Fucked my neighbour Neelam aunty

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Fucked my neighbour Neelam auntyhi guys….My name is Veer, 23 yrs old n i m frm mumbai….As usual around 7 am in d morning i walked out of my house and was on stairs when i heard a noise of smebdy falling. To my surprize it ws Neelam aunty. Shes 56 yrs old bt trust me shez a bombshell. Her boobs r like watermelons. i tried to help her but she got u*********s. Taking advantage i slide my hand in her dress n squeezed her milk tanks. I swear guys they wer nthng soft than a cotton ball. n big like a musk melon…. hehehei felt wetness in my hand n i saw dat d hand which ws supportinh her head had got wet with her blood.i called uncle n v both took her home n i called d docter.The docter said she got u*********s cz of weakness.Uncle had important meeting that day in Banglore so he left but he requested me to tak care of her n i ws damn happy frm within cz he left a cat to take care of milk… hehehheAround 2 pm in d afternoon she woke up n i fed her food with my own hand n she ws looking vry happy as i ws taking lot of care of her.i danced, i cracked jokes i almost became joker for her n she ws laughing all d tym.Mom told me to sleep at aunty’s house as she was alone dat day.I took dinner for both of us at aunty’s home n v had a wonderful dinner as she ws sitting right next to me n i could get a clear view of her melons n her sexy deeo clevage.After watching TV for about an hour v wer going to sleep.I told aunty that il sleep on the floor but she said its a king size bed and v both can sleep on d same bed.My happinss had no limits after hearing dat and i gav a sweet smile and i lied down next to her.i askd her if i can roll my fingers in her head so that she can sleep calmly n she agreed.Nw her eyes wer close and she ws njoying it and smiling. She whispered dat uncle use to do dis when she ws finding it hrd to sleep.i gave her a sexy smile and i continued and in few minutes she ws asleep.i slide my hand in my pants n i was rubbing my cock slowly starring her big boobs.N i dont know when i slept.At night aunty asked me to gve her water and i went to kitchen and bro8 her water and she slept again.My evil mind had an idea. I slowly got close to her n i kept my hand on her stomach.guys i swear her stomach was so soft n silky smooth.Suddenly she woke up and saw dat i did dat in sleep so she didn say bursa escort anythng.i went a step ahead and i started whispering dat aunty i love u i always had a crush on u n and i started rolling my hand over her stomach.aunty tho8 i ws asleep and doing all dis bcz of dreams and she didn say anythng n aftr sme sexy moments even i slept.Next morning i woke up and i saw dat aunty’s hand ws over my pant right over my cock.I tho8 it had occured cz os sleep and i freed my cock frm her claws and washed my face and i made tea for aunty and bro8 bread for her as she had to tak medicines in d morning after breakfast.I woked her up and she had brkfast and medicine and she told me to sit beside her and told me dat her legs wer paining a little bit so she requested me to massage and in no time i grabbed her ankle and started running her ankle and she told me to rub a little above and i ws nw rubbing her calf muscles and she ws njoying it and ws closing her eyes.She told me if i can go a little above and guys i ws waitng for dat special moment only.I was now rubbing her knee and i slowly went towards her thighs. To my surprize her thighs wer awsomly thick and meauty. I gathered sme courage and i softly rubbrd her inner thighs and her moaned softly with pleasure.She requested me to keep dong it and i was doing it slowly smoothly n gently and i saw dat her pyjama was wet.Pretending to be innocent i asked aunty why is ur pyjama wet and i was shocked by her answer.She said its wet since last night when i rubbed her stomach and now only i can satisfy her wet pussy.She told me dat last i ws dreaming of her and i rubbed her belly and i said sorry aunty and she said dont b sorry just come and fuck ur horny aunty…After getting dis green signal i climbed on top of her and startd smooching her wildly and she was responding in d same way.I was rubbing her big boobs and spanking them softly and kissing her badly.I removed her top and i digged my face between her big sexy clevage and wrapped my head between her boobs and ws licking her clevage wildly…she was moaning Ahhhhhhhhh Veer do it bby… ahhh ya ya ya ur aunty is very horny ur uncle haven touched me since last 8 yrs.i then stripped her bra and grabbed her boobs and stareted licking her boobks wildlyI sucked and bite her nipples with my teeths and squeezed her bursa escort bayan boobs very badly and she was moaning and njoying.She slide her hand in my pant n started rubbing my cock and said dat i got a vry fat and big cock. and i replied dat its ur gift…She was rubbing my cock and i strippd her pyjama and pantyshe was having a very hairy pussy. 