First Time Black

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While surfing the M4M area rooms, week after week, I finally met someone who seemed to be my “type” of guy. However, in chatting with him I discovered we were not compatible to meet, but I asked him about his area experiences. One question I asked was if he had ever gone “black.”

He not only told me about a very pleasurable experience he had with a divorced black guy, but gave me the guy’s screen name, making me promise to never let him know where I got his mane from.

Later that Saturday afternoon I saw “him” on line… S9 (not his real screen name). I introduced myself and explained that I had received his name from someone else on line ant stated that he came highly recommended. He was extremely flattered and never once asked who provided me with his screen name..

He introduced himself as William and asked me of my experiences with guys. I explained that while I enjoy being with women, I also get these urges to meet up with a guy and totally service him orally. I explained that I had experienced a total of two other guys and in both cases orally took care of their needs.

William told me if we met he truly enjoyed being serviced to completion and that he still had some oral areas he wanted to explore. When I asked what he expected of me, he simply said I would have to service him orally, totally and completely. I asked if that meant kissing, as that was one area I had not explored yet and wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. He assured me that kissing would not be necessary.

It was difficult to set a date to meet, with a 40-mile drive in Los Angeles traffic, and both of us facing family commitments. After missing him in Anaheim and not hearing from him for a month, we finally picked a date and time, and I nervously drove an hour to get to his house. Until now the most I had ever done with a black man was to shake his hand… Guys don’t turn me on at all, but it was that mystique of crossing the interracial line intrigued me.

I located his house just as the sun was setting. As instructed, I walked to his door, knocked and walked in. He greeted me wearing a long black silk robe “Hello Bruce, are you ready to do anything I want orally?”

“Yes William, I answered.” He was about 6’ tall, with a nice build, and not bad looking. But I don’t get turned on by a guys looks, I get turned on by his cock…

“Very well Bruce, open my robe, and drop to your knees. You are then my personal slut this evening.”

His words turned me on and sent a chill through my body, and I knew I casino oyna was in for an adventure. He was wearing noting beneath his robe, and his black cock looked huge, at least 6 inches flaccid, and starting to grow.

He turned around and said “Bruce, you want to suck my cock. To earn that right, I’m going to make sure you do everything I want first. Now, stick your tongue up my ass and eat my ass like it was your wife’s pussy.”

This isn’t what I wanted or expected, but he was insistent and I had stated I would do anything orally he asked me to do.

I stuck my face into his ass and began to kiss it, noticing thankfully that he had recently showered. He told me to stop kissing and start licking, and he meant it. My heart was racing and my hands were icy cold. I flicked my tongue on his ass hole, and slowly worked it around and around, until I could get it inside. He made me lick his ass for what seemed like and hour. It may have only been 7 or 8 minutes but it seemed like forever. I wanted to taste his cock and he knew it.

“You lick ass very nicely Bruce, but we need to move on. Now!” he said as he turned around, “Lick and suck my balls, and don’t you dare harm them.”

His black balls were huge, and hairy. I still wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth, but knew he had his own plans for this evening, so I began licking and sucking his balls, one at a time. It would have been impossible to get both in my mouth at the same time because of their size and I wondered how much cum these balls would be pumping out shortly..

“Very good Bruce, “ he said after 10 minutes. “You’re close now to getting my cock in your mouth, but I have one more task for you before you are allowed to suck my cock. You still want to suck my cock, don’t you Bruce?

“Yes William, I will do anything you ask of me orally. I want to suck your cock.”

“And you will suck me to completion won’t you Bruce?”

I hesitated. I was still unsure about going down on guys and swallowing cum, but would do it if told to…

“Bruce, you will not disappoint me. You will swallow anything this 9 inch black cock can delivery, won’t you?”

“Yes William,” I responded, “anything that turns you on orally. That’s what I agreed to.”

We walked back into a master bedroom. He told me he wanted to clean off a bit and told me to get undressed and join him in the shower… which I did.

My eyes focused on his cock, but he wanted me to use the soap on his body, everywhere I had licked, and then he rinsed himself off. canlı casino He shut off the shower and turned around, telling me to get on my knees. Still in the shower I knew this was it… finally I was going to taste his black cock… but he turned around again and told me I had done such a fine job on his ass he wanted me to do it again, only deeper. I did, and loved being degraded by him sucking and licking his freshly washed ass.

