First time

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First timeContinuing with my life stories, this recounts my very first man. I was still a teenager and still at school. Those were mere technicalities and certainly had no bearing on my libido and overwhelming desire to experience a man for the first time.I had heard through various sources and local papers that there was an increasing issue with gay men cruising in a certain park in my town. I had to find out more. One day I told my parents that I was staying late at school to catch up on some homework. This gave me the opportunity to check this park out, plan my strategy and eye the talent that may be lurking.When I arrived at the park it wasn’t immediately obvious where this “action” is or would take place. I wandered back and forth looking for places that may seem likely. I had been there about 30 minutes when it dawned on me that I had seen a few men more than once. In fact one man I had walked past at least 3 times. I decided that I should keep my eye on him and see where he went. It was then I noticed a copse of trees, very dense, with a little path leading into them. Upon further investigation there was a small brick building hidden in amongst the trees. I later learned this was an old air raid shelter and was where it all happened.So I had found the place, all I needed now was an opportunity for ”Nicola” to visit. It wasn’t long until that chance arrived. It was a Saturday evening, my parents were going out for the evening with my aunt and uncle, and my sister was staying at her friends overnight. I had a bath before they went out, and did what little preparation needed doing at that age. Any time saved now would add to my window of opportunity later on. I had a dildo hidden in my bedroom, so I secreted it into the bathroom with me and prepared myself for what I hoped later would be the real thing. I loved how it felt when it broke through the resistance and slid inside me.My parents left about 6.30 and I estimated that I would have at least 6 hours of free dressing time. They were never back before midnight when they met with my aunt and uncle. Mum didn’t drink but Dad and Uncle Tom never left before closing time, and always had to go back to Tom’s for coffee and a nightcap afterwards. The park was a few miles from my house and although I was now a seasoned outdoor girl, having ventured out a few times by now, I hadn’t yet got the courage to catch a bus fully dressed, especially in the evening. I therefore decided that I would do as much as I could at home, and leave the finishing touches for a place nearer the park.I decided on a lovely little tartan mini kilt of my sisters, tight fitting black roll neck skinny rib jumper, very sheer nude tights and knee length boots with a 3 inch heel. Underneath I would wear matching lace black knickers and bra. I put the underwear and tights on, popped the rest into a small bag along with my make-up, handbag and jewellery and went off to get the bus. I had an old jumper and scruffy track bottoms over the top and plimsolls on my feet.It wasn’t long until I was walking along the road to the park. I was so excited but apprehensive too. I wanted to feel a man inside me, and was determined to do so tonight. I had used my dildo many times, but surely that is no substitute for a real cock ? It was then that I walked past one of the new automated public toilets that had recently been installed around the town. They gave you up to 15 minutes locked bahis şirketleri in your own little capsule. Plenty of time for me to finish getting myself ready. I popped my 10p piece into the slot and the door slid open with a whooshing sound like some sort of spaceship. Once inside I pushed the close button and quickly started to change. On with my top, in with my chicken fillet bra inserts, slid into my skirt and slipped into my boots. Then time for my make-up, foundation, blusher, eye liner, a little eye shadow too, stuck my false nails on, clipped on some earrings and a bracelet. Finally a gorgeous tasting rose coloured lipstick. Looked in the toilet mirror and I thought I looked passable. No, actually I looked great ! My hair was longish and easily styled into a modern day girls style with a bit of teasing and lots of hairspray. Lady Diana would be a good example of the hairstyle I could achieve, only I was a brunette.It was almost dark when I stepped nervously out of the toilet. Once again experiencing the huge adrenalin rush that dressing in public always gives me. Along with the usual feelings that only women’s clothing provides, the feeling of the chill air on your legs and the pull of the bra straps on your shoulders. There was hardly anyone around, so I continued on to the park. Upon arrival I realised how dark it was, there were not many lights along the pathway, and I suddenly became quite scared. I wandered up to the area I had found before, my heels making such a noise on the path, I felt quite self-conscious.I had been lurking around for about 15 minutes, when I suddenly heard a voice behind me. “Are you alright Love ? “ the voice said. I was frozen to the spot, although the voice did sound quite friendly and well spoken. I turned around and there was a man, about 30 years old I guessed , tall , dark haired and reasonably good looking I thought. “Yes, I’m OK” I stammered softly back. “What are you doing here this evening?” he asked. I didn’t really know what to say, and just shrugged my shoulders. He spoke again, “You know what goes on here, don’t you ?”, I nodded a yes in return to his question. “I’m guessing you aren’t all you appear to be, am I right ?” he said. Once again I just nodded in the affirmative. “Well, well, this could be both our lucky nights” he said with a cheeky smile. I felt myself blush uncontrollably.We chatted for a while on a bench. He told me he was recently divorced, bisexual and had only been to the park a couple of times. He had never actually done anything before as most of the people that frequented the place were dirty old men. He was much more attracted to younger more effeminate types. He said that he only lived across the road and asked if I’d feel more comfortable in the safety of his house. I agreed, and while I knew this had its own risks, I thought it better than being named in the local paper for obscene public acts.We walked across the road towards his place, he carried my small clothes bag for me and I slipped my arm through his. It felt lovely being arm in arm with a man, even though he was total stranger. We arrived at his house, it was a lovely very big detached one with a BMW in the drive. He opened the door and ushered me in. I stepped in the hall, the heels of my boots making a lovely click on the wooden flooring as I walked. He led me through to the kitchen, sat me on a stool and offered me a drink. He poured me illegal bahis a Bacardi and Coke. As we sipped our drinks we chatted a little more, although