First Vreampie

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First VreampieMy wife (to be) and her sister were in her flat one evening – sister in law’s husband was away on business. As the evening went on we were consuming rather a lot of wine, particularly my wife. The subject came around to adult films and whether they were of benefit to ones sex life. After much debate we agreed that it was a turn on to see someone else having sex in front of you, and that it even opened the opportunity to imagine that you were the other person – being fucked by that guy, licked that women etc. sister-in-law asked whether we had any videos – it was back in the 80’s – and I said I did have a collection, what sort of thing did she want to see? “Oh anything will do’, she said, ‘as long as you think I’d like it!’ The last bit was said with a mischievous look in her eye; I looked across at my wife but she was pouring a glass of wine. I smiled and said I’ll see what I can find. I had a video that featured 2 sisters in one of the scenes and somehow I thought this was what she was after. We were watching avidly, though I think my wife was having some trouble focussing properly by now, I for once had stopped drinking, as had sister-in-law. As things progressed on the TV sister-in-law said, I getting randy watching this, mind if I play with myself? Well I wasn’t going to complain, and before my wife could say anything she had pulled off her pants and tossed them across the room, landing near to me. Come canlı kaçak bahis on then, let’s join in I said to my wife, and pulled her skirt down and then peeled her pants down to reveal her hairy cunt – shaving was the exception then, just catching on in the porn world. sister-in-law, I’ll just call her Julie from now on to make typing easier, smiled and turned opening her legs to show me her even hairier hole. ‘What about you she said?’ ‘Come on, let’s see what he’s got!’ With that the pair of them, laughing, de-baggged me and pulled my pants down to reveal a massive hardon. ‘Mmmn’ said Julie, ‘looks like he’s enjoying himself!’ She then removed her top and bra, letting her big tits hang down for us to see, I removed my shirt and wives top – she had small tits so wasn’t wearing a bra; and we were completely naked sat on the floor, porn action playing on the TV. Whilst my wife replenished her glass of wine I took the opportunity to pick up the pants thrown earlier. They were wet at the crotch and I couldn’t help raise them to my face and sniff then lick them; I noticed Julie had stopped watching the TV and was intently studying my action, as I dropped them in embarrassment, she smiled and returned her gaze to the video. After a little while the scene involving the 2 sisters started. At this my wife exclaimed, ‘So this is what you had in mind you dirty fucker!’ The scene involved the man getting the 2 sisters casino firmalari to lick each other before having sex alternately with him. ‘No, No!’ I said; ‘I wouldn’t expect you do do that’; ‘but it is very hot to watch; ‘Anyway, Julie is wanking over there’, as s*s Julie was indeed, ‘why don’t we have some fun too?’ At once my wife mounted me, reverse cowgirl so she was watching the TV and her sister; whilst my view was somewhat ruined. ‘Don’t let him miss out’, Julie said. and moved her position to face me with her fingers thrusting into her wet cunt hole. After a while my wife stopped, saying she wasn’t feeling well – too much wine ! And got off and went to the bathroom. Quick as a flash Julie was on my cock, licking it and saying how nice it was to taste another girls juices and how hard my cock was. I was so gone by this time I laid her on her back and thrust my cock into her now stretched open and soaking wet cunt hole. I was thrusting into her when my wife returned, I stopped and looked at her; ‘Carry on she said, Julie needs it more than me right now’; at that point the occasion was just to much for me and I ejaculated into my wife’s sisters cunt, as i came she clenched her cunt muscles around me, milking my cock. I pulled out and she went down on me lapping her cream and the remnants of cum from my cock. ‘Mmmn, that was fun, but I would love to eat some more of your cum’. We both looked at my wife, and after casino şirketleri a few second, which seemed an eternity, I asked, ‘Would you eat Juile’s creampie for me?’ Being well gone she surprisingly laughed and said, ‘just this time then!’ Then, to my shock and delight she went down on her sister’s cunt, the cunt I’d just been fucking and came in in front of her and she lapped some cum from her cunt lips. ‘In my mouth’ commanded Julie; and she moved up to kiss her. After a minute or two my wife rolled over and passed out. By this time, and having such a horny show my cock was rock hard again, Julie looked at me and said; ‘Later honey, but first I’m waiting to taste your cum’. She indicated at her gapping hairy cunt hole, ‘Yes’ she said, ‘eat your creampie and share it with me.’ I went down on her, turned on by the kinkiness of the situation, I must admit to having eaten my own cum on a couple of occasions when licking my wife to orgasm after I’d cum first, but this was new. Julie mounted me in a 69 and as I let the cum run into my mouth, she was sucking me running her tongue over the head, it was simply wonderful. I tapped her bottom to let her know I was ready, and she rolled over. I dribbled the cum into her mouth, she smiled and let it run out onto her big tits. ‘lap it up’, she commanded, ‘only this time I want you to swallow it all down like a good boy!’ I did as she ordered, and enjoyed it immensely. We fucked again later, and once again I ate my load from her, straight down this time. This would be the start of something good I thought, though I was a little worried whether she might say anything to her husband. Time proved this not to be a concern.TBC