Forbidden Sex on Public Transport

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Forbidden Sex on Public TransportI had a mail from a guy who is fanatical about women being sexually assaulted on public transport. He wondered if it happened, and had it happened to me and if so pleaded with me to tell, so I know he will be stroking as I write, because it has, and yours truly indulged this pervert, as he relieved himself on my nude warm flesh, in public and with my help.I travelled every day by tube to my first job after graduating. I was in my early twenties and soon fell into a routine that saw me rise and leave, get to the station and stand at the same point and stand in the carriage at the same point, something we are all guilty off, repetition, which leads to boredom, perhaps that’s why most of sleep during the commute.Well that all ended when one day, when I felt someone behind me stroking my bottom.It was something different from my usual start to the day, and it did have an attractive sort of naughtiness, a slight titillation and benevolent feel to it, pardon the pun, as the guy taking liberties, was not really in my league, he was someone you guys in Britain would label, ‘A Chancer’As there are many sayings that spring to mind, ‘Nothing ventured, Nothing gained’, best sums up this guys attempt, to have some sort of sexual encounter, on a moving train, with a young beautiful woman, has to be considered a risk with high odds of success, but as many readers know from married life, men wake up with ‘Woodies’, and women wake up ‘Wet’, perhaps our dreams have something to do with it.Now here is a fact, gleaned from my friends and my own experiences, feeling a guy rub his erection into you, ‘Is a turn-on’, if it’s in public and made to feel sort of accidental, ie. no one sees him doing it, there is a great chance we will masturbate to the encounter, in other words, we get 1xbet yeni giriş turned-on by you guys doing it.I am sure those of you guys who have tried it, will attest to a high success rate, of not being shouted at, and in most cases, felt the female push back on you, be sure to comment at the end of the story, I will want to read it.Back to my encounter.I became aware of someone behind me as we jostled and rocked to the motion of the carriage riding the tracks, he was close to me and closer still, once the initial contact was made and maintained.At that point he was full on and I was not pulling off, we were mutually enjoying our bodily contact, and as I looked around my fellow passengers, they all seemed oblivious, to our little sexual encounter.Then he started, ever so gentle at first, pushing his lower body into my buttocks. It was a slow rhythmic humping, different from the bouncing of the carriage, and once confirmed and acknowledged, he was doing it, my heart pounded and I responded, by just staying firm, not moving with his gentle thrust, giving him something to push against, while ignoring what he was doing.Of course at that stage he knew I could feel what he was doing, and better still, ‘I was up for it’, so he moved up a stage and felt my bum, using his fingertips in soft strokes, then his hand, tracing my knickers through my thin cotton dress, ending up running his hand between my bum cheeks and poking my asshole, at that point I moved forward and moved up the carriage and stood at the door.I looked back at this guy and our eyes met as we both acknowledged our intimate sexual encounter.That night, I decided I wanted it to happen again, but I wanted it to go further, not having full sex with him, no I was enjoying the tease, and I felt if we just had sex, it would 1xbet giriş be ruined.I dressed that morning in a black cotton dress, one with a long zipper at the back and an equally long clasp, chunky and visible, easy to pull down, which was my intention, and to compliment that, I went without knickers, and wore black elasticated stockings, that hugged my bum cheeks and 98% of my thighs.I boarded the carriage, my head in a spin and my being on a sexual high, I was very wet and very much in the mood.He stood in the same spot as yesterday and I knew he had been thinking about me and if I would be up for a second encounter, as our departure yesterday, must have given him hope.I moved up to him, looking into his eyes, smiled somewhat meekly, turned and backed up to him, assuming my position and sighed as we pulled away from the platform and started bumping and grinding.He carried a coat over his arm so his fondling was hidden from those around us, and his first contact was him stoking my bum and an acknowledgement of no knickers and when his finger traced my bum crack, aiming for my asshole, he was on the zipper track, which he thankfully, retraced up, taking hold of the clasp, he pulled it down and opened up my fleshy bare bum to his probing fingers.At that moment I stole a quick look around, everyone was oblivious to what we were doing and of course by that time he was inside my wet pussy, stroking my fattened clitoris, and bringing me close to my first public orgasm.He kept drawing my vaginal secretions out and smeared them into my asshole, eventually sticking his finger in, held it there while I squeezed on it with all my power, so he could almost feel my heartbeat, I needed to fuck, and I made my mind up to have him when we left the train.Then he introduced another part of his body 1xbet güvenilirmi in between my legs, there was no mistaking this part, his cock, and once firmly between my legs, he withdrew his hand and took hold of my hip, and pushed forward.I could feel the head of his cock poke out in front of me, where my hands crossed in front of my skirt, fuck he was long, and I clasped my thighs together as tight as I could, so his penis was crushed by the elastic of my stockings, and caressed by the wet and warm flesh of my Cunt, as we rocked to the tune of the rails.When we stopped at a station I stood bolt upright, cradling his cock head in my hand, squeezing it, hidden by my other hand, in essence, wanking him as we stood in front of our travelling companions.When the trained pulled off he withdrew sufficiently over my clitoris and back into my vaginal opening, and as he did so I raised my ass and bent slightly forward, to receive him into my vagina, and once fully inserted, he came.The tell-tail feeling of warmth inside my canal, told me as much, he pumped and shot until his ball sack was empty, he managed five jerks, two more than the normal three during ejaculation, but he held in there until I triggered my own orgasm, which did make my knees momentarily buckle, but my spasmodic muscle tremors on his penis, as I squeezed every last feeling from my cumming, must have made him proud, of our illicit lovemaking.As I felt the zipped lock home I also felt his sperm flood my inner thighs, as it rode my stocking tops, and being elastic and non absorbent, ran around the tops to my front, where it soaked into my cotton dress, where my hands pressed against it, there was so much sperm.We met many times and fondled, but never to the extent of the morning. We never met outside our morning transiting, as our sexual encounters were more to relieve the tedium of the morning commute, and eventually he disappeared, to be replaced by another, now I had found another sexual experience that thrilled me, one more to add to my continuing journey through life.