He turned around and told me to honor his balls by sucking them again, and I did, knowing that in a few more minutes I would finally get my taste of black cock.

Then he asked me one more time… “Do you really want to suck this cock, and swallow Bruce?”

I was in a trance now and would do anything to suck him, but my knees were starting to tire on the hard tile floor in his shower. He knew he owned me by now and knew exactly what I wanted.

OK, we’ll be here just a few minutes more,” he told me.

“Kiss it Bruce. Don’t suck it yet, just kiss the head. And when you’re finished, open your mouth wide for it Bruce.”

Finally! My mouth moved up to his beautiful cock and I kissed it, then opened my mouth as wide as I could to suck it into my mouth. Just then, I felt a hot flood of liquid filling my mouth and as my brain was cursing him for cumming so quickly. He was telling me to swallow every drop, and I did. After my first swallow I realized it wasn’t cum, but hot golden piss, and he made sure I kept my mouth open. Each time my mouth began to leak his hot, salty urine he told me to swallow.

“Bruce, if you want to taste this cock, you need to work for it. Swallow every single drop and then you can clean off and suck me dry,” he said.

And I did. I felt used and abused. I had done everything I had been told to do, sucked his ass and balls twice and now I had swallowed his piss. A first for me and I felt totally humiliated and degraded. If I didn’t want his cock so badly I would have walked away, but I was his and he knew it.

I cleaned off in the shower, and he gave me some mouth wash before I stepped out of the shower. He was on his bed, his huge cock sticking up like a flagpole.

“OK Bruce, you have finally earned the right to suck my superior black cock. Come and get it slut.”

I dropped between his spread black legs, and started licking his huge cock head, finally tasting what I had been after all day. I licked up and down the shaft, licking his balls and sticking my tongue in his ass occasionally. I was going to truly enjoy myself, after kaçak casino all, I had earned it.

He seemed to last forever, but finally I felt his balls tighten up and heard his gasping. I knew it was time to pull off, I wasn’t ready to totally submit and swallow his cum, but he grabbed the back of my head and made sure it stayed in place as blast after hot blast of his cum filled my mouth. I must have swallowed four times, and licked his cock clean when we were finished.

I had never experienced a night like this before and had finally sucked a black man’s cock.

William told me I had given him one of his best blowjobs ever and said he was going to jump into the shower one more time, asking if I’d like to join him.

Why not… He again asked me to clean his body off with his soap, making me constantly aware that he was in charge.

Bruce, thanks for the blowjob, would you like to kiss this cock one more time today? He asked.

Would I… I was on my knees in a flash ready to kiss his beautiful cock.

“Tell me Bruce, did you enjoy sucking my black cock?”


“Good. I know I am your first black man, and you have fulfilled one of my greatest fantasies. I have always wanted to make a guy drink my piss, and you did. The next time you come over, I want your cherry ass. Do you understand Bruce?”

I wasn’t ready for this and told him I did, as I continued to suck his soft but still very impressive cock. I figured I would just get out of here and probably never come back.

“Good boy Bruce. And you will continue to swallow won’t you Bruce?”

As I started to answer he let loose one more hot stream of his golden piss, telling me to swallow every single drop.

I left fully humiliated, and totally satisfied. I had fulfilled his greatest fantasy and exceeded my expectations about what I could do. I knew he thought I would be back and I did love that marvelous cock… but my cherry, and more golden shower humiliation would not be in my future, I was sure of it.

When I returned home I logged on line to see what had happened in the four hours I had been gone. There was a message from William with an attachment, so I opened it.

“Hello Bruce, thank you for the pleasure you gave me. I know we will be seeing a lot of each other, starting with Wednesday evening at 9:00, when you will be here to present me your cherry ass. Oh, and if you think you can get by without showing up, here are some photo outtakes from the video I secretly taped of you tonight. I know where you work, I know some of the people you work with, and if you don’t want them to see these pictures, I suggest you be on time.”

Looks like I will be headed north after work on Wednesday.