Freaky Friday Pt. 02

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As they head out the club, Marcos places an arm around her waist and pulls her close to him. She feels his cum dripping onto her left inner thigh. It’s so warm. She starts smiling. He notices it.

“Something funny?” he asks.

She stares at him still smiling.

“Just feel the effects of you cumming inside me,” she answers.

He stops walking and stares at her legs. He sees the long streak of clear thick liquid glistening on her left inner leg. He wraps his arm around her again pulling her close.

“I can’t wait to fill you up again,” he whispers in her ear.

Chills spread all over her as she shudders.

“Damn, I like the sound of that,” she responds.

They reach her car and get in. The drive home to Max’s house is less than half an hour. It’s still long enough for them to make small talk.

So, Marcos, you have any family you’re living with?” she asks.

“No, it’s just me in this country. I have a one bedroom apartment,” he answers.

She cuts her eye at him and frowns.

“You have no one here?”

“It’s not a big deal. Besides, it’s only temporary. After graduation and working for a year, I’ll go back home,” he adds.

“You’re a brave man. Do you miss them?”

“Yes, I do. I’m planning to go visit them after the spring semester. I miss my mom’s home cooking,” he chuckles.

She laughs too.

“I bet. There’s nothing like a home cook meal.”

“Do you cook?” he asks.

“Yes, I do. I mostly cook for my children when they’re with me,” she tells him.

He stares at her confuse.

“Your children don’t live with you?”

“They live with me part time. My children’s father have them as well. Joint custody,” she says.

He nods.

“Are they with their father now?”

“Yes, Sunday through Wednesday, they’re with me,” she answers.

He nods again.

“He must be good father.”

“I wouldn’t agree to joint custody if he wasn’t. I’m overly protective of my children. They’re my world.”

“I like that. You’re a great mother,” he says smiling.

Once she parks her car in front of the house, she stares at him as she turns off the engine.

“Well, here we are.”

He smiles as he leans in and kisses her.

“Let’s go!” he says excitingly.

They get out of her car and head to the front door her house. She unlocks it and she lets him walk in first. She enters in and turns on the light. Her back is towards him as she locks the door.

“You can put your jacket any-,” her words cut short as she turns around.

When she does, she sees him on his knees. She’s taken aback as she stares at him. Her heart is racing!

“W-W-What are you doing?” she asks stuttering.

His smile is big.

“I told you when I like a woman, I will worship her. I want to worship you, my goddess,” he says.

She’s frozen! Her eyes wide and mouth is agape. When she doesn’t move, he does. He crawls towards her. The closer he gets, the more he smells her wetness. Their wetness. The mixture of her juices and his cum has such an erotic aroma. He reaches up and tugs on her skirt pulling it down to her feet. She steps out of it.

“Good girl,” he whispers.

He grips her left ankle and lifts it slightly. He stares at the now dry stain on her leg. Then he stares up at her and waits. She places her back on the door and her left hand grips the door handle. He lifts it higher until he places it on his right shoulder. He scoots closer. Using his thumb and forefinger, he spreads her lips apart. He kisses her clit. Then he takes his tongue and runs it up and down from the top of her clit to her ass.

“Mmmmm, you’re so good,” she moans.

Goosebumps kadıköy escort rise on her skin. She loves the feel of his tongue. So, hot and long as it explores her treasure. His tongue pressing and caressing her lips. Her clit grows a size bigger as it pushes pass the folds of skin. This is what he wants as he pulls her clit into his mouth. Her eyes roll back as she moans. After a few seconds of suckling, he releases her clit and he slides his tongue inside her. His hot breath causes her pussy to clench on his tongue. She grabs his hair and pulls him closer as she grinds on his face. Her back no longer on the door as she rocks her hips. His hands caressing her legs and thighs before grabbing her ass and squeezing it.

“Oh, my God, Marcos! You’re going to make me cum,” she cries out.

