Friend Touched sleeping Wife

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Friend Touched sleeping WifeI have been waiting years for the opportunity, because my wife rarely drinks and never does d**gs, even head ache pills. I had to wait for the right moment.I had been teesing her for a couple of days masterbating her to nearly climax then stopping and i knew she was gagging for it.This Friday night we went out for a meal and she decided to have a few glasses of wine and a couple of rums, (quite unheard of).We got home and as soon as we walked through the front door, she was naked and laying back touching herself.I kissed her and my finger went deap into her wet pussy, within a few minutes her eyes were rolling and she was fast asleep, gone to the world, kocaeli escort aftre lifting her over my shoulder i took her up to out king size bed and layed her out legs wide open.Feeling really horny i gave my best friend a call, who lives just a few doors away, he is a single guy and has not had a girlfriend for some time. I asked if he wanted to come and see my wife? if he knew what i mean. Within one min the front door had a knock and there was my mate Jon very excited.We immediatly went upstairs and i asked him to wait outside the door for a min while i checked she was still asleep, i gave john a flash light to help see in the dark night.I uncovered my wife and escort kocaeli spread her legs wide apart , her pussy was warm and wet and needed touching. I started licking her and could se the light coming in through the door crack, next came the head around the door, she was fast asleep and ready.I called jon over with a whisper and invited him to touch her wet pussy.. his finger went deap, deaper than i expected and she moved with a groan. Jon carried on massaging her pussy as i watched from a few inches away. Jon slowly started to lick her pet pussy which caused hwer to start to moan, faster and faster his toung went more and more she moved… Her eyes opend and as kocaeli escort bayan she looked up i moved my head over her face as jon carried on licking below, she gave a groan and kissed me befor closing her eyes and moveing with the rythem.I reached below the bed and pulled out a condom which i passed to Jon and said Kuck her, and fuck her hard, but you will need to come from behind, Jon picked her leg and and entered her from behind, His cock was much longer than mine and not as thick, he went in further than i have ever seen. I licked and kissed her nipples as i watched jon finish and just before he came i told him to cum on her face. Within a few seconds a torrent of cum was flowwing over my wifes face, it went in her hair, eyes, ears and up her nose, She opened her mouth and took in the cum with a smile.Since that night she has been very active in the bedroom and i can’t wait for the next person i can invite to help.