First time Date

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First time DateYou are getting ready for a night out. You have a special guy you’re going out with and you know it’s a blind date. You want to look your best because you’re so horny. You decide on your black satin bra, panties and garter belt set. You have a long bubble bath, taking time to shave so your baby smooth all over. You get out and let your body dry naturally, putting your hair up after drying it. You choose your favorite eye shadow, a smoky purple, and paint your lips a nice red. Your nails are still a nice red from earlier that day. You put on your favourite perfume behind your ears, your wrists, your knees and between your breasts. You pull a soft pair of smoky black stockings up your legs then you put on your garter belt and hook them to the stockings. You slowly pull up your panties and put on your bra. You want to have even more cleavage tonight so before you are done you lean forward and lift your breasts up and towards the center then finish doing up your bra. You feel yourself getting wet and think that this is one lucky guy tonight. You go into your closet and find a nice blouse with a deep plunging neck line and a simple a line skirt. You see a pair of 3 inch pumps in there. There is a knock at your door. Opening the door, you see it’s a handsome man the man of your dreams you walks up to you and asks “Are you Bambi?” You nod not knowing what to say he says, “This is for you.” and hands you a dozen roses with baby breath all done up in a nice bouquet. You walk out and lock the door and stroll down to Dakota’s anadolu yakası escort and have a nice meal. During the night you feel him running his foot up and down your stocking encased leg. You like this so you move beside him and feel his hand on your leg you like how it feels and put your hand on his and slowly move it up your leg and you stop at your panties you feel him slide it to the side and rub it up and down, making you feel the tingle between your legs causing you to become wetter. You turn towards him and kiss him for a few minutes while he keeps rubbing your clit. You feel a small orgasm. You leave the restaurant and go back to your place. When you get there you are not too sure about what should happen. He walks to the door and you say good night and just before you go in you ask him if he would like to come in and have a coffee. You both sit down on the couch and talk you say can you give me a second and let me slip into something more comfortable and go into your bedroom and take off the blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, and put on a silky nighty and redo your make up. You make your lips a bright red your eyes darker and come out of the bedroom and hold the door frame and say, “Well do you like?” You walk over to him sit on his lap and give him a kiss that just about stops his poor heart. You feel him nibble your ear and play with your breasts. You can feel his cock grow under you. he keeps kissing you and playing with your pussy you are getting wetter and wetter ataşehir escort he lays you down on the couch and slowly moves down your body and starts kissing and licking your soft breasts then continues licking one nipple, then the other making you rock hard. He slowly keeps kissing down your body and stops between your legs and kisses your inner thigh and slowly kisses down your legs lots of small kisses when he gets to your foot he kisses each cute toe and then goes to the other foot and starts with each toe and works his way back up the other leg when he gets between your legs he does a slow long lick between your legs and find your clit and flicks it with his tongue making little circles with it as well you feel yourself moan with pleasure. He starts eating you and just enjoy the pure pleasure he also pushes his fingers in and out driving you totally insane. You have your first orgasm then it goes right to your second you hold him there enjoying it and you pull him up to kiss him you two linger in for a long french kiss. He stands up pulling you with him and walks to your bedroom laying you on the bed and joins you. You both start making out and you reach for his fly and pull down his pants and feel his hot, thick, throbbing member. It throbs in your hand as you rub it up and down. Overcome with the knowledge that you want to have him make love to you, you reach into the drawer beside your bed and find a condom. You open it and place it on him. With gentle strokes you plead for him to ümraniye escort make love to you. He crawls between your legs and runs his cock up and down your pussy. You can feel how big he is as he aligns it and slowly pushes it in. You feel his monster cock spread you lips wide as it pushes deeper into you. He does slow strokes pushing it deeper and deeper till he pushes all 9in into you. He gazes into your eyes intently, seeming to stare right into your soul and starts thrusting his cock in and out of you. Your body beings to feel that warm tingling feeling deep in your core, making you think that this is the best fuck you have ever had. You wrap your stocking covered legs around him telling him to go harder and faster. You dig your nails into his back. You can feel him hitting new spots you thought no man could reach. You feel a new orgasm hit. This one make all others look tame in comparison. You moan so loud and can feel him cum at the same time you love the way he just made you cum you tell him “More! I need more!” You two make love till early into the morning. You two fall asleep in his arms in the afternoon you wake up with a cock poking you in the bum you move just a bit and re align it with your pussy and push back you fell that thick cock enter your pussy again, this time you drift off with him in you. You wake an hour later and see he is lying on his back. You look at him and you decide it’s time to wake Mr. Happy up. You go under the blankets and give it a kiss and a few licks. You know he would love a bj but since you have a terrible gage reflex you don’t want to risk it so you keep kissing it licking it like a lolly pop and when it’s hard you straddle him and sink his thick cook deep in your pussy. It feels so good having a man under you and deep inside you. You start bouncing up and down feeling him hit all the wonderful spots.