Father’s day went wrong – personal experience

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Father’s day went wrong – personal experienceFather’s day went wrong – personal experienceI am girl who have tried a few things in life and I will share one of my sex experiences with you people. I will try to do my best writing in English. I hope to reach more people/readers but please don’t judge me if I make too many errors.Well as the title reveals it all happened on Father’s Day. I and three female friends in the age of 19 -20 years old went shopping in the mall. You know typical girl shopping, buying lots of crap that we don’t need, goofing around and talking…..lots of talking. At one time we went to a diner to get something to eat and drink. It was getting late in the evening around 8 and time ran while we were eating, drinking coffee, talking and sharing the latest news and gossip. The conversation subject changed at one point, naturally, to Father’s day presents. One of my friends Anette had bought her father a nice shirt and Linea had bought her father nice whiskey. She said it was nice and that it was rather expensive…. but hey, what do I know about whiskey, nothing ? I hadn’t bought anything cause as everybody around the table knew, I got no father. Then there was Tine. She had bought her father a nice piece of absolutely nothing. I and the other two girls just went “what!?!”. We looked at each other and looked back at Tine. “Why not!?!?” I asked rather irritated. I couldn’t believe how stupid she was. Didn’t she realize how lucky she was to have a father and real nice one by the way? Always there for us girls, especially there for her of course. Always helpful lending us money, letting us borrow his big garden or summer house for parties, lending us a car, picking us up in town late at night while we were piss drunk and so on. She babbled on about him not being her real father and that he only cared about himself, his money, his cars, and his business and so on. And she didn’t want to spend time wandering up and down the halls of the mall thinking about what to buy for him especially when she didn’t know what to buy. Besides, she claimed that he wouldn’t give shit anyway. We girls just sat there utterly shocked. How could she say such bullocks? I could feel the anger rise in me and my blood started to boil but I kept it cool. True he wasn’t her real father but he had been her father and tried the best he could since she was three years old. Given her 100% and everything she wanted even though he stopped seeing her mother two years. Well that’s maybe the problem. She was just sitting there being the spoiled brat she has always been. I really never liked her. She was originally Annette’s friend and it was her that brought Tine into our nice little girl gang. After the brat stopped babbling the odd kind of silence fell around the table. She looked at us like “come on, support me….”. And we looked, I guess, like wtf happened? At least that’s what I felt and Anette and Linea looked like they had the same thought in their heads. But I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to be the “bitch” starting a fight or argument with Tine like I always got blamed for. She was the type who never ever was wrong. But we all knew she was wrong, way wrong. Her father would have loved some appreciation for being a good father. Just for once in his lifetime.After some time of odd silence which felt like minutes or even hours, I faked a call on my phone and left the table. Thinking about what to do. I didn’t want stay here and listen to more crap from Tine. After a couple of minutes I went back to the table and claimed that I had to pick up my sister who had missed the bus downtown. They bought the bait and believed me and thank god they did. The other two girls had shifted side and went into “support mode” to cheer up Tine…..I almost vomited. Typical woman or girl clique behavior.After a very quick “bye bye” I left for the parking cellar to find my car. Once inside my car I sat there for a minute or two. I could still feel the anger. It was not fair. On my way home I drove by a Seven Eleven not far from where I live. I drove by it but regretted, turn my car around and parked at the shop. I went in and used my girl-shopping-sight and bakırköy escort scanned the shop for potential Father’s Day gifts. I was going to buy Kenneth a present and hopefully make Tine the bitch feel sorry and very guilty. But the gift potential in the shop was very lousy. They only had burger, candy, chips, smokes, cheap whisky and so on. Dammit!! I ended up buying some good beers, at least I think they looked cool, and some Al Capone cigarillos and a freaking awesome Zippo lighter with a skull on it. Typical me lol. I paid, jumped in the car and headed towards Kenneth’s house. But on the way I got nervous. Dammit what was I thinking? What would he say and think….that present, that Zippo with the skull and what if the beers tasted like shit….wtf. Oooh no this was bad. But I tried to stay cool and kept reminding myself that it may not be the coolest of presents but it’s the thought that counts. I pulled up the driveway and his big Mercedes was there. So far so good! I jumped out of the car like somebody was chasing me and I rang the doorbell as quickly as I could. Out came Kenneth wearing flip flops, a robe and looked very very surprised. I just exclaimed “Hi happy Father’s day…ehm it’s a shitty present but it’s the thought that counts ey!!”