Freewill 504: Part 3

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Freewill 504: Part 3Freewill 504: Part 3By: Chris A ——————————————————————————–Part III:For the record, my name is Paula, and I’m 22 years old. I probably fit the description of the perfect little stuck up bitch. I never had a lot of friends, and the few that I do have are not exactly close with me. Sure we hang out together, but it’s probably because they know when we go out, I’ll be the one buying. I never minded this. It had come a shock when Liz called me that afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go with her and the girls out on her dad’s boat. That just wasn’t the kind of thing we did when we went out, at least if I was going. Our social time was always spent in clubs, not out relaxing. I explained that it would take an hour for me to get ready and they said they would be over to pick me up then. It wasn’t until 5 in the afternoon that the girls arrived. It took us an hour to get to the lake where Liz’s dad’s boat was. We loaded some stuff aboard, and after a quick stop in the boat house to change into our swimsuits, we were motoring away from the dock.It was a beautiful summer evening on the lake, with the temperature still near 90. Liz was at the wheel and Kim, Melanie and I were sitting on the bench seat in the back of the boat. We passed a couple of other boats on our way out, but once we turned toward the north end of the lake, there were no other boats in sight. Liz shut the engines down when we reached the far end of the lake.”I’ll be right back.” Began Liz, as she descended the stairs into the forward cabin. She returned a moment later carrying a tray with four drinks on it. She handed one to each of us and took the final one for herself. She raised her glass toward us in a saluting motion, then drank. The three of us did likewise. I didn’t know what it was but it had a sweet taste, that was almost overpowering. Liz took a seat on one of the benches along the side of the boat.The next half hour went by quickly as the other girls talked about this guy and that guy. I didn’t add a lot to the conversation, but it was still fun to listen to them talk. We drank a couple of beers during that time, and I suddenly didn’t feel as uncomfortable around them.The sun was getting lower in the sky, and the trees along the shore of the lake now had us in the shadows. A slight chill ran over my body. I was about to ask if we could move the boat out into the center of the lake when Liz began.”Some friends of mine are having a party at an old campsite across the lake, did you guys want to go?”Kim and Melanie where all over the idea but I had my doubts. Liz had an expectant look on her face waiting for me to answer.”Can we go back to the car so I can get some clothes?”Why?” Kim asked”I can’t go to a party in this.” I explained, motioning to the strapless yellow two piece I was wearing.”You don’t like it?” asked Melanie”Are there going to be guys there?” I asked.”Of course.” Answered Kim”There you go. I like it, but I’m not wearing it to a party.” I answered, slightly agitated that they would even assume I would wear a bikini to a party.”If I tell you to wear it, you will.” Asserted Liz”I don’t have to do anything you tell me Liz.” I snapped”You don’t think so?” challenged Liz”I know so.” I answered”That’s where you’re wrong. You’ll do anything I tell you to.””I don’t have to do shit.””Ok, if you say so. But, since you don’t wanna wear it to the party, then stand up and take it off right now.””And no covering yourself up.” Added Kim”I will not.” I answered as I rose to my feet.I don’t know what possessed me to stand, but I couldn’t stop myself from rising. What surprised me even more was when I reached my hands around behind me and unhooked the clasp on my bikini top. The clasp came undone easily and I simply let the top fall to the deck. My breasts were not overly large, somewhere between a B and a C cup, but I was extremely embarrassed about being topless. I couldn’t look up from the deck, where my eyes were focused on my top. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they descended onto my bottoms and pushed them down off my hips. My hands pushed them down as fa as my knees and gravity took over from there. They hit the deck and I stepped out of them.I didn’t know why I had just stripped there on the boat, but I made no effort to conceal myself. My arms now hung limply at my sides. I wanted nothing more than to throw my arms over myself, but they were completely paralyzed.”You see Paula, you will do whatever we say.” Liz explained.”Why?” I asked, wanting to cry.”Because, that drink you had contained an experimental d**g in it called F- 504. A friend of mine sold it to me, just for this occasion. And it cost us plenty.” Explained Liz”I don’t understand.””It’s very