Fire and Filth Ch. 01

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My early summer vacation was about to end. I was on my way back to Punaar, a small town situated south of India. I was an engineering student reading at the Punaar Institute of Technology and Sciences. It was a decent enough college but my purpose in choosing the place was different. In the short period that I had spent in the place, I realised that my academics had very little to offer. The small town had lots of problems which allowed me to fashion plenty of business ventures.

Apart from the handy start-up experiences and a decent amount of cash, the town offered me a lot more. It was a place full of deities and desires.

As I got off the train, I waited for the public bus. I was willing to sacrifice comfort for the live pornography I had on offer. Punaar lived in an extremely hot and humid climate. On this particular day, strong heat waves were flowing. A Punaar local bus meant a lot of standing passengers. Female passengers. Female passengers with their arms lifted up for support. Female passengers in the hot, humid, and blazing heat of the afternoon.

The bus made a squeaking stop. I lifted my duffle bag and managed my way through the packed aisle. The sex ratio of the bus represented the sex ratio of Punaar. One would hardly see a crowd of men in the town, it was largely female dominant. As I made my way deeper into the crowd I could smell a mixture of female odour, sweat, worn-off deodorant, musky smell of clothes wet with perspiration, and pheromones. The air around me was moist and warm. The bus was packed with a variety of standing women. They were in sarees, corporate employees in light-coloured cotton shirts buttoned down to allow ventilation, students in school uniforms, maids drenched in sweat irrespective of what they wore. I could see sweat stains on armpits, necklines, on their backs showing the shape of the bra they wore, and for some even a triangle above their butts.

As the next stop arrived I was sandwiched between layers of sweaty ladies. In Front of me stood a tall, thin woman wearing a mustard yellow coloured salwar kameez which made it hard to distinguish if the yellow in her pit stain was from the garment or her filth. As the bus took a sudden jerk she grabbed the support over her head lifting her slender arm. Her strong rose perfume was taken over by her stronger stench that diffused out of her sweaty underarm. Her moist and warm back collided against me as the bus changed speeds. Her jiggling breasts were smaller than the more busty woman standing behind me.

She had a broad build and wore joggers under her tight grey t-shirt. I could see her neck glistening with sweat which made me curious about the altındağ escort intensity of wetness of her armpits. The slender woman in front of me held her hair which was tied into a thick braid and put it over her shoulder allowing the back of her neck some ventilation. I felt a hot and humid wave of air that had the aroma of body oil, unwashed hair, and sweat. Trying to get more of the tempting stink I took a deep breath. After a couple of sniffs, the odour turned into the smell of sweaty socks. Instinctively, I turned around to see the other woman scratching the shin of one leg with a shoe off from the other.

“I am sorry! I know I stink.” she said apologetically “It’s been an extremely hot day.”

“It’s alright.” I said, smiling back nervously.

“I feel so sticky and scratchy!” she said with a disgusted look on her shining face, not expecting a reply.

The bus took a sudden turn and her shoe slid under the seat beside me. My duffle blocked access to retrieve it. The young lady looked at me with expectant eyes.

“I got it.” I said kneeling on the floor. The new altitude enabled me to notice large patches of sweat on her thick thighs. I could smell the odour of her sock even better now which she made no effort in concealing. I could feel the bulge under my pants grow. I bent down to see the shoe just near the edge. I had no intentions of returning it soon. I got under the seat where no eye could see what I was doing, pretending to grab it from deep inside. I applied pressure on the sole of her shoe and sweat started seeping out of it. The pungent and acidic smell infused with the material of her shoe was very pleasant. After a short delay, I pulled it back out and slid the shoe back near her leg.

While I was getting up the bus jerked again. Her stubbly and sweaty armpit came inches to my face as she leaned forward. I saw the dark patch of pit stain which was wetter than her dark glistening armpits. “Thank you.. ” she said with an embarrassed smile on her face.

With my hands inside my pocket, I said “No problem.”

One of the greatest things about having an average-sized penis is that no one notices it if tucked well under.

As the next stop arrived, the pair of ladies around me were swapped by another whom I saw more regularly on the bus. This was the first time they stood close to me. One of them was a pretty girl wearing a white full-sleeved shirt that brilliantly fit her well-maintained hourglass body. The top three buttons of her shirt were undone which made her pink bra visible. One could see the whole of it through her thin cotton fabric damp with her sweat. Judging from her ankara anal yapan escort cleavage, it seemed like she was wearing a cup size down to flaunt her protruding bust and call attention. Sweat running down from her glistening neck pooled in her prominent collar bones and between her creamy white tits.

