Fuck Everything

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Jason and Megan were getting ready to go out and eat dinner with Bill and Jessica. Jason had on a tight form fitting long sleeve gray shirt with a pair of black jeans. Megan was wearing a matching flowing gray shirt and a black short skirt. Megan smiled over at Jason, passing the counter as he finished tying his shoes. She passed him and headed toward the door as he stood up. At the door she reached for the keys in her purse but let out a gasp as a hand knocked them away. Megan looked at Jason and chuckled.

“What was that for?” He put his arm around her, drew her close and kissed her deeply before she could say much more. After they broke the kiss he smiled at her. “We’re already late Jason. We should hurry up.” He kissed her again quickly and then moved her against the door. “Jason what are you do..” she said before he started kissing her neck. “Ing… mmmm.” Megan closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

“It doesn’t matter what I’m doing.” He said as he slid his hand up her leg and on to her thigh, massaging it.

“Mmmmm. Jason… stop. We don’t have time for this ohhh.” She moaned as he cupped her pussy. Only the fabric of her panties prevented his hand from touching her, skin to skin. While he nibbled on her neck he squeezed her closer and moved her panties aside with one of his fingers. He moved and started kissing her again as he slipped a finger into her pussy. Megan moaned into Jason’s mouth, their kiss vibrating as he started fingering her. Her pussy was already wet when he first put a finger in but now it was so wet his hand was already almost coated in her juices. He now held her firmly against the wall. She lifted her legs up, her skirt riding up bakırköy escort as well. Jason ripped her panties off and began finger fucking her with 3 fingers. Megan moaned loudly as they broke their kiss. “Oh god! That feels so good! Oh yeah.” Jason just smiled as he pushed his fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. He undid his pants and let them slide off. Megan looked down after he set her down as he pulled his now hardened cock out of his boxers. He leaned his head next to hers and whispered.

“And now I’m going to fuck you.” After whispering he nipped her neck and then violently tore her shirt off of her. Megan squealed as he did but he rubbed her clit as she did so it melded into throaty moan. After that he ripped her bra off, it’s clasp popping off. Her breasts tumbled out, her nipples getting harder. Her breath coming in gasps, Megan squealed again as Jason turned her around and bending her over. She placed her hands on the door as he spread legs, fingering her while he did so. She looked back over her shoulder, his eyes locked on hers as he slid the entire length of his penis into her moist cunt.

“Oh god!” screamed Megan her whole body stiffening up. Jason let out a sigh at the tight, moist and warm feeling surrounding his cock. His balls quivered as he grabbed her by the ass and pulled out. He squeezed his hands around her ass eliciting a sigh from Megan then a load moan as he thrust in again. Starting at a slow pace he fucked her sweet pussy, both of them gasping and moaning at every thrust he made.

“Oh fuck Megan.” Jason said while with a quick breath. “Your pussy feels so good. Oh yeah. It’s so beşiktaş escort warm and fucking wet. Oh yeah, It feels so good around my cock.” He started ramming her faster, making a squelching sound.

“Mmmm. Oh yeah Jason. I love it when you fuck me from behind. Your cock feels so good in my pussy! Oh make me cum on your cock!” She screamed as she was being thrust toward the door. Jason reached in front of Megan and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed them and pulled her up against him. She tilted her head back and the kissed passionately, their mouths grinding hard against each other. Jason slid his right hand down off of her tit down to her pussy. He started rubbing her clit, made short thrusts into her pussy and continued kissing her. Megan moaned at the increased attention and she broke their kiss to speak.

“Oh! Yeah that feels so good. Fucking rub my clit while you fuck me. Ohh!” She sighed. “Oh yes. That feels so good Jason. Oh I want to cum on your cock. I want your cum in meeeee!” She wrenched free of his hands and leaned forward against the door again. She looked behind her at him. “Fuck my pussy Jason.” She reached around and spread her ass cheeks. “Fucking cum in my pussy. Yesss.” She moaned as Jason started fucking her, jamming his cock into her from behind. Both of their breathing came harder as the speed of their sex became faster and faster. Megan and Jason could feel one another approaching orgasm. Megan leaned back and moaned as she looked at Jason. He could see the look of pleasure on her face which matched the one on his. “Oh yes. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum on your cock.”

“Oh yeah. I’m fucking beylikdüzü escort going to cum in you. I’m going to fucking fill your pussy with my cum.” Jason yelled out as he looked at her. Megan’s pussy felt like it was on fire. She was now so wet that her cunt leaked with her juices. The insides of her thighs were soaked as were Jason’s balls. His cock was so hard now, with every thrust it’s head rubbed against the inside of her pussy, running from the entrance, past her G spot and then as deep as he could go. The rising pleasure finally reached it’s breaking point as Megan gasp then started to whisper.

“Oh god! I’m cumming…” Her whole body became ridged before she let out a deep breath and the screamed and moaned at the same time. Her pussy pulsated and squeezed Jason’s cock. This tightening set off his orgasm as his cock grew just a bit more in size, stretching Megan’s pussy just that more. With this extra feeling Megan came again, her whole body jolting with every wave of pleasure that washed over her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as well did Jason as he came, his cock shooting shot after shot of thick, warm cum into her quivering, sopping cunt. He continued to stab his cock into her with every blast of cum. Their minds were lost for a second as the high of orgasm took control. Megan was the first to come down, her knees buckling as she fell. Jason fell with her onto his knees, coming back to his senses. He lay atop of her, the heat from their bodies causing them to sweat more. Jason grabbed her and flipped them both to their sides. Megan giggled as she fell with him.

“So what was that about Jessica a Bill.” Said Jason. Megan smiled, turning around to face him. She kissed him deeply and grabbed his cock which was covered in his cum and her wetness.

“Fuck them.” He laughed at her response. “Fuck dinner. Fuck the car, fuck the keys in fact fuck everything. My pussy included. Most importantly my pussy.” They both laughed together as they lay in each other’s arms.