Forbidden fruit..

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Forbidden fruit..First a little reminder of my unique situation.When I was born my doctor’s had to figure out whether I was a boy or a girl; so, they decided to make me a boy. In the process; they left me with an infant little cock and, what I now call my little boy “pussy”. It’s a hole at the base of my cock, with the sensitivity of a woman’s cunt!! Also, the following story is a fantasy. At 35 I decided to get back in church. I started going to a Baptist Church in my small town. On my third visit; my carnal urges drew me to something forbidden!! His name was John!!John was the young unmarried music director and youth pastor. After only my second handshake with him, I knew he had never known the sexual touch of another person. He was 30 years old, sweet, nice; and very kind. I quickly volunteered to help; in anyway I could, with the music. I wasn’t going to fight the urge to get close to him; and eventually, fuck him!! He called me one Saturday afternoon and asked if I wanted to come down to the church and work on the soundboard. I didn’t hesitate! I knew immediately; when I got there, I would seduce John before I left! When I walked in I heard music coming canlı bahis from the sanctuary; and, I knew he was waiting for me in the balcony!!I shook his hand and we hung out for a couple of hours. I suggested that we go into the fellowship hall, get something to drink; and take a break. John agreed and said that we could go to his office and listen to music on the computer. I felt my body shiver with anticipation! I knew this was going to be the opportunity I was waiting for!! I was making small talk; sat close to him, and pretended to listen to the music. A few minutes went by and I came right out and asked him if he had ever had sex! John just blushed, smiled; and shook his head, no! I said…”I want to kiss you!! I want to kiss you really bad!! I think you want me to kiss you. I’ve been feeling so drawn to you!!” He looked at me with sad, longing eyes; and slowly nodded, yes! I gently touched his cheek; leaned in, and kissed him! John moaned into my mouth as I slid my tongue between his soft warm lips!! There was a small couch in his office. I took him by the hand and pulled him to it!! I took my shirt off and told him to do the same!! I didn’t say bahis siteleri another word. I leaned down and wrapped my arms around him! I went in to kiss him again, John took me by the cheek and slid his tongue into my mouth!! I moaned and started massaging his thigh!! When he pulled his lips from mine I laid him back on the couch!! I started kissing his neck and unbuttoning his pants!! I felt his cock throbbing as I reached into his boxers!! Then he shivered all over, and I felt his cum spew onto my palm!! I just kept caressing him; and in no time, his cock was hard again!! I removed his pants and stood up to take mine off!! I laid beside him on the couch!! I kissed my way down his pale, plump body!! I looked up, took his throbbing dick into my hand; and smiled!! As I slid the head of his cock into my mouth!! He moaned loudly, and I came hard!! John cried out…”OH MY GOD!! I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD FEEL LIKE THIS!! OH KEVIN!! OH YES!! OH GOD YES!!” I was glad the church walls were solid brick and the parsonage wasn’t close by!! My jaw was hurting by the time I was through sucking his cock!! When I came up from his dick John slammed his tongue in my mouth!! bahis şirketleri He pulled me against his body, ran his hands up and down my back; and over my thighs!! He pulled my leg across his hip and we laid on our sides facing one another!! I was moaning into his mouth as I came over and over again!! I straddled John, took some hand lotion off of his desk, lubricated his cock; and slid down on his burning dick!! I leaned over John and rode him!! I groaned…”OOHH YES!! UNGH!! UNGH!! OOOOHHHH!! FUCK YES JOHN!! MMMMMM!! YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!! UNGH!! UNGH!! UUNNGGHH!!” I started fucking him faster and he grabbed my hips!! I told him to cum in me and John moaned… “OOOOHHHH!! OOOHHH YES!! UUNNGGHH!! OOHH KEVIN!! I’M CUMMING!! OOOOHHH FUCK!! I’M CUMMING!!” He started spewing warm cum into my “pussy”!! Then he rolled me on my back and slammed his cock as deep as he could into me!! I grunted…”OOHH YES JOHN!! UNGH!! UNGH!! FILL ME UP!! UUNNGGHH!! UUUNNNGGGHHH!!” John collapsed beside me after he filled me full of cum!! For the next two and a half years we would make love at his house, have sex in his car after Wednesday night service; and fuck in the church balcony every Saturday afternoon!! The first time we fucked in the balcony, John came three times in less then an hour!! I think it was the taboo nature of us fucking in a church that did it for him!! It’s what did it for me!!