simple, the effect of the d**g opens one’s mind to accept any suggestion as a good one. One that can not be denied.””I can’t believe you did this to me.” I said in shock.”Don’t worry, the effects only last three hours or so, and after that you will return to normal.””Why are you doing this to me?””Consider it a payback for the bitch attitude you’ve had.””You know Paula,” began Kim. “We could make you go to the party like that.””Oh God, please don’t.” I begged.”Oh, we won’t. What fun would that be? We’ll give you something to wear.””Can I please get dressed?” I asked.”Once we’re done, I’ll pick out something for you to wear.” Answered Liz as she made her way onto the cabin.I stood there motionless in the boat until Liz emerged from the cabin wearing jeans and T-shirt. Kim was next to get changed, then Mel. Finally Liz told me to go below and put on the outfit she’d picked out for me. I quickly hurried down the steps. I picked up the T-shirt she’d left out on the bed and pulled it on. I looked around for some shorts or something, but there was nothing else. I sat down on the edge of the bed and began to cry. It wasn’t more than 30 seconds later that Liz called me up to the deck. Obediently I arose and climbed güvenilir bahis siteleri the stairs. The shirt only hung down a couple of inches below my crotch and I could feel it rise up as I walked. I stepped onto the deck and pulled the shirt down. I was going to look like a complete whore wearing just a T-shirt.”Whatta you think?” asked Melanie”I can’t wear this! I need a pair of shorts or something.”I don’t have any.” Answered Liz”Can I wear my bikini bottom?” I pleaded”If you’re going to be that ungrateful, take the damn shirt off.” Snapped LizUnable to resist, I pulled the shirt up over my head and dropped it on the deck.”Lemme see if I have anything else down there.” Said Liz as she moved past me and descended the stairs.”Hey Paula.” Began Kim, “Come here.”I walked over to where she was sitting in the back of the boat.”What?” I asked.”Why don’t you yell to those guys in that boat overthere and give them a big wave.” Kim explained as she motioned to a small rowboat with to fat fishermen in it. They were both looking the other way, completely intent on their fishing. Unable to suppress the idea put in my head, I yelled “Hello!” while waving my arms over my head. It took a couple of seconds before they turned and noticed me. I felt like a complete fool standing there naked, waving my arms. The guys gave me a thumbs up sign. I continued to make a spectacle of myself until I head Liz tell me that an outfit was on the bed and I could go put it on. Much to the fisherman’s dismay, I covered myself up and went below. I found the outfit Liz had picked out laying on the bed. It was worse than the first one. Quickly I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror.I was horrified at what I saw. The spaghetti strapped purple teddy was very revealing. The neck was low cut, revealing a good bit of my cleavage and what couldn’t be seen from between my breasts was complately visible through the almost transparent material covering them. Every detail of my breasts was exposed. The teddy was a body suit type. It had high hips and only a two inch wide band of silk that ran down between my legs. No matter how I tried to situate it, the dark brown hair between my legs was visible. Once again I started to cry. There was no way I could wear this to a party, but I convinced myself that if I complained they might just make me go naked. At least this was a little something. Once again Liz called me and I climbed out of the cabin.”Is that better?” asked Melanie”I had to swallow everything I wanted to say and simply agree that it was fine. With that said, Liz fired up the engine and we started across the lake. The ride took no more that ten minutes. We pulled up to a dock where there were two other boats tied up. The sun was now setting and a beautiful summer night was beginning.Kim and Melanie help tie the boat to the dock, while I sat motionless on the back seat, face burried in my hands. I heard the engine die and a moment later Liz was sitting next to me. I couldn’t look up and face her.”Ok Paula, here’s the ground rules for tonight. You really want to be here and you will have fun. You will mingle and talk and not be the least bit conscious about what you’re wearing. As a matter of fact, you will be proud of it. You will accept any compliment given to you. You can be sure some guys will hit on you and you’ll have fun with it. And the most important thing, you will drink. You will not care how drunk you get. If a drink is offered to you you will accept it. If you already have one, you will slam it down and accept the new one. Do you understand?””Yes.” I answered, suddenly eager to get to the party. I thought to myself how much