. God damn this couldn’t get any worse. Especially when he looked at me…..then looked around like waiting for something crazy to happen….. or for someone to “shout candid camera”. “Where is Tine, is it only you?” he asked. When he said the name “Tine” it was like a lightning from a clear sky hit me. Suddenly I forgot all about being nervous and I felt the anger again. That anger made me think clear and I took charge. “Can I come in?” I asked and pushed through even before he had a chance to answer. He mumbled “sure” or something, closed the door and followed me into the living room. “I didn’t expect anyone to show up….ehm ehm…this late I was just watching the news and having a cup of coffee….ehm can I get you something?” he asked. “Yeah sure a cup of tea….no no I will have coffee too” I said. I didn’t want to be too difficult knowing he never had t He gave me a cup with a red heart on and poured me some coffee. “How nice of you to think of me and let’s see… what have you bought”, he said and started to open up the plastic bag. I started again thinking oh no oh no….shiiiit!!! But he got super happy literally jumping up from the couch and kissed me on the forehead and I felt my head turning red. He then went babbling on how cool the zippo looked and how good the beers and the cigarillos were. “Thank god I hit bull’s eye after all”, I thought to myself. He knew the cigarillos and beers as good ones. While he was all excited about the present I told him about Tines stupid behavior. I turned out that he was not that surprised after all. And while we sat there chatting and drinking coffee something weird happened. We had been chatting for a while and sometimes Kenneth naturally shifted position I the sofa. Nothing odd about that. I suddenly felt odd!! Sometimes Kenneth shifted position to the edge of the couch and while doing that he unintentionally revealed most of his bare legs. And I caught myself sneak peeking up the robe every time I leaned forward to grab my coffee. I at a point almost choke on the coffee while cursing to myself in my head. Like “wtf are you up to, stop it stop it stop it….. you crazy bitch, he will notice”. He noticed me choking on the coffee, “you ok?”. “Yeah sure sure”…..”Idiot!!” I cursed to myself. But the cursing didn’t help. I couldn’t stop myself. It got worse and worse. He shifted position again this time one leg stretched in the couch and the other bend to the floor. This way, while talking, I could see his stomach go up and down. Every time it went down the rope followed the stomach and made the contours of his dick visible. “OMG OMG!!! STOP STOP STOP!!” I battled inside my head. And sometimes talking to Kenneth I caught myself answering in east and west totally out of context. Pretty pretty awkward and I managed to recover a couple of times but sometimes not that well. Which again made Kenneth look at me beşiktaş escort in an odd way. “I am just getting a bit tired” I tried. “But you don’t seem tried….. Weird”, he said. “A lot of shit happened today…..draining shit” I said. “hmmm ok ok”, he said with the look on his face like wtf is going on with that chick. Then it got worse, he shifted again. This time further out on the edge of the couch and towards me. I seemed like he tried to pay extra attention to me. That was bad very very bad. Because that mad his balls…big balls visible!! The war started again, “omg they look great!!!…..no they don’t, stop looking you slut…but they look so big and full of…Stop it, don’t even think about it!! He will notice your slutty behavior”. I managed to control myself for a few minutes talking to Kenneth staring him in the eyes all the time. We talked about an upcoming fest in his cellar. He has a cool big party area with bar, pool tables, nice furniture and I noticed he had a stripper pole down there too…..stripping…oh no my mind got reminded about the balls and I looked again!! But this time I could also see some of the actual dickhead and dick. I felt my skin in my face getting warm which meant that I started blushing and my nipples started getting stiff. Now I was in trouble. Being a blond white girl meant that I could possible not hide my red cheeks. And especially not my big boobs with the lights turned on. “What could I say as an excuse….what to say, what to say….dammit?”. Kenneth babbling on about his plans for the party and me battling myself….this situation was pretty fucked up. I felt helpless. I made a move towards my coffee trying to act normal and at the same time trying to snap out of my thoughts. It helped until I grabbed my cup and saw something shining in Kenneth’s lap…or near the dick. Quickly I looked down into the coffee, staring like at witch looking into a crystal ball and trying to find something important. But it only lasted a split second. My eyes quickly found Kenneth’s lap again. I had to see what the hell it was down there shining. But I shouldn’t have made that second glance so quickly. This time Kenneth caught me looking. He looked at my eyes, then down into his lap and back into my eyes, “what the hell. What are you looking at?”