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My sister, Tricia, came home late on a school night and passed out on her queen-sized bed. Our father was out-of-town on business, and our mother left for work early because of her usual long commute. I knew Tricia was going to skip, putting the idea in my head to stay home myself. She was a senior in high school and I freshman in college

I cracked open the door to her room and saw her on her stomach with her face turned to the side. Tricia still wore the tight, black leggings and loose-fitting blouse from the night before. She had on one sock and was near to the side of the bed, dangerously close to falling off.

After eating some breakfast, I went back to check in on Tricia. She had moved her body some; her ass was now sticking in the air and her bare foot hung off the side of the bed. Tricia’s blouse had moved up on her torso, revealing her lower back. At that moment, I discovered that she had a tattoo that she had kept secret until then. It was of a small butterfly.

Her butt looked so inviting, and I wanted to touch it. My sister had a strong personality, and even though she was a year younger than me, she was the dominant one in our brother/sister dynamic. Seeing her at rest made her seem vulnerable to anything I might do to her. All I really wanted to do was touch her ass, maybe even give it a smack. Instead, I placed my hand on her shoulder and moved it gently, trying to wake her up.

“Wake up, Tricia,” I said, watching her butt go down and level out.

“Are you looking at my tattoo?” Tricia said, calmly.

“Yes “

“What do you think? Wait! Don’t tell me. I have to go to the bathroom,” she said, getting out of bed unsteadily and going across the hall to the bathroom.

I stayed in her room, waiting for her to return. As I opened her panty drawer and was touching a pink thong, I could hear Tricia throwing up and swearing. She sounded miserable, while I considered whether to pocket a pair of her panties. I decided to just close the drawer and wait for her.

Tricia came back into the room and made for her bed. Her blouse was half unbuttoned, and her braless boobs were bouncing excitedly, contrasting with the rest of her tensed up body. She crawled into bed, pausing just long enough to give me a memorable view of her butt. Tricia moved to the farthest corner of her bed and covered herself. The only thing showing was her brown hair.

“I hope you feel better,” I said, turning to leave.

“I feel miserable, and you come into my room to get a view of my tits and ass,” she said from under the covers.

“I didn’t plan it that way.”

“What did you think,” she said, catching me by surprise.

“Amazing!” I said, excitedly.

“If I felt better, I don’t know, today may have gotten interesting.”

“I know. Can I touch your butt before I leave?”

“Make it quick, I may have to run into the bathroom again.”

There was a shape under the covers that looked like it was her booty. I placed my hand there, feeling a tight bottom with a hint of softness. I looked for the other cheek and felt it as well. The shock of experiencing my sister like this was real, and I was grateful she let me touch her.

“Okay, enough,” she said.

“I hope you feel better,” I said, walking out of her room.

“Please, can you bring me some water and some pain pills,” she said, sounding desperate.


After I took her the things she asked for, I left the house for my second class of the day, needing to think about how seeing her sprawled out on the bed had triggered me in an amazing way that she was willing to encourage.

Sitting in the student union, I was anxious, waiting for her to return my text — I had asked her how she was feeling. Finally, after about an hour, she said that she threw up again after eating lunch but was feeling better. I told her that I was glad and would see her soon.


A couple of days had passed since her late-night partying, but she was back at it. Our mother was asleep upstairs, and I was downstairs watching television. Tricia had not returned home, and I was waiting to make sure she got in okay. It was nearly two when she came in through the back door. I wanted to let her see me on her way upstairs instead of going into the kitchen and seeming nosy.

The refrigerator door opened, and then I heard something fall to the floor and break. Tricia was swearing and then dropped something else. It was at least a half-hour before she came into the van escort living room. She was about to go up the stairs and then noticed me. I acted like I was sleeping. Tricia walked over to me and gently nudged me with her shoe.

“Hey, Tricia,” I said, pretending to wake up.

“Waiting up for me?” She said.


Tricia had on a skirt that came above her knees, and she had on a tight blouse that defined her breasts. She looked taller in her wedge heels, as she hovered over me. I could tell that her nipples were hard.

“Thinking of me while you waited for me?” She said.

“Yes. I was wondering if you were going to come home smashed again,” I said, staring at her tanned legs.

“Not this time. I stayed away from the hard stuff.”

“Really?” I said, smiling.

“Good one. Yeah, I stayed away from guys, too. Well, their hard stuff. I did talk to a few, or they talked to me.”

“What did they say?”

“Most didn’t say much, just the usual BS. One guy, an older guy, was a little more memorable,” she said, sitting down on the armrest of the chair I was sitting in.

“What was an older guy doing there?” I said, staring at her thighs.

“I don’t know. He might have been the father of the kid throwing party. He looked like he was well off.”

“Did he ask you out?” I said, feeling a little jealous.

“Not exactly.”

“What exactly did he say?”

“He said he would pay me to strip in front of him and to masturbate to orgasm for him. He wanted me on a bed and with my legs spread wide open,” she said, acting as if the request had not fazed her at all.