fun this was going to be. It had been a long time since I’d been drinking and I couldn’t wait to get started.The four of us climbed off of the boat and walked down the dock. The dock ended at a gravel trail and the four of us followed that into the woods. It was a couple hundred yards walk until we reached the clearing in the woods. There was a small fire burying in the center of the clearing and fifteen of twenty people sitting around on picnic tables. There was music playing, but it wasn’t very loud. Most everyone took notice of me as the four of us made our way through the center of the clearing. Next to one of the tables were two tubs filled with beer. Liz pulled two out and handed me one. I opened it and immediately took a long sip. Kim and Melanie went off to one side of the gathering and I followed Liz, at her command, over to a table where a couple of guys were sitting. They immediately rose when we arrived and Liz began.”Paula, this is Jon.””I like you outfit.” Complimented Jon as we shook hands. He seemed unable to tear his gaze away from my breasts. Not that you could blame him for staring. At least if I was wearing my bikini I wouldn’t have looked like such a whore.”Thanks.” I answered.”This is Mike.” Continued Liz as Mike and I shook hands.”Nice tits.” he commented while we shook hands.”This guy is Jay.” Liz continued.”Nice to meet you Jay.” I began.”The pleasures all mine.” He assured me, giving me the up and down.”And last but not least, this is Jim.””How you doin’ Jim?” I asked as we shook hands.”Much better now.” He answered.I took another long sip of my beer and absently looked around. Most everyone here was staring at me, girls as well as guys. Kim gave me a wave from across the clearing.The guys sat back down and Liz led me away. She paraded me around the clearing, introducing me to everyone in attendance. There was no one here that I knew and for that I was thankful. Most of the girls looked at me with disdain, while the guys were more than happy to make my acquaintance. Once I had been introduced to everyone, Liz told me to mingle and she walked away. For the first time I felt self-conscious. The first thing to go through my mind was getting near someone who I knew. I took a sip of my beer and walked over to Kim.”Hey Paula, how you doing?” asked Kim”I’m Ok.””Did you want youwin giriş another beer?” Kim asked.”Sure.” I answered, before throwing my head back and chugging what was left of the one I was holding. She pulled me a second out of the tub and handed it to me. I immediately took a sip. Whatever conversation she was involved in died once I arrived. Once again I looked around. Most of the people here were no longer eyeing me. The only one now eyeing me up was Jay. He was seated by himself at the table, while the other three guys were off talking. I met his eyes and he motioned for me to come over. I walked away from the uncomfortable silence that had fallen over Kim and the small group she was hanging with. Jay got up as I approached.”Have a seat.” He began motioning to the table top.”Sure.” I answered as I sat down.He seemed a little hesitant to start a conversation, but the only thing he could think to say was, did I want another beer. Of course, I did. I think it shocked him a little as I slammed down the three-quarters remaining in mine. He returned quickly with two beers and handed me one. He took a seat next to me and began. He didn’t look me in the eye, instead his eyes wandered over my body. I felt a little uncomfortable so I adjusted the material between my legs.”So do you always dress like this at parties?” he began, with a question that was obvious I’d be asked.”Usually something like this. Tonight it was a toss up between this and my bikini.””Not very modest are you?”Why should I be?””I don’t know, you don’t find many girls who wear a teddy to a party in the woods.”I’m just…” I began, until being interrupted by Liz, who had just walked up.”Hey Paula, did you want a shot?” she cut in, holding out a bottle.”Sure.”I accepted the bottle and took a gulp. I handed the bottle back and immediately went for a sip of my beer to kill the taste.”This girl is a party a****l.” Commented LizI didn’t know what to say. Jay in turn took the bottle from Liz and took a sip. He thanked her and handed the bottle back. Liz turned as was about to wander off, before she spoke again.”Did you want one more?”Once again I accepted and took a pull from the bottle. I handed it back to her and drank from my beer.”I’ll swing back later.” Finished Liz as she walked off.”Jay tried to resume our conversation, but seemed unable to come up with anything to say. It was a couple of minutes later that he noticed my beer was getting low and asked if I wanted another. I nodded and watched as he walked off. A couple of people were by the beer tub and they must have