for my secret love in pennsylvania

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for my secret love in pennsylvaniaHey babe … I am just lying in my bed, thinking of our sexual attraction for each other. I am so anxious to get to see you again after all this time. To be able to kiss you soft n gentle, yet deep and penetrating. As we pull away from our kiss I feel your hard cock through your pants. I smile because I know this is my hard on that I created. You gasp as I stroke that hard cock and I tell you that I am going to make you cum so hard till our romp is over. You know right away that I mean business and that I am going to start by opening your pants to expose your hard cock as I kneel before you and take it all into my hot mouth. I lick the head gentle and caress your balls n ass hole. You moan with pleasue that you have never felt before now. Putting your hand on the back of my head you hold me still so that you can pump your cock in and out of my face. Till you have it buried deep in my mouth and make me take it deep. You hold still while I swallow your dick easy down my throat. Touching the back of my throat I gag but you make me take what you have. Calling me your little whore I get wet thinking about what you are going to do to my twat. Before you explode in my mouth you pull me off that hard cock and lead me to the bed while I am undressing to expose my huge tits for your examination. Lay me on my back , you bakırköy escort take controll of me now with my nipples in your fingers you rub them hard and pinch them till I wimper with delight . You look into my eyes as I beg you to take me hard. “please fuck my hungry little girl cunt .. please fuck me hard ” you just laugh at my pleading because you know that you have me under your control. I will do what ever it is you command me. You now own me … I am yours…You decide that you don’t want me to talk to you anymore so you place the ball gag in my mouth far back so that I can only moan or cry. I look to you with fear in my eyes for what might happen with me now. My hands are bound to each bed post and my ankles to each at the bottom … Spread eagle makes me so vulnerable and you want to have full advantage of my charms. You slap my tits around hard enough to draw tears to my eyes. I wiggle in the slight pain you cause me. You know this will keep me under your command. All the while you remind me of my station in your life. I am just your cum dump whore …. and I will be given a lot of cum today. You give my tits rest and start to lick my clit, flicking your tongue over it making it stand up hard for you. Now you shove a piece of ginger root in my anus to add to the excitement. It burns beşiktaş escort and you know this is the effect it has on me. While licking and sucking my clit into your mouth I feel your fingers slowly enter my cunt lips one at a time. Going in and out methodically. It makes me moan harder each time, adding another finger it feels so good in my cunt. After a few minutes of fingering me you shove those fingers in my mouth around the gag so I can taste my own juice. I lick fast so that I may get it all before you take it out of my mouth again. Leaving the ginger in my asshole, you continue to lick and finger my twat very deep. I try to resist but I end up rocking on your hand and face. Rubbing my clit against your mouth. You make me cum on your hand.You remove the ginger from my anus and let me rest for a few minutes. This is just the start of a hot after noon fuck fest. You have so much in store for my bald cunt and mouth today.While I am resting I am also blindfolded to not be able to see who comes in and out of our room. I hear you make some phone calls and hear some of the plans. I know that you are going to display me for your friends and let them have their ways with me. One by one they come to the room. The first one licks my twat with a dilo in my ass. He makes me cum hard then takes the gag beylikdüzü escort away so he can fuck my mouth. He really fucks it hard untill he shoots a hot load all over my face. Then he just laughs and leaves. Others show up through out the day. Some fist me to the point of orgasm, some don’t let me cum. Some fuck my mouth some more and give me more facials. The whole time you are just letting me be used like a good cum whore . When the last of your buddies is finished with me it is your turn now. I am used hard by now but that’s what you like. You want a good fucked cunt to shove your cock into. I am all the more hungry for more cock right now and you know you can do what ever you want. You prop my ass up with a pillow so that my anus is exposed to you. I am so horny that it is open and wet already. You ram your hard on into it deep, pushing it as far as it can go. After I relax around your cock you start to fuck me slow n easy. You then take a dildo and push it into my twat and I scream out in the sharp pain I am experiencing. But it subsides and you double fuck me. As you are ready to cum you pull out the dildo and then you finish off on my face once more. I am motionless as you untie my restraints. Let me wrap my arms around your neck as we kiss deep and slow all the while the cum on my face is drying. We become tender now as we make love for about another hour untill we both orgasm together. This time you spend yourself in my vagina. We stay together as we drift off to sleep. We wake a few times through out the night and your dick gets hard each time as we grind each other yet again. Over and over you reach an orgasm in me till I am so full ……