fishing trip with daddies

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fishing trip with daddiesI am 18 , just turn last week, I work at National park for the whole weekendits a ice job, i go around in my golf cart helping people aroundI was lucky enought to be a fishing guide this summer so i get to fish and dont need to deal with garbage and cleaning of the parkthe group of older mixed guys in their 50s were so cool with me , I spent the day driking beer and fishing with themuntil it was dawn and all 4 were getting a bit drunk and weird with meslapping my little ass in my swimsuit asking me to get more beers i got back with a pack of bottle, giving one to all of themthe leader of the group wanted to set the anchor and have dinner i help him setting up the table and went to prep the dinner with him”here put that appron you gonna help me ”i took it , trying not to show i was shy putting on a bright pink apron with little cup cakes printed all over ithim wearing a Guinness beer apron, giving me food to preparei felt under his coaching and he kept giving little tap on my but every time i listened to his advicei never cooked fishi tried my best but burned the 1st i drop in the oil , too hot and turning black burn in no time”wtf hey boy we caught these be more carefull””you need help focussing on the cooking ””dont stop , you stay right there cooking . i m gonna help you focussing”i had my swimsuit pull down his hands teasing it slapping it telling me to be more careful”what are you doing stop”the vegetale oil in his hand bottle pouring some on my ass feeling so slippery him rubbing my lil pink boy hole”keep cooking , here , this will fit in there so you can focus on your work”and i felt the mettalic thing get in , pushed in place without leaving me a second to react , i was plugged and swimsuit pull back up”now finish this and when your done come tell us ok , be a good boy and dont even ardahan escort think of getting it out ”he left and went back to fishingleaving me all oily plugged feeling confused a grown man using my small pale body like thisi cooked it all and went up feeling so afraid my plug pushing in each step i took , my tight swimsuit boy short moving it in deeper each step he didnt say a word to anyone and they ate talking about their fish fight of the dayi was getting more beer and Frank the leader made sure to slap on my ass feeling my plug and smilling at me still having it deep in me but he said nothing and i was happy he kept it a secretwe ate and they got back to fishing Frank stayed to clean with mei took all the dishes to the sink and started the cleaninghe stood up lock the boat cabin doorand told me he would wash the dish for me turning me around opening the sink cabinet door and pushing me down inside it on all 4 his swimsuit pull down , his nice brown cock out no more place to back off to , seclude in the tight cabinethis cock offered to me ”here your dessert boy, you been a good boy, here you can have my cock”i was made docile and plugged all dinner , my mouth just opened for itand i was tasting his nice cock like it was a candy , a big dessert candy cock for a good boyhe did the dishes , having his cock sucked by the white boy little park worker like it was normal and what i wanted toi ear the cabin door open , frank sliding out quick closin the sink cabinet on me , on total dark on all 4 mouth wet listening to them ”where is our little helper? i need a beer, he lets you do the work?””he is in the bathroom, yes he is a good boy , ill get back up when im done here, here catch this”and i throw him a bud his friend getting back outthe cabinet door opened , light came throught with the artvin escort view of him pulling his cock out againback at sucking on his nice big cock feeling nice he was keeping it a secrethe cum soon after dumping it all in my mouth i felt dirty and full of it , some hitting my face , more dripping on my pink aproni was realesed and finished cleaning , i got up and saw the time, i needed to sail us back to the marinaall the way, throlling and them catching more fish, an hour to think about what he just made me do, his cum down in my belly making me think back to him for the whole way backthey left and thank me for today, asking me what time will we be leaving tomorrowmy room this summer was the small ship cabin, the deck was nice but the bottom was very simple, a kitchen fitting only 4 a small bathroom with a shower in the same space as the toilet bowl and my bed, a small room with only that a bedit was 2am when i ear footstep on the boatthe cabin door opened with frank smilling a bunch of my ship ropes in his handmy bed room door open to the small cabin no escape possible , the older guy closing the cabin door moving to the roomi was begging for him to be gentle him tying up my hands and ankle up to my room ceillinguntil he pull on the rope holding my limbs and made me float up over my bed spread like a star ”lets go for a night sailling , we dont want your coworker earing all the cute sound my cock will make you do ”getting the plug from earlier out of his pants and pushing it in mei coudnt talk, i didnt knew what to say, this was so out of controlhe sail my ship , me swiveling , floating over my bed like a marionette ass plug again by this dominant older guyi ear him stop , set the anchor and get down putting some music ongetting naked all hard looking at his doll floating , ready to be owned escort bayan by him all night if he cared to”here boy , you did a good job today, suck me again”turning my head toward the side , his fat cock feed to me in the middle of the lake , tied up sucking the cock , knowing it just a matter of time before it get in me replacing the plug i could only look at him doing what he wantedhe fucked my mouth deep”such a pretty face, i love how my big cock disappear in your mouth ”making me look up at him smilling fucking me slow and deep in my mouth”you like this cock , its ok we are alone dont be shy”moving to my spread legs , removing the plug, eyes lock together his tip rubbing on my open up pink love canalthe head poping in like a wet pole making its way in mefloating legs spread looking at a older guy pumping in me happy to fuck me with his large tool , watching me moan trying to get use to him i was fuck so well and easy he untied me knowing i was not going to runass up moaning i love his big cock like a slut , no one around told to say loud how i love ityelling on my bed i love cock, him pumping in each time i say it loud and clear knowing this was so wrong but so hot in my little assi was made to crawl on top of the deck like a dog by him in the dark night , naked ass up on the bench of the captain , holding on to the wheel”yes , thats what little white boy love , get this cock in little captain, be a good slut boy and moan on my cock”hard fucked on the seat holding the wheel moaning ”my good little captain , you feel so tight ””daddy fucking up that boy cunt so deep . you so nice and tight””yes moan my little captain, your going nowhere hold the wheel and get daddy cum in you”he pumped in me until i felt dizzy and weak falling of my seat on the deck ass up him pulling me on his cockface down mounted and pounded ass slapped owned and weak pumped open like a bottlea bottle to fill with cum , waiting for it to happenmoaning and helpless taken by this horny older guy until he grunted like a monster, deep pumping hi load in me , all of it down pushed by his relentless cock thrust