. “Hole shit, you got a piercing!!” I called out very excited like a little school girl. Kenneth covered himself up in a hurry using his robe and a pillow. He sat there looking at me with wide open eyes like he just had an encounter with a witch, a demon or had seen a ghost. “You eyeballed my dick you little…..little fucking witch!” he partially shouted out. But couldn’t help smiling afterwards because he had heard himself sound like a silly boy from 1st grade and while he saw me sitting there laughing. “I couldn’t help myself” I tried explaining between laughs. “Dammit..how long have you been doing that?” he asked looking me in the eyes. “Weeeell only the last hour or so” I said with a smile. “But don’t worry you don’t have to be shy. You got a nice cock” I said starring him down. And I used the word cock just to sound dirtier aaand kick him a little more. “Stop it stop it what are you on doing”, he said in panic. “I am just being a little dirty and want to have a look at that fat cock” I said teasing him again and thinking to myself “this is fun”. “Nope you can’t” he said trying to be serious. “Well….too late anyway” I said teasingly again. “You haven’t seen all….” “Yes I have” I said cutting him of. “NO” he said seriously. “Yes I saw it the last time we had a party in the garden. I saw you half drunk pulling it out and started watering a little bush”, I said laughing. “You are unbelievable….”Kenneth tried. “Yes yes, I already heard that. So come on let me see it. Your fat pierced cock”, I said smiling and hoping to get look again. At the same time I noticed my plan to mock Kenneth was beginning to backfire. I was starting to get wet in my pussy. So wet it almost felt like I was wearing wet panties. “My cock is not fat. What the hell are you talking about” he finally laughed. “Yes it is…..” While me saying that he opened his beylikdüzü escort rope and revealed his cock. “Such a nice cock! It is fat. Looks like someone took a 25cm big thick cock and made it into a 20’ish….much thicker according to its length” I said liking what I saw. “Is that’s a good or a bad thing?” Kenneth asked smiling proud while showing of his dick. “Good for you, bad for me. I am going to be struggling getting that big cock inside my tiny pussy” I said really wanting that dick now. Kenneth stood there for a while just smiling before saying, “So you want to fuck my cock now?”. “First I want to have a look at that piercing” I said…..Kenneth came over to me and a grabbed the already half stiff cock. The dickhead was huge and I noticed when I wrapped my hand around his cock, his sperm channel was almost as wide as my thumb. Remembering now that I thought about how big a load he would be able to deliver thru that pipe. I remember me starting to have a closer look at that piercing. I had never seen one I real life on a real cock before. I licked it a couple of times. It felt good and exciting. “Does it work, does have an effect while fucking” I asked. “Of course it has an effect. On me and on the girl I am fucking” he said proud. “I guess you use it a lot. Fucking a lot of little young pussies with that pierced rod of yours?” I said looking him horny in the eyes while starting to suck his cock the best I could. It felt so good stretching my lips around that fat cock. I could actually feel the piercing and it made me horny. I sucked and sucked until my mouth got sore and I looked up at Kenneth just standing there smiling at me. “Yes I get to hit some girls but for sure not as young and naughty as you” he said laughing. I stood up took my shirt of, my skirt of, my bra of and while I took my wet panties of he touched and licked my breasts and nipples. When I got my panties of I handed them over to him. Just so he could feel how wet they were. He smiled, sniffed them and said “someone is wet and fired up!! Let me lick your pussy!!”. “No way, I want to fuck that fat cock now” I said and forced him to the couch. While he sat there I started climbing on to him and started to rub my pussy against his dick and dick head. “Just lubing it up before lowering me down and letting it inside me” I said horny and smiling. He smiled while I said “happy father’s day” and forced the cock inside me or so I thought. It wouldn’t go in “dammit” I said loud making Kenneth laugh. “You are tight little girl. We got to work that pussy a little to get it inside”. Then he started doing some magic with his stiff cock and I felt my pussy getting opened. He for sure used his experience and it worked. I could feel the dickhead drilling more and more into my pussy and almost with a “POP” due to the pressure his dickhead got inside. Then he just leaned back and said “Now you do your witchcraft…..little witch” he said horny and with a slight snarl. And then I said “I will take a flight on my flying broom then”. Then I started bouncing up and down making that cock split my pussy. Holy shit it felt good. I got so horny that my wet pussy dripped on his balls and on the couch. At a point I couldn’t go any deeper. I could feel the cockhead ram my uterus with the piercing. That freaking hurt and I screamed but at the same time I couldn’t stop. It simply also felt too good at the same time. I worked harder and harder and also screamed louder and louder. I almost overheard Kenneth saying “Let’s go deeper. I want to fuck you up from behind”. “No way……no way!” I moaned while sweat ran down my chin and dripped on to Kenneth’s chest. Kenneth really wanted to plow me from behind, as he called it, and he took a hold of my long ponytail and yanked me down to stop me from bouncing and make a statement. I just started to roll back and forth on his dick instead making him pissed off. If he want to take me from behind he can do it hard and while angry, I thought to myself while smiling. But BOOM!! The living room door got opened with a huge slam and an angry bitch yelled “WTF!!!!”. I was Tine red in her head from anger. Party over. She of course ruined it all with a lot of yelling and shouting….dammit.So there I was 19 years old riding my friend’s father and his thick pierced cock while she busted in and caught me right in the act :-/ ups.But I got to try the cock again but that’s another story. Hope you enjoyed my story about a true experience of mine.Kiss from Hexia the Witch.