started a conversation with him, because he didn’t immediately return with my drink. I sat there watching him until I was startled by a voice.”Did you want a shot?” asked Mike”Yeah.” I answered, taking the bottle from him and taking a sip. I don’t know what it was, but it tasted terrible. I began to cough and he offered me his beer. Between coughs I took a gulp of his beer, then another. It took a few seconds for my coughing to die down. The two of us sat and talked, while Jay remained engrossed in his conversation. It was difficult for me to carry on a conversation with him knowing that his full attention was on my breasts. It was a welcome relief when Jay returned. He took a seat next to me.”Is there a bathroom around?” I asked.”Yeah, it’s down that trail overthere. Over by one of the pavilions there’s a couple of out houses. I can show you if you want.” Answered Jay”Ok.” I answered as I got up. My legs felt a little wobbly, but I was able to walk. I followed Jay across the clearing, with Mike trailing behind me, and onto the trail that led into the woods. Jay led slowly as I staggered slightly down the darkened trail. We had walked 50 feet or so from the clearing when Jay began.”So we never did finish our conversation?””What conversation?””About why you would wear a teddy to a party in the woods.” He explained”I had to wear something.””Considering your choice of outfit, I don’t know why you bothered wearing anything.” Commented Mike, from behind me. I had this awful feeling that I wasn’t going to be wearing it much longer. I had no idea how I was going to get myself out of this. I just hoped Liz didn’t tell them about the d**g, or I was going to be a very easy conquest for these guys.”I’m not going to walk around naked.””You damn near are. Everyone at the party has seen your tits and most of us have seen your pussy. I don’t know why you just don’t take the damn thing off.””I’m not taking it off.” I answered firmly”Take it off.” He continued.Suddenly I stopped walking and looked at the two of them.”I said no.”But even as I spoke the words I moved my right hand across my body and began pushing the left strap down off my shoulder. I wanted nothing more than to run away, but the only thing I could manage to do was lift my left arm free of the strap. The teddy dropped down a little, exposing my breast.”I thought you said no.” joked MikeI didn’t bother to answer, instead my left arm crossed over my body and pushed the other strap off my shoulder. The strap hung up briefly on my arm before the teddy slid down my body and into a heap around my ankles. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t manage the tears. I didn’t say a word, as I stepped out of the teddy and resumed walking down the trail. Jay again took the lead and Mike was next to me. We had only gone a couple of steps when his hand reached out and grabbed my breast. I pushed his hand away, but it quickly returned.”What’s up with you?” began Mike. “You took your clothes off, but you push me away when I touch you?””I’m not in the mood.””Then get in the mood.” He commented, while cupping my breast in his hand. This time I didn’t resist. Since I didn’t put up a fight he quickly brought his other hand up and began massaging my other breast. Before I knew what was happening, I felt his mouth pressed against mine. Instinctively my mouth opened and his tongue was quickly darting around my mouth. It didn’t come as any surprise youwin güvenilir mi when I felt Jay’s hands reaching from behind me and between my legs. It was only seconds until my slit was wet. The fondling continued, while my arms hung limply at my sides. Mike continued roughly squeezing my breasts, while never breaking off our kiss. I felt my nipples getting hard, and as soon as they were, he began pulling and twisting them. It seemed like forever before they released their grip on me.”We’re going down to the lake later, why don’t you come with us?” asked Mike”If you’ll let me put my teddy back on.” I answered.”I like you so much better like this.””Just let me get dressed, please.””Ok. We can pick it up on the way back.” Agreed Mike.The rest of the walk to the bathroom was uneventful and without them even coming close to touching me, we returned to the party. The only stop we made was to retrieve my teddy and give me a chance to put it back on. Jay got me another beer and before we headed for the dock, Liz showed up with a bottle again and I ended drinking three more shots.The three of us walked to the shore and sat down on the rocks. Jay passed me a bottle and took a sip. The three of us sat there talking quietly for a few minutes before we heard the sounds of someone approaching.”Who’s there?” began Jay”It’s me.” began Jim”We’re down by the shore.” called JayJim came down and sat next to Mike. Our conversation remained harmless for a few