Freshman Year Ch. 01

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It was my freshman year of college, and my best friend and I were roommates off campus. She and I had grown up together, were in all the same classes throughout school, and now here we were hundreds of miles away from home. We both dated a good bit and by our third month in school we both had steady boyfriends. One night we were both home, just the two of us we had a good night watching videos and eating junk food and drinking beer. As the night wore on we both decided to turn in. It was a winter night and when we went to bed the apartment was nice and warm.

Sometime during the middle of the night the heater quit working. I woke up cold and shivering. As I was grabbing another blanket from my closet Kim walked in, wearing a small T-shirt and silk boxers she had obviously swiped from her boyfriend. She wanted to know what happened to the heater. I told her I didn’t know as I was putting the extra blanket on my bed. I crawled into my bed and she climbed in next to me, something we have done many times before. So I didn’t pay it any attention. She turned off the light and said goodnight. I felt nervous having her in my bed for some reason that night. I had always found myself somewhat attracted to her. She was 5 ft 7, slender but not skinny, she had a nice body, 34-22-33, Dark black hair and the most amazing green eyes. I myself was no troll if I do say so myself. I was 5ft 5in and 32-22-32 red hair and blue eyes. I got a lil turned on when Kim put her arm around my waist and snuggled up close to my back. I don’t know what it was, if it was just the loneliness of the night or seeing her in her boyfriend’s clothing. All I know was it was getting me warm, and wet. I then rolled over and asked her how she got the heater working again. She looked over with a smile’ it’s still broken sweetie, so you’re getting warm too huh?’

I smiled a lil embarrassed but managed casino oyna to say ‘yes, it must just be the extra blanket and body heat.’ Meanwhile my mind was reeling, I had never really thought of another woman let along my best friend in such a sexual way. I turned back over trying hard not to think of Kim and the wonderful feeling of her breasts pressed in my back. I could feel her breath on my neck and it was sending shivers down my spine, I was sure she could hear how loud my heart was beating. I lay there trying to sleep trying not to think of Kim lying against my back, trying not to think of her smell, but all I could think about was I was getting warmer by the min not to mention the fact that I was starting to get very wet.

I thought I must have been dreaming when I felt a hand caressing my breast under my nightshirt. I lay still for a moment thinking that if it was a dream I didn’t want to wake up. I soon felt Kim kiss my neck and heard her ask ‘Jessie, are you awake?’ My heart was in my throat; I couldn’t speak so I just nodded yes. I turned over and we met in what was the sweetest softest kiss I had ever expeirecend. Her tongue darted into my mouth meeting my tongue. Kim began to apologize for just kissing me like that and I looked at her with a smile ‘don’t worry bout it I think I want this as much as you’ This time I kissed Kim, as I started rubbing her nice round ass with my hand.

After what seemed like hours of just holding and kissing each other I felt Kim’s hand slide down my between my legs. As if my legs had a mind of their own they slowly spread apart at her touch. I moaned slightly as I felt her hand on my mound. Kim rubbed my wet pussy through my panties. Then she stopped, as she sat up I asked if something was wrong…fearing she had changed her mind. She only smiled and said that we were a little over dressed for the occasion. I watched smiling in canlı casino silence as she removed the small shirt and the silk boxers she was wearing. I then sat up and with the help of Kim removed my nightshirt and now soaked panties. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her wonderful body. I leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth, imitating what my boyfriend had done to me on numerous occasions. First circling the nipple with my tongue then I sucked on it hard, which made Kim moan with pleasure. After working on the right breast for a few mins I went to work on the left, not wanting to leave it unattended.

While I was working on her perky breast my hand had slid down to her bald wet pussy. I ran my finger up and down her slit for a few moments before I slid a finger in. As I slid my finger in Kim moaned loudly, encouraging me on. I then had Kim lye on her back, and I kissed her again. Slowly kissing my way down that magnificent body of hers, stopping at each nipple to once again suck them. I moved further down stopping next at her belly button, rolling my tongue around it before moving yet further down.

I could smell her arousal, which served to make me hotter, and want her more. I took a tentative lick of her sweet pussy lips found her juices to my liking, and went back for more. I licked the outside of her sweet pussy then I spread her lips apart and then started licking the entire length of her pussy. I noticed how her clit was now standing up looking like a miniature dick. As I sucked it into my mouth Kim let out a nice low moan. I could feel her body tremble as I was licking her. I once again slipped a finger into her now dripping snatch, gently fingering her. She moaned ‘harder Jess, harder’ I slipped a second finger in and started pumping hard. She was now thrusting her hips in time with my fingers pumping her. When I started sucking hard on her hard clit she kept kaçak casino moaning my name.

I heard her breathing become more and more shallow as I licked and sucked her sweet pussy. Before long Kim was cumming, when her orgasm hit she let out a scream that I thought would surely wake the neighbors. I licked all her juices, probing deep into her pussy with my tongue to make sure I got it all. I then moved and lay down beside her, she looked at me with a big grin and said ‘ that was wonderful’ then she asked if I had done that before. When I said that I hadn’t she wanted to know how I knew what to do. I told her I guess it was just instinct and knowing how I like to be touched and licked, so I just did what I knew I would like done to me.

As we lay there, Kim kissed me and then asked if she could return the ‘favor’ with a smile I replied wouldn’t have it any other way’. We kissed again briefly, then she started to suck on my nipples. She looked up seeking my approval, unable to speak I just moaned. Taking that as her cue to move on she began kissing her way down my body. Stopping to trace my navel with her tongue. She then spread my thighs apart and started to gently rub my throbbing pussy with her hand. She slipped in a finger and started fingering me as she licked my now swollen pussy lips. I moaned when I felt her slide another finger into my wet and waiting hole. I whispered for her to go deeper and harder. Still licking me I felt my orgasm begin to build. A few mins later she slid her hands underneath me rubbing my ass, as she was licking my wet pussy. When she flicked the tip of her tongue across my clit that was all I could take and I told her I was cumming. As my cumm spilled from my pussy Kim licked it all. She cleaned me with her tongue and came up and kissed me. After talking for about 10mins we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke the next morning to find that the heater was once again working. I was in the kitchen when Kim came in and wrapped her arms around me from behind kissing my neck, she whispered in my ear’ good morning lover’.