Fate’s Embrace Ch. 09

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Joe decided to head uptown to give notice to his roommates and to pack his stuff. He left a note for Jenny letting her know where he was.

The roommates weren’t particularly happy with his decision, but it helped that he’d withdrawn some cash and paid them a month’s rent and extra for utilities. What they did with his cash wasn’t up to him, not anymore.

Jenny called and Joe met her outside the building, letting her in. She intended to take a shower before helping him with his stuff. Instead it became about making love, beginning with a forceful embrace as if reconnecting after too long an absence, and though it hadn’t been much more than a day, in a way it was reconnection emotionally.

Joe repeated what he’d done the first time, albeit rediscovery rather than discovery, and with a sweaty body instead of a freshly showered one, which Joe didn’t mind in the least, enjoying her slightly salty flavor. Even the slight taste of urine within her pussy just made him feel as if he was tasting her true flavors. But with the flow of juices he brought forth with his tongue that soon disappeared.

He ended up cumming way too soon after entering her, being inside that tight lively orifice, many times better than Gail had felt, and even Carol’s pussy suffered in comparison, though the two earlier cums he’d given her orally made it less of an issue. But she actually had him make up for it, pulling off the condom and flinging it aside and attacking his overly sensitive penis, Joe suffering before thoroughly enjoying her efforts, and once hard again, she rode the covered results, getting off on the ride before moving off him, taking the doggy style position, and letting Joe, in fact enjoying Joe, fuck her to his conclusion selfishly and relentlessly, two more orgasms proof of that enjoyment, and a third when his selfishness became selflessness, continuing to fuck her while his cock kept ejaculating to the last spurt until she too came again.

After, she finally got her shower, Joe joining her in those tight confines. It reminded him, and she also reminded him, to give Mark a call about getting a water heater placed so they could have hot showers at their new home.

Mark ended up picking them up at Joe’s old place, letting Joe put his stuff into Mark’s trunk. The five of them, including Stella and Carol, ended up in Jamaica Queens, eating at a funky Jamaican restaurant where Joe found the jerked chicken absolutely delicious.

“So what’s with the water heater at Carol’s studio,” Joe finally asked Mark at the restaurant.

“Oh that,” Mark muttered.

“Who do I need to fuck to get it replaced?” Joe added.

“Now you’re talking,” Mark perked up.

“Just kidding. I’ll replace the heater if necessary. What’s the issue?”

“That won’t be necessary. It had to do with zoning, the powers that be figuring a full sized heater suggested someone wanting to use the place to live, which was a no no. Thus the ridiculously small one. The resident company kept complaining about the water going cold all the time and the washer never having any hot water and so on and so forth. So when the thing broke down I decided, ‘Fuck them,’ and left it. The company folded not long after, and the whole project never really worked. But getting a practical water heater…”

“Joe and I don’t mind sharing,” Jenny said, making everyone laugh.

“I’ll have it replaced as soon as possible.”

“Thanks,” said Joe.

“But it will cost you,” Mark smirked.

“I’ll pay for it,” Joe muttered.

“Just kidding,” Mark sighed.

“What’s with you?” Joe asked. “You’re rich, have an amazing apartment, any drug some hot boy might want, aren’t fat or ugly. I know you’ve had Giovanni whose better looking and with a better body than I’ll ever have.”

“I like you Joe. I like your company.”

“I’d say we could be friends, but it’s not like we move in the same strata, me a waiter, actually a busboy and dishwasher right now, hanging out in afterhours clubs if I hang out at all, and I imagine your world is all about exclusivity and the elite, only the wealthiest members allowed in, barely noticing the servants serving you unless they have particularly nice butts. But it’s about pillow talk, isn’t it? After fucking some nice boy, what is there to say? Is it really all that lonely at the top?”

“I’m a bottom actually,” Mark snickered.

“Not according to Jenny,” Joe remembered.

“I should scold you Jenny for talking out of turn, but I suppose I deserve that for misinterpreting Joe’s interests.”

