Felicity Fucks Old Taxi Driver

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Felicity Fucks Old Taxi DriverI was at uni on a night out with my housemates… heres what happened.We all went out on the Saturday night for a few drinks and then decided to head to the club. At this point we were all quite drunk except one girl Felicity who was wasted ! Felicity was 19 and dressed like a complete slut wearing a tiny white vest top with no bra and the shortest red kilt/skirt youve ever seen. She topped it off with a pair of red high heels to match the skirt and as she stumbled her way to the club you could see every guys head turn to stare at her arse which was peaking out under the tiny skirt.We got into the club, headed to the bar for drinks and then hit the dance floor. As we all danced i noticed Felicity had met a group of lads and was getting passed around from guy to guy. Clearly the group of lads she had met were having some fun using her as she would grind her ass into them, most would be groping at her tits or holding her ass onto them encouraging her to grind on them harder. Every so often she would get span round and the guys would shove their tongues in her mouth treating her like a real life doll.We decided to go to the bar for one more drink but Felicity and Sarah stayed on the dance floor. After about 20 minutes waiting to get served Sarah showed up saying she lost Felicity in the crowd so we decided to give up on the drinks, go find her and call it a night. After searching the dance floor i found her pressed up against a wall with 2 of the guys from earlier next to her. One had his tongue in her mouth roughly kissing her whilst his hand was under her skirt clearly fingering her. The other stood by the side with his phone out recording it while pawing at her tits through her thin vest top. She was so drunk she was oblivious to the phone or me stood just a few metres away. Suddenly one of the other housemates ran up to the guys and pushed them off her leaving her to slump to the floor too drunk to stand up on her own. We all picked her up and headed for the exit.When outside i managed to flag a taxi down and we all headed home. We were about 5 minutes away when Felicity started to be violently sick and he had to stop the taxi and kick us out. One of the guys lost it and called her a stupid whore for being so drunk and a fight broke out between all the housemates. We all left on foot heading home and the taxi driver said he would bring her the rest of the way as soon as he had cleaned up because Felicity was too drunk to walk the rest of the way especially in those high heels she decided to wear.When home everyone headed to their rooms and the house quickly alanya escort became silent. I decided this would be a good chance to quickly head to Felicity’s room to setup a hidden camera to hopefully get a peek of her getting undressed whilst too drunk to notice anything out the ordinary. About 15 minutes later i heard the noise of the taxi pulling up outside and out stepped Felicity but she quickly fell straight to the floor. After pulling herself up i could see them having a discussion then all of a sudden the taxi driver switched the engine off , got out and locked the car. Without the engine running i could hear the, clearly now. “I have money in my purse” she mumbled as he helped her to the door. As they entered i could hear her heels tapping along the floor, “Wait here, ill get my purse” she drunkly mumbled. He then asked to use the bathroom and i heard her let him in to use her toilet.All was silent for what seemed like forever, surely it didnt take that long for the old man to pee. All of a sudden i could hear a faint noise coming from her room. Surely theyre not….. i thought. The faint noise got louder and clearer and i could hear her moaning from the other side of the wall. My mind raced as i wondered what they were up to in there… suddenly i remembered, the camera ! Whatever was happening behind that wall was being recorded for me to watch and my stomach flipped with excitement. The quiet moans turned to loud groaning and i could hear the sounds of slapping and squealing coming from her room. After about an hour of this all went silent and a few minutes later i heard her door open and the taxi driver leaving. The house was silent again and remained that way till the morning.Around 9:30am i heard her door open as she headed to the main bathroom for a shower. I took this chance to sneak in to her room to grab the camera. As i entered i could see the clothes from the night before in a pile on the floor with her thong buried under them. I picked them up to have a quick look and the thong was clearly covered in the taxi drivers cum. She had let an old man fuck her with no condom and cum in her pussy…. what a complete slut i thought. Then i grabbed the camera and scurried off to my room excited to see what was caught from that night.As the video played i could hardly see anything, there was no lights on and i was worried i had missed my chance. The only bit of light was coming from her TV which she had left on all night (thanks for the electric bill you bitch). I fast forwarded 15minutes in and sat watching as i saw her door open and her point the taxi driver to her toilet. escort alanya She then went and sat on her bed with