minutes before Mike renewed his interest in separating me and my clothes.”You should have seen it Jim. Paula stripped for us earlier.” bragged Mike”Really?” he questioned, looking at me for confirmation.”I think so.” I answered”So are you gonna strip again?” asked Jim.”I don’t know.””Take it off, we’ve already seen you naked.” Mike continued. “Besides, I think Jim would really like to see you naked.”Unable to resist the suggestion, I stood up and took a few steps toward the water. I stumbled once and fell onto the soft sand along the waters edge. It took me a minute to get to my feet I turned to face the three of them, with my feet under two inches of water. I slid one strap down, then the other. Effortlessly gravity pulled the teddy down, until it landed in the water at my feet. I stepped out of it and picked it up and tossed it onto the beach.”Told you she’d do it.” bragged Mike.”Liz told me she’ll do anything we ask.” Jim commented”Really.” questioned Jay”Watch.” began Jim as he stood up. “Paula, come here and give me a blow job.”I fought the urge to move, but my legs had a mind of their own and I walked forward. When I was in front of Jim I dropped to my knees. My hands immediately went up and began fumbling with the button on his jeans. It took me a few seconds to lower his zipper and pull his jeans down slightly. My hands rubbed his hard cock pressing against his underwear and I wanted nothing more than to have it in my mouth. I slid his underwear down and wrapped my hands around his cock. I was ready slide my lips over it when Jim stopped me.”You want to be felt up while you blow me. Tell Jay and Mike to feel you.””Will you guys feel me while I take care of Jim.”No sooner had I finished saying the words, my lips closed around Jim’s cock. Mike and Jay closed on me and began squeezing and massaging my breasts as I moved up and down Jim’s member. I felt a hand probe down between my legs. Almost instinctively, I allowed my legs to part slightly. Jay’s hand rubbed up and down through my hair, before centering on my lips. His fingers worked quickly to arouse me, but I could do nothing more than concentrate on pleasing Jim. I heard Jim say he was about to cum, when I felt him explode in my mouth. I wanted pull away, but I couldn’t stop until I had swallowed ever last drop.”Who’s next?” asked Jim as he backed away and pulled up his pants.”Paula, you wanna give me a hand job.”I heard the words and couldn’t stop myself from turning and facing him. Again I fought to get his pants undone and got to his cock. It took me a few moments to get him undressed. Mike was behind me and had ahold of both my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and it sents shivers down my spine as he pinched them between his fingers. My hands closed around Jay’s cock and I began to stroke him. Jim came over to me and I felt his hand now take up position between my legs, stroking my soaking wet opening. Jay squatted down right before he came. The hands caressing me stopped and the next thing I felt was Jay’s warm cum explode on my chest. With his needs satisfied, he stood up and got dressed. That left only one.”So Mike, what’s it gonna be?” asked Jim”Paula, give me a blow job, but, you need to materbate while you do it.”I turned and faced him and eagerly undressed him. As soon as his clothes were out of the way, my mouth engulfed his cock. As I slowly moved in and out on his cock, my hand moved between my legs and felt around my opening. I slid my finger inside myself and began to move it slowly in and out, while never stopping giving Mike his pleasure. He was the first one to cum, and automatically I stopped touching myself. He stepped back and pulled up his pants.”Lay back and finish making yourself cum.” Insisted MikeI watched as the guys sat down on the rocks, before laying back and opening my legs. My hand quickly returned and my finger found my opening and began to move in and out. My other hand closed on my breasts and began to caress them. I don’t know how long my show for them lasted before I finally came. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced. I was completely spent, as I laid my head back and closed my eyes. They didn’t let me lay there for long.”Paula, get washed up, so we can get back to the party.”I barely had enough energy energy to crawl to my feet. My head was spinning as I waded into the cold water of the lake. Several minutes later I emerged from the water, and stood on the soft sand shore.”Did you want this?” asked Mike, picking up my teddy.”Yes.” I answered”You’re gonna have to catch me.” Mike answered, before he took off. I knew I would never catch him. Jay told me to follow him and I did as he led me back to the party. I wanted nothing more than to run away, but I had to follow him. When we arrived back at the party, Liz was all smiles.