“Wow!” I said, unable to hide my surprise.

“It didn’t… he didn’t seem too creepy.”

“What did you say?” I said, wanting to touch her bare skin so badly.

“I almost said yes, but feared they would secretly record everything, so I said no.”

“Wow!” I said, more surprised that she almost agreed to it.

Tricia was blankly staring at the television, while I stared at her, thinking that she looked amazing. I tried imagining her spread out on a bed, masturbating for some guy. The image was a powerful one, making me jealous and erect at the same time. Jealous because the guy had gotten so close and erect because I wanted to ask her to do the same thing for me.

Placing my hand on her thigh was doubtlessly risky, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Instead of swatting me away, Tricia looked down at my hand with the same blank stare the television had elicited.

“What would you say if I asked you to do what the man at party did?” I said, expectantly.

“Would you pay me?” She said, lifting my hand off of her thigh.

“I don’t think I could.”

“A freebie?”

“You say that like you were already paid for doing stuff.”

“I was paid for modeling in a bikini and for selling my panties,” she said, looking at the television again.

“How enterprising,” I said, wondering if I needed to pay her retroactively for all the panties I had boosted from her.

“I’ll make you an offer,” she said, giving me hope.

“I am open to anything.”

“You have to play with yourself while I am doing my thing.”

There was nothing to think about, and I said, “absolutely!”

Tricia leaned down and took hold of the elastic on my shorts and tugged at it a little. I thought she was going to take a peek at my erect cock, but she let go and said, “I have wondered for a while now just what yours looks like.”

“You want to compare me to some you have seen?” I said, realizing she was more sexually experienced than me.

“Maybe,” she said, getting up and motioning with her hand for me to follow her into the guest bedroom down the hall.

“We should be quiet,” I said, letting my erection lead the way for me.

The guest room was sparsely decorated, but there was a full-size bed and a comfortable chair. A calmness saturated the room — aided by the soft lighting. Tricia wasted no time in making the room her stage. She stood seductively in the center of the room with her hands on her hips. I sat down in the chair across from the bed, waiting for her to start this new aspect of our relationship.

Tricia started to dance slowly, keeping her movements to just simple arm movements. My sister, her beauty not withstanding, was not a very good dancer, but she looked sexy in her attempt. I must have looked blissful when she untucked her blouse, teasing me with the sight of her flat escort van belly.

I waited for her to take something off before taking out my cock. After turning to show me her butt, she started to pull down on her skirt, revealing a pink thong that framed her ass perfectly. Tricia kicked the skirt away and turned to see me taking out my dick. She looked at it and smiled.

“Do you get much use from that besides your greedy hand?” She said, pulling on the waist of her thong.

“Occasional use,” I said taking my shorts off.

“That’s too bad. It’s nice. I like that vein on the underside; it makes it look powerful.”

“Thank you,” I said, taking a few slow strokes.

Her blouse was next to come off, as she teased me by lifting it up to offer a view of her torso. I saw a quick flash of a black, see-through bra. Tricia giggled when she noticed I was unable to take my eyes of her chest. Finally, the blouse was off and my sister presented herself in her bra and panties.

With her hands on her hips, she said, “like what you see so far?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Since you’ve been so good, I’ll let you choose what I take off next.”

I thought for a few moments, slowly jerking my cock as if it was also thinking. Finally, I said, “take your bra off.”

“I had a feeling you were going to ask for that to come off,” she said, walking towards me and turning around, so her butt was in my face. The butt I had felt just a few days before.

“Is this what you touched the other day, when I was hung over?” Tricia said, unclasping her bra.


“Did you jerk off to me then?” Tricia said, shaking her ass.

“Yes, I did,” I said, wanting to touch it.

From looking through her bra and panty drawer — sometimes helping myself to an item or two — I knew she mostly wore a 36 C size bra; there were a couple of D cups mixed in. That information meant nothing when she turned around and showed me what was kept inside the cups: symmetrical perfection. I had no idea the color pink could be so bright on a human body. The word twins, in regard to boobs, seemed fitting

“Wow!” I said, mesmerized by her.

“You’re not the first to react that way when seeing them,” she said, jiggling them for me.

“I bet guys lose it over them,” I said, stroking a little faster.

She noticed my rhythm had changed and shook her head disapprovingly.

“Slow down, I still have to get on the bed and masturbate for you,” Tricia said.

Looking up to her for instructions, I stopped jerking, leaving my cock to twitch aggressively. She tossed me her bra and laughed.

“You can keep this one, too. I know you’ve stolen some from me,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said, smelling her scent on the cups.

“I might give you more.”


“Yeah, I have to get D cups now.”

Coming to me and hovering over me, letting her titties sway in front of me, Tricia gave me a close look at the twins. I wanted to flick at her nipples with my tongue, but they were just out of reach. Placing my hand on her smooth back, I nudged her down just enough to reach a rosy nipple. I extended my tongue to make contact with her. Tricia laughed as pulled back quickly.

