First Date

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First DateOut of the blue, I got a call from an old c***dhood friend. Our little band of misfits grew up together exploring the woods, the creek, heading across cow fields, getting chased by the bulls but we had not spoken in about 30 years. He had seen my picture on Facebook and mentioned how the little filly he remembered had developed into a beauty. He wanted to know if he could buy me a drink sometime and catch up. I was still really self-conscious about how Iooked regardless of all the positive feedback I had gotten from my posts… Some of you know, since I have told several you I just am not ready to meet up, but….I agreed thinking that it would be great to hang out and really that would be all it was. I just could never really see him as more than a friend. In addition, although I found myself horny pretty much all day every day, as I said I was just not ready to be intimate face to face. My plan was to let him down gently preserving our friendship, but letting him know I just didn’t see him that way. Turns out he had a plan as well and he was much better at this than me. I finally kocaeli escort found some free time and called him asking what he wanted to do. He told me he really didn’t want to do the whole bar scene and asked if we could maybe just go diving down some of the dirt roads where we grew up and reminisce. My first thought was are you crazy, you barely know him anymore, yet somehow, I allowed him to talk me into this… I mean I did know him, I was even the babysitter once lol… Even though he was only 18 months younger. We stopped, got some beers and headed off to familiar stomping grounds. We spent some time chatting about our current lives, he told me about the renovation project he was working on, a 3 story cabin on the river. I asked him if he would show it to me and he said sure. It was very odd, so many of the dirt roads leading down to the river where we had spent so much of our youth were all paved over now. As we pulled up to a stop sign, I turned towards him to say that and he caught me completely off guard with a kiss. His lips were soft but aggressive and konya escort despite my feelings I felt my body immediately respond. Before I could even think I was kissing him back, heat spreading, heart rate increasing, and soft moans escaping. He stopped and asked if this was ok, knowing it was, but playing his role as a southern gentleman expertly. Blushing, I said it was unexpected but nice. He rounded the corner and pulled in to a place that rents tubes to float down the river. It was late and dark and we were completely alone. He put his truck in park, clearing off the center console separating us in his truck, then leaned over and grabbed me around the waist sliding me close to him. I let him. He started kissing me again and when his hand started traveling down my side, I didn’t stop it. Slowly I felt his hand move to my rib cage. My arousal grew, and when he slid it up and began cupping my breast, i couldn’t help but moan louder this time. He used his fingers to trace the neckline of my pretty low cut blouse, slipping his fingers inside tracing my bra, pulling escort bayan it away from my skin, reaching inside pulling my breast free. My breathing sped up, i was softly moaning. He bent down and started sucking my breast around the nipple at first, then gently on the nipple, then with more force. I gasped and moaned louder.Using his tongue to flick the nipple, he began sucking it hard… My hips flexed, my pussy jumped, and I could feel myself getting wetter. Every part of me wanted this. He slid both hands up into my hair and holding my head kissed me hard, then pulled back and looked deeply in my eyes. He told me he wanted me, and asked if I wanted him too. I told him I did but I shouldn’t. This was wrong, I’m a mom. He smiled and told me none of this was wrong. He asked me how long it had been since I had been out on a date. Embarrassed, I admitted this was my first since my divorce. Looking deep into my eyes, he said softly, God, you are beautiful, I am honored and kissed me again. Stroking my face gently, he said this is just two friends finding pleasure together, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this but the decision is yours. Withdrawing he asked if I still wanted to see the cabin he was working on. I knew at that moment, that I was really deciding if I would let him continue or not. I nodded and said yes, I would like that. To be continued…