“If eryaman escort bayan Jenny hadn’t been there, you would have misinterpreted sooner,” Joe guessed.

“I’m glad she was there,” Stella admitted.

“So you planned on a threesome,” Joe said.

“Glad I could help,” said Jenny. “But if bottom is what I think it is…”

“I do like getting my dick wet first,” Mark confessed. “And as you probably told Joe, I have the dick for it. But in the end so to speak I prefer things in my end. In your case, I’d have had to sneak into Stella’s to grab her strap on shit, and sneaking into Stella’s, I preferred…”

“To fuck me instead,” Joe finished.

Mark shrugged, which ended the conversation, except for Mark needing the last word. “I do have good friends. Not all of us are narcissists.”

Joe agreed silently. Though he figured Mark to be narcissistic, he’d met, thanks to his uncle and the couple cocktail parties he’d attended at his uncle’s cool upstate home, designed obviously with it’s weird angles and its fitting into the lush woods of Croton by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, a few brilliant and rich artists, mostly from the world of film unlike Mark’s probable preferred group of painters, and found them charming, interesting and even interested in his opinion on things.

Everyone enjoyed after dinner weed, passing around a fat joint of strong pot, while driving to the next destination in Long Island, a two story high freestanding building with an elegant façade which housed a strip joint, its appearance justifying the more highfalutin term gentleman’s club.

The dark red curtained entrance area had a glass display case to the right in which a cash register sat. An older raven haired woman whose prodigious breasts suggested she’d once been on stage displaying them, her otherwise svelte body in an elegant albeit body hugging black dress making it obvious the breasts’ augmentation, held an unconvincing smile on a worldly toughened face, her beauty somewhat lessened by the years but still present. A bored looking dark haired man dressed in a ruffled white tuxedo shirt and with a cummerbund matching the dark red of the curtains, despite his modest height, had a thickness to his torso, more at his chest then his belly so all muscle, of an intimidating bouncer, the somewhat flattened nose of an ex-prizefighter furthering the intimidation.

Mark consulted with the woman for longer than just paying the entrance fee would have been expected and ended up handing over a fairly large wad of cash, getting some tickets for his time. Everyone’s hands got stamped with a red logo of the club, but kept in the entrance area while the bouncer disappeared inside. The bouncer opened the curtain for them and they entered the club.

A brunette woman wearing a strapless outfit again the color of the curtains, like a corset but covering her genitals and somewhat her butt, both the upper flesh of breasts and the lower flesh of her butt exposed, Joe imagining the missing bunny tail and ears of a Playboy club obviously an influence. Others wore matching outfits, those carrying trays and the two bartenders, but the majority of the women moving through the dark, elegantly appointed club, wore much less. Barely covered breasts and groins were the norm, and if anywhere else were covered, the fabric was either transparent or netted, effectively the same thing.

The mid-tempo R & B music pulsed, the bass turned high enough to be felt vibrating the floor, and in fact the bass had been what had been heard almost exclusively in the entrance area, and the well-lit stage jutting into the space, a pole at its center, white lights focused downwards and from a forward angle on each side while a spot with a red gel lit the front, held a slim athletic Mulatto woman, her naked breasts surprisingly modest but well-formed and firm, her ass, fully revealed as well although her g-string hid her genitals, even better formed and firm, and she held the audience’s attention with her athletic twirls around the pole.

The hostess led them to a round table near the front of the space, and a similarly dressed blonde arrived soon after for their orders. Tickets paid for the first round. Both Joe and Jenny had their usual gin gimlet. Joe added cash to the tickets when Mark failed to do so.

They hadn’t talked much over the loud music until then, mostly just saying no to a couple of beautiful women with not much on. “So what was the conversation with the woman?” Joe finally asked Mark.

“Finding out about the ankara escort VIP area. It turned out there’s levels of VIP with more privacy and more choices. She seemed reluctant to let me in on the most exclusive until we discovered we had mutual friends. I thought we’d enjoy the atmosphere here first.”

