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Subject: Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (5) I don’t know if anyone has seen the show ‘Glitch’ out there. It’s about a possible experiment that somehow brings the dead back to life. Or at least some dead. I am intrigue by this show and its cast. Especially the hot Aussie men in it. William and James in particular. Also there is a gay character in it. Charlie. So this is a tale of Charlie who in his past denied his love, finds his new life filled with men and really getting what he wants. Men and cock Enjoy. Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (5) Freed by Russell… … Charlie was finally going to have it. He was finally going to feel the pleasure that was never realised in the past. That pleasure that he somehow denies himself in his passed life. That longed fir pleasure if the touch and love of another man. And it was this big bear if a man that was going to give it to him. This handsome older man. “Older!?” He paused as he thought it “What is older?” “I truly am” He almost laughed at this all. For if it was true and he had indeed come back from the dead as he figured. Then he was far older than this man before him. This man that could be his father. It was a real mind fuck if ever there was one. But now as he was there with the man. With the one he would finally feel that pleasure with, he would not squander the chance. He would have what he so desired. Charlie pulled down the man boxers and freed Russell’s cock. It was a very nice 6 plus inches of man dick. Not huge, but then again he did not remember seeing a huge one before. But Russell’s would be the one to learn the pleasure with. He looked at his prize with awe. “Wow” he said “Its your cock” “Its so beautiful” Russell gave him a curious look. But he knew that charlie was new to this. He knew he was a virgin. So he wanted the kid to bursa escort bayan enjoy it in any way he could. Russell reached down and stroked Charlie’s head. Saying that he appreciated the words. “Thanks Charlie” he said “Its yours. Go on and take it” Charlie licked at his lips before he reached for the mans cock and then he grabbed for it. He pucked it up in his own and felt the warmth of Russell’s dick in his hand. It did look very nice. He then leaned in and to Russell’s cock. Opening his mouth as he anticipated sucking on his first cock. He opened his mouth and slipped it over the mans dick. Feeling the silken texture if the mans skin on his dick. There was a.quick salted flavor he figured was old urine that had dried on his dick. But it quickly just slipped away as the flavor of flesh and sweat took over. “Hmm. Nice” Russell stated “That’s a good boy Charlie” “Go in. Take your time and suck daddy” “Feels nice so far” Charlie was pleased that he was doing so well so far. He groaned as the kids mouth moved over his dick. Hardening it to full mast. And Charlie felt the swelled up hardness in his mouth, in his tongue and it filled his face up nicely. But when he tried to move the tongue for a better suck, Charlie’s teeth raked over the mans cock flesh. “Awee fuckk!” Russell crowed as the teeth raked over his dick “Be careful Charlie” “Wreck my dick that way” Charlie had pulled back and off when the man yelped. So he sat there between the mans legs. Just looking up at the man. Russell looked down at Charlie and smiled after a moment. He reached down and stroked at hus fa e tenderly. Sating that it was all right “It happens when you are new to this” he said “Just have to watch the teeth better” He then grabbed at his dick and pilled at himself a few times. It görükle escort was still hard and looked goos to Charlie. The mans cock had a nice curve on the shaft. He licked at his mouth again as Russell offered him up his fuck again. Charlie opened his mouth again and took the mans dick back into it. Letting the cock lay on his tongue as he slurped on ot again. Letting Russell do the motions as it was less likely to cause the man damage. So Russell thrust his hips at Charlie’s face. Driving his hard dick back into Charlie’s mouth. Fucking his face with his cock. Charlie’s slurped and sucked in the beefy bans cock for all he was worth. Even with little experience he was doing well enough that Russell was moaning heavily. “Awe fuck baby” he cooed “That is such a good boy Charlie” “Suck in daddies cock” “Hmmf fuck. Suck me there” Charlie continued to try and suck in the man. But he somehow loosened his lips and the teeth raked over the mans cock again. Russell cried out as the tender flesh was feeling those teeth. “Fuckk!” He shouted Then he crammed his dick into Charlie’s face. Making Charlie gag. Lucky for Charlie the mans dick was not huge or it would be rough on his throat. And he was able to pull back and gasp to get some air into his lungs. He gasped and huffed as he sucked in air. Taking in oxygen ashe was pulled back off the mans cock. “Damn boy” Russell stated “Gotta watch those teeth” “Damn” Russell groaned as he stood there before the guy. Charlie looked up at the hunky bear. The man was a handsome older looking man. That was for sure. Even if Russell was actually younger than he was. But what ever force pulled him back to earth, it was giving him what he always wanted. And Russell was the perfect daddy to start sex with. Maybe always if bursa escort bayan things straightened out with his situation. He just did not know what was happening or what was going to happen. All he knew was he needed to worship this hunky daddy. For this man was going to give him what he desperately wanted. Sex. An he sure was going to experience it before whatever force brought him back would change it’s mind and drag him back down to death. “Gimme” he then huffed He grabbed at Russell’s cock again. His hand pulling the mans dick back to his hungry mouth. Then he went down on Russell again. Slurping back down that still hard dick. Trying better to not get his teeth in the way. Russell moaned again as he felt the boys mouth move back over his dick. And he sighed once more. And he grabbed at the kids head again. And again began to face fuck Charlie. Hi.ling his hips at the head attached to his dick. And Charlie did a much better job as his tongue seemed to move around in the mans dick better. His teeth staying pulled back and away behind his lips. But his tongue sure was working that now drooling cock head. Charlie’s hand stroked at the hard shaft. Pulling at it. Pulling at thr man hard as stone dick. Tasting the dewy goodness on his tongue. It only made him all the more hungry. “Hmm. Soo good daddy” he grumbled as he pulled off to get air “Your cock tastes so good.” “And your mouth is so good too” Russell replied “Keep sucking baby. Keep sucking” Charlie needed no further encouragement to suck on this mans dick. He moved on the cock faster. Still keeping in his mind to be careful of teeth as Russell suggested. Then after another 3 minutes on the mans raging dick Russell told him to pull off his cock. That it was close. Ohh soo close. “Now!” He shouted “Pull off man. I am close” “But want to fuck that pussy hole” Charlie heard the words he wanted to hear. So he pulled off. Smiling up at the beefy bear and then standing up for Russell. It was time to get fucked. The most sought of desire for Charlie…. To be continued