First Bisexual Experience

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It all started innocently enough.

My friend Dave and I were left to fend for ourselves while our wives went on a spa weekend. We had been both been married for more than a couple of decades and had very positive and healthy marriages. As a part of that, our sex lives were fulfilling.

Our wives left midday on Friday. Dave and I decided to go to a sports bar for an early dinner. There were some good games on, our teams won, and we had a good time. Around 7:30 PM, we were ready to go. Dave looked at me with a sheepish grin and asked if I wanted to go to local strip club. In my younger days I had gone to strip clubs and never found them to be very erotic or even sexual. I decided “what the heck” let’s go check it out.

We lasted a little more than 20 minutes. The girls and women were attractive to various degrees. While they acted sexual, it didn’t feel very sexual, maybe because of the impersonal nature of it all.

We went back to my house where Dave was going to spend the night since we had a very early morning tennis match. Having been in the sexual environment when we got back to my house, we got into the subject of our sex lives. Dave said that their sex lives had actually gotten better over the years. I asked him what they were doing that enabled them to improve their sex lives over the last couple of decades. His answer was somewhat cryptic, “we expanded our boundaries and tried some new stuff.” By the way he answered it, I was not comfortable asking for more information.

We had a good vigorous casino oyna workout in the tennis match the next day. We got back in showered and dressed very casually. He had showered first so after I showered I came downstairs and he was laying on the couch relaxing.

I sat down on the floor near him. For some reason, I asked him if expanding his boundaries had included new erogenous zones for him. As background, my nipples are very, very sensitive and are always an integral part of climaxing for me.

He responded rather simply, “not really.”

I spontaneously reached out and lightly touched his left nipple through his blue T-shirt. He slowly turned his head and looked at me a bit puzzled. I then started lightly rubbing the tip of his nipple. I said, “does that feel good?” He nodded his head. I took this as permission to go further.

I started increasing the pressure in circular motion on his left nipple. He closed his eyes. I got up on my knees and used both hands to play with his left and right nipple. It was clear that he was feeling good. I circled his nipples slowly and with modest pressure.

I wanted more so I got up on my knees and pulled his T-shirt up to resume massaging his nipples. His eyes opened and our eyes connected as I lowered my mouth onto his left nipple. Just before I got there, he closed his eyes again. I now started licking the tip of his left nipple vigorously and with a bit of a lust as I also continued to play with his right nipple. He arched his back and gave a slight groan.

canlı casino With this modest encouragement, I continue to stimulate both nipples. His breathing became more rapid. I cast a glance towards his crotch and saw that he was clearly turned on. It looked like his cock was wanting to be released. I stopped playing with his right nipple and slowly lowered my hand until I could feel his cock underneath his shorts. It was harder than hard. I continue to lick and suck his left nipple while my other hand gently massaged his cock.

When I stoped licking his nipple, his eyes opened as if to say, “please don’t stop.” His eyes saw me shifting to undo his belt and open the zipper on his shorts. He closed his eyes again somehow knowing what was about to happen.

I pulled his shorts down ? he raised his hips to help me. I then pulled his underwear down very slowly and his cock sprang out as if on a super strong spring. What a sight it was!

I resumed sucking and licking his left nipple while my other hand stroked his cock and balls. By now he was raising his hips and making sounds that clearly indicated he was enjoying this very much.

All of a sudden I stopped licking his nipple and playing with his cock. His eyes opened. I stood up and moved to my right. I took my T-shirt off. I stripped my shorts off revealing a clock that was also rock hard.

I took his hand and put it on my cock which was just inches from his face. He started slowly stroking and it felt so good. I moved my cock closer to his face and kaçak casino he leaned over and gave it a quick click, tasting my pre-cum which was oozing out of my cock. He continued to stroke my cock and looking at it intently. I resumed stroking his cock with my left hand. We did this for several minutes.

I wanted more. I got back on my knees and went back to his cock and balls. I started licking and sucking his cock. I licked his balls while I stroked his cock. I was intent on making him climax in my mouth. While I had never experienced anything like this, I fantasized about sucking a guy who would climax in my mouth.

I listened very closely to his reactions to every move I made. I did those things that got the most positive reaction from him. He was raising his hips and thrusting his cock my way. I increased the pace and knew what was coming my way. He exploded in my mouth in several spurts. My tongue swirled every ounce of his cum in my mouth. I kept stroking his cock and milking everything I could suck from him. Gradually, I slowed down and just held his cock in my hand. He opened his eyes, and I gave him one of the biggest smiles of ever given anyone.

We sat together for about half an hour. I would occasionally lightly touching nipple or his balls. He reached out and lightly played with my nipples. He got down on the floor pushed me into laying down on my back position. He started licking my nipples like I had demonstrated for him. This sent me into hyper turned on. He learned quickly and my nipples were alive with excitement. I started stroking my cock and very quickly came as he was sucking my nipples. Wow was that good!

This was our first ever bi experience and we both knew it would not be the last–and it was not!