A cute voluptuous blonde had taken the stage, Joe deciding her face was a cross between Joey Heatherton and Marilyn Monroe, but cuter and less beautiful. She had a body seemingly designed for Playboy Magazine, slim, rounded and firm, and knew how to move that body to full affect, both in a teasing sexuality and with a flowing grace. The way she worked the pole had the athleticism of the previous dancer without proclaiming being athletic about it. More it was part of her dance performance.

Joe wanted a closer view and Jenny joined him sitting beside the stage, joining more of the audience there than the previous dancer had generated. Most left ones in front of them with the occasional five. Joe put down twenty and saw its affect, bringing the woman to him soon after she finished teasing the last person. For Joe she removed what remained on her, excluding the barely concealing G-string, and let him feel the soft resilience of her full breast flesh, his mouth near her small semi erect nipples, and moving her ass to close proximity, he could swear he could smell, albeit subtly, a hint of excited pussy.

When she finally moved on, Joe continuing to enjoy her dancing and her direct teasing, Jenny discreetly caressed the results, his building erection.

When the dancer finished, Joe and Jenny returned to the table, fresh drinks on it and a new face: Connie. Like the other dancers roaming the club she had little on, her sleek dark skin lusciously on display. She got up from where she’d sat, where Joe and Jenny had sat. “Ready?” she asked.

Joe enjoyed the movement of her ripe, strong full ass and didn’t even feel shy about staring. After all it was the whole point of the place.

She led them to an old elevator and it suggested what the place had suggested from the start, some turn of the century bordello. One of the tough bouncers, this one adding height to his intimidation, nearly matching Joe’s six and a half feet, used a key to open the door. No other key was needed. A button pressed brought them slowly to the second floor, the only other floor, the door opening to an even darker room with plush furniture of the usual dark red, a couple couches and a couple loveseats, all facing what looked to be a one way mirror looking down on the stage, the music piped in of a lower volume. Low tables placed in front of the furniture allowed Joe to set down his drink. He took the center position on one of the couches and Jenny and Carol surrounded him. Some space between the seating and the tables allowed room for Connie to dance, and when the elevator again opened, the blonde he’d watched earlier, Sue Anne, or Layla in her current role, joined her.

They both moved beautifully, languidly, sensually. Connie had kept what little she wore on until Layla joined her, and they stripped, this time completely naked, sans G-strings. It became a pas de deux, teasingly sexual which became completely sexual with them kissing and hugging, hands moving to asses, fingers sliding between the cheeks and entering pussies.

Meanwhile Mark lit a joint and passed it to the audience and then brought out some coke and passed along the rolled up hundred for each to imbibe the lines. Jenny shook that off and Joe decided to deny it as well.

“Want some privacy?” Layla purred with a distinct Long Island accent.

“You two go ahead,” said Carol, moving to Connie and hugging her. By the time Layla led them away, Stella joined Connie.

Layla opened a door that could barely be discerned from the wall and entered a room filled mostly with a queen sized bed. A bedside table held a bowl filled with condoms. “There’s lubricant and toys in the drawer,” Layla whispered in Joe’s ear. Curious, Joe found two thicknesses of butt plugs, a slim dildo and fur lined handcuffs. He also found a squeeze bottle filled with some perfumed oil along with the KY.

“Is this…?” he started.

“Some girls offer massage,” Layla told him.

Joe smiled and told her, “Lay on your front.”

Jenny laughed. “Maybe you should get naked too, Joe.”

Joe also laughed. “You’re probably right.”

He stripped to his jockeys, deciding to keep them on, and began massaging Layla’s neck, shoulders and back.

By the sincan escort bayan time he reached her ass, he was fully hard, stretching his underpants obscenely. “Let me help you with that,” said Jenny, who had stripped to panties and bra. She lifted the elastic over his cock and negotiated the white fabric over his knees and off, then kneeling over Layla’s waist, bent down and took hold of his cock, bringing it to her mouth. Somehow he managed to work around her, continuing the massage, lingering on the strong, amazing ass, fingers straying to the damp pussy lips on occasion, generating moans, especially when teasing her clit.