Below the moist shirt, she wore a thick cotton skirt on her thin waist that barely covered her knees. Her cheeks had a gorgeous sheen from the sweat and oil from her face. Her hair was tied in a tight ponytail and I could see the sweat on her hairline dampening strands of her hair. Beside me, stood her slender friend, dressed in the same uniform, with all buttons on. Unlike her friend, she had a flat chest. Her body seemed equally well-maintained. She had what looked like 3-inch long extension nails, painted bright red. She had a faint golden eye shadow on her eyelids accompanied by eyeliner that extended slightly outwards. The eyeliner was a little smudgy from her sweat. She had her hair tied into a careful bun. Her long neck was covered in beads of perspiration.

The busty girl started fanning her shining, rosy cheeks and exhaled deeply. Irritation from the heat was visible in her squeezed eyebrows. This time the bus was so packed that the two hotties had to squeeze me in between them to make space.

As the bus started to move, the girl with the pink bra raised her arm for support. Her armpit had a tiny oval wet spot and closeness to that made my tucked dick pop out again. It pocked right at her long slender leg. With a surprised look on her face, she looked at my raging hard-on. I felt dead from inside. Her reaction that followed was one that I didn’t expect. She smirked at me and brought her armpit even closer to me. It was an intense, warm, and feminine odour. She had no deodorant on. She felt me getting harder. Meanwhile, her friend who noticed everything deliberately made her chest touch my back. Her sheer shirt and bra made me feel her hardening nipples. The busty pulled her shirt down, pretending to ventilate herself, inviting me for a better look at her milky, shining boobs.

The bus came to a halt. The girls stopped the teasing and started to get down after making brief eye contact with me one by one, with a residual smile on their faces from the short teasing session. I followed them as it was my stop too. Three of us stood alone, as the bus went away. The afternoon road was deserted. The two hotties looked at me intently.

“Hot day, huh?” said the busty girl, striking a conversation with me acting as if we were friends from the past. I could only stay dumb still recovering ankara escort from the shock of what happened.

“I am Malika by the way, and this is my good friend Karishma.” she continued, extending her hand forward. I grabbed her sweaty palm and shook it nervously followed by Karishma’s firm handshake.

“You seem to like my armpits.” said Malika without a filter, giggling. My face turned red and my heart skipped a beat.

“I think it’s your sweat, bitch” added her lean friend looking at me with her hands folded.

“Then I think he will enjoy this too.” said Malika swiftly raising her friend’s arm. I saw a huge sweat patch on her armpit which made the thin material of her uniform translucent.

“Bitch!” scolded Karishma as her friend burst into laughter.

Karishma looked at my still raging boner and smiled to herself.

“I can bet you are thinking about a threesome with us.” she said, being straightforward. I could feel my heartbeat pace up. All I could do was say a delayed no. She couldn’t be more right, I thought to myself.

Her friend barged in, in protest. ” Are you telling me that you are not thinking about sucking my sweaty tits while this bitch sucks your dick with her hands over her head, showing you her stinky, sweaty armpits?” She said each word close to my face, syllable-by-syllable with special emphasis on ‘sweaty’,’ tits’, and ‘stinky’.

I was stunned by the filthy statement and my heart started racing faster than I had ever felt. The increased blood flow was visible in the bulge of my pants. The duo started laughing again.

Unsure about what to do, I lied “I don’t mean to..” when all I could think of was sucking their armpits and banging them.

“You wanna know a little secret? ” said Malika looking at her friend with knowing eyes. “My slut friend here has a nasty fetish of getting molested and raped.” she said, whispering into my ear.

I was numb. My boner became harder and I could feel my precum ooze out.

“Shut your whore-mouth bitch!” said Karishma neither agreeing nor disagreeing with her friend, no longer making eye contact with me.

The busty dirty- talker burst into laughter for the second time, degrading her hot friend more.

Karishma turned away from the conversation with narrowed eyes aimed at her friend, which showed her brilliant eye shadow more prominently. Malika smiled looking at me, ignoring her.

“You are useful,” she said looking down at my boner, “and I know you want to use her.”, she added seductively.

I could only stand quietly.

She kept her brown eyes locked with mine as she ran her index finger across her sweat-covered chest covering her finger with it. She then slowly raised her finger and smeared her godly sweat on my lips before pushing her finger into my mouth that offered no resistance.

“See you soon.” she said, pulling her finger back.

She walked off to join her friend who was further away, after winking at me over her shoulder.