He starts moving at a fast pace. His tongue licks, flicks and presses on every inch of her pussy. Nothing is spare as his tongue runs a marathon all over. Even her ass got a good licking. Her thighs begin to quiver. She’s close! When he sucks on her clit, her labia swell as hot liquid squirts out hitting his bottom lip and chin. Her orgasm hits her hard as her body bucks and her hands tighten on his hair. Her squeals of delight make him suck on her more. He doesn’t want to let go. He wants her to cum multiple times. Whether it’s with his mouth or cock, this is his mission. When her grip loosens on his hair, he stops sucking on her clit. He gives it a kiss and takes her leg off his shoulder. He stands up and kisses her passionately. They share her juices as his tongue enters her mouth in search for hers.

“Mmmm, have anyone ever told you how good you taste?” he asks after the kiss.

She shakes her head no and smiles. She pulls him closer and kisses him deeply. He moans in her mouth as he grabs her ass squeezing it. He loves grabbing her plump ass. She starts unbuttoning his shirt as quickly as she can. With the last button done, she slides it off his shoulders and down his arms. She breaks the kiss as she stares at him. His chisel chest and abs causes her pussy to throb. Her own personal Adonis. She looks up at him and smiles wickedly. She kneels as she grabs a hold of his pants. The belt is the first thing she takes off. Then the button and zipper. She slides her fingers inside the waistline of his pants and underwear. His pants are at his ankles along with his underwear. His cock hard as it points at her. Precum leaking from the tip. She licks her lips and moves closer. She sticks her tongue as just in time to catch the precum that drip off. She lets it tickles her taste buds.

“Mmmm, sweet like candy,” she says.

She licks the tip which causes his cock to flinch. She does it again two more times before sucking the head into her mouth. He moans deeply as his head falls back. She places one hand on his thigh while the other lightly cups his balls. Her sexy full lips around his pale cock is such a beautiful sight. He stares at her while she stares at him sucking only on the head.

“Maldita sea cariño, me haces sentir tan bien,” he murmurs.

She doesn’t understand, but she’s not going to ask him. That would have her removing her mouth from his cock and she doesn’t want to do that. His cock feels good in her mouth. She loves how hard it is. The way the veins are full of blood as it pulsates in her mouth. How he keeps leaking is turning her on greatly. She thinks about how he taste at the club. She made him cum inside her pussy. Now she wants him to fill her mouth. She holds his balls firmer and begins massaging it. Her throat relaxes as she takes him üsküdar escort a little deeper. His length is more than her mouth can handle, but she keeps going. Her throat closing around the head of his cock.

“Fuck!” he calls out.

His balls tighten in her hand. He’s close to cumming as his cock throbbing intensifies. It’s crazy, he thinks. He already came minutes ago. Now, he’s close again. Any other time, it would take hours. He doesn’t know if it’s because it’s been months since he had sex or is it because of her. Her mouth does feels amazing. Her saliva is coating his entire cock in sloppy globes. He places his hands on top of her head and begin thrusting his hips. It isn’t fast or slow. A nice pace of fucking her face. Her gulping and moaning is pushing him closer to the edge.

“Oh cariño, estoy a punto de venir,” he whispers.

Then it happens! The head of his cock expands stretching her throat open as he releases his load. It slides directly down into her stomach. He grips her hair as his thighs trembles from his orgasm. Her throat clamping down on the now sensitive head as he moans loudly. She grabs his ass and pulls him closer keeping his cock in her mouth. He thrusts two more times before pulling away.

“Damn, where you trying to suck the soul out of me?” he asks while catching his breath.

She smiles innocently as she shrugs her shoulders.

“I just want to make sure you enjoy it,” she says staring up at him.

He leans down and grabs her by her elbows. He stands her up and kisses her.

“Mission accomplish,” he says after the kiss.

He leans down and start kissing her neck while his fingers caress her back and arms. She shudders from the light touches. She begins caressing his chest and moving her hands down to his abs. Such an amazing body, she thinks. He turns her around and start kissing her shoulders and her upper back. He pushes her until her body is pressing against the door. He reaches in front of her and begin unbuttoning her blouse.

“Ahora, es tu turno de estar desnudo,” he whispers in her ear.

Her eyes flutter close as he kisses her ear.

“I want you so badly, Maxine,” her tells her as he presses his cock on the upper part of her ass.

He’s hard again. He slips her blouse off her shoulders and let the soft fabric slides down her arms and onto the floor. He cups her bra in his hands and squeeze. His breathing has her body heating up. When he unhooks her bra and frees her breasts, she turns around and hugs him tight. They kiss again. Her tongue wrestling with his. She moves him towards her sofa. They keep walking until Marcos hits the sofa losing his balance as he falls. He reaches for Max as he pulls her on top of him. They both start laughing.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

He takes a lock of her hair and push it behind her ear.

