First Anal Sex

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First Anal SexA couple of years ago hubby & I booked a week in a hotel in Fuerteventura called The Elba Sara. It is one of the times we can play catch up as normally we are both very busy. What I am really talking about here is to spice things up a bit. On arrival it was blatantly obvious that one of the young trainee managers José (not his real name) was quite interested in me & paid me a little extra attention. Over the first few days José made a point of seeking us out for a chat & on one evening sorted us out with a good bottle of wine in the restaurant as a gift from him. Near the end of the week after a night out we were a bit peckish & visited the burger joint across the road, reached by an underpass, on the way back hubby started to feel my tits & pussy under my flimsy strappy top, I done that woman thing of whipping the bra off & let him have a good go at my now exposed tits. In a flash his hand was bornova escort up my short denim shirt & his hand down my thong panties feeling my now moist pussy. We were like two teenagers. I decided to take the thongs off also & we went back to the hotel It was naughty walking through the busy lobby with erect nipples & going commando. Tame I know. On the penultimate night again we went to the burger joint but as we were leaving the lobby José caught up with us & came with us as it was his break, or so he said. Away we went & had something to eat, on the way back hubby told José whet I had done the previous time I was in the underpass. I did not have much on this time either & José mumbled something like “don’t let me stop you, go ahead, I would like to see that” Hubby brazenly pulled my top down a bit & threw the lips on me in a passionate kiss. I had consumed rather a lot of escort bornova Jack Daniels & inhibitions were well & truly out the window so again I whipped off the bra & there I was like a $10 hooker in an underpass with my tits out & to be honest I did not care a jot, it was slutty but good fun. Hubby reached down & put his hand up my short skirt & down the front of my panties rubbing my clit which had popped. Next thing José put his hands on my tits & started coping a feel, it was not long before their hands were everywhere. We heard voices & moved along the underpass to the hotel where José went to the desk & spoke to the staff on duty there. The three of us went to the top floor in the lift where I was “man handled” again. Straight through the door into the room & hubby up on to the bed. I got on there also & started a sloppy blow job, my heels were out over the bottom of the bed bornova escort bayan & I could hear José fumbling about with something on the dress out. Then I felt what I assumed to be after sun cream being squirted over my ass & pussy, I just thought “why not” then I felt a finger go into my arse, but it was OK then a bigger finger then another, then I could feel José position himself behind me & that was it, I was sucking hubby’s cock “&” getting fucked up the arse. This went on for what seemed about 5 minutes but probably was not as long & I knew José was about to crack his nut then boom, he shot his load up my arse. Hubby wanted to change positions so José got on the bed & hubby got behind me, he however started to pussy fuck me, to be honest I was not that keen to suck José’s cock after it had been up my arse so I just wanked him until I could feel hubby about to explode. To help him along I put my hand down below me & cupped & squeezed his big ball bag then he shot his man juice up me as well. Then Josee made rather lame excuses & wanted to leave. After he had gone I told hubby that he was up my arse, for the rest of the holiday that is the only hole hubby was interested in LOL.