From Friends to Lovers Ch. 17

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I woke to Beth gently shaking my shoulder. “Mmf, what…? It’s Sunday morning, come back to bed, love.”

Beth smiled apologetically. “I’ve just remembered – term starts this week, and we still haven’t made it back to Grandad’s.”

I blinked. “Gosh, you’re right – we had better do it today.”

Sarah stirred beside me, opening her eyes, and Beth leaned down to kiss her. “You up for a bit of a journey?”


“Do we have time for a shower?” I queried.

“I’ve had mine already, but you could help Sarah get clean, if the two of you won’t get distracted,” grinned Beth, waving a finger in warning. “We can stop at that service station for something to eat.”

Sarah slid out of bed. “What should I wear? I kind of feel like I want to make a good impression.”

“Grandad won’t mind,” Beth reassured her. “Why don’t you put on that summer dress? You can always bring a cardigan in case it’s chilly later.”


Sarah glanced at me, smiling. “Come on, then – Beth says you’ll wash my back…”

An hour later we were on the road, Beth driving while I sat in the back. “So your grandfather basically bought you the house?” Sarah queried.

Beth nodded. “Family’s a bit complicated for me, Tim’ll tell you. But Grandad’s brilliant.”

She glanced at the road signs. “Oh, we’re nearly at the service station – burgers or chicken, Sarah, you choose.”

Sarah picked fried chicken, and we sat in the food court to eat. “Tell me a bit more about your grandfather, Beth.”

“Well, he used to be an English teacher, at the local grammar school as it was then.”

Beth looked sad for a moment. “His wife died quite young, I never met her. He talks about her a lot.”

She brightened. “But he gets quite a few visitors, old pupils, that sort of thing. And I go as often as I can, he loves just to be read to. You’ll see how many books he has…”

We set off again, the motorway passing through open country. “I’ve never actually seen a deer on this bit,” Beth mused, glancing at the signs.

We took the familiar exit, and after a few minutes we were outside the house. Beth knocked on the door, and there was a long pause before it opened. Her grandfather looked visibly frailer than before, and beneath the warm smile Beth gave him, I could see that she was upset.

“Hello, Grandad,” she made an effort to sound as cheerful as ever. “Tim and I have brought a friend to visit today – her name’s Sarah.”

Jake stepped forward, shaking Sarah’s hand solemnly. “Very pleased to meet you.”

We went inside, and again Jake showed us into the living room before going to make tea. Sarah looked round curiously. “Wow, you weren’t kidding about the books.”

“Some of them are ones Grandad wrote himself,” Beth pointed, and Sarah slid a slim volume from the shelf, opening it carefully. “Wow.”

Jake returned with the tea tray. “Please, help yourselves to biscuits.”

He smiled at Sarah. “So tell me about yourself.”

“Well,” she began a little nervously, “I work for an estate agent’s, bahis firmaları I’ve just moved up to being one of the sales team.”

She glanced at us, getting a reassuring smile from Beth. “And Tim and Beth have very kindly asked me to share their house with them, I had a flat before so it’ll be nice to have company.”

Jake nodded understanding. “That’s what I mainly miss, having someone around. But thankfully I get a lot of visitors.”

He picked up a well-thumbed volume from the table, opening it at a bookmark and passing it to me. “Now, Tim, you said you’d read for me a little…”


“I like your grandfather,” Sarah smiled as we got back into the car.

Beth smiled a little sadly. “I’m beginning to realise he won’t go on forever, though.”

Sarah put her hand on Beth’s. “I’m sorry.”

“We can come up more often,” I promised.

We rejoined the motorway, and I leaned forward between the front seats so we could continue our conversation. “Do you want to stop off anywhere on the way back down?”

Sarah thought for a moment. “Maybe just a bit of a walk? The garden’s lovely, but something a bit wilder would be nice.”

“I know just the place,” Beth nodded.

We pulled off the motorway, the road climbing steeply, and the outline of jagged rocks appeared on the horizon. “Ever been here before, Sarah?” I queried.

She shook her head. “Looks a little spooky.”

Beth turned off the road, stopping the car in the small car park. “OK, let’s go.”

We squeezed through a gap in the wall at the end of the car park, following a just-visible path into the woods. After a few minutes the path dipped between rock walls, mossy and dripping, and Sarah shivered slightly. “I’m glad I brought my cardigan.”

Beth pointed at the rock. “Look, there’s the face – the legend says it’s a giant, or maybe one of Arthur’s knights.”

Sarah shaded her eyes, picking out the profile of the protruding rocks. “Oh, yes.”

We walked a little further, the path rising again until we came out on the bleak moorland beyond. “Wow, there’s quite a view,” Sarah said. “Is that a kite?”

A winged shape soared along the valley below, its forked tail twisting. “Definitely,” I confirmed. “Oh, there’s its mate.”

Another path led us back to the car park without diving into the gorge, and Beth smiled as she got behind the wheel. “Thanks, Sarah, getting some fresh air was a really good idea.”

A few minutes later we were back on the motorway, and Beth glanced back at me. “My turn to cook today?”

“Why don’t I have a go?” Sarah chipped in. “I’ve been itching to try the Aga.”

“Sure,” nodded Beth. “We’ve got lots of stuff in.”

We got back to the house, and Beth and I followed Sarah to the kitchen. “Did you hurt your foot, Sarah?” I queried, noticing her walking a little gingerly.

“Not really – I just stumbled on a tree root or something when we were out, but I think I might have split a toenail.”

“Let me take a look?” I asked.

I knelt, and Sarah let me lift her kaçak iddaa foot into my lap, slipping off her shoes. “Hmm,” I said, “it is split, but only right at the end. Have you got your clippers in your bag, Beth?”