her phone and a minute later shes passed out lying on her bed still fully dressed. Suddenly the room lights up as the taxi driver opens the bathroom door and the light from there illuminates her clearly for me to see.He approaches her and leans over taking a look to see if shes awake. He puts a hand on her shoulder then rests his arm on her tits, clearly taking it easy incase she wakes up. With no sign of movement he moves his hand down and rubs her tits through the thin top before slowly pulling it down to expose her tits to him. Next he stands up, fumbles around in his pocket then pulls out his phone to begin taking pics of her lying there passed out with her tits on display. Whilst his phones still out he moves his hand down and flips up her tiny skirt to expose her pussy covered by the tiny thong i had discovered earlier. I see him gently move it to the side and know he must now have a clear view of her pussy then he puts his phone back into his pocket and disappears out of frame.2 minutes later he reappears but this time completely naked ! He slowly climbs onto the bed with her and uses 1 hand to get himself off while using the other to rub her tits some more then he lowers his head to them and starts sucking on her nipples. With his mouth now on her tits he slides his free hand down to her pussy and slides a finger into her before i see him pull it away to his mouth to taste her. This carried on a few more times with him tasting her before he then lowered his head to her lips and began to kiss her. It was at this moment i saw one of her legs move slightly and she was clearly coming out of her state of sleep. Next i see her arm move off the bed to push him away but he grabs her arm, pins her to the bed and is now forcefully kissing her shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. As he does this hes now fingering her harder then before and its this point i can hear her start to moan. The dirty slut is clearly loving this moment with a stranger she owes money to and now hes taking payment in a different way.After a few minutes he grabs her hair and stands up on the bed dragging her to her knees infront of him. Still holding her hair i see him pull her face to his erect cock and it disappears straight down her throat. After a few pumps hes got her lips clearly down to his balls and her face is pressed tightly into his groin. Shes moaning and gargling as he begins to use her mouth like a dirty cunt, fucking it roughly and shoving into her throat as deep as he can go. alanya escort bayan He then reaches over flips her tiny kilt up and slaps her hard across her ass causing her to squeal. She pulls away from him and he throws her onto the bed then straddles her face with his knees on her arms pinning them down. He uses his hands to pull her tits out and slides his cock in between them fucking her tits while shes helplessly pinned beneath him. As hes sliding his cock up and down he clearly keeps pushing his ass into her face as she tries to move out the way. He removes a hand from her tits reaches behind grabbing a handful of her hair and then pins her head in place as he lowers his asshole to her mouth. After a short while of her squirming about he finally releases her as she crawls away for air he takes this moment to grab her by the hips, drag her ass up in the air and plows straight into her pussy from behind making her squeal louder ! He picks up his pace and shes clearly getting more and more into it now as she slams her ass back into him moaning louder with every thrust. The onslaught continued for ages and i wondered how her pussy was taking such a beating before he finally slowed down and pulled out. She collapsed onto the bed panting and he clearly had no mercy as he climbs on her, spreads her legs and begins fucking her harder then before. By now all i can see is this taxi drivers body thrusting with her legs over his shoulders still wearing her slutty heels. Her moans get louder then ever as she slams her arms onto the bed gripping onto the bed sheets and screams as she begins to cum. This was clearly too much for the old taxi driver as he grunts and thrusts up deep into her then holds her in place as he collapses on top of her.A minute or two later he lifts himself up and has clearly filled Felicity up without a condom. As he walks off into the bathroom the light hits her again and she looks like a true sex doll lying in her clothes and heels still after being used by this old man. 5-10minutes later the taxi driver leaves the bathroom and is now fully dressed but Felicity is passed out again with his cum still inside her. He walks up and taps her on the shoulder to see if shes awake, pulls his phone out for a few more quick pics of her then as he goes to walk out he stops, turns around and i see him bend over and pick her purse up out her bag. He takes all the notes out of it and leaves never to be seen again. I couldn’t believe my housemate had just kissed 10+ guys, been fingered in the club, thrown up in a taxi, sucked and fucked him as payment but still had the money taken off her for the ride and now is probably having her naked body shown to all the taxi drivers colleagues without her knowing. Just a normal night for this slut i guess.The best bit though… i have a video now of it all to watch over and over again.