Without pulling off her thong, Tricia got on the bed and lay on her back. She rested her head on the pillow, sweeping her hair away from her face. I looked on expectantly.

“I want you to take my panties off before I begin to masturbate,” Tricia said.

“I can do that,” I said, getting up excitedly and going towards the bed.

Tricia looked at me confidently, waiting for me to take off her thong; she held her hair with one hand, keeping it pulled back. I reached down to her hips and grabbed hold of the stringy bottoms. I pulled gently, reveling her shaved pussy. There was light brown stubble growing fiercely all over her pubic area. She lifted her feet enough to make it easy to move the thong over her wedge heels. It was off!

“Go sit down,” she said, spreading her legs a little.

After gawking for a moment, taking a mental snapshot of my sister on her back and with her legs spread, I sat back down and started to stroke myself back to full hardness.

There was a silence in the room that seemed different from any silence we had ever shared before. This was more about her performing for me than it was me for her. Tricia’s moves were deliberate, and she took her time with them. She began by strumming the lips of her pussy, van escort bayan coaxing them to let her fingers in. Then came gentle probing with her middle finger, looking for the most active receptors inside her. Tricia’s eyes closed, as she sought out her clitoris, greeting a familiar friend.

Tricia was methodical, shuffling through her routine of using different fingers in different spots. Her body looked amazing and fully developed, going beyond anything I had known from her. I felt simple and primal at best, gripping my cock and employing the same motions I had always known. Tricia, I thought, was playing a more advanced instrument.

Getting closer to my orgasm made me slow down, wanting to enjoy the show that my sister was putting on. I watched as she slid her right leg up and then down; her left foot shook side to side; her free hand — the right one — played with her breasts. There was so much going on, and I was desperate to see it last as long as possible.

Content in ignoring my pleasure, I watched my sister attentively. I could easily shift gears and find my orgasm, but what she was doing would give me so much jerk-off material. Just the expressions her face made were worth my new-found abstinence.

After what seemed like a half-hour or more, Tricia opened her eyes and looked at me; she could see I had not cum yet. I was expecting her to say something, but she turned over on her stomach and continued working herself. Seeing her backside now had a surprising effect on me. I could no longer prolong the inevitable conclusion.

Her ass was tempting me now, moving up and down in concert with her fingers and cunt. Tricia’s face turned to the side, and I could see that her eyes were still and her mouth opened and closed. Her tongue enthusiastically appeared every few seconds.

My moans signaled to her that I had reached my orgasm, but I doubt that she was paying attention. The load I shot made a mess on the chair and floor, emptying me good.

Still working to reach her goal, Tricia immersed herself in getting off. I moved towards the bed and got on my knees, leaning in next to her ear to tell her that I came because of her. Part me was sure that Tricia was going to get angry for possibly fouling up her orgasm, but it did not go that way at all.

“Put your hand on my ass and rub my cheeks,” she said, sounding desperate.

It felt strange to still feel charged even after I had finished pleasuring myself. Interacting with Tricia, to help her reach her own orgasm, was the most important thing at that point. She deserved that and more, I thought.

I rubbed her cheeks like she told me to, dripping the last of my cum from my dick that was getting hard again. Her ass called for my right hand, and I stroked myself with my left hand.

“Finger my ass!” Tricia said.

“Mom is going to hear that,” I whispered.

“As long as she doesn’t see it. Now, put your middle finger in my ass.”

Tricia looked like she was getting close to finding her release and needed me to push her over the edge. I wanted to light the fuse to her orgasm, knowing it would ignite my second one.

Her moans sounded like she was surrendering to her older brother, but it was me who was surrendering to her, my sister.

Tricia worked herself furiously with her hand, and I aided her with my middle finger going into her tight anus. Our sexual union worked because she finally got the orgasm she sought. Her face went from concentric mode to pure ecstasy in a matter of seconds.

“It usually doesn’t take me that long,” she said, noticing that I was working on my second orgasm.

Tricia moved her butt higher and said, “drop that load on my ass!”

I was not that close to just get up and start ejaculating, but her demand sped me along. It was me hovering over her now, aiming my load at her wiggling butt. She was making small noises that were barely audible and made little sense. The sight of her ass awaiting my cum was enough to propel me to a resolution.

“Here you go, sister,” I said, shooting my milky semen in her ass.

The size of the load surprised; it was nearly as much as the first one had been. The splatter landed in both her cheeks and lazily slid down into her butt crack. I made sure her butterfly tattoo also received some attention.

“Wow! I can’t believe how well that went,” I said.

“Yeah, we both got off,” she said, wiping my cum off of her ass.

The moment gave off a definite vibe that there was much more to come from our new relationship. There were other discoveries waiting to dazzle us and to make us desperate for each other.

“This was so great,” I said, gently spanking her bottom.

“We’ll have to do this again,” Tricia said, smiling.