“I’m great,” he answers smiling.

She leans in and kisses his chin working her way up to his cheek, forehead, the other cheek and then lips. He wraps his arms around her waist. In one movement, he switches position. Now he’s on top between her legs. He holds her right wrist. It feels a scar. He turns her wrist over and sees it. The mark of someone who tried to commit suicide by slicing their wrist. She snatches her hand away and puts it behind her back. He sits up on his knees and leans back resting on the back of his legs as stares at her with concern in his eyes.

“What happen?” he asks softly.

She gets off the sofa and moves away from him. She walks over to her window and stares out of it. She listens to Marcos footsteps moving towards her. He places his hands on her shoulders. tuzla escort He kisses her neck.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. If you want me to leave, I’ll go,” he tells her as he silently prays she doesn’t.

She turns around and stares up at him.

“It’s not your fault and no, I don’t want you to leave,” she tells him.

He closes his eyes for a second as he sighs in relief. Her bottom lip quivers as she does her best not to cry in front of him. She clears her throat and stares at the floor.

“I was stupid and weak. I let the fear of being alone and heartache get the best of me. I wanted to take the easy way out. But, as you can see, I was successful with only one wrist,” she chuckles nervously.

She stares up at Marcos. Her eyes are pleading. He reads them as places his hand on her cheek.

“You don’t have to say any more. It’s okay,” he reassures her.

She blinks several times stopping the tears from forming.

“I feel like a fool. I’m usually good at hiding it. I wear bracelets or watches to cover it. I-“

He cups her face in his hands as he kisses her fully. He presses his body to hers. She’s disappointed there’s no erection. But, as the kissing continues, she feels him growing. Her arms go around his neck as she deepens the kiss having her tongue finds his. He grabs her ass and smacks it. After smacking it, he moves his hands down to the back of her thighs. He holds her thighs tight as he lifts her up around his waist. Immediately, she locks her legs around him. He carries her to the sofa and they lie down. He moves his hips up having the head of his cock near her opening. He kisses her ear.

“You are an amazing woman. I knew this when I first saw you,” he whispers in her ear as he slowly enters her.

She gasps loudly as her tight pussy stretches to accommodate his massive cock.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he moans.

He holds her left breast in his hand as he sucks on the nipple. His hips working slowly. The way her pussy clenches with every thrust, gives him chills. He slides his hands under her ass while continuing to suck on the nipple. She unlocks her legs and open them wider lifting her legs towards her chest. He straightens his legs and pumps her like he’s doing push up, but just his lower half is doing all the work. His cock plunges deeper hitting her cervix. She digs her nails into his back.

“Shhhhiitt!” she cries out.

Her pussy throbs as her body quivers in the anticipation of another orgasm. She places her legs on his shoulders and starts thrusting against him in a fast pace. Sweat forming as her need to cum intensifies. He feels it too as he thrust deeper, harder and faster. His own orgasm building.

“Damn baby, I’m about to cum,” he calls out.

“Cum with me,” he adds as he thrusts his hips faster.

He gets on his knees while pulling her hips closer to him as he pounds into her. His fingers digging into her flesh. Her legs still on his shoulders as she locks her feet behind his head as she’s begins to squirt all over his pelvis and balls. He immediately follows suit and fills her pussy with his cum. Both moan loudly as their bodies shudder from their orgasm. He collapses on top of her. She hugs him after taking her legs off his shoulders.

“Thank you, Yolanda.”

She stares at him confuse. He smiles.

“Thank you for giving yourself to me. Both physically as well as mentally,” he says.

He holds her right wrist and kisses the scar. Then he places his head on her chest. He listens to her heart. He smiles as he wraps his arms around her. She places her hand on the back of his head running her fingers through his hair. She likes him. She likes him a lot, this is just sex, nothing more. She must remember that.

“You’re welcome?” she questions as she stares down at the top of his head.

The sounds of heavy breathing from Marcos lets her know he’s asleep. She closes her eyes and let her body relax. However, her mind is on what will happen in the near future.