First Time (in the car) Part 2

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First Time (in the car) Part 2This is part 2 of my last story, my girlfriend played with me this timeAfter fingering my girlfriend for the first time, we kissed goodnight and she went home. (she texted me the next day and said her pussy was sore, but in a good way) That night, I was so horny, I just had to jack myself off before going to bed. I did, giving myself a pretty strong orgasm just thinking about what I just did with her, but it was nothing compared to the one she’d give me the next time we were together…Like our previous encounter, this one also takes place in my car. Even though this time it was my turn, I couldn’t let her touch me without a whole lot of french kissing followed by me sticking my hand down her panties and fingering her. She loved it, but had to actually stop me, it relaxbet güvenilirmi was her turn to play with me and she wanted to… We continued making out, but this time she started to rub my cock over my pants (much like I did with her and still do when we play with each other). I had sent her a pic or two of my member and she commented on how big she thought it was, but she still had yet to actually see it. While she played with me, I also rubbed her tits at the same time over her shirt. Sometimes I like doing that even more than fingering her (without a shirt of course). When I couldn’t take it anymore, I unzipped my pants, and she stuck her hand in and grabbed my throbbing cock. She was mesmerized and couldn’t help saying “It’s so big!”. I can’t say I wasn’t proud. relaxbet yeni giriş She started slowly stroking it and asked me how it felt. I told her it felt great to which she gave me the same mischievous “Yeah?” I got when I first told her how hot I thought it was feeling her soaking wet pussy through her panties. She kept stroking it and asked me “Do you want me to suck it?”, to which I said “Yeah baby”. As good as her jerking my cock felt, I had no idea what to expect when she put her lips around it and started to suck. What I got was a feeling I absolutely loved (and still do). We had told each other before that neither of us had ever done anything sexual with the opposite sex, but if I didn’t know, I would’ve thought she had before. Not only did she suck, she also relaxbet giriş licked up and down the sides and the tip of the head. It was amazing. Something I didn’t tell her at the time is that she wasn’t really grabbing my foreskin which led to my member becoming pretty sore after she jerked it, but she had me going so good that I could barely feel it. It finally got to the point where I was literally squirming with pleasure and moaning probably as loud as she did when I made her cum. I told her “I’m gonna cum baby”. “Yeah?” she asked, to which I returned a very definite “Yeeeeah”. She said “Cum for me” and that was all she wrote. I shot out at least 3 or 4 long ropes of cum and panted myself calm. You’d think after that, I’d be too worn out to do anything, but I grabbed her and brought her in for some frenching that was probably more intense than before we first started. I fingered her a lil’ bit before we kissed goodnight and parted ways. We’ve jacked and jilled a lot since then (among other things), but I’ll always remember our respective first times with one another…