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FuckedJo was just brushing her teeth again for the third time that day, she was getting excited and horny as she was meeting Gary tonight and she was guaranteed a good fucking, they had a fantastic sex life always something new and pleasurable. As she was rinsing her mouth jo thought she heard something but dismissed it after all who could it be. She was already dressed ready to meet Gary she was wearing a zip dress which could be undone at either end and a lacy bra and stockings on underneath with a pair of silk black panties, which Gary loved. She walked back towards her bedroom and felt someone behind her but it was too late a cloth was over her mouth and she felt herself slipping into u*********sness.Starting to come round she felt really groggy but soon realised that she had been blindfolded and tied spreadeagled to the bed, she was still fully clothed she knew that but she realised that her dress had been unfastened at the bottom a little way up her legs at least to her stocking tops. Things were going through her mind as to had done this, what was going on. Then she heard a voice “be quiet and we wont hurt you” God! she thought there is more than one, she couldnt move at all as she wrested against her bindings, she was firmly tied and couldnt move an inch. She could hear a voice in a whisper “lets fuck her”, “no, this isnt what we came for she heard the other say”. “She has nothing ısparta escort worth stealing lets at least play for a bit”. That was the last thing she heard, she felt a hand on her dress at the top and heard the zip being pulled down to expose her lacy bra, she felt a hand cup one of her tits and then lips began to suck at one her nipples, she heard a zip being pulled down and then a hard cock was pushed into her mouth, he held her hair and began to fuck her mouth quite roughly, jo was struggling to get her breath but soon got used to this rough face fuck and managed to time it right to get a breath just as he pulled his cock out and shoved it in again, she could already taste pre cum in her mouth which turned her on, her nipples were rock hard from this sucking and she could feel her panties getting really wet. She felt a hand move up the inside of her leg toward her cunt fingers were probing her fanny through her silk knickers, as they brushed against her clit she gasped. She is loving this she heard one say, the cock in her mouth was starting to get harder and she knew what this meant he was going to come, she readied herself for the spunk that would surely follow she heard a grunt and then felt and tasted spunk being pumped into her mouth, she greedily gulped this down and felt herself begin to come as the fingers rubbing against her panties found her clit. My turn she heard escort ısparta one say and before she knew it another cock was in her mouth giving her the same treatment. she felt hot breath on her panty covered pussy and then a tongue began to lick and suck on the silk covering her mound, she couldnt believe how good this felt, face fuck and pussy licked, she felt herself coming again as he pulled her knickers to one side and licked her slit. I can’t believe it, this is so fucking good,thrusting her pussy into the assailants face, his tongue is right inside her pussy as the other one begins to thrust quicker into jo’s mouth she feels his cock get harder as he begins to come into her mouth, gulping it down as quick as she can she sucks harder till it is all drained out, she begins to come again over the others face and he comes up to kiss her on the mouth, she can’t believe that she responds by putting her tongue into his mouth and kisses with serious passion. she feels something cool pressing into the lips of her pussy, god that feels big as it begins to slide in filling her cunt as no cock has ever done, “Fuck, the bastards have been in my fridge it is the cucumber”. it feels like it is all the way in and he pulls it out before pushing it back in again harder,he picks up the pace and really begins to fuck jo with this cucumber, it presses against her g.spot which really makes ısparta escort bayan her come, it feels like it will never stop. her nipples are being sucked while she is being fucked with this thing. Waves of pleasure consume her body as she is fucked with this large cucumber, her nipples are very sensitive and both of them are being sucked and licked at the same time, this is fucking amazing, jo shouts out “one of you bastards fuck me”, she feels the vegetable withdrawn and then a hard cock is pushed inside her, her legs are untied and she is able to hook her legs around his as he pounds into her, “i am gonna come she shouts” before a cock is shoved back into her mouth, jo is getting used to this kind of face fuck now and finds it much easier to take a cock all the way to the back of her throat, she sucks and licks the cock that is being forced into her mouth, “god she is a horny bitch, look at her sucking on my cock she wants more come”, the relentless fucking her fanny is getting is beginning to make jo come in waves of pleasure, she sucks greedier at the cock in her mouth and can tell she is going to get another mouthfull of hot spunk, more sperm is deposited into her mouth and she greedily sucks and swallows it down. The fucking jo is getting has increased in speed and become much more forcefull she feels as if the cock is going all the way to her stomach, The one fucking her is becoming to come and jo starts to feel his cock get harder and erupt inside her as she comes as well. “what was that, sounds like someone is coming” They hastily leave the room and dissapear into the night. “jo, are you upstairs” it’s Gary as arranged.