Fell in Love with a Girl Ch. 02

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I had Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I smiled at a toddler riding by on a tricycle. I forgot my toothpaste at home. My dad wouldn’t stop singing along to Neil Young in the car. I can’t help but detach myself, momentarily thinking about all these inane, insignificant details about today; how I got here, how I got to this room, how I got to the point of falling in love for the first time in my small little life to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And we’ve only barely finished half a pizza.

But it’s the scent of jasmine in her soft hair that brings me back, it’s her lips, it’s the touch of her tongue against my neck followed by her cool breath that makes my toes curl in my socks. I only hear her say “Watch” as her hands leave my body and begin peeling off her tight, cute t-shirt, revealing her perfect body to me again. She then playfully pulled off her pajama shorts, revealing the fact that not only was she not wearing underwear, but she had a bikini wax in the shape of a small triangle.

“Let me,” she said as she pulled of my shirt. Her hands don’t waste any time as they effortlessly unhooked me. I’m hesitant at first, holding my bra to my modest breasts.

“Please,” she cooed, “I want to kiss them, Francesca. Please.”

My bra fell to the floor as I relented. Her words Ankara escort were like a fragance, a thoughtfully crafted perfume. Each intoxicating plead that left her lips seduced me further and further. Everything was moving so incredibly fast, I was unbecoming the girl I was only a few hours ago. Something about me, something inside me, was changing with every kiss, with every gentle touch. I would do anything for Layla, my body would do anything. I wanted, no, needed… sinfully… so much more of her. I had to have this intense feeling growing inside of me become more. There wasn’t any going back now.

Layla ran her lips just over my collarbone, then down my chest, teasing my lightly freckled skin to the point of near-frustration, before finally kissing me, right over my heart. So perfect.

“Ah,” was all I could manage to say before I found myself biting down on my lower lip, hard, trying to hold in the passion that wanted to escape so badly through my voice. Had my eyes not been closed so tightly, I could’ve seen that she wanted to force it out of me, not just for me, but for her.

“Has anyone ever gone down on you before?” she asked, taking a brief break from sending waves of pleasure throughout my quivering, slender and soft body. “Wait, don’t answer that.” The sly grin on her Ankara escort bayan face said she already knew what I was going to say. She knew I was a virgin, in every sense of the word. She knew I was daddy’s little girl, the late bloomer who had never really been kissed, let alone made love. She read me, she saw right through me. She knew what I wanted and how badly my body ached for it. Layla began lowering herself.

“I…I wanna come sooo bad,” I said like I could almost cry. “I want you to be my first…please.”

She smiled as she lifted my legs by my ankles and slid off my shorts. She started by kissing my calves, then tracing small circles along my inner thigh. She paused momentarily to tease her hair, letting it brush against my body, just before teasing me by kissing down my stomach, stopping just short of where I wanted her. I couldn’t contain myself anymore.

“Layla, oooh god!”

I ran my hands through her silky black hair, pulling gently at first, then harder as her tongue finally teased her way to my clit.

“It’s cute,” she said, again, licking small circles, slow at first, then up and down, faster. One hand was spreading me open for her, while I felt the other one nearing my pussy. I found my hips rocking in rhythm with her licking, getting me wetter than Escort Ankara I’ve ever been with every agonizingly beautiful second. Then, I felt it. I felt her… her finger… push inside of me. Just the tip at first. She was so careful as I felt her press deeper…and deeper… until I felt her completely inside of me. Slowly she withdrew to the fingertip, then slowly again, all the way back in, letting me get used to her length. As my moaning grew louder, she began licking and fingering me harder and faster. I felt a desired second fingertip press up and inside me, and I realized I wasn’t going to last very much longer for my first.

“Tell me when,” she said. As if on cue, I let out a guttural, final moan, making a sound I didn’t know I was capable of. I’m visibly trembling as I have my first real orgasm, my body goes from tense and thrashing and electric to spent in what feels like heaven. Yet Layla keeps licking, cleaning me up of my cum.

“Come here,” I beckoned to her, exhausted as I pull her up to my lips again. I take her hand and begin sucking on her fingers, worshiping them and cherishing them like water in the desert. But she then pulled her hand away, climbing on top of me instead. I know what she wants from me as I feel her start to grind herself into me. I feel how warm she is against me. I kiss her deeply, sucking hard as I can on her tongue, hearing her moan in pain and pleasure as we share my taste. Breathless, I broke our kiss.

“…your turn,” was all I could say as I realized I still had my socks on.