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Friends WifeSo as always the night before a big ride I always go to my shop and make sure the big Harley was up for the trip. Now I never had any worries as this machine was awesome. It was low to the ground but still had a little bit of movement on the suspension. The front end was stretched out and and everything that could be painted or powder coated was all white. The motor had some accented chrome and all the edges were diamond cut. This ride was perfect. it never failed to turn heads and it scored me tail at every run I went on. There was a few tricks I had added to the bike also. there was no passenger pegs but there was a detachable P-Pad (Pussy Pad) seat that was able to be placed and removed in seconds on the rear fender. This P-pad was secreted away on the bike behind a small cover on the side. Now this p-pad did not offer great padding but what I had done to it was the real trick. I had secreted a small cavity that was designed to hold two golf balls. Now only way a chick could sit on this p-pad was with her legs wrapped around me. So in this position the two balls rested perfectly one on her pussy and one on her ass. with the vibrations of the bike this would give her the best orgasm ever as we road down the highway or around town or even just from bar to home. This little trick worked perfectly and I had used it many times. So I prepped the bike and I was ridding this run solo. In the morning I was to go to the local Timmy’s for a coffee and meet my buddies and these passengers to head out. It was a great morning the sun was already warming the air and the forecast for the weekend was to be hot. I rolled into the coffee shop and there was a few bikes already there but as I knew there was nothing like mine. Mostly stock machines maybe some motor mods and yes lots of chrome but my baby was a complete custom. I rolled around the lot then I pulled in a little bit off the group just to keep it away from other bikes and possibility of a knock over. I knew most of these guys and everyone was always cautious of others bikes but you just never know. I dismounted and went got my coffee and returned to the lot. guys were mulling around waiting for the last stragglers to show up. My buddy and his ole lady was not there yet either so I was cool just to sit back and enjoy the bikes and people and of course the hotties that always showed up on these runs. Where they all came from who knows but there was the shortest of Daisy Dukes and thigh high boots and leather and any other fantasy you could think of walking the lot. Finally I herd the familiar rumble of my buddies bike and he and his ole lady rolled in. they parked by my bike and came over to shake hands and give him a hug. He and I had being buddies forever. I was best man at his wedding. We grew up together we worked different jobs and mine always took me out of the country for long periods of time, so we did not hook up as often as we used to. Now his ole lady was a walking wet dream. She had long curly blonde hair and a set of bought tits that were to die for. Her long legs led up to a perfect ass and her waist was rippled from the gym work outs. They never had k**s so there was no chance of stretch marks or any blemishes on her skin. Her makeup was always perfect and today was no exception. As she removed her sk** lid and flipped her hair around it just made her look so fucking hot. I always wanted to bang her but the bro code was strong with him and I so I never looked at her like that any more. sh unzipped her jacket and her great tits popped out and they were held together with what looked like a leather corset her nipples were almost visible. she came to me and hugged me and I felt her tits brush against my chest. She bent close to my ear and said “this is your weekend” as she backed p she smiled at me and gave me a hot little lip bite and licked her perfect lips. She turned and headed int the coffee shop as my buddy came over and gave me a weird look. Then he dropped the bomb. “hey buddy can you take her with you I can’t make the run work calls and she want to defend her title from last year.” I was kind of shocked that he was asking me to take this wet dream on the back of my chick killer bike for the whole fucking weekend. I mean great to feel her tits against my back but like I said the bro code canlı bahis was strong. Then the second Bomb drop of the morning. “we are getting a Divorce and we do not live together anymore” My jaw dropped open literally he just laughed as he pulled a very small back pack out of his saddle bag and tossed it onto the ground by my bike. He told me it was her clothes for the weekend and I looked at the size of the bag and thought there might be a bra and panties and a bikini in there and that would be about it. He threw his leg over his bike fired it up gave me a laugh and rode out of the lot. I thought to myself fuck this he just blocked me for the whole weekend with the hottest cock block that he could have. Cindy came out coffee shop walked up to me and asked, “so did he tell you” I nodded my reply. She laughed and gave me a hug again and made sure that she rubbed her tits into my chest deliberately this time and I pulled her in as she pulled her arms around me and whispered into my ear, “My pussy is so wet for you”. I held her longer than I should as I slid my hands down her back and pulled her ass into me as her pussy dry humped against me. As we parted I looked at her and I smiled as she looked down picked up her back pack and looked at my bike just shrugged her shoulders and slung the back pack over her shoulder. I pulled the p-pad seat out with the golf balls already in place. I smiled to myself as I attached the seat and I threw my leg over the bike stood it up and hit