She handed me the clippers, and I carefully trimmed the offending nail. “There.”

Sarah smiled her thanks. “It feels kind of nice, you doing that, like someone’s taking care of me.”

“I can do the rest later if you like, make them all neat,” I offered, catching Beth’s amused glance.

“Are you sure?” asked Sarah. “I always thought most people didn’t want to touch feet, they’re grubby and all that.”

“It’s OK, I’d like to.”

I released her foot, my fingers brushing her sole softly, and handed Beth back the clippers. “Keep them handy?”

Sarah padded across to the utility and opened the freezer, humming to herself. “OK – this, and these…”

A few minutes later an appetising smell started to fill the kitchen, and Beth grinned at me. “This is great – maybe each of us can cook twice a week, and we can decide if we want a carvery or something on Sundays.”

“I can do a roast, too,” Sarah turned from her stirring to volunteer.

“What about lunch?” I queried, and Beth elbowed me playfully in the ribs. “Sandwiches for you.”

She relented. “You can always get a pasty or something, or there’s the college café if you really can’t hold out.”

“Think this is ready,” offered Sarah, and we sat down at the table. “Wow, Sarah, this is amazing,” nodded Beth.

When we’d finished eating, Beth glanced at her watch. “Lectures for me and Tim tomorrow, and I guess you’re in the office, Sarah? We should probably think about making our way to bed.”

She flashed Sarah a grin. “Not saying we have to go to sleep straight away…”

“I’d quite like a shower, anyway,” Sarah nodded.

We went upstairs, and Sarah went through to the en suite while Beth and I undressed. Sarah returned after a few minutes wrapped in a cotton bathrobe, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I promised to do your nails, didn’t I,” I remembered.

Beth handed me the clippers from the bedside table, and I knelt down, lifting Sarah’s right foot and trimming the rest of her nails. “You have a little rough skin,” I remarked, running fingertips over her heel. “I think we have some lotion.”

“Wow,” she grinned, “I really feel like I’m being pampered.”

I squeezed lotion into my palm, then started to rub it in. She gave a quiet squeak as my fingers moved between her toes, then relaxed. “Oh, this is nice.”

I repeated the process with Sarah’s other foot, and as I continued to massage gently, I saw Beth move to kneel on the bed. “Why don’t you lie down, Sarah, then you can really enjoy this?”

Sarah laid back, and Beth stroked her hair, then bent to kiss her softly on the lips. “More than one way to be pampered,” she whispered.

Sarah responded, reaching up to pull Beth closer. “Mm, yes.”

After a few moments I was unsurprised to see Beth’s fingers reaching for the belt of Sarah’s robe, kaçak bahis loosening the knot, then gently drawing the cotton aside. Beth bent to kiss Sarah’s breasts, then moved to take one nipple between her lips, suckling softly. “Oh…” murmured Sarah, “that’s nice… especially with my feet being touched too…”

Beth’s position brought her breasts enticingly near, and Sarah tilted her head to kiss each one, then suckle gently. “Oh,” breathed Beth, “yes…”

I drank in the sight of their mutual pleasure for a few moments, then gave Sarah’s feet a last caress, reluctantly releasing them. I continued what Beth had started, opening Sarah’s robe fully, then moving up so that my lips brushed the dark, still-damp triangle of fur between her thighs. “Oh…” she murmured, her voice holding amusement but unmistakeable anticipation, “I think this is what you had in mind all along.”

I started to explore with my tongue, and Sarah moaned quietly, lifting her hips. “Oh god, that, and my breasts…”

I moved my hand up between her thighs, touching her opening. “Mm, you can use your fingers now,” Sarah breathed, and I slid careful fingertips into her, my tongue moving more rapidly on her nub. She began to flex her hips, and I saw Beth’s fingers brushing then gently pinching Sarah’s nipples. “Oh – mm -” Sarah moaned, then her back arched, her muscles tensing, and I felt a spurt of clear liquid on my lips.

Sarah gave a squeak of surprise and embarrassment, and Beth stroked her hair soothingly. “It’s OK, darling, it just means we did it right.”

I moved up to hold Sarah, and she pressed her cheek to my chest. “Love you both,” she murmured, and I glanced up to see Beth’s face radiant. “Love you too, Sarah.”

Sarah stirred. “I could just drift off to sleep,” she murmured. “But I have a feeling I should return a favour – or maybe two?”

She sat up, and took a deep breath. “Tim, you know this is new to me, you’ll have to tell me if I need to do anything different.”

Sarah bent to take my hardness into her mouth, her tongue moving hesitantly over the tip. Beth watched for a moment, then wet her fingertips with her tongue, starting to touch my nipples. “Mmf,” I managed. “Sarah, you won’t have to do much.”

I felt Sarah wrap her fingers round me, and she moved back a little, now using only her lips. “Oh god, Sarah,” I gasped. “I hope you’re ready -“

Beth arched her eyebrows, grinning wickedly, and I felt her fingertips press together just a little harder on my nipples. The sensation was irresistible, and I couldn’t hold back a loud moan as I yielded. Sarah’s startled look at my first spurt against her lips quickly changed to determination, and she quickly used her tongue to catch the sticky fluid slipping down my shaft, then surrounded me with her mouth. She swallowed, then looked up, her expression triumphant. “You did it,” chuckled Beth.

“We both did it,” Sarah demurred, but she threw me a grin. “OK for a first time?”

I finally caught my breath. “Oh, I think you could say so.”

I kissed her, tasting a hint of myself. “Now, was there something else?” I pretended to puzzle.

Sarah turned to Beth. “I know we’ve put Tim out of it for a while, but…”

Beth smiled. “Oh, I think Tim will still want to help…”