Friend wanks over my naked wife

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Friend wanks over my naked wifeOne day I popped into the bathroom as my wife, H, was drying herself after a bath and took a quick pic on my phone. She got a bit annoyed and said she didn’t look good and what if someone saw it. I told her she looked great and loads of guys would love to see her like that. ‘Oh yeah ‘she replied. Yes, and I still don’t know what possessed me to say it, ‘I’ve got a mate who would love to see you topless, he comments on it all the time‘. She frowned and shut the door.I wasn’t lying, Justin, we shall call him had commented about her great body, and had previously had a little glimpse and more without her knowing. We had all been out and ended up back at our house. We sat down and opened another beer, she fell asleep on the sofa. She had put her feet up so I decided to take her boots off. This I later realised had given Justin a great view up her brown cord skirt to show her black stocking tops. I popped off to the toilet and came back a short while later to him sat on the floor staring up her skirt and rubbing a bulge in his trousers. He jumped when I came in and I was a little shocked, then turned on. I told him it was ok, and we both studied her. Then I had an idea, I lifted her head and sat myself so she could cuddle into me. This allowed me to fondle her boobs and present them on show out of her low cut white top. I whispered that he could wank over her canlı bahis if he wanted. He did straight away. I watched as he put his cock close to her lips and wanked himself slowly. He then moved down to her legs and asked if could cum over her legs, I nodded. He shot a thick wad over her inner thigh covering her stocking. I then moved and did the same. He left and I Stripped her off and helped her to bed. She knew nothing of this. This leads me back to the original point of this. After I took the pic in the bathroom, nothing more was said until a few days later we I were mucking around playing with each other and she asked if it was true that a friend wanted to see her. ‘Yes of course it is’ I said, he says he would love to wank over you. She came straight away, it was amazing, but then she disappeared to the bathroom and no more was said. A couple of days later we were cuddled up and suddenly she said, ‘would you like to see him wank over me, your friend?’ ‘Yes I would‘. She carried on looking at the TV, ‘as long as you are close to me then we can do it, but I don’t want to know who it is’ she said quite straight. I couldn’t believe it. I spoke to Justin and we arranged for the following weekend. H went upstairs to get ready. A couple of minutes later he arrived and I took him straight through to the dining room and told him to be quiet. I called up the stairs and asked how she was bahis siteleri doing,.H appeared at the top of the stairs with her dressing gown on, but I could see her black stocking covered legs and sexy shoes. I was instantly hard. She walked down and into the lounge. She turned to me and opened her Gown showing her lovely matching red lacy bra and knickers together with her black hold-ups. ‘Take some pictures of me like this’ she said, I did as was told ( they are on my profile). She removed her gown and lay on the sofa, looking amazing. I carried on taking pics and then she sat up and said, ‘get your trousers off‘. I did as told and she took my now hard cock and sucked it deep and then gently kissed the tip. ‘Lets do it then ‘she said, and closed her eyes. ‘I don’t want to hear him speak,’ she stated.I sat holding her with one leg wrapped behind her, she sat upright had one hand next to her on the arm of the sofa and one on my cock, she was shaking as I called, ‘come in now.’ Justin walked in and just stood and looked at us. Then without saying a word he dropped his trousers and released his solid cock. He walked closer and touched her face which made her jump. His hand moved down and cupped one of her 38D breasts. Slowly he dropped her bra straps and completely released her soft boobs. He knelt down and admired and played with them, her grip on me tightened. I removed her bra güvenilir bahis completely and said ‘can he suck on them,?’ ‘Yes, gently’ she replied. He needed no further invite and went to work kissing, sucking and nuzzling her breasts, he then pulled aside her knickers and looked at her now wet pussy. ‘You can look but not touch’ she said and suddenly moved and removed them completely, sat back down and spread her legs wide.Justin carried on looking and touching her body but not her puss. He slowly wanked himself as he did for several minutes. ‘Do you want to see me 100% naked?’ H suddenly asked, He nodded, ‘yes’ I passed on. ‘Take my shoes and hold-ups off’ she said. He did as instructed and before long she was sat completely naked in front of my friend. ‘Use me as you would a piece of porn’ she said, ‘wank over me and enjoy yourself.’ Justin stood and started wanking hard, looking at her and grabbing her boobs, he slowly rubbed his now pre-cum covered cock over her face and across her lips, she went to move and I said ‘can I hold your hands behind your back?’ She nodded and I restrained her which pushed her boobs out towards him. Suddenly he grunted and shot a thick load of cum over her neck and tits. She jumped and smiled.Justin pulled his trousers on and left silently.’ He’s gone I said’ and she opened her eyes. I stood and pushed my throbbing cock into her mouth, she rubbed her clit and came hard as she gagged on me. I pulled out and cover her in cum, mixing with Justins. She got up, went off for a shower and we said no more about it. Needless to say, I hope to repeat this or something similar soon