the start button. She stepped over my bike and settled down on to the seat. she wrapped her legs around me leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me gripping the bottom front of my leather jacket. as the group of bikes pulled out of the parking lot and on to the highway. she pressed her lips to my ear and told me that there was something in the seat that was driving her pussy and ass crazy. I laughed as I gunned the motor and she let out a groan. I thought fuck him if he is going to do this to me I was going to giveCindy one fucking hot weekend. the ride to the run was not to long but it was defiantly long enough as I was certain that Cindy had had at least three orgasm’s on the ride over. The run was being held at a camp ground just out side of town. We rolled in and found a place to park up.By mid afternoon the party was in full swing Cindy was making here rounds meeting some friends and registering for the “Bare as you Dare” contest. I was making a walk past some of the bikes and I saw some little hottie posing by my bike. I walked over and started talking with her the photographer who was just making his rounds taking pictures of anyone that he liked. I talked with her as she was posing by my bike shows flashing her perky little tits and getting into some very sexy poses. The guy asked me to join her nd I was sitting on my bike as she was posing and sliding up and down my body. I was rubbing her tits and grabbing her pussy as he kept taking pictures. I slide my hand down inside her shorts no panties and I slid my finger into her wet slippery pussy as she leaned back against me arched her back and let out a moan. We finished up and the photographer was wondering off as she turned to me and said “Well I should go find my old man” she pulled her top back on and also wandered off. The sun was setting and it was getting dark quickly and the bands were hitting the stage. It was a great party Cindy was moving around through the crowd and every once in awhile she blew past me and either rubbed my cock or flashed her tits at me. I caught site of the other little hottie from earlier also as she was moving around in the crowd. it was well into the night now and they announced the Bare as you Dare contest and the crowd got pretty loud. Soon the contestants came out on stage. They were all dressed the same they had on a white t=shirt with a beer advertisement on the chest, and everyone had on a pair of thin tiny shorts. There were some obviously very drunk as they were whooping and yakking and starting to rip off their shirts before the show even started. There was some older some younger some fat some skinny but it was pretty obvious there was only two that would be challenging for the title. Of course Cindy was one and to my surprise the little hottie from earlier in the day. Needless to say I was bahis siteleri cheering them both on equally and sipping on a beer enjoying the show. the way it all worked was there was a few guys on stage with pails of ice water and they picked the girls they wanted to get wet, every girl had a solo chance and then there was like a group chance but if the girl failed badly in the solo she was taken off stage, this thinned out the drunks and the fatties scared ones. After the first round there was just Cindy the little one and one other pretty cute girl left. All three of them still somewhat had on the t-shirt and the shorts but they were wet and there was nothing left to the imagination. As the three girls gyrated around the stage they were ripping the t shirts off and the shorts Cindy was naked as were the other two she approached the little hottie, and together they were putting on a pretty risqué show. Cindy knew what it took to win and she was pretty on a great show flashing her pussy and fingering herself playing with her great tits and really making love to herself. The little hottie was no stranger to her own pussy and tits and she was also putting on a good show. The show winning move though was Cindy when she approached the little one and knelt down in front of her and lifted one leg over her shoulder and started to lick and kiss her pussy. The crowd went crazy and that was it for the win and her retaining her title. As she was standing on the stage receiving her title I had to admire her awesome body her tits were perfect her pussy was shaved bare and her ass was solid she was wearing a pair of high heel platform stripper style of shoe that just made her look even hotter. Soon after the contest was over I was hanging around the front of the stage off to the side as the bands started playing again. Cindy came out from behind the stage and she was wearing her leather jacket and it was zipped up to just under her tits I was sure this was all she had on and she was wearing a pair of shorts that were pulled up tight giving all who looked a great camel toe shot and right her ass crack. she was back in her ridding boots that came to just above her knees. She had in tow the little one who now I was told her name was Gina. All three of us made out introductions and I informed Cindy that I knew Gina from earlier and that I thought she had a very wet pussy Cindy looked at her and then at me and we all had the same idea. I asked Gina “Hey where is your old man”, and she informed us he was drunk passed out in their tent. Then Gina said that she had her own car here and that Cindy could ride with her due to the lack of clothing and the cooler night. Plans were made and off we went to the hotel I had booked for the weekend. We all headed to the hotel and I was sure this was going to be a night I would never forget. Soon we were at the hotel and I was all checked in it was a suite style room so there was lots of room, I ordered a couple bottles of wine and a fresh fruit basket to be deliver