Frat House Cum Queen

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Her given name was Jessica Ann Boynton, but all the guys around the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house at State knew her simply as “Messy Jessie”.

The girl was a legend at school. Not for her grades. Not for her athletic ability. Not for her family tree, her dress or her looks. Not that she wasn’t good looking a girl. She was no beauty but was very pleasing on the eyes. She went to State part-time, working at a local deli the rest of the time.

I met Jessica in my sophomore year, after I had been accepted into APA. She’d hang around the frat house — I always thought she was fraternity president Richard Vineland’s girl friend — and joke with members. Sometimes she’d study with us, sometimes she’d watch football or ice hockey and mocked our teams just to get a rise out of us.

Jessica had a nice figure, a little plump but not really overweight. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, but her best attributes were her legs. They were long and slender and given her proclivity toward wearing skirts they were constantly admired by all in the frat.

How I never heard of her special talents prior to admittance to the frat I will never know, but Jessica was, it turned out, very secretive in her activities. So much so that during the admittance process President Vineland was emphatic at how there was certain “endeavors” that had to and must remain secret. Disclosure of them would mean immediate expulsion from the frat and possibly a broken arm or leg.

He smiled when he told me that, but it was a telling smile. The kind that says I am smiling but I mean what I am saying.

It turned out that early on many guys in the frat tried to date her, but she would laugh and rebuff all askers. She was like a sister in that regard, she would always be around and it was know she wasn’t dating anyone at the frat.

So what were her special talents? Why am I writing about this legendary girl from college?

Jessica was a cum freak.

A bonafide cum lover, cum junkie, a cum queen of the first degree.

No, she didn’t sleep with anyone from the frat, she didn’t give head, and she didn’t spread those long wonderful legs for anyone we knew. But she was a cum receptacle for us.

Let me explain.

After I was accepted into the fraternity Richard and his sergeant of arms, Riley Christopher, met privately with each new member. There were only a seven of us, and we had already been sworn to secrecy in the initiation process. In this private meeting I was given another chance at resigning … if I couldn’t keep a frat secret. I thought at the time it was about our motto or handshake or something. I soon learned it was about Jessica.

“She is an honorary member of the fraternity, and is essentially second in command,” explained Richard, with Riley nodding his head. She can never be president, she’s a girl after all, but what she says goes. That’s because she is very, very special to us.”

Looking at the guys like they were aliens off the Roswell Express, I keep my mouth shut and ears open. They droned on for a while about this and that before getting to the point.

“Jessica likes cum, she has this thing about it. However you are never to touch her. Nobody does. Nobody can. That’s the rule.”

My quizzical look sparked additional information.

“There are times when we, uh, accommodate her special needs,” said Vineland. “It’s denizli escort under close supervision. But what happens is that we, uh, take care of ourselves and then finish on her body. Sometimes it’s her ass, or her pussy or on special occasions, her face. She loves it, rubs it in, and gets off on it.

“But whoa be the guy who touches her. It has never happened, but let me tell you there will be hell to pay if she’s touched.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. The pretty young girl was a girl from a porno movie? The girl who has made my sandwiches has hands that have been tainted by quarts various guys’ personal stuff?

I must have stammered something about how and when and why and you name it. Richard and Riley smiled, assured me it didn’t happen often, but that it did indeed happen.

“You will see soon, tomorrow night in fact if you want,” said the president. “She told me today it was time and we’ve never let her down. Now if you have qualms about jerking off in front of a frat brother, well, you might not want to attend the ceremony. But if you think you can and you want to watch a real spectacle of erotica then you are invited.”

Does the Pope shit in the woods? Of course I’d be there.

The guys smiled, and I wondered again if this was some kind of trap or initiation ritual I was getting into.

I barely slept that night. I wanted to ask someone about the girl but I was afraid this was all a test. I mean, what kind of girl would allow herself to be the middle of a circle jerk with its goal of shooting on her body?

The following evening I entered the frat house living room which had 15 or so of us “brothers” in attendance. Jessica was not to be found, and nobody spoke her name. There was, though, an air of anticipation of something, and many of the newer guys short of shuffled around.

About 9 p.m. there was a knock at the front door, and Richard went to answer. He returned with a girl that looked something like Jessica. The hair was different — turns out she was wearing a wig — but you couldn’t miss those special legs. She was wearing a black cocktail dress, no jewelry, two inch heeled pumps and a smile.

“Hello everyone, am I the only girl at a frat house? Oh, that could be dangerous,” she said in mock fright.

President Vineland reminded the assembled that there was no photography, that the doors were locked and were to remain that way, and that the night was just like those in Vegas…what happened in the frat house would stay in the frat house.

Jessica then took the stage, or, actually, the center of the room.

“Who has gotten laid in the last week?” she asked.

A couple guys raised their hands.

“Who has jerked off?”

A few more nodded they had.

“Well, I hope you have some left for me!” said the special, wonderful, sensual, girl.

If I wasn’t there I would never believe anything like this could possibly occur. I mean, maybe if it was a lady of the night hired to perform. But not a virginal girl who was like a sister to all of us.

Jessica asked one of the guys near her to unzip her dress, and the guy did so…his hand visibly shaking. She reached down, grasp the hem of her dress, and lifted it slowly up her body and over her head. Boom, just like that, the girl was in her underwear in front of 20 horny college guys.

She mentioned dikimevi escort that she wore her outfit at the request of Brandon, one of the senior frat members. “He has a thing for stockings and garters,” said the girl of her Victoria’s Secret black garter belt and seamed stockings. She also wore a half cup bra that accentuated her small but firm and milky white breasts.

