Finishing up with Next Door Neighbor Casey .

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Finishing up with Next Door Neighbor Casey .Pam and Ethan’s sexploits continue… part 12, part 3 of Ethan and Casey”Oh God,” Casey groaned. She was practically sobbing when Ethan rubbed the smooth head of his cock across her wet slit. He eased the head past her pussy lips into her tiny opening. She responded with a deep, primal groan. Ethan held her by her hips and slowly pushed his cock into her.”Uhn… uhn,” she grunted. She was just as tight as the first time. He eased up to give her a moment to catch her breath, then continued.”Oh God. Please. Please,” she pleaded, but he wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to stop or keep going. Since he had already decided he wasn’t going to stop, he forced the rest of his long cock through her tight hole. Her womb wasn’t deep enough to physically take the entire thing, but he pushed it as deep as it would go.He sighed. “You feel so good,” he said. He pulled most of his cock out and pushed it all the way back in. He heard her take a deep breath. She was mumbling something, but he couldn’t tell what.He wanted to fuck her slowly and make this one last a long time. He wanted her to know that sex was something that felt just as good when it was done slowly as when it was done fast.He held his cock inside her and moved it side to side inside her, then pulled it out and shoved it back in again. Casey took another deep, ragged breath. She was moaning and sobbing at the same time.”Please,” she whimpered weakly. “Do it faster. Please.”Ethan grinned. He was glad to know for sure she was enjoying it. However, he denied her the pleasure of pounding her fast and hard and kept his thrusting agonizingly slow. She was wiggling her hips by then and pushing her ass back when he pushed forward. Her head was turned to the side on the pillow. Her hair covered most of her bahis siteleri canlı face, but he could see that her mouth was open and he could hear her soft moans. He could also see a few tears on her cheeks. She also sniffled once in a while. He hoped he wasn’t causing her that much pain. He leaned over her, stroking her back.”Are you okay?” he whispered in her ear. He brushed the hair away from her face.”Yes,” she said, and sniffled. “I feel so happy. I don’t know why.””Do you want me to stop?” His hands enclosed her ribcage and he squeezed her full tits.”Oh no. I want you to do it faster.”Ethan pumped his hips a little bit faster. “Like this?” he said.Casey moaned. “Yes,” she said. “Faster than that.”Ethan thrust even faster. “Does that feel good?” he said. He kissed her shoulders and nibbled the soft flesh on the back of her neck. She shivered and squirmed.”Yes. It does,” she moaned. Her back arched. She was purring like a cat in heat. She shook her hips to feel his cock move inside her. That little motion really turned Ethan on. Casey’s experience was growing in leaps with every moment they spent together. She was an incredible student. He was glad he was the one to be her teacher.He sped up, faster and faster. They were rocking the whole bed. Casey was squealing out loud. Ethan was grunting loudly himself. He had to straighten up and hold her small ass so he could move his hips as fast as she wanted. Casey was clawing at the sheets. He had finally driven her to the point where she was thrashing on the bed. No mater how she moved, though, she could not escape the onslaught of his huge prick, which was wedged into her body like a massive dowel glued into a piece of wood.Ethan knew she was having another orgasm when she started to spout out a long stream of obscenities and casino siteleri screams and shouts. When she finally stopped, Ethan slowed his hips to the original, agonizing grind he was using on her at the start. Casey panted to catch her breath, laying limply on the mattress. Her ass was still stuck up in the air and Ethan still had his prick inside her, but she was no longer moving her ass.He could see she was exhausted. How many times had she cum today? He had cum only twice so far, but Casey was doing pretty good for a girl who was experiencing her sexual awakening in such an illicit, tawdry way.Casey’s weak knees gave out and she slowly collapsed to the bed. As her ass went down, Ethan went with her. He spread his arms on either side of her pillow and set himself on top of her, letting his weight sink his cock into her. His body almost completely covered her small frame. His head was over her head. His warm breath moved the hairs that covered her ear.Casey sighed. She moved her hips and felt the stiffness between her legs. Ethan was moving his hips so gently. She could feel his cock pressing into her, way up inside her body.”Did you do it yet?” she said.”Not yet,” Ethan said. “I wanted to wait for you.” He began to grind his hips in a circle, making his pole churn in and out of her cunt. She grunted and clenched the sheets every time his hips came down and forced his cock into her.”When I cum we’ll be all done,” Ethan said softly.”Do we… uhn… Do we have to be?” Casey moaned.”Yes,” Ethan said. “I think you’ve had plenty for your first time.””What about next time?” She tried to turn her head to look at him.”We’ll have to wait until then,” Ethan said. “But next time, don’t ask your Dad if it’s okay. He doesn’t need to know.”Casey chuckled. “Okay,” she said, then she grunted.Ethan canlı casino pumped his hips harder. He could feel his orgasm approaching fast. He wasn’t going to let up this time. He only wished he was going to fill her with it instead of the condom. Her father would know if he did, of course, when he looked at his daughter’s pussy and saw the cum dripping out.Ethan was pounding his hips harder than ever. Casey was desperately holding on to the edge of the mattress. Ethan groaned when his orgasm peaked, and he started filling the condom in gushes.”Oh my God. I can feel it,” Casey shouted with excitement. Her vagina was so snug around his thick cock she could feel every throb and every pulse of his cum flowing up his shaft into the condom. She could even feel the tip of the rubber swelling up as it rapidly filled to bloating.Ethan’s hips slowed, then stopped and he was lying still on top of her, breathing hard. Occasionally his penis twitched with a spasm and she felt that too. She moved her ass slightly to feel his cock pushing at her insides, wondering what it would feel like if he wasn’t wearing a condom when he came inside her.Ethan stirred. “Don’t get up,” Casey said. “Don’t take it out. Not yet.” She wiggled her hips again. “I like to feel you on top of me.””Okay,” Ethan said and relaxed with a deep sigh. A few minutes later, they came out of Casey’s room, dressed and looking as if nothing unusual had happened at all. Casey walked ahead of Ethan into the living room, where her father was sitting, reading the paper. Somehow, Ethan doubted he had been reading it the whole time.He put down the paper and looked at them.”You were in there for a long time,” he said. “What happened?”Casey sat on the couch in the same spot she had been in when Ethan had his hand down her pants. Ethan remained standing. “I gave him a blowjob,” she said.Mr. Turner’s eyebrows went up. “You did?” he said, sounding like he couldn’t believe it. Casey nodded. He grinned and nodded his head. “I think you’ll do just fine.” He looked up at Ethan, still grinning.