to the room ASAP. As soon as we entered the room Cindy unzipped her jacket and her rock solid tits were on display Gina dropped her jacket and she also was topless under neath as the two girls started to kiss and lick and suck on each others tits. I slid my jacket off and I sat down on the couch as I watched the two girls make out. Soon Gina was down on her knees and she was sliding Cindy’s shorts down her legs over her boots. Cindy lifted her leg up onto the coffee table giving Gina full access to her pussy. There was a knock at the door the two girls did not even slow dow as I got up and went to the door. I opened the door and there was cute young girl there with a push cart. I stepped to the side and let her in. She had no idea what she was walking in on as she entered the room. Gina was making slurping sounds on Cindy’s pussy and Cindy was moaning in ecstasy. The young girl stopped and stared as I walked up behind her and cleared my throat. She kind of came back to earth but as she was emptying the cart she kept stealing long looks at the two girls as Cindy now collapsed on to the couch almost right beside the young girl as Gina kept up her attack on her pussy. She stopped looked up at the young girl and smiled and then bent her head back down to Cindy’s pussy. Finally the bahis şirketleri girl was done and she turned to leave as she was walking out Gina lifted her head and said “Stop by after your shift is over” the girl giggled and I walked her to the door gave her a Twenty and a slip on her ass as she left the room. As I returned Cindy and Gina had now moved to the bed and both Gina and Cindy were now naked. I grabbed some wine glasses and poured us all a drink. I kicked off my boots and pulled off my t shirt and jeans and stripped of my shorts. I stroked my hard on I slid my hand down Gina’s back over her ass and slipped my fingers into her very wet pussy. Gina groaned right into Cindy’s pussy as I fingered fucked her. I got on the bed lined my cock up and I slammed my cock into her pussy in one push. She lifted her head and groaned as my hips pushed against her ass. She was completely impaled on my cock. Cindy pulled Gina’s head back down onto her pussy. I continued to pump Gina’s pussy and picking up speed as I was railing her with my hard cock. Gina was groaning and sucking on Cindy’s pussy as I was fucking her. Cindy had rolled her head back and was almost screaming as I watched her start to have an orgasm right into Gina’s mouth. She was gasping for air as she came hard. Gina now lifted her head and I pulled her hair back as she started to cum around my cock as I was stroking in and out of her hard. as her orgasm hit her hard when she was done she collapsed onto Cindy but I was not done yet. I gabbed my glass of wine took a sip and I rolled Gina off Cindy. There in front of me was my dream as I lowered my head onto her pussy and started to eat her out. She was so hot and wet from her orgasm as I licked her out and sucked on her clit. I was going to enjoy fucking her tonight. I had her legs up over my shoulders as I continued to suck on her clit and lips of her pussy. Cindy clasped her thighs around my head as she gripped my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. She started to convulse with her next orgasm. She held my head onto her pussy sash came hard into my mouth. She relaxed her grip and I lifted my head and slid up her body. I stopped and sucked on her nipples and played with them with my tongue. I moved up to her neck and kissed and licked her neck and then sucked on her ear lobes. I finally moved to her mouth she was staring up at me and I lowered my mouth to hers. It was the softest kiss I ever had. Our mouths just seemed to melt together and finally I slid my tongue past her lips and our two tongues started to slip and slide around one other giving me the most erotic kiss I think I ever had. as we pulled apart my cock was raging hard as she slid her hand down grabbed my cock and lead it to her opening. with a gentle push I slipped into her pussy for the first time. It was heaven the heat and the soft silky opening seemed to suck my cock into its depths. I started to slide in and out of her pussy as she wrapped her legs around me for the second time today. I rested my weight on my elbows as I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. I was pumping her as she dug her heels into my ass and was assisting in helping me fuck her. I was starting to feel my balls start to tighten as my orgasm was starting. I was pumping her full lengths of my cock from tip to base as I was bumping my hips into her pelvic area. she was rolling her head and moaning as I was fucking her deep. She gripped my shoulders and was digging her nails into my back as was fucking her. I felt her start to cum as her pussy was gripping and releasing my cock I lowered my head to her mouth as I rammed my cock all the way in and I started to spurt my load deep into her pussy. I held my kiss with her as she did with me until we both finished our orgasms. I held her still as my cock started to soften. she was holding me and Gina then said “Well guys that was sex but I here to Get Fucked”. I rolled off Cindy and we both laughed as Gina was sitting at the bar rubbing her pussy. I leaned on my arm on the bed started to rub my cock again and there was a knock at the door. Gina in her full nudeness walked to the door and opened it and there in her street clothes now was the young room service girl. I heard Gina say perfect timing as she brought her into the room and I thought to myself excellent round two. Cindy and I smiled as they joined us on the bed. This was going to be one fucked up weekend and I made a note remember to thank my buddy for this. I laughed to myself and felt a pair of lips suck my cock into a mouth.