Standing before us in only her sexy undies she waited as a couple guys cleared the middle of the floor and placed a large blanket and pillows in the open area.

“Wait a minute,” said the girl.

There was a collective sigh of disappointment as the room thought the girl was having second thoughts about her potential actions.

“Ease up, guys…just put the ottoman down in the center. I want you guys on my behind tonight,” said the girl with the sparkling smile.

The ottoman was moved into position and Jessica walked over, knelt and then smiled at us. “Hum, I lost my clothes in front of all you guys. This could be dangerous…”

She commanded us to drop our pants and our underpants. Boxers and briefs dropped to the floor as I tried to cover my privates only to be reminded by our dutifully elected president that it was “cock out and bare” time. “Guys, we are brothers. Pull out your cocks and keep on your socks.”

I was totally embarrassed as my cock rose to full attention in front of my frat brothers and the nearly naked girl in the center of the room. I looked around and most guys were looking at Jessica or the floor, but I did notice a couple guys looking around in embarrassment like me. I couldn’t help but look at the sizes of cocks around the room.

That’s when I noticed Jessica was looking at each and every dick in the room. At this point she wasn’t looking at the guy, only the dick. “Stroke those cocks for me, slowly guys. Get a real load going.”

We did. Her wish was our command.

I looked at the girl in her undies and began stroking my dick…I can’t every think of a time it was larger.

“Looks like a couple of you haven’t shot in weeks because I see a lot of pre-cum and throbbing dicks,” said the shameless girl. “So let’s get on with this. You know the rules. No touching. I am going to bend over her with my ass in the air and I want you guys to shoot your loads on me. You have 10 minutes, so don’t be embarrassed if you can’t cum but once my alarm rings that’s it. Understand.”

We agreed in unison.

The girl bent over the ottoman and began wiggling her ass as first one then two then several other guys closed in on the center of the room.

I no longer thought this was an initiation right of passage or something because not more than a minute later Jeremy was shooting a load of baby batter all over the pretty girl’s backside. I swear her ass bounced when the cum pasted her ass, stockings and garters. The girl was constantly talking to the guys, admiring their cocks.

It didn’t take long for the next couple guys to finish on her ass as Jessica looked over the shoulder. Once done, they moved back, some of them sat, some of them stood to watch, but others took their place. A couple guys stood in front her, stroking at her face, but she reminded that their cum must be deposited on her behind.

Jack, the tall quarterback of the football team, stood behind the girl, looking at her butt while stroking dikmen escort his dick. Soon he sent a series of blasts at her ass, but the second and third shots hit her back and some as high as her face. Jessica merely smiled while she rubbed the cum like she would some special face cream.

It was clear she’s had sticky sauce there before.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as guys stepped up to the girl and shot their wads on her ass, back and all over her. Her black stockings were soaked

I was in the third wave, following the crowd to the promised land of Jessica’s backside. Despite being covered with loads of man sauce the girl looked fantastic. She was sort of wiggling on the ottoman, her ass moving from side to side as if it was a cum magnet. The cum was all over her bare ass, the garter belt and stockings, with some as high as her hair. There was a pool of several loads of cum above her ass in the hollow of her back.

She looked adorable.

Her ass was wonderful to look out, and as I stood close to her jerking my cock I saw her reach back and rub the already spent cum on her ass. I stroked my cock as I watched her work the cum she could touch, rubbing it in like it was body lotion. It was so delightfully hot to look at, so much so that I couldn’t control myself.

I started stroking my cock with lightening speed, looking directly at the pretty girl’s face. She smiled and that took me over the top, and my dick started spurting all over Jessica’s pretty ass. I wasn’t real experienced in sex, but I know what felt good. Jerking off on Jessica’s ass was spectacular. It was as if nobody else was in the room.

Spent, I moved back to a chair and watched as the rest of the ensemble shot their loads on the girl, some with grunts, and some almost showing off for the rest of us. The girl got a gallon of male juice all over her body in what I now know if a buttake ritual.

“Oh you guys are so wonderful,” said the girl, rubbing the cream into her ass while using her other hand to work her pussy. We couldn’t see what she was doing to her sex, but her hand was moving very fast and I could only imagine her clit was getting a workout. “Oh, I’m cumming,” cried the girl, telling us what we already knew from her body actions.

I swear the girl was shaking with excitement, but it could just have easily been me from watching the erotic sight.

There was an awkward silence as we all came down from our sexual highs.

Jessica soon rose, and as she did rubbed more of the cum onto her body. Some slithered down, leaving pearly ropes that were embedded into my brain. “You guys were wonderful,” said the girl, looking each of us in the eyes and smiling as she lifted her dress over her head and shimmying it down her body.

There were a few snags as the sticky stuff sort of slowed the dress along the way, but she was able to get into it and actually look presentable.

“I have get back to work, gotta be there when the movie lets out,” explained the wanton girl. “If anyone’s hungry I’m sure I can get you the employee discount.”

A hour later I was sitting at a booth, staring lovingly at the pretty girl who I had come on not more than 90 minutes before. She was in blue jeans and a deli shirt, but I did notice when she bent way over she still had on that garter belt.

I could swear, when she waited on our table, she was wearing cum perfume.

Nobody said a word about our activities at the deli. Mum was the word. But back at the frat house Richard asked if I enjoyed myself that evening with the frat cum queen.

Words can’t describe those feelings about the Cum Junkie of APA Fraternity.