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So i took her to bathroom and she was sitting on d cupboard and i applied hair removing cream on her juicy wet and fat cunt n remmed all d hairs.her pussy was fat and pink and her juicy lips look like swollen lips of angelina jolieI started starring them and aunty told me dat i can eat them and in no tym i made her lie down in bathroom and i started sucking her lipsshe was moaning with pleasure and i gave my finger to suck heri ws biting n licking and sucking her clitoris and squeezing her big fat ass…we then went into 69 position and she sucked me like a sexy pro cock sucking slut and i sucked her big pussy lips wildly and fingered her with my 1 finger as her pussy has bcme ti8….aunty was just moaning and moaning and moaning and d bathroom had d monaing voice of aunty and it was turining me mre and mre mad.ahhhh veer ahhhhh do it huny do it beta fuck ur aunty nowaunty want u badly in her pussycome and fuck dis fat slutty pussy and satisfy me my darling VeerI opened her legsw wide and i rubbed my cock head on her clitoris and between her pussy lips and with a hard jerk it went half and she cried out in pain but i continued fucking slowly and she ws crying and moaning with painI then gave her a nice sudden and hard stroke and it was completely in her pussy and she screamed in pain and hugged me by wrapping her legs around my waist n i then slowly slowly moved my cock in and out She told me to increase the speed and i ws fucking her a little harder n deeper n kissing her lips and licking her lips with my tongue and squeezing her boob wildlyThen i startd fucking her damn wildly n harder n she was now monaing n even she was moving her body n co operating with me and fucjed her in dat position for 10 mins and then aunty told me dat she wana get fucked in her favourate position and to my surprize it was doggy style which is my favourate as well.She bent dwn like a dog and opened her fat legs and i could c a big escort bursa fat ass and a juicy fat lips pussy hanging below her ass…..Without wasting tym i slide my cock in her wet horny cunt and grabbed her boobs n i ws fucking her hardr n hardrshe was continously moaning ahhhhh ah ah uhmmmmm ya ya ya ohhhhhhh ya ya fuck me Veer fuck me my bby fuck dat horny pussy and make me a sluther voice was so sexy dat i got mre horny n i hold her waist and i strtd fucking her deeper and deeper and hardrer n hardrr n even mre harder and she was crying and creaming n moaning with pleasure and pain…..I slide a finger in her asshole n she screamed badly as her ass ws virgin and i fingered her ass and n continued fucking her like a pro fucker n even spanked her big booty in between……She told me that she was about to cum and i replied dat i am thirsty and aunty told me to hav her swt and tasty pussy juice to which i agreedi fucked her for even 2 more mins and she was about to cum and she told me so i removed my cock n went below her pussy n told her to sit on my face and rub her pussy on my mouth….She started rubbing her big fat pussy on my mouth and i ws licking it badly n fingering it n rubbing her horny clitoris and just in a minute her pussy ws flooded and all her juice was dripping in my mouth and i ws drinking each and every drop falling frm her pussy into my mouth…..She then lied next to me I was still hungry as my cum ws still waiting to explode out of my cockSo i climbed on her and slide my cock into her mouth and started fucking her mouth…she was sucking me very well and rubbing my balls and massaging themI was in heaven that time and i ws fucking her mouth deep and was almost chocking her by sliding my hard dick right into her throat and she was a vry horny slut dat tym….She corporated very well and almost throat fucking her to 7 mins i shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and she dranked every little drop of it and she sucked me till all my cum was into her mouth…..She was very happy and she said dat i am d best fucker dat she ever met and i made her completely satisfied….that dat v had # more long n sexy fuck sessions until uncle arrived….She told me dat i can fuck her anytime when i want and she took promise frm me dat whenevr she need me il satisfy her. 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