most of the talk was from him, I just nodded, smiled, blushed occasionally and gave one word answers. He then asked me how old I was, I told him 18, I lied. He didn’t question it.After a while he asked if he could sit closer to me. I agreed. He shuffled his kitchen stool right up close to me and put his hand on my thigh. I felt a tingle race through me, this was it, I knew at that point I was going to lose my virginity and it felt right. After foundling my leg for a while he placed his hand on my cheek and guided me in for a kiss. Slowly at first, but gradually the intensity heightened and we were probing each other with our tongues. I had never kissed anyone in this way before, and here I was dressed as a girl kissing a fully grown man, it was wonderful. He took my hand as we kissed and put it gently on the bulge that had appeared in his jeans. This was the first time I had touched another cock, other than mine, and a shiver of excitement and butterflies raced through me.He broke away from our kissing, stood up, took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. We went into a huge bedroom with a massive bed. He lay me down on the bed and laid beside me, we kissed some more. He then jumped up off the bed and went to a next door room. He came back holding a black silky chemise, a pair of black hold-up stockings and a pair of black high heeled court shoes. “These are a few of the things that my ex-wife left behind” He said “She left most of the things that I had bought her as she wanted to completely remove me from her life. I hope the shoes fit, go and try them on”. I took them and went into the en-suite bathroom. I slipped off my skirt, top and boots, stepped into the silk chemise and wriggled into it, lastly sliding the thin spaghetti straps over my shoulders. It fitted perfectly and felt so wonderful. As I slid the hold-ups up my leg they felt so sheer and sexy, and I loved the way the rubbery band at the top gripped my smooth upper thighs. The shoes were very slightly too small, but I managed to squeeze into them and tottered back out in to the bedroom. He was laying on his back, naked with a huge hard-on. He patted the bed next door to him and signalled me to come and lay down again. We kissed again. It was then that the wanton female inside me took over, I broke away from the kiss and started to work my way down his body, kissing his neck, kissing and gently biting his nipples, running my tongue down his chest over his belly button and along the inside of his thighs. Then I looked up and saw right in front of my eyes, his cock, hard, thick, veins throbbing. I took it gently in my hand, watching as my long pink false nails wrapped around the shaft. I slowly started to masturbate him, then licked his shaft and balls, then finally took the head of his cock into my mouth. I could taste the salty pre-cum that had started to ooze out, I lapped it up. Then I started to devour his cock, bobbing up and down as I was learning my trade. I was born to do this, it felt natural and I loved it, and I still do. I could hear him moaning, that indicated to me I was doing a good job. He then pushed my head away from his cock and told me to stop. I looked up wondering why he had stopped me. He looked me straight in the eyes and said “I want to fuck illegal bahis siteleri you Nicola”.He positioned me on my knees at the end of the bed so my legs were just hanging off the edge. He then knelt on the floor behind me, pulled my knickers to one side, and then I could feel his tongue licking and probing my hole. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt before, I was so turned on I started to slowly play with myself through my knickers as he teased and licked my hole. Then I felt the coldness of some lube and a finger slowly and gently started to slip inside me. I was certainly pleased that I had used the dildo earlier. Even so I asked him to be gentle and told him I was still a virgin. That seemed to turn him on even more.He carried on working me with his finger, I winced now and again as he got deeper and as he introduced a second and a third. Soon he removed his fingers and stood up. I felt something much bigger and harder resting at the entrance to my love hole. He leant forward and kissed my neck, whispering to me “Are you ready for this darling ?”. Before I had a chance to answer he held a small bottle under my nose and asked me to breath in. At first I felt nothing, but then a few seconds later a warm feeling completely overwhelmed me, I felt hornier than I’d ever felt before in my life. He gave me another sniff from the bottle, again I felt another huge high. I just turned my head towards him and mouthed the words “Fuck me, I’m ready” .He needed no second invitation. He pulled my knickers down and off of one leg and I felt his hands parting my bum cheeks. His cock then pushed firmly and gently into me as I opened up for him. I felt that slight initial pain, the same as I experience with my dildo, but this time he was in control and his cock was much bigger than my toy. The pain subsided very quickly and the pure pleasure of having my first cock inside me took over. I could feel him filling me with his hardness, inch by inch as he was entering me. Then he stopped pushing, I felt behind and grabbed his thighs to pull him in more but there was no more, I had him all fully inside me. I moved my hand between my legs and grabbed his heavy balls. He moaned as he felt me squeeze them gently. He started to withdraw his cock, right up to the head, then he thrust it back inside me, each time he did this he got faster and harder. He was now fucking me hard, each thrust with more urgency. I was rubbing myself in rhythm to his motion. His breath was getting heavier, and I could feel beads of his sweat falling on my exposed smooth bum cheeks as he held my waist and pounded into me from behind. It seemed like an eternity, it was heaven, I was dressed as a girl being fucked by a man and high on poppers. I had wanted this for so long and now it was happening, I didn’t want it to end. Then I heard him shout “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum……”. I felt his cock tense inside me as it exploded, I could feel his cum warm my insides. Eventually he stopped pumping, his cock still deep inside me. We just stayed still, breathing heavily, his head was resting on my back, below me was a pool of my own cum where I had orgasmed as he came in me. I felt his cock soften and then fall out of me, there was a wetness where his cum had started to leak out of me and down the inside of my thighs and onto the lace top hold-ups. I scooped a little onto my finger and licked it clean, it tasted lovely.He asked me if I had time to stay longer. I did, I still had a least a couple of hours. During the next hours we fucked again. I experienced a man cumming in my mouth for the first time. I was hooked, god I loved sex with a man and that has never changed to this day.