cunt. There was a floor-to-ceiling mirror in the suite and he stood in front, admiring himself. It was true most of his muscles had returned. His biceps were huge and firm, his legs as solid as tree trunks, his abs cut and defined. These were all great, as if all the training he had done had suddenly kicked into gear. But he was delighted to see that while rock-solid, his arse had retained that juicy, bouncy quality it had when he’d put on weight. And his pecs. Well… they were firm, but his nipples were still big and just cupping them in his hands felt satisfying. He gave one a slight slap and he felt pleasure pulsate through him. His cock and balls were still there, but Banner had been right. They had not grown at all. If anything they looked like they had shrunk further, to about two inches. “That Banner is a genius,” Thor smirked. “I am beautiful. Stunning. A God!” He flexed in front of the mirror. He had never felt so beautiful. He turned his back to the mirror and put his head between his legs, he grinned as he looked through his legs. His hole was puffy and pink, it was so sweet it needed to be touched. He slipped a finger around and started to touch it. Damn it was fine. “I need to go and thank him,” Thor announced, though his mind was already back on how he might get some dick. He noticed there was a robe hanging up so he reached for it, deciding that he probably should wear some clothes. He slipped into it and was about to leave when he caught himself in the mirror. “This be a maiden’s gown!” He said out loud. “A maiden’s wedding gown.” He gasped a little. He didn’t know what to think. But he did realise it fitted well around his tight waist, and his titties mersin escort bayan and arse looked even better. “My princess,” a deep voice behind him broke his concentration. Thor turned around to see Heimall, guardian of the Bifrost standing in the doorway, stark naked. “My Warrior Princess.” “Heimall,” Thor was surprised and delighted. “What are you doing here?” Thor tried to keep his eyes on his friend’s face, but there was this beautiful, thick cock hanging down between his legs. He’d never thought of Heimall as sexual at all. He was always so serious. “So you found the robe,” Heimall declared as he walked over. Even though Thor was mesmerised by the swaying cock, he also realised how tall Heimall was. How big everything about him was. “The robe?” He asked. “This was you?” “You have been reborn as a Warrior Princess,” Heimall declared. “We will go out into the world and we will be undefeatable. And when we have completed our tasks we will come home and I will pleasure you the way I know you want to be. But in order for that to be, you must become my maiden. So it only be right and fair that you wear a maiden’s robes from now on. I have been gifted you as my wife for my many years of faithful service to the cause.” “You mean to…” Thor stumbled. “You mean to marry me?” Heimall grinned salaciously. “I can tell you see my cock. You desire it, you need it. Do you think there is another man who will give you the pleasure you need?” “I…” Thor was a little lost for words. And that cock just seemed to be growing bigger as time passed. Heimall walked over and lifted up Thor’s robes to expose his tiny cock. “If you were not to be my wife then this little cock would mean you would be demoted. You would have to go back to infants school and wear a little kiddie robe. But all the other infant’s cocks would get hard and grow, while yours would not.” Thor blushed and was aroused at the thought of his little dick in comparison to Heimall’s monster. “You are a fine warrior Thor, and I will make you an even greater one. For when you come home your beautiful blonde cunt will worship my huge black cock. You will cook for your husband, and dance for your husband. You will wear the skimpiest of maiden’s frocks for your husband’s pleasure. And why will you do this? Because my Warrior Princess I promise to fuck you every day. And every night. And each morning you will swallow my load as I eat the breakfast you have made for me. And if you misbehave I will spank that huge arse. But of course I know you will be good and sweet so that will never happen.” Heimall smiled. “Unless you beg me too.” “Ohhhh,” Thor moaned. This sounded too good to be true. “Get down on your knees,” Heimall ordered as he stepped closer. Thor fell to his knees and opened his mouth. Heimall smiled and walked until he straddled Thor, and his cock slid right into his waiting mouth. “My princess,” Heimall declared.