From Forecourt to Bedroom

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It had been quite some time since my nude night walk and my meeting Amy at the petrol station. Meeting is a bit of a misnomer as she was on one side of the glass and I was on the other. Although I had passed Amy my mobile number before I left that night I heard nothing.

Weeks went by, then a month and I’d given up hope that Amy actually wanted to meet up on one of her Wednesday days off. I needn’t have worried, one day while I was at work I got a text from Amy asking if I was still free to meet and apologising for not responding sooner. I sent Amy a text telling her that I was free in a couple of weeks.

Amy replied by sending me her address and asking if we could meet at 2pm in a fortnights time. I replied that I’d be glad to see her then. I could feel my cock twitch as I sent the message. It would be good to finally see Amy in the flesh so to speak.

The Wednesday finally came so I showered and got ready. I wasn’t really sure where Amy’s flat was. She’d provided a postcode so I duly put that into my trusty sat nav and off I went. After a while I began to think that the roads looked familiar and eventually I came to the Texaco petrol station where I’d first seen her. I was curious, did she want to meet me here or had I missed something.

Typical of me, I’d missed the fact that there was a flat to one side of the garage. Parking my car I walked to a set of brick steps that ran up the left hand side of the building. I could see a door at the top of the stairs and saw that it was slightly open. I knocked and shouted Amy’s name but there was no reply. I checked my phone and it was definitely Wednesday and definitely the date we’d agreed on.

I gently pushed open the door and was met with a waft of Chanel No 5 perfume. Looking round I couldn’t see Amy anywhere, had she forgotten? I entered the living room and sat on a sofa. In front of me was a small coffee table that had a shelf underneath and that had a shelf for putting magazines on. I couldn’t see what the magazines were so I tugged the top copy. It came out, pulling the next magazine with it. The top magazine was just a regular tv listings guide. The magazine tuzla escort that spilled out with it wasn’t anything to do with television listings.

I scooped the mag up, Razzle, a soft porn mag with a girl called Carla on the cover. She had shoulder length dark hair and soft foamy bubbles covered her boobs and her pussy. Intrigued I flicked through it, a selection of readers wives went past, regular sections showed readers letters and then the main sections filled with 5 or 6 pages of the main models, including Carla. I was sat looking at her photos when I heard a voice behind me.

“Found my reading material have you Pete?”

I turned round and there stood Amy in a white blouse with a black bra underneath. She was smiling and she could see me blush.

“Erm, I wasn’t sure if you remembered that I was coming over.”

“Oh I hadn’t forgotten Pete, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

I blushed at being caught with a porn magazine in my hands. Don’t get me wrong in the days before smart phones I’d bought more than my fair share of porn mags and had enjoyed many solo moments looking at images of naked women and imagining fucking them or teasing their pussies with my fingers or tongue. It was just that now wasn’t the time that I had expected to get caught with a magazine in my hand. Mind you, at least I hadn’t been caught wanking over it.

Amy came over to me, the smell of Chanel No 5 filling my nostrils again. She smiled as she saw the mag and she bent over and took it from me. Amy flicked through it and opened the centre pages which showed a full length image of the cover model lying on her back and pulling her pussy lips open.

“Looks good doesn’t she?”

I could feel myself blushing again as I’d never been asked about the images in a mag.

“She looks good to me” I blustered.

“Making you twitch is she Pete?”

“Well, I’m not sure. I mean, she’s not here is she, I am and you are and surely that’s more important?”

Amy smiled and giggled. She was definitely very confident sexually.

“You are sweet Pete.”

Amy dropped the mag back onto the coffee table and went out of tuzla escort bayan the room. The smell of Chanel No 5 following her. A few moments passed and Amy came back. This time she was had ditched her white blouse and the black trousers that she had been wearing. Now she stood in front of me in just her black bra and a black thong. She walked over to another sofa that was opposite me and sat down.

I hadn’t really looked at her boobs when I had seen her before, I just remembered that they were a nice size, D or E cup. Amy caught me staring at them and smiled. I could feel my cock swelling as I looked at her.

“Fancy seeing me play Pete?”

Amy sat down, looking intently at me and I wondered what she was going to do next.

Once she had sat down Amy pulled her legs up so that she could take the thong off. She then lay back on the sofa and using her right hand she licked her fingers and started to rub her fingers on her clit. She could see me entranced by what she was doing. She rubbed them round and then then sat up, undoing her bra and removing it. Her boobs fell out and looked even better than the last time that I saw them. Full looking with nice brown nipples.

Her hand moved back to her pussy as she teased her clit, watching me looking at her. I could feel my cock, hard and rigid inside my boxer shorts.

She used her left hand to pull at her nipples, making them erect. I just wanted to suck on them.

I stood up and she smiled, almost as if she knew what was coming next. I slipped my t-shirt up and over my head, throwing it down. I kicked off my trainers and socks and then slipped my shorts down, pulling my boxers down with it. I threw both items to the side and then stood in front of her naked.

She continued to rub her pussy as my hard, throbbing cock, jutted its away towards her. I squeezed my balls as she rubbed her clit harder and started to slip her fingers in her pussy.

“Get the porn mag Pete.”

This caught me off guard, what did she want me to do with the mag. I found the mag and opened it up.

“I want to watch you wank over the girls Pete, I want you to tell me what escort tuzla you want to do to them and I want you to cum on the mag, on one of the girls.”

I flicked through the mag, slowly stroking my cock. A blonde haired girl called Abbie with small pert boobs caught my eye. I started to caress my cock and balls and could feel Amy watching me. I didn’t look up as I stared at the images of Abbie. I imagined kissing her body and sucking on her pert nipples. I grabbed my thick shaft and started to rub my hand up and down my throbbing cock. I was imagining bending Abbie over and her letting me push my cock inside her shaven pussy hole.

I looked up and Amy smiled at me.

“Don’t stop Pete, I’m enjoying the show.”

I looked down again and flicked through the pages, then I saw Scarlett. Her face smiled from the pages as I looked at her slim body with tiny boobs but she had a nice pussy. Her hair was shoulder length, brown and wavy. I looked at her and again slowly stroked my cock as I looked at her. I could feel my strokes getting faster as I flicked the pages to find more images of her. In one she had her legs pulled up and behind her head. Fuck her pussy was fully on show as she smiled at the camera.

This really turned me on and I could see Amy fingering and teasing her pussy as I wanked my cock harder. I didn’t know what was more of a turn on, the fact that Amy was playing with herself as I wanked over a girl in a porn mag or the image of the girl in the porn mag. Truth be told, it was both.

“Fuck, I want to push my cock into her pussy. I want to suck on her small boobs and I want her to swallow and taste my hot cum as I shoot my load into her mouth.”

I bent over further and spread my legs as I wanked my cock harder, I could hear Amys breathing quicken and she moaned as I teased and pleased my throbbing cock.

I then felt it, the feeling of my balls twitching and before I knew it I was jetting my hot cum onto the pages of the magazine. My cum dripping onto the images of Scarlett, over that waiting pussy.

I heard a gasp and looked up and saw Amy smiling at me.

“You Pete, are a dirty bastard and this is just the starters, you better be ready to tease me with that lovely cock of yours.”

I walked over to her and she smiled, today I thought to myself had all the makings of being a good day…