When he finally moved to her thighs, Jenny’s mouth and hand remained working his cock, her other hand taking over teasing Layla’s cunt. Things paused when, upon finishing Layla’s calves, Joe came in Jenny’s mouth. Recovering, Joe told Layla, “Turn over,” which she did.

He kneeled beside her, and stroking across her natural yet remarkably resilient breasts began getting him hard again.

Jenny swallowed down most of her drink before moving between Layla’s legs and giving Layla oral pleasure this time.

Joe again worked around his lover when he got to the legs, finishing one leg before going to the other side to work the other. By then he was fully hard again, and as soon as he was done, he grabbed a lubricated condom, rolled it on, and, checking Jenny’s readiness after removing her panties, finding it practically dripping, pushed into that tight hot place. One hand stroked her clit while the other pulled a nipple, changing hands to accommodate both tits.

“Harder,” Jenny growled between sucks of Layla’s quim. Both harder and faster brought forth her orgasm a couple minutes later moments after Layla finally came. “Fuck her Joe,” Jenny commanded.

Joe peeled off the rubber, replacing it with another and let Jenny guide him inside the liveliest pussy he’d ever felt. The woman must have done a lot of Kegel exercises, making a somewhat tight pussy even tighter and a perfect pace, seeming to grip him with each withdrawal. “Sit on my face,” Layla ordered, which Jenny obeyed, hands on tits working the nipples. Joe lifted Layla’s legs, muscled yet layered with softness, her thighs a perfect middle between thick and thin, and pushed them high beside her torso while shifting to kneeling, practically fucking down into her, stroking high enough to let his knob rub across her g spot. By the time he felt his balls urging release, her moans became a sort of keen, telling of her near orgasm, obviously vibrating against Jenny’s clit because she too was near release, and he held back the best he could, cumming a little too early but continuing the fuck until she too came. Joe leaned forward and sucked on Jenny’s clit directly making her cum as well.

“Holy shit,” said Layla once their orgasms waned.

“Yeah,” Jenny agreed, moving off Layla.

“I think I’m in love,” said Layla and all three laughed.

They relaxed together on the bed, all three naked, Joe between the two women, all of them just staring up, when the door opened.

“Hey,” said Carol.

“Did I pass the audition?” Layla grinned.

“Nope, sorry,” Carol chuckled. “How early can you get to my studio tomorrow?”

“Whenever you like.”



Carol left.

“How late are you working?” Jenny asked Layla.

“Two? Maybe earlier if it’s slow.”

“You’ll need to stop at your place at least to get a shower since all we have is a cold shower, but after, you could come sleep with us. Joe and I live pretty much at Carol’s studio. You okay with that Joe?”

“Of course,” Joe said.

“I’d need to get my dance stuff anyway,” Layla said.

They got up and dressed. Jenny handed Layla the key to get in. “There’s a door at the back of the studio,” she told her.

“Thanks,” Layla smiled, shoving the key into her tiny purse stuffed with cash. Joe offered to add more. “It’s okay, Joe. I’ve been paid.”


“Yes it’s mercenary Joe, teasing or fucking for money. But I feel a lot more like Sue Anne right now.”

She gave Joe a small kiss on the lips and Jenny as well, the first one Joe realized. They walked out together.

“Ready?” an impatient looking Mark asked.

“Obviously not full service,” Joe thought to himself. But the man wasn’t alone. Some sharp dressed men had joined them and a couple of the dancers danced naked while one was being pawed by a fat older man while sitting on his lap. She got up and led the man to the vacated room they’d left. Joe wondered about the wet spots they’d left, but noticed an unobtrusive corseted woman leave when the two entered. “Cameras,” Joe thought.

A cab releasing a small group of rowdy collegiate types became available for their journey back to Manhattan.